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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Caught Panties in Hand

fetish stac2918 2018-06-25

I didn’t know what to do, I removed the panties from my face and cock and pushed them away from me on the floor towards the hamper along with the black thong, all the time trying to shield my actions from Jayne with my body. I was kneeling down on the floor in front of Jayne’s dirty laundry hamper with my back to Jayne, unable to turn around to answer her because my dick was hanging out of my jeans and she would see the pile of panties I was trying to hide plus my face was as red as the satin knickers.

Retraining Husband Pegging

fetish 425olds 2018-06-25

Tim could feel Samantha's fingers massaging his prostate, and he felt pressure in his cock and balls that he never felt before. When Samantha had finished milking every last drop of cum from Tim's cock and collect more of his sperm in a cup , she slowly withdrew her fingers from Tim's ass. "Now what do you say to Samantha for letting you cum Tim," said Nancy. Nancy purposely slid the strapon in his ass very slowly, inch by inch, because she wanted Tim to feel every inch of it as she took his manhood away from him for good.  "Oh yeahhhh Tim, do you feel that cock sliding in your ass?" Samantha said

To Snare a Cloud

fetish Wifetheif 2018-06-25

Brenda felt their eyes upon her as she unrolled each stocking in turn off the legs that, The Nimbus had told her in private, men would kill to fondle. One lab-coated minion sporting a goatee and a clipboard stated to, "Jones", the man in charge, "Nothing in the shoes or purse, boss." Despite having been something of a party girl before joining The Nimbus's team, Brenda had never been completely naked in front of any man other than Lamar Hazard. It had been several years, Lamar still did not seem interested in gracing the third finger of her left hand with a ring, but Brenda knew that The Nimbus was the only man for her.

Becoming Jack's Milk Cow Pt. 08

fetish Suzanne James 2018-06-25

The long blue silk gown I wore showed off my very heavy tits and my plump belly and ass, just the way Jack had molded my body through regular feeding and milking. "Right your little heifer needs some attention before she starts to leak." I pressed my full, aching tits against Jack's chest, loving the feeling of my long, hard nipples rubbing against the rough fabric of his shirt. I smiled at Mr. Douglas, and as we talked he couldn't resist patting me on the back and letting his hand slide--more than just a bit--towards my round, full ass. Having done research,I knew that I could become pregnant while still milking, but I was also looking forward to watching my breasts grow during the pregnancy.

Face Sitting

fetish yourbigbubba 2018-06-25

I was on my knees on the floor before her looking up at the stockings leading to the garter belt which framed her pussy like a work of art hanging in museum needing to be admired. My hands slowly began to climb up her legs over her smooth shapely calves rubbing upwards, they slid around to the outside of her thighs so I could take in the feel of her stockings and the clasp of her black suspenders and then very slowly up the inside of her thighs.  She grabbed my head and pulled my face against her pussy, rubbing my lips against her clitoris while I struggled to breathe and lick her at the same time. 

Internet Meeting Ch. 04

fetish Stillherer 2018-06-25

With the weight of his body still pinning me to the toilet sink I could only whimpered helplessly through the gag as Charles forced the dildo plug past the O-ring and into my mouth. Charles used his free hand to trace my cum sticky inner thighs and clit with his hard stiff cock. Charles had left me restrained, masked, gagged, dressed in a Palace Alice costume with ruffled panties pulled down about my knees as his cum dribbled from my gaping sissy twat. I gagged on the dildo plug in my mouth when he reached between my cum slick thighs to grasp my sissy clit and meanly squeeze.

Seducing My Daughter in Law

fetish Tommie_tomm2 2018-06-25

I pulled even harder on my cock, stroking my hard shaft up and down, while I inserted my daughter in law’s vibrating penis into my mouth, running my tongue up and down its length, trying to taste her love juices. My massaging hands continued to slide up and down her back, caressing her shoulders, rubbing the tension out of her neck, touching her ears, swirling back down her back to her waistband of her tight, sexy shorts. I closed my eyes as the intense feelings of my daughter in law’s wet tongue and warm mouth engulfed my cock, moving slowly up and then down the length of it.

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 02

fetish Thorilla 2018-06-25

"Of course it is Nora, it's wearing trousers so it must be a boy," said Agatha who was dressed in similar attire except in yellow. "On the bed with you Mr. Little Boy-Dolly," said Nora who appeared to be rubbing herself between her legs. "Ugh it's got a 'thing'," said Agatha looking aghast and shaking her ringlets and yellow ribbons at me and at my penis. "Well they all have 'things'," said Nora, "That's what boy-dollies keep inside their trousers." I stared up into their faces. My head lay between the legs of a twenty five year old mad woman who was sitting on my face wearing a knee length 'Alice in Wonderland ' dress and five petticoats.

A Gangbang for Callie

fetish thisgirlistrouble 2018-06-25

Chris began the assault by slapping his dick repeatedly into Callie's face. As Craig stuffed his dick into her waiting mouth, Cal tied a collar around Callie's neck and attached a leash. Unable to wait his turn, Tom stood with Craig and offered Callie his cock at the same time. Nobody noticed when Keith arrived home until he stepped up onto the couch on the other side of Callie, grabbed a fistful of her hair and forced his dick into her mouth. Cal didn't want her to smile so he pulled hard on the leash, causing her eyes to water again and making her scream. Cal, Chris and Craig began to take turns ramming themselves deep into Callie's ass, as her pussy remained full with Keith's cock.

A Country Blackmailing

fetish Bustertaker 2018-06-25

David enjoying his work, though never has a beer out of his hand, Harold visited me a couple of times but mostly kept to himself. I started slow and unsure, Harold had a thin bamboo cane, whack-whack he spanked my bare ass, I let out a scream, it stung like nothing else...OkOk I was dancing this Jig the best I new how. Don't worry missy, I have an old aborigine mixture here that is sure to sodomise you, as it has for the last four wives that have been in your position..Oh my god I thought, Harold has this down pat, I was putty in his hands all along.

Final Round

fetish Ha275 2018-06-25

Paul's punches and kicks still had enough in them so Nina insisted he takes part in the upcoming Tekken preliminaries. Christie, who was standing close by, told Paul to give it up and walk away as Nina might beat him and forcefully take him to Tekken. If Christie won, Nina will leave immediately and if the latter won, Christie and Paul both enter the latest edition of Tekken direct into the main draw. Nina was sent crashing on the floor as Christie tried a reverse leg drop which Nina evaded and came back with a punt to Christie's head. Nina slowly rubbed Christie's face in her pussy as the latter eventually came to and pushed Nina away.

Taken by Surprise

fetish Sabrina Leigh 2018-06-25

"Okay, Bernie—" Jake licked dry lips and stood with his hands thrust into the front pockets of his jeans, where a generous bulge caught Bernie's eye. Smitty squinted, taking in every detail: Jake, legs spread, mesmerized by the slow-motion dip and rise of the brunette's head in his lap, gripping the chair arms to keep from spinning off into space; the luscious brunette's shapely naked back, tapering to her slender waist, then flaring out to rounded hips. In a flurry of motion, Jake stood up, banging his shin on the coffee table, limping slightly as he zipped his pants, and flew out the door just as she re-entered the living room with a puzzled look on her face and two fresh drinks in her hands.

My Life was Changed

fetish Ingrid11B 2018-06-25

Judy looked the wounds over pretty closely and checked the catheter by placing her fingers around Robert's shaft and pulling slightly to be sure it was properly installed and there were no leaks. Judy continued, "The previous head nurse inserted the catheter about an hour ago, Taffy, and as you can see from the collection device, his bladder is draining urine just fine, but we'll need to remove it when they take him for an MRI. Two weeks passed with continued treatment at the hospital until Taffy came into the room a short time after Judy and my doctor discussed his treatments and the need for additional care at the rehab center next door.

The Harem Slave Ch. 19

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-06-25

The bitch actually likes it!" He reached up and crudely smeared Sophie's juices across her lips. "Now I like to see a bitch squirt some piss," he said, "but I'd rather see her squirt some pussy juice. There was a brief whining noise, and suddenly Sophie felt something nudge at her dripping pussy. Sophie's pussy stretched wider this time, easily accommodating two inches of big, fake dick. It pulled back further too, coming completely out of Sophie's pussy before pounding back in. Would you like to sniff my ass, you little bitch?" Sophie pushed harder and harder, fucking his ass with her tongue. When the last few drops spurted from his dick, he pulled away, and Sophie's tongue popped out of his ass.

Carson's Kinky Side

fetish Madabouthair 2018-06-25

"People think I'm weird anyway," was Carson Goodman's response to the question posed by the woman who was making them dinner, Ann Knox, who had wondered aloud what people would think if they saw a 19 year old boy going to an old lady's apartment on a Friday night. Carson didn't care about the robe but liked the way that it only came halfway down Ann's calves, exposing incredibly skinny legs that were coated with a profuse amount of hair, especially on the insides of the limbs right down to her ankles. Carson nodded and went to the other foot, massaging the feet but looking at the black hair that stopped at Ann's ankles, wondering if he started rubbing upwards a bit and he was able to just brush against...


fetish ron9 2018-06-25

I said it looks very long, and must be beautiful when brushed out I said I must confess I love long hair and find yours so beautiful, I said I love long hair and find your hair so beautiful, and it must She looked me in the eyes and said now I want to hear about your love I said I have been attracted to long hair since a young age and find She said yes it is very long,my mother took great pride in my hair hair, and lovely dark eyes, a smiling mouth and strong looking arms. her hair and her great braid was slowly un wrapped and fell to the

Tied Up With College Work

fetish ShadeofBlue4You 2018-06-25

"Anyways, the alarms went off, but the fire department hasn't arrived yet because of some problem with the truck, so it looks like you're gonna be lock out of your dorm for awhile, Dave." I mean, I think you're cute, for what its worth, and you don't look like your freaking out to me..." she stepped closer and put her hand on my shoulder and I flinched. This time she put her hand over my mouth and simply said, "getting you to loosen up a little about girls." "How do you feel, cutie?" She grabbed my cock again and started to stroke it lightly, making me twist a little against the ribbon I was tied with.

Girls night out Part 1

fetish miss_milf 2018-06-25

Noticing the time I jump in the shower, I have wasted enough time Ally will be here any minute. Her tight midriff contouring down to a black skirt, I swear if a slight breeze hit her you would see her panties(if she is wearing any at all). Ally told me to try another one, I protested. With out a word Ally grabs me by the waste and tosses me to the bed. As she pulls her panties to the side her cock falls out and strikes my face. Before I can say anything her throbbing member thrusts into my mouth. Before long Ally grabs my hair and thrusts all the way in. Ally's cock pops out of my mouth.

punished by parent in laws chapter 5 part 1

fetish lippy100 2018-06-25

My Parents in Law thought it would be good therapy for me if I put pen to paper and recount some more of the humiliation and punishment I have received at their hands. I did not want to ask my boss for time off for a long lunch, but I also feared the consequences of letting down my Parents in Law. I did not know why Jane had phoned me out of the blue to request I be present for lunch, but I rationalised it must be important. For what seemed an eternity Ben and Jane just stared back at me, smiling, and obviously not in a hurry to elaborate on why my boss was standing in the dining room of my Parents in Law.

My wife catches my b*****r steeling her panties.

fetish 2018-06-25

He got me off in less them 2 min then I let him jack off all over the front of my already cum stained panties while I told him how I got my panties back , he shot all over the place soaking my panties again, about two hrs later we left and as we were getting in the car walt walked over and handed me a white bag said thank you and walked away , we pulled out and onto the highway and Hubby assked so whats in the bag, I pulled out my pink panties and they were soaked with his cum , found out later he dumped 2 loads into them, I told him it was part of getting back my panties and you told me to do whatever it took to get them back , then lifted the panties to my face and started to lick the cum from them , hubby had one hell of a time driving , by the tine we got home I had been sucking on them for over a hr.Hubby fuckrd me in my blue panties as soon as we walked in the door .

Second night with mom and aunt Paula

fetish trindriver121 2018-06-25

As the woman on the screen orgasmed, with a young girl licking between her legs I felt my cock pump my own cum into the satin panties. I felt mom behind me, her hand gripping my ass cheeks through the mesh material of my pink panties, she began gently kissing the back of my neck, her kisses moving down my back and ending on the back of the panties. It was like the belts both me and mom had on, to hold our nylon stockings up, but Paula’s one had a leather triangle at the front, which allowed her to attach a plastic cock. As the plastic cock fell from mom’s pussy, the freedom of room on my cock, I felt my orgasm spasm, as mom began to shout.

Blood Is Thicker

fetish Mr James 2018-06-25

She whimpered quietly when Tim took her arm in his hands and began to slowly knead the firm muscles and stroke the silky smooth skin from her shoulder, right down to the tips of her fingers. Amanda sighed as she relaxed further into the water and Tim slid his hands beneath the surface and began to stroke her belly with the tips of his fingers. She felt the warm caress of his hands, as he spread his fingers on either side of her spine and began to stroke her soft skin, sliding his palms from her shoulders to the curve of her buttocks.


fetish B_Couric 2018-06-25

I first brought it up when we first met, so it's not like this is a surprise to her," now Jack felt stupid, trying to say it in such a way that it sounded dignified and maybe even put some of the blame on Brenda, his shaky delivery not helping. He says that if I got drunk and did something stupid, like be with another guy, he told me he wouldn't get mad." She looked at Marlene who just nodded. When I ask him what he's doing, he tells me it looked like I was having a good time, he didn't want to interrupt. It occurred to Jack that if Marlene was an older dyke she probably got a pretty good view up Brenda's skirt, and he chuckled at his own thought.

Helping Helen Ch. 03

fetish bluelamp 2018-06-25

I continued sucking her foot in my mouth as Helen fucked her pussy with her high heel. When her orgasm subsided she removed the shoe from her pussy, slipped her sexy foot back into it and pushed the heel into my face. I fucked her tits as fast as I could and I could feel my cum boiling, I began to grunt and Helen took my dick from between her breasts and began furiously jacking me off. I didn't bother with a reply I just crawled over to Helen yanked her fingers from her ass, causing her to yelp and lined my cock up with her ass and began to press it into her puckered rosebud.