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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish Inside001 2018-06-28

I walked in and asked for water, she made small talk as she was in the kitchen fetching my drink as I sat in her living room. She began to walk away from the door and I asked if I could come inside and help her look, she said that was fine. Malia walked to the living room and began looking for my "lost" wallet behind and under the couches. The passion I was feeling was so great, Malia got off the couch and spread her legs as she kneeled down, her lips, recently painted by red lipstick, wrapped around the head of penis as she slowly began to suck.

helping out

fetish fkmyface 2018-06-28

"I could sure use a blow job man, no body has to know", i was frozen when he got a foot away and he said "come on bud, help a guy out" and put his hand on my shoulder pulling me downward, I melted in fear and anticipation as i went to me knees and took him in my hands, for being so hard the skin was really soft. I looked up and him and he said "please??" I looked back at his magnificent hard on and opened my mouth, I still remember how soft it felt in my mouth as i closed my mouth around it, I felt hi hands move to my head and pull me close and his cock went balls deep making me gag, he pulled back and pushed again and i felt this pressure in my mouth and felt something warm sliding down my throat.

Mrs Marlow Meets The Clergy Ch. 02

fetish MaryR 2018-06-28

I knew he was asking me about my underclothes and stammered "Yes Father," and as if to justify myself I raised my skirt a little, which showed my white cotton panties. His finger was still making my panties very wet and he told me "We will ask Father Peter to wash your drawers again, Lucy." He said "The difficulty is, Mrs Marlow is that you need clean drawers before you go home." I nodded as I knew I couldn't go home with dirty panties on. Then they took the wind out of my sails again as Father Peter smiled at Father John saying "I think I know someone else who will like the little girls twat."

The Babysitter: Chapter One

fetish Acebottom 2018-06-28

I've always loved women in sexy lingerie and I couldn't help getting turned on as I went through the underwear of my parents' closest friends. Before I could really stop myself, I found myself cumming, shooting a hot, sticky load all over my hands and Sara's sexy blue panties. As I held it in my hands and felt the soft satin and sensual lace, I couldn't help letting out a little girlish squeal of delight. This must be how Sara feels all the time in this underwear, I thought enviously, as my cock began to create quite a tent in my panties. Aside from the rock hard cock, I actually started to feel like a girl wearing all these pretty, frilly things.

Pissing Around The House

fetish CanadianForLife 2018-06-28

For the rest of the week I pissed outside when I got home. With the thought of peeing around the house for the next week in my mind I gave them a big hug and told them I'd help them pack. I opened up the web and looked for information on piss fetishes. I continued playing this way for the next couple days, even missing a day of school so I could drink my own piss. Then she said, "Liam, I know you've been going to the bathroom outside for a couple days, if your toilet is broken you are more than welcome to use mine." I looked up at her just in time to see her wink at me then turn away.


fetish alibodge 2018-06-28

That I Rose, Elizabeth Chantry in the company of the executioner of my choice and in a prepared dungeon should be hung over an impaling spike and lowered gently onto its point till it at a position at the maximum my body can comfortably except in my sexual cavity, I will tell the executioner when that is and he will mark the lift so as to be able to add just an inch or so later. Her screams doubled, and I took the funnel from her pointing it at her hood and waiting for the drip`s of acid from both jars to reach her tender clit, fumes like smoke rose from the tender flesh and her already high screams went up another octave.

2035 - The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 03

fetish Longjohnsilver30 2018-06-28

Rebecca started to prod Patrick about his uncaged massive cock and how he didn't get erect with naked women around. "Yes and what happened on that beach?" she started upping the pace and the tip of his cock was rubbing off her chin as her breasts couldn't cover it all. "Yes I was fantasying fucking a married woman in front of her caged hubby," his breathing got louder and something else penis started to grow. Patrick began to rub my wife's pussy through her panties as she faced me, "Please hubby lose that erection or he's going to fuck me on this bed!"

Student slut likes to open & spread her legs

fetish Smiler2000 2018-06-28

Cat looked at me and then opened her legs nice and wide, spreading her gorgeous, sexy hot, welcoming emitting and soaking wet fanny by doing so, and literally purred in a sultrily voice “Oh God, please fuck me, please fuck me”. Slowly, her mummers became groans of passion and excitement and she then started to involuntarily move her hips and moan “oh God yeah, fuck, Oh, God yeah, fuck me, keep fucking me”, although my wrist was hurting, this was the encouragement I needed and I kept that firm fucking rhythm motion going, plummeting my to fingers deep into the depths of her pussy.

Bigger Down There Ch. 04

fetish Andrea_E 2018-06-28

There were times when we had been displaying ourselves to each other in Sam's room that Sam had once or twice muttered something like "you should see my Mum's" which had certainly piqued my interest (on lots of levels), and despite never having thought of Helen as a potential sexual partner, I cannot deny that she had a certain appeal. I was probably spending 50% of my time listening to Sam and her Mum, and the other 50% getting wetter and wetter as I gazed at Helen's voluptuous cunt. I've never hidden my body or my sexuality from Sam, and I discovered several years ago that she liked to look, so I sort of got a bit more open around her.


Miguel Goes All The Way

fetish ColetteJulie 2018-06-28

"Ball." Ordered the doctor and a moment later I felt her latex gloves insert an ice-cold, hard, glass ball to the bottom of the speculum. I felt the ring against the roof of my mouth and began to suck her breast, her milk flowed immediately. "Does my patient like the pain in his ass?" I promptly pushed a glass ball out while trying to cum, my cum again cruelly being held at the base of my cock. "Clamp." I felt the cold steel of the clamp gripping, pulling and twisting the head of my cock so that the doctor could push the thick needle through. "I don't think he'll feel anything if we slapped his cock now." One nurse said to my doctor.

The Demon Mistress Ch. 03

fetish kellym01 2018-06-28

"Sorry, I forget how hard it is for humans when they first arrive here, you're the first one in the last couple decades, it always takes time for your kind to adjust, so I'll give you your time, I won't call upon you for a while and when I do it'll be for small tasks and we'll work up to the good stuff." She said softly, her gaze moving to Anna and Veronica "I understand you two had a little bet on what I'd do to the new arrival, the stakes being servitude, well if you have such a desire to serve one another then until a time in which I say otherwise you are both to serve Sarah until I say otherwise and until then she will have the power to alter your forms, of course I will have supreme authority but that goes without saying." She chuckled.

Corrupting Amber Ch. 05

fetish GuyintheTV 2018-06-28

She took it in thumb and forefinger again while she hollowed out her cheeks, pulling noxious pot smoke into her mouth. Her eyes were watering a little but she ignored them and took another hard pull on the joint. Smoke started streaming down her face from her nostrils as she pulled on the joint. Her eyes went wide and she started coughing, nearly dropping the joint on my bed in the process. When I returned to the bed Amber had nearly finished the cigarette and was squinting at me through bloodshot eyes. Amber flicked her 3/4 smoked Marlboro to the floor and grabbed me by the back of my head.

Ass Station

fetish Dmnoid 2018-06-28

The room was as dirty as it smelled, with black marked tile floors, dried piss stains, and a sink that looked like something used by a mechanic. Women usually "hovered" over public toilet seats, especially ones in restroom like this, and Angela was no exception. She sucked on thick girth for several minutes, letting it get sopping wet, letting her spit run down his length in a messy blowjob, feeling the spongy head and veiny shaft run in and out of her mouth and lips enough times to where she was starting to loose fine sensation of what at any moment was passing in or out of her.

My Cuckold Evening - Fun and humiliating.

fetish withmyfeetup 2018-06-28

I got on my knees and lifted the front of her dress and planted my face between her legs and tried to lick her shaved pussy. This time, however, Ken walks in with a purpose, kisses my wife on the lips, unzips her dress halfway and starts sucking her nipples. The sofa was banging against the wall as I heard a small moan come from Ken. I stepped around them so I could see his hard cock disappearing into my wife's depths. I sat on the stool fully dressed, my wife reclined on the end of the sofa, nude, and Ken, after catching me staring at his cock, stood, pulled up his boxers and sat at my desk.

Does Your Girl Clean Your Cock?

fetish PureCoffee 2018-06-28

Like a lot of girls, Becs starts off sucking the head of my cock and moving her hands up and down the base. With my wet and sticky cock bobbing in her face, tapping her closed lips, I order her, "clean it." She hesitates, another sign of resistance that assures me that she doesn't want to do this but she will, which I fucking love. She opens wide to take my softening cock into her mouth and this time I do pull her head forward, letting her deep throat me a bit. When I'm satisfied that Becs has sufficiently cleaned my prick, I order her without explanation, "Good job bitch, get on your hands and knees." Being a good girl, and, by now, feeling totally subservient to me, she does this.

Bus story by Cezar73

fetish 2018-06-28

the driver is fucking your mouth hard... the driver put the bempty bottle on your face to lube it with cum and giv eit to me... just for few seconds because the driver slap your face with tha hands... he stand up ...over ypur face and pee in your mouth.. you scream again and drink pee: iam fucking your ass with bottle... the driver get the bottle and put it in tyour pussy. i pee in it...and then we use the second bottle to fuck it the driver is slapping his cock on your face now you scream .......we get a coca cola can and push it in ypur pussy.. the driver turn on bus and start again.

Postapocalyptic reality 2

fetish penelopeslut 2018-06-28

Tomorrow she would look for food, then she would go back to her old camp for her rifles - once she had ensured the pack would remain loyal to her. Having her own personal guard dog would indeed be useful, and having a whole pack to protect her would be pretty awesome, but trying to ensure they are all well fed might be difficult. She sat curled up on the filthy mattress, and soon the alpha dog joined her on the mattress, whilst the rest of the pack curled up in the corners of the cellar. Taming one mutt was quite feasible – she had considered it before, and knew that there was at least one wasteland wanderer with a reputation for capturing and domesticating wild dogs to sell.

My recent business trip

fetish hushlax 2018-06-28

Holy shit guys its almost 11 i say- we pay and cluster toward our room, Marc as usual was too d***k Abbie and Claire were making fun of him trying to walk straight- im trailing behind looking at the ladies' asses As i slowly plunge in and out, i feel her gyrating matching my moves, she grabs my ass and begins to squeeze hard- and wispers, "oh fuck fuck fuck" as i feel her pussy begin to convulse around my cock- "dont stop" she begs- as i begin to shoot wad after wad deep inside her- she begins to pick up the pace- the sloppy sounds of a freshly cummed pussy still being fucked is all you can hear-

I'm A Cuckold. This Is My Story Pt. 02

fetish TyrannosaurusRacks 2018-06-28

Somehow, by arching his back and thrusting forward, Doug managed to get his cock all the way in my mouth, his big velvety head touching my tonsils and is big pulsing balls resting on my chin. Doug then pulls back, grabs my head, and shoves his big hard cock into my mouth and starts pumping in and out again, again like the piston of a speeding engine. Doug then proceeds to pump his big hard cock slowly in and out of my mouth, close to having me deepthroat him. He realizes that something else happened and says to me "All that talk of Alison got us both excited buddy, because you had almost all of my hard cock in your mouth without gagging.

Tormented Ch. 03

fetish stateofdenial 2018-06-27

She stopped the chair and got down on her knees and began to stroke his stiffening shaft. He cock strained within its skin as he watched each guy beg and plead for release only to have the girl stop and let go just as he was cumming. "Cheer up, You've come a long way, no pun intended, and it'll be all down hill by dinner time." She went back to eating, letting her words sink in. "And to think I was going to surprise you by letting you come inside of me, right now, for being good." Of course she was lying, but he had no way of knowing. As soon as he stopped she began to slowly slide his cock in and out of her.

Daughter Takes Over pt 7

fetish alex_wd 2018-06-27

Rachel moaned with pleasure and wrapped her legs around Cindy, who "Not yet, " said Cindy softly, moving up to kiss Rachel's hair and face As her own mother lustfully sucked her wet young pussy, Cindy threw her "Come sit on the bed with us, Mom." invited Cindy, and her mother, "Lick Rachel's ass, Mom." Cindy commanded, watching. Anne gently parted the girl's ass cheeks and began pressing her face to Cindy held Rachel as her Mom gave her girlfriend an When the girls were done with their snack, Cindy asked Rachel to go get Cindy nodded at Rachel, and the dark girl retrieved a strap-on girlcock "I love you, Mommy," breathed Cindy, her eyes closed, her face pressed

Destiny's Wild

fetish Sabrina Leigh 2018-06-27

But now she basked in the tenderness of his hand caressing her raw back side as he worshipped her beautiful body with his eyes: the way her straight back dipped in at the sides of her waist to flare out again over the curve of her hips, the little patch of freckles in the valley at the base of her spine, the smooth rise of her round bottom that now bore his seal, the slender thighs, still shiny with the liquid of her cunt, calf-muscles defined as she flexed her toes in lazy tempo against the arm of the couch.

Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 02

fetish Alfamann 2018-06-27

At bedtime Angie and Peter would shower, put on their pyjamas, and descend the stairs into the lounge, where Minnie, their landlady, would be sitting, either reading a book or watching television. "To hell with Minnie." With that Angie sat up and pulled her dress over her head and quickly removed her bra so that she was totally naked. Peter and Angie showered, reluctantly put on their flannelette pyjamas, and ventured back downstairs to say goodnight to their landlady. After what seemed like an eternity Minnie put her book down and looked up at Peter, before slowly shifting her gaze to Angie. Please!" Angie remembered how Minnie had asked her to call her Mummy when she pleaded for the spanking to stop.

Doctor's Dream part 2

fetish XXXNoBounds 2018-06-27

I lower my hands further down to her neck, angling her face toward the ceiling, and step closer, standing astride her folded legs so that my cock points straight down at her throat. I wait a moment until her tongue starts to flutter beneath me again, then I push forward hard, holding her head still as I squeeze the fatness of my cock into her narrow throat once more. Then I wait a heartbeat with my head occupying her mouth, allowing her one quick breath before punishing her slippery throat with five more deep strokes, pausing at the deepest point of each to savor the sensation. She works on the head of my cock like a washing-machine; swirling, sucking, bobbing and vibrating as I loiter in her mouth.