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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 14

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-06-28

The trolley was about three-quarters full, and had just turned around a corner, when one of the prisoners, a girl named Parker, suddenly scrambled up the wire mesh and plunged head first inside. One prisoner claimed she had heard footsteps in the night, and a door opening and closing: perhaps it was Parker, being put into a cell on her own? Other prisoners said they had heard footsteps, but claimed it was just the Wardens doing a night time search. Then I saw Dawes and Clark emerging from the prison building: each had a hand on the shoulder of a girl. Then Dawes, Hardiman and Clark began shooing us away from the Wooden Pony as though they were Police at a road accident, trying to send all the onlookers home.

An Uncommon Doll Pt. 01

fetish Argon1988 2018-06-28

Hurrying excitedly back to the sofa in my room, tea in hand, the computer ready and waiting for my order, I begin to browse around the web for a little while, looking for something relevantly kinky to amuse me while I try out my new toy. I like the pressure of its tongue on my balls as I rub my cock over her face, watching the obedient little toy getting on with things while occasionally pausing from its tonguing action to suck on my balls. I enjoy my joint with one hand, while watching the video, and reaching another hand down into my toys mouth, feeling its tongue and probing its throat as I watch the three women being face-fucked rather violently.

Samantha's Panty Boy Ch.02

fetish PinkPantysBoy 2018-06-28

The feeling of his panty-covered cock riding on his mistress's silky nylons felt wonderful even though his ass was painfully being spanked hard with her brush. She smiled as she saw her husband in the corner of the room with his pants at his feet and red ass visible through the thin pink panty material. Thinking about her new dominant position, her husband in pink panties, his ass red from a well deserved spanking and now standing in a corner, it only took a few seconds for her pussy to explode and her juices to flow once again. "I see from your cock you like being spanked by your wife and the scent of my dirty panty crotch that I have mixed my cum and pussy juices so nicely for you.

The Roommate Pt. 01

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2018-06-28

Claire's call from the kitchen pulls me back into reality, and I quickly close the tab I was looking at as she opens the door to my bedroom. Normally if a girl did something like that, I'd be embarrassingly hard, but I don't feel anything except the comfort of the panties against my ass and cock. I start pushing the cock in and out of my ass hard, and fast, and fuck it feels amazing. I fuck my ass hard, like I see the pornstars do it, and soon I start to feel sore, but I don't even consider stopping. I look at my cock and realize I've accidentally soaked Claire's panties in cum, now I start to panic.

Macy's -- Customers and Coworkers Part II

fetish starbucks169 2018-06-28

I wrapped my arm around the girls and grabbed ahold of Kim's red hair, just as I had when we first walked into the condo. Kim moved in front of me, dropped to her knees and pulled my cock out and started to lick and kiss it. Just as I looked down to see Karen gripping my dick, Kim's hand came flying by as she slapped my dick. While Karen was beating my cock with her open hand, Kim lowered herself onto my face. I opened my eyes, Kim smiled at me and said…"now lick my ass." She moved up and shoved her asshole onto my mouth. Kim immediately mounted my cock…she moved slower than Karen, grinding herself hard once my dick was fully inside her young hole.

Sticking It to the Boss

fetish Sucker4Boobies 2018-06-28

Meredith wanted to throw an excuse, but if she somehow got out of the job, it would adversely affect the office, which, in turn, would make Andrea run everyone into the ground, and Lord knows nobody needed that. Meredith tried to make conversation with Andrea many times, only to find that her boss didn't like sports, watched very little television, and didn't have any plans for the weekend. Meredith and her flats quickly caught up with Andrea, grabbed her, and threw her towards the conference table. She could always say that Andrea initiated things - which she did, in a way - and that she had intentionally kept Meredith after work for sex.

Daughter's Hidden Desires

fetish Erocus 2018-06-28

That feels so fucking good!" Connie says as she starts humping her pussy into Karla's face. Wildly excited at the idea of my daughter watching me fuck her best friend, I kiss Connie, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth, while our bodies continue to buck wildly on the bed. "I liked watching you fuck Connie, daddy." She's rubbing her hand over my ass cheeks and down between my legs. Karla starts humping against Connie's fingers, while she runs one hand lightly over my ass cheeks and continues massaging my balls. I glance to the side and see Connie sitting spread-eagle on the floor, leaning against the wall, feverishly fingering her pussy, as she watches Karla deep-throating my cock.

For Roni

fetish 2018-06-28

He settled into his easy chair and hooked the end of her leash onto a small ring he’d installed near the arm rest. Something on the television caught his attention and his hand stopped, but still she sat with her legs spread, waiting. As he watched television, he would seem to forget about her for periods of time, but then just as her mind began to wander to other things, he’d start playing with her pussy and her thoughts returned to sex all over again. He pushed himself deeper and pumped himself in and out of her mouth, hands still guiding her head the way that he wanted it. She worked hard to suckle him, stroking him with her lips and tongue firmly, and still massaging his balls in her hands.

Handjob for Small Penis

fetish escalus 2018-06-28

"Zoe didn't believe me when I told her how small your dick is," says Carla. I don't know who this Pete is, but looking at Zoe, her lovely soft, creamy thighs, her warm, gentle face, her curves beneath the tight dress, I think he must be the luckiest man in the world. "Well I'd fuck him for a hundred pounds," says Zoe. She looks down at me again: "Would you like that?" she asks. I throw Zoe a last smile and leave, glad to have met her even though I doubt I will ever see her again, knowing that, when you're saddled with a tiny little cock and balls, a paid-for handjob from a beautiful girl is as good as it's ever going to get.

at the bar

fetish pussycumlicker 2018-06-28

A massive cock thrusts suddenly into your dripping pussy and you feel stretched to the limits but in your excitement, you are wet enough to allow this stranger access. You know it has been hours since you first knelt on the hard tile floor and for the first time, you hear my familiar voice as I say only "She's a mess, she needs a shower." Suddenly, you feel the warmth as a fine stream strikes your forehead and works it way over your face. You know that you could have stopped it at any time with one safe word, you slide next to me and your hand drops to my bulging hard-on.

The Calcium Club - Chapter 4

fetish KCUM 2018-06-28

Chet stroked Lisa's breast delicately as she sat on his lap. The jerk she lived with was certainly proving a total loser and it was a real pleasure to be treated like this my a man that appreciated her. His fingers traced the thick vein on Lisa's right tit, pressing gently and running down to her large brown rubbery nipple. I'm gonna get me some more of this right here, hang on baby, I'm gonna milk you real good." Chet brough up a sparkling clean glass to her nipple and, a little firmer now, squeeezed her breast as he stroked down. Lisa was a real find, perfect breasts, a copious milker and sweet tasting too!

Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 03

fetish Syzoth 2018-06-28

Without a word, Philip reached into the pile of spaghetti with his hand and smeared more red sauce across my wife's body. The tall Asian man took another handful and kissed my wife again, shoving his tongue down her throat and then sucking on hers, before pulling back and wiping more sauce all over her face. Philip spent an ample time around her tits, moving up to kiss her again, letting Amanda taste the sauce on his lips and inside his mouth. When Philip's ejaculations finally subsided, Amanda gave it an affectionate kiss and sucked the head of his still semi-hard penis one time, making sure there was no cum still left inside.

30 Days or Bust: Day 06

fetish l8bloom 2018-06-28

It amazes me that not quite a week has gone by and Mark is – I don't know how to describe him – still an enigma, yet somehow like an old friend. He is getting paid, even now, to suck my tits and make sure I have a good time. This week I'm just hot & bothered all the time, distracted & sloppy. At last he took my hand and helped me into the tub. He wasn't holding my hand now, just touching my legs as he worked. He tended my anxious glands with his hands and his tongue, gently squeezing my mounds and sucking my nipples, not too hard. When I obeyed, Mark took my hand.

Can't Wait Just Watching

fetish sub2silk 2018-06-28

i am also not naked, but wear a pink silk thong panty, covering my shaved, erect penis and balls, i also wear a pair of hold-up stockings on my smoothly shaved legs. She moves through the room, picking up the toys that She used on me, the strap-on, the dildos, the whips, shackles, crops, paddles, and of course, the lingerie. As i watch i make a mental note of where the implements live, where She leaves the used clothing, Her leathers, and my lingerie. She selects a bra, hold-up stockings, thong panties, a matching camisole and tap-panty set, and a range of silk scarves, these She leaves in a pile, on the chest of drawers.

Reunion, Workout (Female Version)

fetish curl4ever 2018-06-28

Cindy made up the sofa's sleeper mattress, gave Mark a hug, and went back to clean the kitchen. "Oh," he thought, "if you only knew how much I want you, Cindy!" His hand strayed toward his morning erection to play out his usual fantasy, but when he felt gym shorts in the way, he realized something was wrong. And," she added, "appreciation for a man who isn't threatened by me working out." Kissing him softly on the lips, she continued, "One benefit of not getting together until now is that we can make our 'first date' infinitely more memorable than it would have been in high school.

Panty Log 03

fetish Wrench05 2018-06-28

Later that morning her mom told me the whore had started her period and Sunday night I got a chance to slip in the downstairs bathroom. 8-11 Got done for the day and had just got to my hotel room I was stripped down and laying on the bed masturbating and smelling and tasting the thong when the whore's mom called and said she was coming up to here I was to spend the night in the hotel with me so I finished spanking and cleaned up. When I got home the whore had moved her dirty laundry out of the bathroom so I slipped the thong into a pile of stuff in the laundry room.

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 11

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-06-28

"Lick me clean my slave." Closing her eyes she lay relaxed feeling his lips and tongue move over her soft skin and listened to the sucking, slurping sound of him gathering what he could. While Deb talked about her day at work or voiced opinions on the politics of the world at large, Bobby couldn't help but think how nice Miss Jenny's hands and mouth felt and how sexy she had been toward him ever since early morning. Feeling those delicate hands and fingers fondling his balls and tracing circuitous lines over his body he had a hard time staying focused on Mistress or the TV. Jenny said her goodnights while Deb grabbed Bobby by the cock, pulling him along into her bedroom.

Cock Tales

fetish CreamyPetals 2018-06-28

Trent sneaked behind Belle placing his nose gently in her hair to take a long whiff. Trent smiled, "Your problem is you want me to put my cock in you deep right here in this stall, but you are afraid to say it! I want deep in Belle's pussy, Baby." Trent's ears perked up, "Yes, I want to fuck Belle's sweet pussy!" You want Belle's pussy riding that fat cock? Trent slammed into her ripping the delicate panties completely over his cock where he could feel her soaked lace pushing into his balls, "Damn Belle. Trent was trapped deep in her pussy feeling the warm honey trickle down her panties to dribble along his balls. I don't like Belle's pussy-I fucking love it!

The Princess and the Assassin Pt. 03

fetish thecloned22 2018-06-28

Silica always thought the haircut made Rosetta look edgy which is something she always loved with her partner, and her need for being super serious. Instead of simply handing the scope over to Silica, Rosetta used a mundane Disciple ability which was admittedly far easier to use. As they spoke Celestine looked about and saw four other pairs of warrior women, all clad in black, with two heads and massive breasts. Besides she is loyal to this princess, and should be helpful." Rosetta said as they with the help of another Disciple picked up Eltra and Celestine. "Time to go," Rosetta commanded and the other disciples, along with the one carrying Siella, leapt out the eight story palace.

k**nap (Chapter 1)

fetish wastedaway 2018-06-28

You can do the same at the head of the bed, of course, but John preferred a single chain for handcuffed wrists -- that way, he could fasten me to the bed without ever releasing my hands, a favourite fantasy of his. I rolled off the bed, and pulled the arm chain out from under the mattress, eventually reaching the anchor bar that had held the leg straps. With the front door keyed the same as your house?" My heart sank as John continued, "I don't like being lied to; you'll regret it." He whipped me twice more as he said that, but almost casually; I could see that he was working up to something bigger.

I Love Having My Breasts Kissed

fetish Paul44 2018-06-28

"I hope that you do not mind," she said," But I often sit with my husband topless and we cuddle." As she said the words I could see that she was watching my reaction to her and she jiggled the breasts a little, I wanted her without question and I found I could not draw my eyes away from what she offered me. My hand rose and I began to squeeze the other breast feeling the nipple slip between my fingers as I licked and sucked hard on the other nipple in my mouth. " I want your cum all over my tits!" she squealed as she pushed her breasts along the length of my cock.

Forced to Pee

fetish sweetnpetite 2018-06-28

He took one look at my white cotton halter top, my little plaid mini-skirt and those strappy high-heel sandals and it was all I could do to keep him from feeling me up right there in front of all my sisters pre-freshman friends.. "Ok," he said, "I'll turn right up here." He tried to reassure me by running his free hand over the top and back of my head, but it had the effect of making me shiver in what would normally be a pleasurable way, but now made me almost loose my bladder control.

The Uncensored Little Red Riding Hood

fetish InnocenceXX 2018-06-28

"Give me a kiss and go before you're late," sighed Mrs. Graves laying the red cloak on Leah's shoulders. The man was probably in his early thirties with a light complexion and blazing, green eyes that burned with an untamable intensity and sent an icy hot shiver of pleasure through Leah's young body. Renard looked over at her and asked, "Where are you going by bus, little girl?" It was my pleasure, but you should know better than to take a ride from a strange man," Renard said though a crooked half-smile. "Is that what you want, little girl?" Renard asked burying his fingers in the roots of her thick, black hair. "You move fast, little one," said Renard caressing the girl's hair.

f****y Time

fetish 2018-06-28

My story starts when I was they were both 20 and I was 18, my mom, Carol, was also attractive, she was a little more overweight then most women at the age of 36, only slightly, but she was still good looking, anyway every two weeks she would go away for the weekend, I suspect for some act of dirty sex, and I would be left with my s****rs, every time this happened they would bring back guys and fuck them senseless, I would just lay in my bed listening to the groans and bed banging against the wall, they didn't seem to care about others being able to listen, I would wait till they stop and then fall asl**p, every time this happened I would have the same dream where both Tiffany and Katrina are dressed in school uniform, and have pig tailed hair, maybe this is because I remember them looking at their sexiest at school, the dream would always end just after they strip me and both kneel down with their amazing large tits in front of me, grabbing for my hard cock.