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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Week in the Life of a Cumeater Ch. 03

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-06-26

She says let me help you with that so I bend over the bed and she lubes the plug and slides it in till my asshole clams down shut around it. I walked over, dropped my pants and she give them a gentle squeeze she says that plug must have done its job well, they feel like a huge load is in them. She crawls onto the bed with me and whispers in my ear "I'm going to deep throat you balls deep and wiggle that plug that's up your ass with your cock buried in there. She says don't swallow, I want to get a picture of your mouth full of freshly brewed cum!

Shopping with Milk

fetish morningchica 2018-06-26

Beatrice nervously pushed her cart down the aisle stocked with bottles, formula, and there at the end on the bottom shelf, breast pumps. It was clear the assembly and their conversation at the store had been foreplay, and Rick was disappointed not to watch Bea pump milk from her breast. Rubbing the shield with the milk he helped her hold it in place while she switched the pump back on. Bea leaned back on the sofa cushions, holding a pump to each breast. Rick sat at the end of the couch, put her feet in his lap and began to give her a foot massage while the pump did its work. Leaning over he picked up one of the pumps, and unscrewed the half filled bottle of breast milk.

Panty Consequences No. 04

fetish PantiesAndPies 2018-06-26

All good naughty nurses wear sexy lingerie under their uniform, and you know how much I love you in a slip! I told him to finish the job, just a few seconds of that cock would be all I got I knew but it was so hot to see a guy so turned on by pleasing me that he couldn't control himself. Neil walked in then stopped dead as he saw his empty case and the panties on the bed. The only thing missing is a pair like my favourites!" With that I spread my legs a little, knowing that was all it took to expose my panties under the short skirt.

lesbian the kinkiest story youll read tonite

fetish bluebird101 2018-06-26

I absent minded started to rim her arse something I had done before.My little Tokyo rose had squirmed with pleasure and it had led to some face sitting where she had rubbed herself from anus to clitoris until she had ground her way to an orgasm. She could see I was getting excited so she reached across and kissed me whilst sliding her hand up my dress and inside my knickers I could feel her fingers circling my clit little shudders of pleasure coursed through my body and I felt my breathing become shallow and fast as I responded. I said squat over the towel and face your anus towards me I’ll see the ring come out and a quick wash and it’ll be on your finger in no time.

My TV Experience

fetish perter111111 2018-06-26

I can feel John sliding down my sexy satin panties now licking and sucking my cock, balls and asshole while I pay attention to Val's hot and wet pussy. Feeling John's tongue slide all over my balls and then along my ass crack and centering on my sensitive puckered asshole was causing my rock hard cock to throb. Sensing Val is near to orgasm, I use my fingers to slide into her hot and tight sexual opening, my tongue and mouth then start licking her clit relentlessly until she goes absolutely wild and thrashes around holding my head positioned around her clit.

I became my wife's Cum Drinking Anal Slut

fetish 2018-06-26

I rode her like a little slut for ages (at least 20 minutes), moaning and loving it while she played with my cock making me so desperate to cum. As soon as I had cum, she shoved my face down and told me to suck her cock like a fucking slut, to suck my cum off her strap-on. She started to get close to cumming on the vibrating cock, grinding the big dick into my ass, making me scream like a bitch. She told me to beg for her to cum in my ass and I did like a cum loving faggot begging a real man, I loved how hard she pounded me when she came, screaming and moaning and making me take cock like a bitch.

Diane's Next Damp Adventure Ch. 03

fetish Auryman 2018-06-26

A huge grin spread across her face and she turned, caught the bartender's attention, and pointed at Diane. The waitress handed me the bill, then looked at Diane. When it did, I moved in closer, took her head in my hands and pressed our mouths together hard. I took my hand away, slid it behind her back, but went back to kissing her deep, feeling her body go more and more limp. When the elevator stopped at the first floor, I stepped back and looked at Diane. She gave me a puzzled look but leaned forward slightly and did what I said. "Feel the flow, the steady trickle..." The look on her face changed.

Mary and her Lovers Ch. 04

fetish jawanaut 2018-06-26

You like to hear about it, and I guess you enjoyed watching it, but the things I read go a little far, I guess." She said gazing out the bay window that sat on the wall. I've been doing my usual slacking at work and what we talked about got me to thinking, maybe we were better suited to start swinging, instead of the whole cuckold thing." I'll just be more up front in the beginning, letting them know, love is off the table." She said as her face started to show her ambition. She giggled as she said, "we didn't really talk in detail, and he just told me he was thinking about me, that he really had fun that night with me and that he's sorry he hasn't called.

Bitter Sweet 00

fetish Beatnic_jazzman 2018-06-26

When she looked back at the screen, I took the opportunity to study her breasts and figure, flicking my eyes to her face as she turned back. As the lift arrived I nearly collided with an older couple as they got out and even though the woman had wrinkly flaps for breasts, I was pleased to see her eyes widen as she checked my cock out. I darkened the canopy of the taxi to play with her breasts, sucking and fingering her nipples as she held my cock, making her wet by the time we got to the hotel. I looked up and swilled my face and gave my hair a brush over before leaning back to let the water wash over my chest as I rinsed my balls and pubes.

A Different Relationship Ch. 04

fetish Newbottombitch 2018-06-26

I went down between their feet and in one quick motion she moved backwards a little bit and shortly before his dick plopped out I put my lips on her pussy. Linda stood up and got some lube and started generously spreading it on his hard cock. His thrusts even increased further in speed and suddenly he started groaning and I could feel his dick twitch inside of me. Linda looked at him a little bit shocked but crawled over to him and started to lick his dick clean. Linda stood up to lock the door and then crawled back into bed with me and we both fell asleep seconds later with the events of the evening still rummaging through our heads.

Naughty sissy dream!

fetish 2018-06-26

Red lips nice makeup, black bra, Red g-string, short skirt, lingerie, nice long heels and I look amazing. One day I was scrolling around the internet and found out my old pictures and someone copied them to the internet and poeple trying to find me. This people offered me to meet them in return deleting my pictures. Checked in and I shaved, put some Red lips nice makeup, black bra, Red g-string, short skirt, lingerie, nice long heels and butt plug as the pictures. It was 20.00 and dark outside and heard some knocking my chest was beating, felt butterflies in my stomach as I opened the door there is no return. He said this will be a long night as we kissed and grabbed my ass.

Filling Her Up

fetish ChristineAlreann 2018-06-26

Christina's arms unlocked from around Matt's neck only long enough to go into the air as he pulled her shirt off her. Matt gripped right below her ass, and squeezed those thighs he loved so much, while he tangled his other hand into the back of her hair and placed his fat, purple head - shiny with pre cum against her slick opening. Matt could feel her juices coat his throbbing dick and felt her pussy walls clench around him. Christina reached down to feel his large ball sack tightening and knew it was full of cum just waiting to be drained into her little cunt. Matt could feel her pussy spasm and clenched him like a vice-grip and he couldn't hold himself anymore.

The Haristocrats Ch. 1

fetish belab 2018-06-26

The Lord had married her 15 years go mainly on her cock sucking skills and the enormous quantity of jet-black bushy hair in her unshaven underarms. She raised her arms and the Lord looked at the thick armpit hair cascading down in to masses of jet-black hair as he started pumping his dick into Babette's mouth. I walk into the room and Lady Constance looks at me with Larry's big boner stuffed in her mouth. Lady Constance starts to move back down to suck me some more of my massive prick as a drop of precum oozed out of my cock. Babette has come searching for me and looks jealously as I stare at Lady Constance sucking on the huge prick on offer from Tim.

Hide N Seek Ch. 02

fetish fluidline1 2018-06-26

“Oh yes, Rena, you suck me off so good, oh god, I can’t stand it.” He pushed her mouth away, afraid that he would come. His thrust shoved her body forward and she grabbed the chair, wailing softly as she felt his hard cock inside her, now moving in and out, in and out, going deeper each time. “Please put Dan’s nice cock in Rena’s little pussy, oh please, hurry!” His hands went down over her back and then came up to cup her dangling tits. Fondling her right tit and thrusting the finger of his other hand in and out of her, she rose on her toes, squeezed his cock and came.

Practicing Cuckold Ch. 02

fetish Anal Slave 2018-06-26

Amy came back into the room and Called me her little cock loving cum whore and that I would wear that cock cage at all times. She said that since I like the taste of cum that she might have me suck a real cock sometime. Amy pulled the fake cock out of my mouth and made me say that I would love to suck the cum out of a real cock sometime. Amy then pulled the fake cock out of her asshole and told me to get her some Vaseline out of the medicine cabinet. She then took the fake cock that was in her ass and told me to lick it clean, she said that she didn’t want to fuck my asshole with a dirty rubber cock.

Strangers on a Plane

fetish ryder77 2018-06-26

"We will be here for ten days, and we are meeting some old friends this weekend when they fly in." She continued to explain how Joe would get up several hours before her and head to the casino to gamble. "Let's head upstairs to our room where it's more quiet and we can talk more" Joe said as he ordered a bottle some drinks from a passing waitress. We exchanged a few dirty texts throughout the day as we were both very horny and I promised that I would wake her up by eating her snatch when I got home around 2:00 a.m. She said ok and I told her that I wouldn't be able to talk to her until then as my flight was leaving soon.

School Days ( I didn't write this )

fetish whiteshadowz 2018-06-26

Mary offered to open her home to the boy for the long weekend smiled knowingly at Carolyn as she took note of the boy's distraction. Mary and Carolyn left the room and closed the door behind them. "You look so precious" she said as she handed the glass to the boy and "Isn't this nice?" asked Carolyn as the boy could only nod. Taking him by the hand, Carolyn again led the boy to the look yet, Hon" instructed Mary, "let's slip your lovely dress on boy/girl's embarassment, Christine couldn't wait any longer. let me see my little girl tinkle." The boy felt totally mortified; Carolyn's eyes met Mary's and the two women shared a knowing smile.

Bound For (Her) Glory

fetish writer1037 2018-06-26

I was suddenly awe struck by her beauty, but somewhat puzzled by the embarrassed look on her face as she quickly gathered up her hair, twisted it up and fastened it to her head. "I know this sounds like a cliche, but I brush it 100 strokes every night," she said, starting to run the brush through her hair. "That's better," Janine said as she reached over and began brushing it back and forth across my face. Janine began trailing kisses down my neck and chest, and her hair began covering my face like a blanket. Janine stopped suddenly, flipping her hair backwards so it hung down her back, then pushed the long front strands behind her ears and looked at me.

My Friend Pat's Grandmother (Cont'd)

fetish Croozer 2018-06-26

She put my hand onto my penis, and said, "You may play with yourself while you do this," I began to masturbate as she watched me, and soon got to the edge and stopped. "Come on, man," Pat said, "Let's do something." Margaret intervened saying, "I want him to rest for tow more hours until noon, then he's all yours." As they turned to leave, she turned to me and smiled.

The Chocoholic

fetish ffreak 2018-06-26

Larry took the remaining pudding and spread it on her breasts – making a chocolate pudding bra that covered her hard nipples thickly and then he scooped the remaining portion and felt between her legs, spreading the thick goo over and into her leaking hole. She ran her hands through the mixture covering her breasts and massaged herself, spreading the chocolate in slow circles while Larry continued to work his magical tongue through the liquid she was adding to his dessert. When he slid a finger up inside her, Iris tried to grab his head with her chocolate covered hands, managing only to massage the coatings into his hair as he probed for the elusive little spot inside of her.

From A Quiet Housewife To A Slut

fetish lustyem 2018-06-26

He introduced himself as Dr Levin and began explaining that they were conducting tests involving certain drugs that may slightly alter a womans sex drive. I must have looked a bit nervous because the young woman said don’t worry you will be fine, would you like to get changed and wait for the doctor he wont be long. The young nurse came in and began taking notes as the doctor began his examination. The doctor explained that the micro chip worked in two ways, it would release a drug slowly into my system over the next week. He went on to explain that over the next week, I may feel differences in myself and my desires, and asked that I note them down, trying not to give in to them.

The Devil's Ballerina

fetish QueenFlavia 2018-06-26

Clad in tight black rubber and corset, my whole body felt squeezed; every nerve jangled. My body was screaming out to touch hers, but I kept my hands firmly against my own body, gently stroking my legs and torso. I felt like I had been split in two; her colossal black cock stretching my arse as it plunged in and out. I wanted to panic and resist, but found myself falling into the rhythm, pushing back against each thrust, hungrily devouring the cock into my overstretched arse; the movement of the thing inside me awoke every nerve. This was all too much; my arse was beaten to a pulp, ripped apart by her thrusts, but she kept them coming, wildly screaming with her own delight and ecstasy.

Auto Parts

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-06-26

Not even the super short cut off jeans resting tight over her small hips or the tee shirt that bulges over what is obviously a pair of breasts with no bra and her nipples that are rock hard, can entice him from that sleeve. "Just cause I work at the auto parts place, they all think I'm just a dumb chick. Worked in the museum of natural history for a year." Fran pushes her sleeve up over her shoulder. She twists her head and watches, moving the small piece of arm around in his hand. It looks good, plus if I don't want to show it off, it hides well in a tee shirt sleeve."


The Tale of Twelve Feet

fetish Bethyboo 2018-06-26

It pulls free, there is a foot rubbing his head, running its long toes through his hair, he is overcome by the sheer bliss of this many nude feet, he begs, "Please Becca, please, I need you!" The feet, 120 toes all moving on his flesh, he is in agony, writhing on the floor, unable to stop jerking his cock, his balls banging on his ass, and finally, her lips on his, pulling the air from his lungs. He grabs both of her feet, one in each hand and brings them to his lips, worshipping them, licking, his tongue bathing, poking between each toe, and as she looks down at him, her voice like a switch wired directly to his cock, "Cum now, cum for me my lover."