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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Rose Submits

fetish Ms_Jane 2018-06-27

You can feel my body against yours, playing with your skin, roughing your nipples in the rope, learning your curves so that I can enjoy them even more. Maybe I'll let you strap one on yourself, so we can spit roast him between us, just for a little while, so you can feel what it's like to gag a man with your cock or to fuck him from behind and watch that gorgeous view, hear the noises he makes as you do. Or perhaps I'll fuck you hard, while he shoves his cock down your throat, my hands on your breasts, on the back of your head keeping you in place, telling you what to do.


fetish Wes7 2018-06-27

After a good bit, she reached for my dick and made it even harder if possible with some kisses, some licking and a moment of sucking. Said most women couldn't imagine strapping one on, would find the whole thing dirty, and most straight men are happy to be left alone there. Some women like the way they look with a "penis." But she said her reason for doing it was that it gave me so much pleasure. She said she would have stopped in a second if the pain was too much or if I wasn't enjoying it. Yes, she said, she'd invite a guy out for coffee on a first "date," and somehow turn the topic into "pegging." If the guy was willing, they'd try it.

What My Wife Doesn't Know

fetish skitzo69 2018-06-27

Next thing I know she climbed on the bed right over my body and started pissing through my wife's panties. She climbed onto my cock and started fucking me while my wife's toothbrush was still up her ass. She grabbed my wife's picture on the side of the bed and started rubbing it all over her piss covered body. When I pulled out she took my wife's now piss stained panties and started pushing them into her cunt. She had no clue that less then 24 hours ago some nasty slut who's name I still didn't know had pissed all of it, shoved it up her cunt, and I had fucked her asshole with it.

Anniversary Dinner

fetish joefelton 2018-06-27

He smiled politely and left us, but he returned a few minutes later carrying a serving tray, which contained several items that he placed on our table; a relish tray of carrot sticks, celery sticks, and an assortment of olives. I placed my right hand on top of Adam's thigh and said, "Well Mr. Masters, are you still happily married after ten long years?" I looked him in the eye and asked "Adam, is there anything sexual that you would like to try that we haven't done yet? She looks down at the objects next to John's thigh, "I've got everything I'm going to need." She opens a leather case and holds it up to the camera.

A Little Man's Initiation Ch. 01

fetish dkeats 2018-06-27

If I don't phone the police you are going to have to do exactly what I say.' The woman had marched over to James Thomas raising her crop over her shoulder, he shrank back, but she merely let it leisurely rest on her bare skin. Now hands away!' The woman stepped within 2 feet of James Thomas, he could smell her heavy sweet perfume. The woman tugged his erect penis back between his legs, James Thomas drew in breath abruptly, her hands were cold but more than that he thought he would ejaculate at any moment. Now I'm going to clean your dirty boy's arsehole, that is also mine!' The woman pulled out the black bulbous contraption; she filled it with warm water and a little liquid soap.

Rebecca Pt. 02

fetish thepeopleschamp 2018-06-27

While Rebecca had my phone and I was looking down, she must have sent the video to herself. I tore my gaze away from Rebecca's feet as she closed her book, turned over on her back, and sat up gracefully. "My feet get sore very easily, so walking around the campus really does a number on them." Rebecca pouted slightly and looked me in the eyes. I inhaled deeply, shivering as I savored the sweet scent, and reached out for Rebecca's left foot, the one with the pink sock on it. It will feel a lot better that way." Rebecca instructed without looking up from her book. I carefully set down Rebecca's left foot, pulled the sock off of her right one, and repeated all that I had done.


fetish 2018-06-27

Rather than having one-piece mitts like what is normally over my hand when I put pantyhose over them, there was a seamless nylon glove. Once my senses came back, I started to wonder if her encasement in “Enchantments” was going to turn into a seamless nylon suit, too. Her pantyhose encasement had turned into a seamless total enclosure nylon suit just like mine, only in nude rather than suntan. I couldn’t wait to feel the white pantyhose over my seamless nylon legs and manhood. We’re going to get them to stop screaming and start behaving like a couple should,” my girlfriend told me as she got that playful, devilish look on her face again, “everyone has one night stands with an anonymous person.


fetish meatloaf90 2018-06-27

Dana brought her hand across Rick's face so fast he almost bit Rick lifted Dana's chin with his right hand. corner of her eye, Dana could see that Rick was reaching into ended with Rick sitting on the edge of his desk and Dana Well, now I'M angry!" Rick said, lifting the paddle. With that, Rick brought the paddle down with a loud smack across Jill Windsor had been camping in Rick's corner "At least a dozen times." Denise said, looking at Jill "That's it!" Rick said, grabbing Jill by the wrist. Denise stood by, staring intently as Rick and the tear-jerker Denise managed to pull up Rick's shirt tails and began clawing As he drove off, Rick could see Jill and Denise waving to him

Wedding Night Payback

fetish rick_oh 2018-06-27

That was not the way he imagined his wedding night progressing - with his new bride being taken by another man before he himself, who was to be her husband, would be allowed inside her. He took matters in his own hand three times, imagining he was the one fucking a new bride before the groom's cock was permitted inside her. They had a long discussion the next day, and after Tasha assured Jerry that the mystery man was not someone they knew or from either of their workplaces, he reluctantly agreed. David stayed inside Tasha, and kissed her neck and her breasts as he slowly pumped to keep his cock stimulated. Jerry tried not to think of the fact that Tasha had just taken three loads of cum in her pussy.

Mistress Step-Daughter Ch1

fetish panteeluvr 2018-06-27

Latley though, he wanted to smell Kassi's stinky cunt and ass more, and started just taking her panties to his office and keeping them in his drawer. As soon as he told her ok, and to have a good day at school, she went to front door and opened it and then closed it loudly, making Tim think she had left. Tim jumped up off her bed, dirty thongs dropping to the floor, and grabbed his robe, but not before Kassi got a good look at his little pecker! But for starters, when mom gets home I want you to tell her that you've done some thinking and you decided that even though we live under your roof, you are married and maybe it's not your place to put rules on me.

Gwenny's Puppy Boy Ch. 01

fetish atrickofthelight 2018-06-27

She asked if I was thirsty, and she told me to drink from the toilet, "like a good little puppy." I had never drunk from a toilet, and it was humiliating, at first. We had discussed toilet training, and she said that she wanted to see me drink the byproduct of what I had drunk from the toilet earlier--she put me in my place right away, as a puppy and a toilet slave. "Pee like the good little bitch you are," she said, laughing at me as she watched, humiliating me. Well, except for having to go pee in the middle of the night--and that, I did in the back yard, like a good little puppy.

My Teacher and My Panties

fetish Big_Tit_Slut 2018-06-27

I hold my breath and close my eyes and I wait to feel your huge cock enter my pussy, but instead, my eyes snap open in shear pain and your hand comes around to cover my mouth as I scream. You let go of my mouth and I slump forward on the desk in pain and continue to cry while a big part of me wants to put my hand down to start rubbing my clit. Because you're nothing but a cum bucket that loves a hard cock up her ass, fucking stupid slut bitch." You groan and tell me "Finger fuck yourself while you do it, you fucking cum slut" before you yank my head back by my hair and slam my panties onto my mouth.

A Meeting with My PeePal

fetish leekeyone 2018-06-27

Suddenly a quick shot of golden yellow piss erupted from the base of Tina's pussy lips and sprayed for a short moment downwards to the carpeted floor below. The look on Tina's face was now one of complete concentration whilst she squirted her piss upwards and then onto the table. Grabbing my drink I downed several large mouthfuls and then immediately moved the half empty glass towards the flowing piss stream still shooting out of Tina's pussy. In the far corner the new couple had taken a table only a few paces away from where Tina had only moments ago been squirting out her gorgeous pee.

Ladies Smoking Fetish

fetish fantasyboy 2018-06-27

We had already been talking about sex when I watched in amazement as Auntie Jean took out a cigarette and put it between her bright red lips. Auntie Jean looked very sexy as she inhaled on the cigarette and blew the smoke towards me through her lovely red lips. Each time Auntie Jean sucked me off into her mouth while her mouth was full of cigarette smoke and then the sight of her exhaling and my cum dribbling out over her delicious bright red lips still has me wanking many years later. She looked amazing sexy with her cunt wide apart and soaking wet, one hand still twiddling with a nipple and a exhaling a deep mouthful of cigarette smoke.

Husband Gives His Wife Away

fetish 2018-06-27

Mike explained that he thought Robert might be one of those guys who likes to watch other men with his wife. Mike whispered into my ear as his fingers lightly touched the exposed fabric of the panties, "Did Robert want you to wear this for me?" Robert kept jerking his cock furiously until I finally decided to tell Mike I wasn't on the pill. Mike slowed his penetration and looked over at Robert and asked if he minded if he came inside of me. I turned to Robert and began yelling at him despite the fact that Mike's cock was buried deep inside of me. Robert managed to lift himself up, but as he reached to push Mike's penis away he inadvertently grabbed it.

Sex Over 60

fetish temptation_01 2018-06-27

I could feel the wind from the car's movement against my bare back as I sucked Terry's cock. The motion of the car as it sped around the curves of the track, the wind in my hair, my bare skin against the leather of the seats, the taste of his flesh in my mouth... He pushed his hips up into me and I felt him brake the car, holding my head down hard with one hand. "You really like cars, don't you baby?" I could feel his cock sliding between my thighs and I moaned again, rubbing myself against him. I felt his cock slide between my legs and I tried to spread them more, to let him enter me up against the car.

Midnight Snack

fetish Aussieseeker 2018-06-27

I kissed it softly before parting my lips and sucking inward, drawing the tautness of her nipple and the swelling of the surrounding areola into my mouth. My lips pressed more firmly, and I parted them, extending my tongue to caress and stroke the opening of her vagina from low to high, finishing with the softest lick against the pearl of her clitoris. Joanne was grinding her pelvis forward, her hands holding tight to the back of my head as she tried o fuck my face with her pussy. I smiled wickedly at her and leaned forward, kissing her softly and letting her taste her cum and her pee intermingled on my lips.

Her Ass Can Take It All!

fetish Hank_Farrow 2018-06-27

Oh yea, look at my baby girl sitting there like a good girl with her ass up in the air for her Papi. Taking those candles up her ass for Papi like a good little girl. Shove it up my ass, Papi” He then pushed the big end of the bat up against the opening of her asshole. Look at you lying on your stomach holding your ass cheeks wide open as I slowly shove this big thick baseball bat up your ass. I’m gonna fuck you with the can and my cock deep and hard in your ass hole and shoot my cum all up inside your asshole." He started fucking her hard, ramming his cock and the soup can into her ass.

Authority Pt. 01-06

fetish whokilledpanda 2018-06-27

I didn't want to look like somebody's creep. I felt my eyes cover and my hands had been cuffed. You pulled me real gentle to lead to the bed. You took off your belt and held clutched in your hand, Moaning in pleasure, right on your lap. You looked up and saw me and grabbed both my hips. My eyes were now rolling and grabbing your hair. I pushed your face further, which was so fucking wet, Looked in my eyes just to hold me right here. Pulling your hair and grabbing your head, "Baby I love it, you're so fucking good!" Had shoved it completely right up my ass. Fucking me harder you almost had came, "Look at me sexy," grabbing my chin,

The House of Lesslie Ch. 01

fetish gothicboibitch 2018-06-27

The lips, now a perfect red shape that wrapped around the small, black cigar like it was a thin, tasty cock, clamping down on it and not letting it go, until the ember tip burned brightly between the rubber gloved hand that held it? "James doesn't just take anyone," I said, letting the words linger with the smoke that came with them, just as a cruel smile had come with them, turning my lips into a knowing sneer. I took a final drag off my cigar, letting it flow through my body once again, now mingling the smoke with the fresh and cold air of the early English morning, before I flicked the ash onto James' open hand, tainting the perfect black leather with my ash.

Arsewipe in the Bathroom

fetish Richard963 2018-06-27

On the first Friday morning I was busy shaving in the bathroom when Marion, came in wearing her nighty, sat on the toilet and had a loud piss. It looked good so I moved forward to kiss her fanny but I got carried away and pushed my tongue inside her and upwards to her clit. I dropped to my knees in front of her, and started to kiss the inside of her knees, then I gently pushed her thighs apart and moved my head upwards. I was working in my room finalising the study figures for my report, when Marion put her head around the door, and asked me if I would like to share a bath with her.

Life With s*s: Pt 10

fetish 2018-06-27

All four of us headed to the bathroom and Steph told me to lie on the floor of the shower, all three girls straddled my body, Steph said "one, two, three" and they all started to pee on me at the same time, it felt good to have all that hot pee on me, but what was better, was being able to look up and see it coming out their pussies. Steph turned to me and said "she got it all." Then we watched as Lexie and Terece passed it back and forth, I didn't think my cum ever would do that.

Let's Play a Game Pt. 03

fetish Vassal0 2018-06-27

Jack released again, this time with a little less pressure and it trickled down the left leg of his board-shorts in a continuous stream spreading as more and more piss was pouring from the tip of his penis, completely drenching the crotch and leg of his swimsuit, coming down in a cascade out of the bottoms of his shorts, all over his feet. Jack unloaded the contents of his pack, spreading out the towels and handing another water bottle to Kim. They didn't waste time shedding their shirts and in Kim's case shorts and climbing back up the cliff to jump into the cool pool. Still sitting cross legged on her towel she reached down and pulled the gusset of her one-piece bathing suit aside exposing her pussy and motioned for Jack to watch.

Cum Stained Nylons

fetish ualmech88 2018-06-27

"Well Jimmy," she cooed, "I have noticed you admiring my stockings and was wondering if you might like to feel them as a special thank you for being such a good boy." Jimmy obeyed and stood in front of the love seat while Veronica removed her three inch pumps and then reached out with a stockinged foot to caress the boys hard on through his shorts. Jimmy moaned, and placing his hands on each of her calves, he stroked the silky stockings while rocking his hips and thrusting his young cock between the cougars feet. Jimmy was trembling and almost lost his balance before sinking back into the love seat, his shorts still around his ankles, his ten inch cock finally softening, and a look of rapture on his eighteen year old face.