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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The New Guy

fetish BlackSatin 2018-06-27

Jessica took a long hot shower, put on her new black satin string bikini panties and black satin bra, a pair of sexy low-rise jeans and a nice warm cashmere sweater. Jessica made a point not to “fix” her panties-showing-over-jeans situation, hoping that Brian would continue to longingly stare ate the dark, shiny satin material (that was getting more wet by the second). Jessica thought it was because of the wine, but Brian continued to inspect her panties, taking every opportunity to stroke his penis with the soft satin material. Jessica laid down on her couch, low-rise jeans, cashmere sweater, black satin bra, and no panties, and blissfully replayed the entire encounter in her head.

Do You Want Cream With That?

fetish DiggerDave 2018-06-27

I closed my eyes and as I slipped a finger deep inside me began to imagine what it would feel like if it were Pete's cock instead of my own finger exploring my pussy. It did not take long of Pete's tongue attention on my clit and I came releasing more wetness and feeling the contractions deep in my pussy. I parted my legs and moved my hand down to my pussy and opened my lips wide allowing his cock to slide inside me past my fingers. I pushed my hips of the desk back to meet his, as he thrust into me, feeling the head of his cock rub up the walls of my pussy deep inside me.


fetish dieselboy69 2018-06-27

I let Angela go first, mostly so I could watch her broad, lycra clad arse as she cycled up the hill. It was only a couple of miles to our house and by the time we got home my cock was starting to dribble precum and leaving a stain in the front of my cycling shorts. I rubbed Angela's pussy through her shorts and soon she was wet. The smell and taste of her pussy was gorgeous and I my face was soon covered in her juice. I sat up and Angela pulled my shorts down exposing my stiff cock. I sat astride her chest and she wrapped her tits round my cock and I started to fuck them.

Another Good Day

fetish mistress_m2012 2018-06-27

She went to the closet to gather the remaining pieces to complete her masterpiece and nodded to him and he knew to put his arms up so she could pull the white flowing dress over his head and it was very rare for her to ever bend before him, but she would to offer him the sling back stilettos she wanted him to step into. His mistress slowly pulled out and lapped the cum from her hand and what she could get from his dress, collapsing beside him on the bed - to stare into his brilliant blue eyes and whisper sweetly to him, "You did a job well done today.

Ashley the cumslut pt. 1

fetish cockstronaut 2018-06-27

Her dirty blond hair goes perfectly with her tan skin and brown eyes. She loves to tease me with it my "accidentally" dropping something and when she picks it up I can see it along with whatever thong she happens to be wearing that day. The sexual tension between Ashley and I have been picking up recently and it is only a matter of time before I finally get to feel her wet pussy wrapped around my dick. As I was going to each video that she watched, I noticed that she watched a lot of videos where the girl ends up swallowing the guy's cum. I still don't know if that was coincidental or not but I found it hot seeing all these girls swallowing cum.

my hot sistder

fetish floyd1985 2018-06-27

ever since i was 14 and the door she was lying on her stomach talking on the phone in a sexy little pink thong and matching bra. her ass looked soo hot with the little thong curving over the top of her ass. and i could see the side shot of her perky tits encased in the cute matching bra. before then i never really new how hot my s****r was. all dinner i thought about my s****r in her sexy underwear. after dinner i went upstairs to the baathroom found 2 of my s****rs bras and took them into my bedroom and jerked off thinking about my s****r wearing them.

Red Rock Country

fetish DesertFocks 2018-06-27

She spread my cheeks letting me feel the streaming water rushing against my ass, but after a second, the water was nicely replaced by her tongue. "Well, I'll be darned, it's a plastic sheet or a shower curtain or something." I turned to her and asked quizzically, "Do you thing the maid knew we might want to play around, so she waterproofed the bed?" As I lay back on her I felt her tongue licking at the drops of precum that oozed from my cock, and then run up and down the length of the underside, until with a firm movement she drew me into her mouth.

Polly Ferburgers Fast Finger Bang

fetish freindlyphysician 2018-06-27

She was surprised at how fast the line moved, it seemed like every few minutes or so another woman would go behind the large dressing curtain on wheels which was at the front of the line; she chatted with some of the other ladies in line as they waited their turn; they chatted about all kinds of lady like things, like shopping and coupon cutting and pussy exams and all the usual stuff that ladies like to talk about; finally there was only one woman ahead of her and she noticed that the woman was fingering herself a little and tried to avert her eyes to give her some privacy; just then the man behind the curtain shouted; NEXT! Finally after about 5 minutes of massaging inside her vagina and tickling her clit, Polly came in one big huge orgasm; the Man quickly withdrew his fingers from inside her and said; Thank you for coming at The Gyno-Shack!

The Beautiful Thing About...

fetish 69gypsy 2018-06-27

Not thinking that it would any different then the arcade at the Mall I started to walk in when a man behind a little counter stopped me 'How many kid' he asked. Did he really think I was going to spend all my money in the arcade, I came here to buy some mags all I wanted to do was play some video. Looking around the small room I first noticed the coin slot below the TV and dropped in a token and the next thing that happened shocked me. When I hit the up arrow the screen changed to a man sucking a large black cock but this time the small letters read CH.

Another Saturday

fetish WriterDom 2018-06-27

Unfortunately, Master had to work a half-day on Saturday to tie up some loose ends at the office, leaving his pet at home. "They'll be plenty of time for that later, my Pet. Please get me a glass of tea," he said. "Go take care of your rose now, Pet. Then I want you on the bed in your position," he said. His fingers felt the familiar slick wetness of her pussy as he spread her pink lips. Please, Pet, tell me your thoughts," he said, heating some massage oil with his hands. Making his tongue wide, he licked up the wet lips of her swollen pussy all the way up the crack of her ass.

I Have a Dream...

fetish Luv_Jesus 2018-06-27

“I have a dream that one day we can work as si*sters and br*others to help each other with our sexual needs. “I have a dream that horny men can relieve their tensions by politely asking any filly whom they may come upon and fancy to perform any and all sex acts that will remove their tensions and that women will be honored and will immediately comply in the name of a loving God.” Perhaps I should run for President of the United States as the nominee of some sexual liberation party and espouse my dreams in a convention speech.

my 1st dirty (female) teacher part 2

fetish 2018-06-27

The prom was typical loads of hot girls in nice dresses and horny looking boys with cocks already hard. My cock was hard and ready like a python ready to strike it's prey. I straight away began fucking hard like a man possessed, I grabbed her hair and pulled it as my hips thrust against hers. I'm going to Fuck you hard and make you scream baby!" This made her moan more. As suddenly she began to shake and scwerm as I really started fucking as fast and as hard as I could. " She started to shake as put her hands on my ass as I fucked her! I kept fucking as soon the orgasm spread with in my like I fire in the heart.

Interview with a Domme Ch. 02

fetish OneWhoAdores 2018-06-27

"But speaking of my rest and his work, let me tell you that there's nothing quite like spending a hot and sunny Saturday afternoon lying in my bikini on my chaise lounge in the yard, with a tall cool drink, reading a book but stealing long glances at Raef, dressed only in his cutoffs and sneakers, his skin glistening with sweat as he trims the hedges, hand mows and manicures the lawn, and weeds the garden, his only breaks coming when he refills my drink, or gets me a snack, or moves my lounger into the sun so that I can sunbathe, and then back into the shade so I can rest and read. In the very short time she had known them, little more than two hours really, she had already come to like both Amy and Raef very much, and didn't want to seem to be disparaging of them in any way.

Discovering Hannah's Secret

fetish karlosfandango 2018-06-27

On either end of the stand were shaped wooden blocks that acted as bridle racks so I quickly snapped the brass clip of a lead rope onto the heavy stainless steel D-shaped buckle of the girth strap and wound the rope around one bridle rack -- I grasped the hem of Hannah's polo shirt and raised it to expose a band of bare flesh as wide as the girth before pulling the strap tightly across her back, clipping on the other rope and tying it firmly to the second bridle rack. Hannah's smile had broadened considerably and I felt comfortable continuing so I reached down to the girth strap, placed my palms widely spread underneath the material onto her bare back and slid them up her back, past her shoulders, over her head and down her arms leaving the polo shirt hanging on the lead ropes and Hannah's naked skin exposed to the air.

Pissing at the Local Gym Ch. 02

fetish leaky_one 2018-06-27

For a brief moment Angela wondered what had happened to Tiffany before a loud pattering sound coming from the direction of Rachel's locker made her realise that the gym girl had not waited for her before starting to take a piss. As her bladder was fit to bursting, this only took a couple of seconds before her own pussy lips parted and a wide gushing torrent of hot piss erupted out of her pee hole and start to arch downwards to the locker floor. A loud pattering noise announced the arrival of her piss stream hitting the metal bottom which gave Angela an even bigger turn on as she realised that it would be quite clear to Rachel that she was now peeing into the locker.

Look What I Can Do

fetish R.T.McCants 2018-06-27

I fell hard making half of my ass bounce off the side of the bed, which caused me to land on the floor on my back, and my legs to go crashing over my head. I climbed on to the bed, sitting with my legs open and looked down at my prick that was now, only half hard and peeking out from the behind the towel. I uncurled myself from my position with a stiff back and pumped the rest of my cum out of my prick manually, making sure that I liked my fist and fingers well once I squeezed it all out.

A Dilemma in Three Parts

fetish fetisha_44 2018-06-27

Straps are placed around your ankles, holding your ballet boot encased feet tightly against hers, and ropes are attached, and your legs are drawn apart as one. Filled with the dildoes, each of your asses is very tight to the cocks now slowly slithering into your most private places, pressing your clits harder into the vibrating probe. The other woman, who gave you a lascivious smile, is placed on the table with her head hanging over the end, and a double-headed dildo is placed in her ass and cunt, you immediately see where this is leading. The double dildo vibrators are now activated, causing each of you to jump, pulling on the chain connecting your clits together, as the next two men enter your mouths.

Lovely Aunty Agreed For Sex

fetish coolguy2020 2018-06-26

I was sitting in my room and reading a novel when my aunt came and told me that she is going to sl**p and she went after about half an hour I went out and saw that my bed was kept attached to her’s and again her pallu had slid down I went and slept next to her and was just gazing at her mounts and I thought of trying again so I checked and she was fast asl**p and I started touching her and I noticed something unusual she was not wearing her bra today.

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 04

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-06-26

I thought the other girls were so pretty, turned out the way they were with the shaving and things like that, but I think I made a nice contrast with them. But next to DeDe, Jen and Kim who, in all honesty, looked a little "plastic" on film, I looked like someone you might meet at the post office, in the store, at the gas station and wind up having sex with- -whether you were a male or a female. I thought DeDe and Kim were friends, co-predators of the male of the species who didn't like some plain Jane girl coming in and beating their time.

Another Train Fuck, this time recorded

fetish 2018-06-26

I looked out of my window, but remained focused on him, 'WTF', I thought to myself, and looked back at him, 'Would you like a hand', I called out, I was in the mood and rose from my seat and walked towards him, pulling my skirt up high, showing my lack of underwear and shaved pussy, framed between my suspender belt and stockings. 'Keep your skirt high, I want to watch your bum as you walk away' I laughed at him, but obliged, my legs feeling weak after such a good fuck, I turned at my seat, to see he had been videoing me on his iPhone, my protestations being ignored, as he recorded everything about me.

Morning Wood

fetish JenPB 2018-06-26

Then I slowly dragged the tip of my finger down the shaft until I reached the point where the shaft starts to disappear into his sac. Slipping my hands down my man's paints and feeling the cock inside grow and get hard is a high that can't be replaced by anything. I continued to use my hands on his cock and balls in this way until I could feel his lower abdomen begin to clench and tense. Part of me wanted to continue just like this until this hot hard cock could take no more and finally let loose in my hands. So I grabbed his cock at the base with one hand to keep it from slipping out of my mouth and then quickened the pace.

Strange Day

fetish Calyxxx 2018-06-26

Grabbing the carrot firmly by its top, I slowly slid the slender end inside my waiting pussy. I hopped up to sit on the counter and placed my feet on the edge, spreading them open wide, then quickly plunged the banana deep into my cunt. With one hand, I spread the lips of my pussy, and with the other, traced the cucumber around the edges, and over my clit. I wiggled back until my head was hanging off the edge of the table and without a chance to stifle it, screamed out in surprised joy as I pushed the cucumber in as far as it could go, feeling it stretch my insides deliciously.


fetish Croozer 2018-06-26

Starr turned to me and said, "Get on me from behind, Trev." I mounted her and began rubbing my throbbing penis over her her perfectly round and slip covered ass. Between licks of Della's breasts, Starr would turn to me and say, "Yeah...that's it...rub your cock on my slip." Soon, Starr pushed me backwards and buried her head between Della's thighs. I entered her again and as I was thrusting slowly, she reached over and said, "Della...Trev is going to fuck both of us now." Della opened her eyes, looked at me, and said, "Will you PLEASE fucking take me???!!!" By the time I pulled out of Starr, Della had her legs spread wide, and I buried my penis into her.

Uniformed Pleasure

fetish MistressLacy 2018-06-26

Bringing her thoughts back to the present and realising that the officer had been talking to her she apologised and repeated the complaint; still no names mentioned he asked if she would like to discuss it in a more formal setting. The plan had been that once in his office the formal attitude was be dispensed with and they could spend some time fulfilling her fetish for his uniform in close quarters. For her actions her still bare ass was slapped several times, each connection stinging as her body was still high from her climax previously. The PC stood in front of her, undoing the zip on his uniform trousers, releasing his cock, he was already hard and her instructions were given.