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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Slick Chic

fetish spike60 2018-06-25

She gurgled with a smile on her face and gulped it down saying; "Mmm better than cream!- now what about that fucking?, I want this in me now!" We moved into the back seat, with her getting in first wiggling her latex encased ass in front of me as I got in and closed the door. As I pumped her from behind, the feeling of my balls and my hands slipping on the slippery surface made me spurt one more time, only this time I was prepared-I pulled out and splattered my cum all over the latex and crack of her ass, what a sight!


fetish someoneelseentirely 2018-06-25

"Tell him what you look like right now," he says, holding my head in his hands for a moment before he releases me. "It stretches my mouth when I" -- and he's stuffed himself back in again, and Pete's listening on the other end of the line as this stranger takes my head with both of his hands and is pulling me toward him, or pushing himself into me, and I'm struggling to open my throat to take more, and grunting every time he hits the back of my throat, and hoping Pete can hear. "She wants it so bad, doesn't she," he says to the phone, as he slides just the first few centimeters in and pulls out, making me moan.

Photo Ch. 03

fetish WFEATHER 2018-06-25

Inside was a lone five-by-seven photograph, with no letter of explanation stating why I was receiving these seemingly-random photos. She lay on her back in a shallow pool of water, her arms outstretched, her eyes closed, her red-painted lips parted just enough to attract the viewer's eye. She was definitely wet, as if she had been rolling around in the water shortly before the photo had been taken, causing me to focus momentarily upon her flawless exotic skin before returning my gaze to her face. Even with her arms outstretched in this manner, it was a pose reminiscent more of someone sleeping upon a large bed than laying on her back in a wading pool.

Restaurant Ramming

fetish BashfulBaiter 2018-06-25

"I usually charge a little more than that, but your food was so good, I really want to see your business succeed -- there's just not enough good Chinese restaurants around here." See you at 9." She turned around and headed back to the kitchen, with a spring in her step, affording me a wonderful view of her full, well-curved ass that made her short skirt look very tight. I felt the smooth skin of her large ass with my hand -- I was pleased to discover her wearing a little black thong. Her mouth felt so warm and soft, and her tongue delicately danced on my cock's head and shaft.

Mirror Mirror

fetish dr. Jocelyn 2018-06-25

This guy, this man, Brian Bruno; was on Ken's softball team. Ken and I became an item a few weeks later, but I always found myself feeling funny around Brian, and watching just a bit more intently when he was up to bat. We made small talk and I invited Ken to come to look at Jazmine, since her crib was right there in the living room. He tried to look around, but eventually he always came back to my it was something he couldn't help. He said nothing, but continued to trace his hand all over my leaking breasts, the other going under my robe until he found my pliant ass. "You can't" I said, but squeezing him in with my hands and gripping thighs, trying to trigger my orgasm at the same time.

The Night She Used Me Ch. 2

fetish NiteWriter 2018-06-25

I would have grabbed Heather's ass and completely buried my tongue inside her asshole. "Ohhhhhhh, Fuckkk!" "Christine...fuck me." Before I could get those words out of my mouth the dildo was pulled from ass and quickly shoved back in. Christine gobbled my cock into her mouth while giving me a few last jabs up my ass before pulling the dildo out. Heather quickly squeezed some lube all over my ass and Christine's hand. Christine was being so nasty violating my ass like this my entire being felt used. She repeated that process over and over, burying her fist deep in my ass while swallowing my hard cock. Christine started pulling easily but steadily with her arm extracting her fist from the depths of my ass.

Halloween Sucks!

fetish Namazuros 2018-06-25

"Oh, they're real alright, Elsie," Cat smiled at me, raising her hands to Lin's enormous rack and giving her tits a squeeze, tugging at her tight top. "Me tho...tho...!" It looked like Lin was trying to fight whatever was trying to slip out from between her fat, pursed lips...but whatever resistance she had mustered died as Cat leaned forward and tweaked her nipples. "She'll stay like this until she gets some nice cum in her." Leaning in close to me, Cat whispered, "Although it has to be in the right hole...every time she goes into heat, it'll be totally random if she needs her pussy filled, her butt fucked, or her plump lovepillows loaded with jizz." Winking, she turned away from me, back to Lin.

How Pantyhose Brought Us Together

fetish PantyhoseFan 2018-06-25

I could tell she also enjoyed the feeling of nylon on her skin as my hands ran down her body. When she finished with this, I helped her put her pantyhose back on, with a large wet circle around her pussy, and we fell to the bed wrapped in each other's arms, kissing. The pair Cindy was wearing did the same, but it went below the neck, so it exposed a bit more. Pulling me closer to her, she then began to slap my pussy with the dildo, before gently pushing it a bit inside. I then asked her "Would you like to stay the night?" She didn't think about it a second, as she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed.

Entree Ch. 06

fetish NastyPierre 2018-06-25

The friend complemented my Mistress on how well I endured the tail, and my cock understood that to mean he would be fucking tonight. Before we passed into the kitchen I noticed my Mistress had moved the two most comfortable chairs in the living room together facing one another, set up folding tables, and placed three cinder blocks off to one side. My Mistress didn't seem to mind and went about filling her plate with the aid of serving spoons, forks, and fingers. I turned slowly away from my Mistress and her friend and began to position myself again. My Mistress's left hand slipped under my belly and took hold of my penis near to the base.

Jenna from the club ch 2

fetish Blondegirl85 2018-06-25

> I told Mandy that I was more interested in meeting a girl that night. She grinned, ran her hand up my dress and just stopped short of my pussy. She pulled away and said "Just one girl?" She laughed and threw her head back. I looked at her as she made her way to the dance floor. I told the girls still sitting at the booth that I was going to go outside for some air. I laughed at myself as I though about it.> I was about to head back inside when I dropped my clutch bag. I'm fine, thanks," I replied. > She giggled and looked deep into my eyes.

MCU:Agent Hill's Lewd Training Class

fetish Batman_112 2018-06-25

Ramsey had his hands on her inner thighs, pushing them apart, as his lips pressed against her hot cunt, tongue lapping away without concern of the others seeing other than Agent Romanoff, who was watching from a different angle than the rest of the men. There wasn't any way for Maria to stop the other men from helping Peres out -- they all pulled her onto her hands and knees, with her head pushed to the ground so that her ass stuck up higher in the air -- so that he could easily smother her pubes with oil, before gingerly inserting the head of the bottle into her tight anal sphincter and squeezing it few times.

Cumming to Grips Ch. 03

fetish doinkit1 2018-06-25

With the kids finally in bed and sleeping, Dave thought about trying to decide how to tell Sue that he did not want to be dominated any longer. Let's start by seeing if we can get a little more pre-cum." Sue put the middle finger she used to please herself under Dave's nose. Within a minute Sue notices that the tip of Dave's penis was full of pre-cum again and it was starting to move down his head. He tried to ignore the fact that with his mouth open and tongue all the way out, Sue began tilting the container of cum. As Sue began to pour Dave's cum in his own mouth, she said "Let's just get this one down.

I Want Holly

fetish fflover58 2018-06-25

Since she was working after school hours were over, Holly hired a female sitter to watch over her son five days a week. The sitter, a 20 year old goth chick, hardly seemed like a good fit for Connor, but perhaps his mom did not have the time to look around for a better one. Getting through high school was only that much tougher in early fall/late spring when all the girls would wear cute open toed shoes and show off their feet in earnest. I began to wonder where Holly would keep all of her shoes and possibly her work socks as well. By the time December rolled in, her shoes lost most of their stench and I began to have problems getting off from them, even her socks.

What The Hell Just Happened?

fetish TheChameleon 2018-06-25

Being a very honest and open couple, (The only way a relationship like this can work and survive) we talked about where to go next, whether to bring in another woman, a couple, and possibly a gangbang to see where her desires went, then there is her wanting to see me Dom and fuck other women as she watches, served and joines in, or even to the point of having a male sub for her to experience the power that goes with being dominant herself.

The Good Kind Of Drowning

fetish Lothario the Great 2018-06-25

Everything was perfect about the moment -- Tom was perfect, the lighting was perfect, the humid air of the swimming hall was just right, and the result was that Rainie liked her body and wanted to show it to Tom. She stood in white cotton panties and bra, smooth fabric without any lacy junk. Mother fucker, Rainie thought, how she did love the way he said "wet surprises." She liked to curse, especially when she talked dirty during sex, but she did it so infrequently that she didn't think she was any good at it. Tom's leg brushed against hers under the water, and the it felt so wonderful that Rainie wanted to scream.

Ami's Blowjob

fetish bjgasm 2018-06-25

I was still fully clothed as I got up from the bed and I noticed the back of Ami's head, who was sitting on the couch in her room watching TV. "Good morning," I said. After about an hour, things started getting interesting, she rested her head on my lap. I asked if she could feel my hard cock. I felt her warm breath as she moved her mouth closer to the tip of my dick. I could feel her little mouth around my big cock. With one hand around the bottom of my dick, the other hand gripping my thigh, and her mouth around my penis head, I felt close to Heaven. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and jerked my cum out onto it.

The Farm Ch. 02

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-06-25

Jordy looked at the two women and when his eyes met Jenny's hers narrowed. Jordy admired whoever designed this system and figured it was probably one of the slaves or maybe a mistress with some engineering background. While Jenny headed inside to the coolness of the plantation, Jacqueline watched the interaction between mistress and slave with arms folded and a bit of a frown on her face. It looks like it hurts," she said starting to walk between two rows of beans. Whenever Jenny stood, Jordy knew it was his duty to move the ice chest further down the row so she would never be more than a few feet from where he worked.


Big Daddy's Throat Stuff

fetish 2018-06-25

I can't believe that today is my lucky day." I tried to look around his huge shoulders to my Daddy but Uncle Mike caught my face between his hands and kissed me. "Good job sweetie, you're a quick study." Daddy pulled my shirt off and unhooked my bra while Uncle Mike took off his clothes. Uncle Mike pulled me onto his lap and Daddy helped him spread my legs and together they slid my dripping wet hole down over Uncle Mike's massive cock. I pulled at Uncle Mike's Hand and put his finger in my mouth. Uncle Mike's hand slid between my legs from behind and rubbed my swollen and bruised lips.

Hired Help

fetish Pili 2018-06-25

Eris, so the girl was named, moved quietly into the living room, "Patrick, why not come down and meet me, hm?" She called up. So uh just watch tv or something." Eris smiles at him, tilting her head a bit, "I was going to fix you dinner. Eris unbuttons the front of the large shirt, revealing a large breasts, "Come now dear." Patrick shook his head, "I'm a big boy now!" She lifts up the reluctant male and he squirmed with all his might, "You were a big boy," she corrected. She opens the front door, rubbing her swollen stomach, "Patricia." Eris gives that odd, knowing grin before slowly closing the door, leaving the large house in silence.

Tutoring a Girl in Irish

fetish Tinyy 2018-06-25

“I think we’re ready now” they both said, “I’ll go first!” Abby said and she sat on my face, Me only seeing her gorgeous yet small delicious ass and pussy, she grabbed the dildo and shoved it in her pussy and started to use my face as a sextoy, she was fucking the dildo strapped on my face while kissing Brittany and Madison still playing and sucking on my cock, I thought I was going to cum everywhere but I surprisingly didn’t!

A Good Morning!

fetish Livelycouple 2018-06-25

I am now standing in front of her with my cock about to drip a huge drop of pre-cum which she scopes up with 2 fingers and then shoves her fingers in my mouth and tells me to suck it off her fingers like a good boy. As gabby holds the cinnamon roll just under the tip of my cock she tells me "I guess you're going to have to re-glaze it before you get to eat it." Gabby tells me "Now make sure you finish all your breakfast, like a good boy" as she leans back and starts using the bullet vibrator on herself as she watches me eat my breakfast.

Wife's Plan Maybe next time you Suck his Cock

fetish 425olds 2018-06-25

In the aftermath of our sex, my wife leaned over me, smiled and said, "So, that just happened." She looked at me with curiosity and asked, "What got into you tonight, Mister Two Times?" It had been awhile since I had gone twice in a row like that. She smiled, looked at my hard dick, took me by the hand, led me to our bedroom, stripped off my minimal amount of clothes, pushed me onto our bed, climbed on top of me and said, "I'm going to give you the fuck of your life on the one condition that you tell me one of your current fantasies of cock sucking until we both cum." And then she took my cock and placed it against her warm, wet pussy, looked me in the eye and waited.

Katies Dream

fetish berternie 2018-06-25

she obliges and as she removes your jeans you ask if she'd like to taste your cock she coos a "yes' and you suggest she do so where I can see it all and you come to the bed, and straddle my head, knees at my ears, cock right at my eyes and mouth, Nicki straddles my stomach, making sure I can still hold the toys inside me, and I see as she leans down and starts to lick your cock hungrily You laugh and then I see Nicki out of the corner of my eye as she kneels and moves so she is under me and soon her mouth is lapping at my clit and cunt, you lick and suck my ass and tell Nicki to bite my clit each and every time you feel me about to cum

Two best girlfriends discover new dig-things 1

fetish johnjay44 2018-06-25

Greta moaned softly as she worked her mouth and tongue around the head of the stallion’s cock, occasionally Tami took a suck but she remained sucking and licking at his shaft. “Oh baby you’re lucky, you’re getting your first blowjob from a hot girl.” She latched her mouth around his cock and sucked good and hard on it while jerking it occasionally. Latching her mouth back on his cock she sucked the head good and hard till she felt jets of cum start to fill her mouth, removing it she watched as the cum shot over her breast and a bit landed above her pussy and slowly slithered its way over her pussy making her moan in tingling pleasure.