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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mutual Destruction (story)

fetish suzyisgagged2 2018-06-29

I kiss your neck again, pressing my lips harder, lingering, feeling you shudder, your whole body wanting to react to me, to rip me apart. My arms curl under yours, coming up your back, hands pulling on your shoulders, standing on my tip toes. Locking onto your eyes, I start under your chin, gliding my tongue up and over, pulling away from lips at the last moment. Your hands go over the small frame of my shoulders, they come together on my neck, I lift my chin. I say the one thing you want to hear, the simple statement that lets you loose control and wreak havoc on me, to make war on me, to exhaust yourself on me.

Wedding Day Nerves

fetish lunaswift 2018-06-29

"Carol, can you come in and help me please!" Sophie called from the bathroom, struggling with her dress as her bladder felt close to exploding. "How it look you think?" Julio asked, turning to Sophie's mother, not even bothering to address her. Sophie shot to her feet, hardly even looking in the mirror in her urgent need to get out of the room, away from her mother, hide away in the toilet for just a few moments. Nicola and Carol were frantically pulling at the dress, finally finding the bottom and lifting the lengths of fabric, revealing Sophie's legs. Sophie could only stand there, trying desperately to hold it in as her dress was finally manhandled away, her corset loose enough for her to breathe.

Sharing my girlfriend - Again!

fetish Brad91 2018-06-29

Martin was sat in the chair opposite, his eyes glued to the T.V which has some music channel on with R&B playing, Bella grabbed my hand and slowly moved it under the cover, then under her skirt, My cock immediately started to get hard as I began stroking her wet pussy - there was no thong in the way, she had obviously taken it off sometime during the night. Martin began rubbing his hard cock up and down against her moist pussy, as her body moved in rythm to his strokes, pushed the head of his cock down and slid inside her eager cunt, her eyes closing in extacy as his shaft slowly dissapeared inside her, his thrusts picking up speed as Bella grabbed onto his shoulders, both of them breathing heavily as the sound of his balls slapping against her pussy started to drown out the TV.

the flight attendant.

fetish 2018-06-29

i want you to wank youself off she ordered, i started to tug furiously at my rock solid cock as her nylon feet abused my face. she called me all sorts of names as i pulled at my cock, then she slipped her toes into my mouth and that tipped me over the edge as shot a huge load all over the place, i lay there for five minutes recovering and sniffing her feet which were still on my face. when she moved her feet i saw that she was filmg me with her mobile, she laughed and said she would show the other attendants, and with that she slipped her shoes on and left.

Alice is Arrested and Goes to Jail

fetish sissymaidallyson 2018-06-29

She wanted to be arrested on a Friday night and to spend the weekend in jail and be a part of the bail court at the high school on the Monday. Even though it was all fake Alice didn't want to be arrested for anything violent or serious and also these crimes would not be seen by a bail court at the local high school. It seemed like an entirety before anyone came back for her and an officer said that Alice had no outstanding warrants but they weren't going to let her have a phone call as it was already late and that she would be transported to the county jail instead for a bail hearing on Monday.

The Countdown to cum with Nymphtalk

fetish nymphtalk 2018-06-29

"The only way that a man can be completely, and totally under control," I said in a sultry whisper, "Is to put him on his knees, and make him feel like a girl." " I am going to countdown from ten, and I want you to play with your pussy, and grind it on me, just like you are, but- you are NOT allowed to come until I say zero. He was grabbing my tits so hard, holding them tight, pinching and pulling my nipples violently." I wanted to cum. Fucking without penetrating, grinding without cumming, The commands he shouted at me, I was outside of my body and in another world, controlled by pleasure like a drug!

Experience while being a sub

fetish Froslass85 2018-06-29

Sir wants to take his time today and with no restraints he kisses and sucks on my nipples, the feeling spreads to my swelling pleasure bud between my legs. He touches me where I want him to but I hold firm knowing I am no way going to be allowed to come this soon, that would be to easy. I liked the warmth and heat and wanted to come with it inside me. Sir reminds me to ask and I'm back in the room, still being fucked like a machine but I have no thoughts, no words in my mind, only swearing loudly, moaning and asking permission, I am full and don't want it to stop.

An Angel's Surprise

fetish Kary_M 2018-06-29

When he gentle squeezed, I suddenly was reminded of how I felt the first time I came in the attic while Angel and I played dress-up. I couldn't wait any longer, my hand slid down to his lap until I felt the base of his huge cock and slowly began to feel the length. I closed my eyes and melted as I felt Dave suck my nipple into his mouth while his hand began to twist the other. Dave's breathing came in pants and moans as I moved closer to his magnificent cock and licked up the pre-cum and savoring for a moment while I enjoyed the silky feel and the heat that it emitted against my lips.

Our Little Game

fetish PenanceS 2018-06-28

"Oh God, Ciccy." Andrew moaned as he gently stroked her shoulder, the skin silk like in its essence. "Oh, ok." Ciccy understood, and watched curiously from a distance as Andrew placed the noose around the hook in the ceiling and then over his head and neck. When Ciccy pulled his hand away, Andrew was furious, until he felt the soft touch of a woman's hand where his had so recently been. Andrews face was beet red, but his fingers holding the rope loosened, letting oxygen and blood flow return to where it was most needed. Ciccy nodded, too afraid to speak, unable to do anything but watch herself walk to the rope, and place it around her neck.

Deliveries Ch. 01

fetish TonightICanWriteTheFilthiestLines 2018-06-28

I read the usage report for the month of July, and the price per kilowatt hour, and as I did so he took hold of my shoulders, turned me to face the table, and bent me forward. I didn't look at him where he stood behind me, but just selected the next envelope: a solicitation from Save the Rain Forest. I felt the head of his spit-slicked cock spread my lips. He reached around and began to pet my clitoris with one finger while he pushed his cock in and out of me at a steady and determined pace. I gasped as he spread my cheeks and tilted my pelvis up and pressed his cock deep into me at an angle that increased the pressure of his thick thumb.


fetish Tori Dylan 2018-06-28

It is perfectly logical to invest in this worthy man - be he the king, the life partner, the Dom, the sugardaddy, the call-after-10pm, the Monday-Thursday, the uninvited/unrequited, the highschool lover-turned life partner, the fuck in car after closing-time, the prince, the pauper, or the femme-dom fucked/cum-sucking queen. You drink from me, with those sweet baby eyes fixed on the expressions of pleasure on my of grown man hands hold my breast and the other on the cheek of my ass now as I arch to you. Your right hand commands me...your thumb torturing princess with unending swells that break into more surges of desire and wetness while your fingers expand the narrow sweet-sticky walls.

The Ultimate Punishment Ch. 04

fetish Quiet One 2018-06-28

Austin reached in between my ass cheeks at this point and gave the anal plug a little twist. It was at that moment I felt Austin's hard cock pull out of my dripping pussy, and I groaned in disappointment. I don't know how long I stayed on my knees for him, but when Austin decided it was time, he pulled his cock quickly from my lips and pushed me over on my hands and knees. "Ohhh Austin, fuck this slut up her ass, bury your hard cock up there. "Ohhhhhhh yes sir...bang your whore's ass harder, it hurts bad, I feel like I'm fucking ripping open, but I deserve it, I deserve all you are giving me.

no longer in control

fetish 2018-06-28

He said to me “Is this the position you want me to fuck a baby into you?” I had to reply yes because it felt so good. We lay spent on the bed together when things went all passionate and he started kissing me again and running his hands over my body finding their way to my pussy. As he emptied his balls into me for the final time that night he asked me “Or is that the way you want me to do it.” “Whatever way you want” We chatted for some more before he had to go and after kissing him passionately at the door he left and I got to see the time.

Making Kristy Ch. 6

fetish Royal_Prince 2018-06-28

“You two kids have fun.” My wife said as Andy took my hand and led me toward the door. “You don’t have to answer now but… Kristy, you will make me the happiest person in the world if you would be my wife.” He said as he snapped open a small black velvet box. Andy was standing near the sink looking over the posh fixtures in this overly extravagant restroom. “Suck it Kristy.” He ordered and with one quick quivering motion he yanked his cock from my mouth and started jerking it in the direction of my face. As his cock fell from my mouth I looked up at him and smiled “Mmmm.” I said and then swallowed again.

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 02

fetish secretsubmissive22 2018-06-28

"I need you to go to timeout now, we are going to have a talk about your behavior, but first lets get a diaper on you so you don't go potty without it on you," he said. "Yes," he said congenially "it is too cold to be wearing that outside, you can wear jeans if you would like." Claire got up to walk to their bedroom and he stopped her, "you cannot dress yourself," he reminded her. "Now you disobeyed me and you said a bad word, come stand here I am going to take off your pants and you're getting spanked." Claire looked defeated as she moseyed over towards Mark.

college spurts day

fetish yhamster007 2018-06-28

You sit very upright and push your butt out behind you so he can see your panty gusset come into view as it slides off the back edge of the chair. As the rain starts to fall, you give a really big prolonged push and a massive blast of piss jets out and goes straight through the gusset and bounces off the ground. You push again making the piss soaked dildo slide out even further than before and another huge blast of piss goes into the panty gusset. Hidden by the umbrella, Mike pulls out the waistband of his shorts and hooks it under his enormous cock and balls making them look obscenely big.

School Fun

fetish mrstockingfetish 2018-06-28

This particular day I commented on a co-workers gray stockings with a black seam down the back, she pulled her foot out of her shoe to show me her toes through the sheer stockings. As soon as I unzipped I heard the door open when I looked into the mirror I noticed my girl enter smiling before I could say anything pointed down and flashed the gray stocking foot in a sexy ass shoe, I immediately felt the monster stirring. With her head tucked into my chest I began my all out assault on this tight little thing and she was loving it I felt her explode again which triggered my explosion I pulled her as close as I could to me as monster exploded inside her she began to shake uncontrollably as I kept driving into her.


fetish klammer 2018-06-28

I had taken, but she just shook her head and said, "Let's just say, be new thick tresses and said, "Shhh...I'm turning you into a pretty girl for there, unfolding in front of my eyes was a perfect woman's body with long head again in wonder as all the feminine sensations of a woman that I had sensation of movement was wonderful as I felt the wind in my hair, the sexy breasts felt up and a man copping a feel! warmth of her soft breasts crushing into my own, and turned up my face to drying my long black hair, clad only in my lingerie, when Brenda came out legs and cupped a breast with my hand, licked my lips sexily and said, "I

A Collector

fetish MungoParkIII 2018-06-28

Looking at the picture through the leg opening of the panties, she took a deep breath, taking in the scent of the woman in the photo. The woman's flavor flooded his mouth as he stroked his cock faster and faster, finally arching his back and coming, spurting his cum onto the towel he had spread on his bed. After milking the last drops of cum from his cock and drying it on the towel, he pulled the panties off his head. Once again using a clothes pin, he attached the panties to the picture of the Latino woman and then opened another drawer, this one containing the panties he had worn while masturbating.

Feeling Messy

fetish wamslave1 2018-06-28

Then you pie my knees and thighs, then my arse, then my groin, then my belly, and so on until, slowly and methodically, you have pied every last clean inch of my naked body, finishing me off with one on the back of my head, one on each side, another on the top and a last one smack in my face. "Oh Jesus!" I groan, with a mixture of agony and ecstasy, and the pressure of you inside me is making my cock build up, there is nothing I can do, I am so aroused by you taking me like this - and then you push the pie into my face and I feel you coming inside me, and I can't help it anymore, I come helplessly all over the floor of the paddling pool, moaning muffled into the pie you are holding in my face.

Playing with Fire: The First Time

fetish Sheerxdesire 2018-06-28

Her body language suggested that she was not ready or interested but it didn't matter because Matt took my hint and placed his hand on top of Anette's leg just after he sat down. If Anette's ass had not been cased in pantyhose, Matt would've surely had a clear shot at licking her asshole or even her pussy. Matt's hips were vigorously grinding against Anette's slippery feet and his moans were quite loud, even with his face buried into her ass. Anette's cries of pleasure were equally loud and she was no longer trying to hide the fact that her hips were rocking back and forth across Matt's face.


Something New Something Old Ch. 01

fetish dorian87890 2018-06-28

Josh and Sarah were playing 9-ball at the pool table for a dollar a game, while Ted and Nancy stayed at the bar telling jokes and laughing uproariously. As Nancy continued stroking Ted through his pants, she whispered in his ear, "Good little sissies like Josh always wear a plug when they have their cage and panties on." Ted struggled not to cum on the spot. We need to make sure Josh has a full load for your pretty wife," Nancy said, "Josh, get on the table; it's time to fuck Sarah while Ted watches you." When he was soft, Nancy put the cage on Ted. She called over to Sarah, who had finally recovered from Josh's hard fuck and was climbing off the pool table.

Emily's Discovery

fetish Norm_dePlume 2018-06-28

Emily let one hand trace its way down Erica's flat tummy finally coming to rest on the enormous bulge in her sweat pants. She looked down between her heaving breasts to see Emily straining to fit as much cock as she could into her mouth, her lips stretching wide, one hand working the shaft, the other playing with Erica's pussy. Erica felt the dual sensation of Emily's breath in her ear, and the heated wetness of her pussy enveloping her cock as Emily pushed herself down on it, working her hips slightly back and forth to get as much of it inside her as she could.

Piss Slave's Night Out

fetish Fluidpleasure 2018-06-28

I pulled my piss wet hand out of her and forced them deep in her mouth. "Beg me to let you suck my cock" Your soft eyes look up and you shake your head, no. "Suck!" I guide your mouth to my cock and I pull your hair harder until you open your mouth. Her tongue is licking your clit fast and her lips are sucking in your wet pussy juices as they flow. "Open" you part your lips expecting water, but this time the sweet thickness of chocolate fills your mouth. I run my tongue inside you and soon your piss is shooting out of your tight hole and filling my mouth.