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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Date with the Bombshell

fetish SilkWeaver 2018-06-26

I closed my eyes, envisioning her golden hair, bright pink lips, and gigantic, round breasts, my hands wanting to reach out to grab the vision as my hips swayed back and forward, encouraging my cock to stand again. Her hands ran up and down her body, eyes closed and her bright pink lips slightly parted, stopping at her chest to grasp them, palms wide, and then press them together, the orbs only giving little way into each other. I toppled her, taking my wet cock in my hand and stroking it vigorously as I lowered myself onto her, and positioned the tip at the underside of her cleavage, a cool smile on my face as I thrust into it, feeling her firm, yet soft, breasts pressing against it as I threw my head back and let out a soft moan.

Perfect Roommate Pt. 02

fetish fbblvr37 2018-06-26

Luke walked into the apartment at about 8:40 to the screams of pleasure coming from Rachel's room. They arrived at Luke's gym after a short walk and he opened the door for Rachel to enter. Luke introduced Rachel to Laura the pretty young girl behind the desk as they made their way through the doors into the gym. Luke led Rachel to the right to the biggest part of the gym which was filled with cardio machines. After a few seconds Luke broke them out of their trance, "Jenny, why don't you take Rachel to one of the evaluation rooms so you guys can get started."

Homeless Girl Sex is Fucking Awesome

fetish sperminator1990 2018-06-26

I think he is trying to pick up on a homeless girl and he wants to show her that he is going through the same struggle. I see where he is going with this, I mean homeless girls can be hot. I get how ripped nice jeans are cool, like "oh these are classics, James Dean mother fucker." But why the fuck would someone want to look dirty? I thought - Hey, this bitch is stylish (fucking dirty jeans) and hot. Like she wanted to make sure guys who talked to her bagged their junk up ? I'm like "Hey, what the fuck is going on here?!" I mean shit, that was my dinner for the month of April, I got nervous man.

Oh my poor girlfriend.

fetish scareforce 2018-06-26

After her 18th birthday however, we've been fucking like crazy. Her face is so gorgeous that i can cum just from her looking into my eyes as i stroke. As i stared at her face and jacked, i couldn't but think: "I wonder what would happen if i came on her face."....So i did. You know how when you piss at home, it feels like a normal piss right? I would have enjoyed it more, if it wasn't for the death stare/utter shock on her face. Her eyes glew in the muted sunlight like a fucking demon. She blew up like a space shuttle with a crack in it and cussed and yelled and screamed so loud that 4 neighbors (i shit you not) called the cops on us.

Becky Ch. 03

fetish Many Feathers 2018-06-26

The entire way, all William could think about was walking in on his daughter, sitting there at his desk, naked...and by the looks of it, 'camming' with someone, though he had no idea who. Would he enjoy it if I were to titty-fuck him like so many men she had watched, who had wished that?" She remembered the feel of Bobby's slippery hot semen as it dribbled down over her hand. So unlike Bobby, feel free to tell whoever you trust, who might be interested in me doing the same for them." Peter looked at her for a moment like she was some kind of alien who'd just transported down from the planet Venus on a mission to steal men's sperm as a means of repopulating the planet.

Story of the Dancing Girl

fetish project_legolas 2018-06-26

She stumbled back, her keys dropping on the floor as the man stepped inside, looking menacing in the flickering streetlight from outside for a brief second before closing the door and locking them in the darkness of her home. "You're gonna shut the fuck up because you're a good little slut, aren't you?" the guy whispered hoarsely at her ear, fumbling with what Lisa assumed was his belt and pants while on top of her. "Fuck!" he spoke loudly as she felt all his strength pushing her down now, his full weight collapsing on top of her as he came, his cock unleashing a torrent of hot seed inside of her.


BDSM At The Office

fetish spice16 2018-06-26

One is a good looking woman named Susan, another is Leah, (a real babe) and Janet, our cute little secretary. Leah is different but a very sexy looking woman, with shoulder length black hair, a great body and alluring, seductive, almost wicked eyes. She wares unconventional cloths to work like tight leather pants, very short skirts, body hugging dresses and low cut blouses. After blowing a large wad of come down her throat, I took her to the bedroom, stripped her cloths off (except for those heels), tied her to the bed spread eagle and spent the next hour exploring her body. This time, I bound her hands behind her back, tied her legs together and placed other ropes on her.

Holiday Adventure

fetish misteradelaide 2018-06-26

Stephanie didn't like having Tris cum in her mouth and when he said he was close my wife jumped off him and wanked him between her lips. She told me how she'd fantasised for years about the night that she'd had him inside her, that she'd wanted to suck me at the same time or feel my mouth around her nipples, my hands stroking her body. As he pushed more of it through I had to see it inside her and with one hand I parted her lips and wrapped the other around this hot, hard, twitching cock and directed it at my wife's wet pussy.

Adventures of a hotwife part 1

fetish 2018-06-26

He took the head of his huge cock and rubbed it from the top of my ass down my crack to my pussy slowly till he reached the place he would bury it deeply in. Slowly grasping his massive tool with one hand and the other hand resting f***efully on the round of my ass he pushed forward into my dark, wet needy cunt. Steady and purposefully fucking my pussy telling me how wet I was, how hot I was and how good I felt sent me into another orgasm my already tightly stretched kitty pulsating around his dick tightening up even more with each wave of my orgasm. And he fucked my mouth till he was about to come then he pulled out and finished on my eagerly awaiting tongue and face.

Living in America

fetish 2018-06-26

She kept me geussing the entire way, I thought we were going back to meet some of the group until we got outside the hostel but she defnitely knew what she wanted, she turned around grabbed my cock through my jeans and told me not to leave her disapointed. She pushed me across the room, sat on the edge of the bed and wrapped her incredibly smooth legs around my head and watched on as I licked and kissed my way along her thighs up to her dripping wet pussy, i could see how horny and eager she was and she kept telling me how wet i'd made her throughout the whole night.

Petite Korean finds her shoes filled with cum.

fetish zleis 2018-06-26

He then squeezed the top of the boot shaft until it was nearly closed so it looked like a yielding vagina, brought the tip of his cock to the opening, and slowly pushed in. Another pull and the boot was on - his cum was squeezed all over my foot and slowly gaining on the ankle and lower leg. Sliding his hands up my boots and stockinged thighs he reached under the black leather skirt and took a hold of my panties. Simultaneously I felt his cum run down the inside of the boot and as I looked a rivulet escaped and slowly ran down my stockinged thigh.

The nursing home

fetish 2018-06-26

Wiping him off, Jessica and Matt suddenly saw Sue's hand thrust through the curtain to reveal a large diaper and pad. "I mean sure!" Matt for some odd reason felt like he was being f***ed into wearing diapers for the first time in his recollections. We'll try visiting you tomorrow when you are in a better mood." Sue took Matt by the hand, as was the habit of all staff with other patients, and guided him out of the room. "Well then you might as well grab your things and head home now." Walking towards the office Sue gave Matt the clothes he wore initially to work, that were once soiled. He couldn't let everyone in public know he was wearing a diaper, like he obviously did at the nursing home.

A Very Merry UnBirthday!

fetish lacorbeau 2018-06-26

Standing there in this outfit, both the Baker and Brother circled me, dragging a finger along my skin, daring to take little pinching at my ass and breasts. The Brother began to frost my shoulders, then took long laps on my skin. I turned to watch you take the blonde she leaned over in front of you, and sheathed your cock with a condom in her mouth, turning back to face the performance in front of you. He smashed cake and fruit into my hair as he leaned over me, kissing me and Brother's fingers opened my tight ass. The Blonde caught his cock as he slipped from me, taking all the cunt juices, honey and cum.

Extraordinary client

fetish lanah 2018-06-26

The first time he wanted me to stroke him from the back, reaching around him to until he reaches full erection. That wasn't part of our negotiations but I tell him as long as he pays he can cum wherever he wants. He then takes over stroking but he wants me to massage his testicles at the same time. My hair line has a thin layer of cum on it and the amount of semen that's resting on my forehead started running down the side of my head. I tell him I have to spit it out, and at that very second he ejaculates again directly inside my mouth and some more in my hair.

Panty Love

fetish Trialbasis 2018-06-26

“I don’t know if I can take any more of this” I said, “Its been close to a year since my divorce and I’ve not been sexually active at all.” Jenny seemed a bit unhappy but she persisted. Jenny looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Do you want to stop?” “No” I replied. “Do you like to wear women’s panties?” I must have turned red because she quickly said, “Please do not be embarrassed, I don’t think that there is anything odd about that. Jenny looked at me and said, “Rob it would please me a lot if you wanted to wear my panties. Jenny got up and we went to her dresser and she pulled open the top drawer and said “take them out and pick the ones for me to wear for you.

Jason Fucks Me And Leaves Me

fetish welovemassiveboobs 2018-06-26

I love the idea of a sexy young stud coming over to my place, having his way with me and then leaving me for another city entirely. Sometimes, Jason has walked into my apartment and without saying a word I’ve dropped to my knees and began sucking his cock like his personal little fuck toy. Something else I love about sex with Jason is that he has a satisfyingly large cock and always makes sure to give me a huge load! I was so wet already that each thrust of Jason’s cock felt like a mini orgasm inside me. Jason’s huge cock, combined with the fact I was being filled up by this sexy stud sent me into overdrive and I instantly began cumming all over his dick.

Picture Perfect Peds

fetish sexualrelief7191 2018-06-26

The tan footwear fell gently in front of her foot, and I got my first good look at her feet. Those turned out to be the best shots: soles scrunches, toe play, cutesy ballerina shots and shots of her feet in the air. The purple polish made her toes look like kid's lollipops, and I was starting to develop a massive boner just staring at them. Soon, I was licking away at her soles like they were actually candy, added by the fact her toes were painted purple like I said. In exchange for letting me write this on here, he insisted that I ask if there are ANY girls reading this that the best way to thank him is to send him feet pictures through me.

First Love, First Time Ch. 02

fetish lightsguydave 2018-06-26

As I began to prepare the meal, I ran through a mental checklist of everything I would need that night: food to cook, presents, candles, aftershave and of course, Condoms. The tension grew - as did the condom and as Stephanie rose her chest to breathe the killer blow (pun totally intended) it shattered all over her. I fetched another condom out the drawer, wasting no time in rolling it down over my cock and shoved myself right inside her love canal. She grabbed another balloon and started blowing away, her breaths in sync with my thrusts. As the balloon grew, I knew I would have a hard time getting her off as the balloon went off, so I started to massage her swollen nipples to help her out.

Samantha's Panty Boy Ch. 01

fetish PinkPantysBoy 2018-06-26

Pulling the panties over his head he placed the crotch material over his nose and face while pushing the cotton liners into his mouth. Seeing his cock once again pushing against the pink panties she laughed and said, "I think you like being my panty slave and licking my ass you little bitch." She slid her panties down his legs, and put them over his head letting the wet crotch press against his nose and pushed the pussy juice and cum drenched material into his mouth to taste. He slid the pink panty material down releasing his hard cock so his hand could work its magic as it had done the first time with Tricia.

Bustline: 2048cm... And Counting

fetish Safetystars 2018-06-26

You note that this is already promising to be a better run that last time, as you feel something soft begin to press against your elbow. Her hair tousled around her, mouth lightly open and eyes closed, your girlfriend lies on the bed beneath her magnificent chest as it heaves slightly but rapidly. However, before your hand has finished its ascent, the movement sending ripples across the expanse of titflesh, she breathes in suddenly and you feel her hand begin to work faster beside you. You move your fingers faster and faster, your mind racing in elation and calculation, you're beginning to approach your high score, and her tits are spilling out everywhere, covering most of your arm and a good part of your chest.

A Day in the Life...

fetish sub4use0 2018-06-26

Cold water ( you say "nasty fuck pigs have to earn the privilege to use warm water") and home-made lye soap burn whore's skin as it tries gently to scrub the dried bl**d from fresh wounds. "Sir loves when whore projects her true value as nothing more than service fuck meat whose sole purpose is to be used however he deems fit". You have the privilege of looking up at me as you speak today." You say this softly and with a smile as you pin whore's slimy sweat and puke soaked curls behind its ears, and sip your coffee. whore knows how hard it's Sir works, and feels privileged to service your feet.

The Semen-ator Pt. 01

fetish mindingutter 2018-06-26

The stranger's hands and knees continued to grip and control Connor's body, moving quickly to counter any attempts the young man made to escape. A moment later a grunt echoed through the room and several long, thick ribbons of sperm splattered into out-of-breath Connor's eyes, all over his nose, cheeks and into his partially open mouth. Not out here!" the young man yelled in shock as he felt the cool night air on his cheeks, thighs and nuts, in disbelief that the guy was going to fuck him right there, nearly in public. "Another lucky night!" the stranger said just before lining up and forcing his dick into Connor's puckered, hairless brown hole, causing a long, loud outcry that echoed from beneath the Civic's dirty hood.

Cream Filled: Second Helping

fetish Arionus 2018-06-26

Chuckling at the thought of him chasing me around the kitchen with a large knife, I none the less realized that without Stephanie's parents who were back in Greece visiting family for two weeks, that we'd be hard pressed to keep up with the day's demands, especially for the house specialty -- cream filled donuts -- unless I could clear my head and get a fresh batch started soon. Handing it over to her I watched Stephanie wrap it about her waist backwards, fasten the clasp then turn it right ways and pull it up while bending forward slightly to capture those beautiful and succulent breasts.


fetish klammer 2018-06-26

charming smile and said, "I know there won't be any problems." I couldn't wait to bed my gorgeous wife and let off the steam that was The way she said that got ME thinking about it non-stop. Then she looked down at me sympathetically and said, "You can feel penis was, remembering what she had said about no woman wanting me as a My wife nodded toward my crotch and the woman, Estrella, went wide-eyed, looked to my wife for support, to be told I didn't have to demean myself Back at home I could see that my new life wasn't going to end. went out the door, Lupe said, "Have fun clubbing with the other girls.