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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My English Teacher

fetish cummynylons 2018-06-24

As she was walking her split skirt opened and closed and I could take in all the magnificence of her nylon clad legs. She uncrossed her legs allowing the split in her skirt to open and I could see the gusset of the tights and she was wearing no panties. She took my cock which was so hard and big in her hand and started to stroke it through the nylon. I came hard and long, my cum shooting out and covering her legs with my sticky goo. She started to rub my cum into her legs and said "You'd better clean yourself up" She threw me a pack of tissues from her bag.

Cruising High in the Pit

fetish revol 2018-06-24

Ted took many a hard and long sniff of her left armpit by rubbing his nose there, and lustily licked her juicy underarm flesh with slow and long strokes of his tongue. Ted licked and kissed her plump wide shoulders, back and waist for a long time, then kissed her long sharp nose with his saliva, sucked her nose in his mouth, bit her sweaty armpits, while tasting and kissing them. Ted saw Jane and Kate frantically sniffing, licking, tasting and sucking each other's juicy armpits, crushing each other in a wrestling type embrace. After lingering in Kate's armpits for long, he cozily entered her from behind and had a violent quickie, while passionately kissing and biting her juicy underarm flesh, and squeezing her huge boobs from behind.

Three Weeks in Texas

fetish deborahsue 2018-06-24

I had never thought of myself as a 'size queen' in any formal way, but in my high school years, dating other men from time to time, as well as my ex-husband, I had come to expect certain things in a man, not really realizing that there were such great differences in a male's anatomy, even though having gone through nursing school. But the way Mark had started talking about his small dick immediately concerned me, because if the questions moved to the sizes of my previous lovers then I would have to tell Mark that he is smaller than all the others and I did not want to hurt him.

Vanessa Makes Demands

fetish jacketjack 2018-06-24

"Oh, look at the time," she said as she stood up, "I really have to go!" As she stood and reached for her panties, Vanessa pushed her ass right at Jack, just barely touching her freshly-shaved pussy on his nose for the shortest microsecond. Vanessa moaned louder as she cried out, "yes, yes, yes baby, I love your cock inside me, fuck me harder baby, come on!" She looked up at Jack and seemed to give a little nod. Vanessa's breath got quicker, her moans tighter, and finally she said, "don't stop baby, don't stop, don't stop, right there, I'm right on the edge, don't stop, don't stop don't stop," and finally she let out an enormous moan as Jack felt her pussy pulsing against his mouth and tongue.

Stage 02

fetish Capt. Stable 2018-06-24

She knew what was coming, and did not struggle as the heat of the wax splashed down onto her thighs; she in fact welcomed the sensations, she trusted him completely, and loved the feeling of being completely dominated like this, especially the thought of the fun they'd have peeling it off afterwards, each line followed by his kisses, his tongue...she spread her legs to let the wax continue further up her thighs...she too could play this game...fully aware of what she intended, he allowed the candle wax to trail further up her thighs, stopping just before her pussy, he would certainly give her a series of orgasms with his tongue, as soon as he'd finished with his little 'fuck-toy'.

Katie's Bathroom Experience Ch. 02

fetish Dan Andersom 2018-06-24

Handing them back Katie said now that's a little more like it. Katie got over Pat and said "you worthless piece of shit whore I don't know what fucking good you are". I could see Pat's nipple and breast turn brown as Katie shit on her. Katie stood up and asks Pat "now you bitch how does it feel having a real woman shit on you" Pat said "I love having a real woman shit on me. After a few minutes Pat screamed "finger my cunt harder bitch" Pat's body as shook as her orgasm started. Katie turned her head and started licking Pats breasts. It seems that Bob particularly liked to lick her ass clean after she had shit.

An Exchange from Red to White

fetish Lactolobster 2018-06-24

"Your eyes...are so dark and so wide...I c-can't look away from them." Her chest rose and fell, I imagined her breasts exquisite. I reared my lion head back, with fangs fully drawn, ready to feed as I had a thousand times before, when I noticed in my periphery that Anna had a small glass vial in her hand. My hand reached for Anna's free breast, which made her cry out "Yes!" as I clamped her aching nipple between the base of my fingers, pulling rhythmically to the beat of my nursing. I brought the milk-laced fingers to her mouth, and she moaned with acceptance, her hand drawing my head closer to her breast.

Cigar Load

fetish 2018-06-24

I had only told my girlfriend I was stopping because of the way she used to go on about it all the time, in fact I had tried everything to get her to smoke but she was adamant that would never happen, therefore once again I was starting to look longingly at a fellow smoker for sexual gratification and I had more than a hunch that Tony was of the same mind by the way he touched my leg after he had told a really funny joke. Tony produced two even bigger cigars which he told me he smoked only when fucking and that was music to my ears as we both fired up and filled the room with a wonderful thick heavy blue haze that smelt like heaven.

Saints Row Gangsta- Tomisha Jackson part 2

fetish lilguy41 2018-06-24

Her face turn blush red as pure joy went over her face as Tomisha brought her to the edge, touching her G-spot in a way that only a woman could know. “Damm girl if you keep cumming on my bed I got to get new sheets” Tomisha smirked “Your taking all this shit. “ seen the news” Tomisha said in the phone “Want to know about these people. Tomisha walked to her wardrobe and pulled out a purple leather Jacket that said “Saints” on the back of it. Does it now before I get all Ike Turner on your ass and make you sing Proud Mary” Tomisha said taking off her clothes. “Shiiiit yea…damm making my pussy wet” Tomisha Said

More Than Personal

fetish TheJohnsonator05 2018-06-24

"I had asked you, if you were looking for a new personal assistant," said Nicole, pressing her arms against her breasts, "I'm sure that I meet your qualifications." "Uh, Yes," said John, as his personal assistant walked towards his desk, her large breasts bouncing and jiggling in a black shoulder less dress with a low neckline, "Umm I'll have to call you back." "Now this one is from a meeting last month," said Nicole leaning forward and pointing to the first paper, her right breast lightly pressing into her boss's shoulder. "Yes Mr. Jacobson," said Nicole, flashing her smile as she slipped the key between her big boobs before walking out of the office.


Getting Kinky

fetish Carpe Diem 2000 2018-06-24

Before opening the microwave to remove the tea he reached down and pulled the knickers to one side, freeing his semi-erect cock, his balls still cupped in the cotton gusset between his thighs. She had told him how she loved spunk and being wanked over, she asked him to send her some pictures with spunk flowing from his cock, which he did, his cock rock hard, the cum dripping down his shaft and into the gusset of his knickers, stretched between his legs. He positioned the camera in front of the chair, pushed his knickers down around his thighs and then raising his legs he draped them over the arms of the chair and then, gripping the knickers he stretched the crotch back over and behind his cock for a series of shots of the embedded dildo and his throbbing, dripping cock with the frenum ring and pendant.

Jess the Giantess Pt. 02

fetish Afetishlova 2018-06-24

"It's alright Jess...We know you can't help it." her father said gagging as he accidentally chocked down some of his beautiful daughter's bitter tasting pee. "Oh thank goodness" her mother was filled with relief but suppressed the urge to huge her husband, "It's alright Jess." she called then turned back to him. The monster fart that signaled the completion of Jess's morning dump blew a few large drops of shit into her mother's face. Her father swirled the damp towel around Jess's glistening clit as her mother pushed deeper inside her daughter. As Jess started to pant her mother began to push in and out faster and faster into her precious daughter's sopping wet cunt.

Mind Swapping Fun Ch. 01

fetish Lawyerlyzach 2018-06-24

Anna told Zach that she wished she had a way to lose her virginity painlessly, and then she would gladly fuck him every chance that she got. Zach then sucked Anna's cock into his mouth and Anna's head and body arched back as she moaned. Zach responded by taking Anna's cock in his hand and moving it to the entrance of his pussy, and kissing Anna deeply. "Suck our juices off of me baby." She said, as she ran a hand through Zach's long red hair. Anna back in her own body got on all fours and sucked Zach's cock in front of the mirror so he could see her ass and pussy.

Samantha's Education

fetish dicko9point5 2018-06-24

Mom continued, "Steve's penis is perfectly proportioned, straight as an arrow with a magnificent head that's not too big or too small or too bulbous and doesn't look like Darth Vader's helmet!" With a soft penis filling your mouth and throat, you now suck on it very gently, it will get thicker and longer but keep your head in place. She told me how every night she drinks too much wine, takes a shower, comes out into the family room and Steve is there on the couch, watching TV or asleep (sometimes buzzed out from a few extra beers) and she will lay her head in his lap, and without even thinking, pull his penis out from his robe, and suck it into her mouth.

Cleaning Her Feet

fetish AHurtingUnit 2018-06-24

You literally walked up my body, one foot coming dangerously close to squishing my balls to the floor as you make your way to your throne. You tied it so my nuts were separated and the rope went around the base of my cock, and you held the string in your hand. So take that tongue of yours and clean them, slowly." I start lapping like a puppy dog and you jerk the rope in your hand sharply. After my tongue has snaked its way up and down your foot, cleaning it to your liking, you let go a deep sigh. Suddenly your silken hand grabs my cock and start jerking it furiously.

Here Cums Santy Claus

fetish TomDallas 2018-06-24

"Have you been a good little girl, Merry??' I managed to mumble in a strangulated voice as her taut asscheeks squirmed and ground my rigidified pecker downward into my crotch - it was like trying to talk while your doctor checks for hernias by shoving his finger up your scrotum and telling you to cough! With that little red Santa hat on, she looked like a cross between Mae West and a 22-year-old Mrs. Claus eagerly waiting for her old man to return from his Christmas rounds and cum down HER chimney. With my tickler-ensheathed hog already pumping her pulsating passageway and Santa's fat red-capped head boldly going where no Merry Old Elf had gone before, I began to eagerly palm and heft the stolid masses of her twin torpedoes!


High School Bully Steals my Wife

fetish Sraifer 2018-06-24

Anyways, we started trying to meet some decent people at the party when suddenly I got pulled by Eric "Come on loser game time. The guy thinks and says "All right, I dare you to kiss him!" He says pointing to Eric who was Grinning and slowly stood up. If you can't even trust your wife to kiss a guy once on a dare, you must not trust her very much." He says and Sarah looked over at me shyly biting her lower lip. "All right, real quick though we don't want to stall the game...." I mumbled and Sarah slowly stood up and moved toward him. You don't need your fuckin' wife to hold your hand to the store." Sarah spoke a little breathlessly as well.

Mature Prudish Woman Blackmailed Ch. 02

fetish fannyrat 2018-06-24

I don't know how quickly other women can orgasm in quick succession, but as Jacks huge cock plundered my pussy and I felt the exquisite pain as he grabbed my ass cheeks in his hands and squeezed them violently, I had another body wracking orgasm, screaming and wailing as my body and my vagina reached new heights. I gazed down at my wife's beautiful ass, all red and purple with bruises and dozens of lines across her cheeks where the cane had hit her and I watched her screaming and panting in ecstasy, having the first double orgasm that I had ever given her.

Ms. Marca Ch. 31

fetish Ms. Marca 2018-06-24

She longed to look more closely and she had on more that one occasion fantasized about feeling his warm cum squirting on her, on her breasts and face. I want to feel it on me, dripping and sliding down my flesh." Just as Ed erupted, Marca's orgasm began and she felt the strong contractions against the fingers that were inside her. Marca briefly looked in Ed's eyes before her mouth engulfed the head of his cock. She buried her head against his thighs and balls and whispered, Oh Ed, please cum for me, I want it all Ed, please." No sooner did she slide his sweet cock to her breast than she felt him swell and heard his breath become jagged.

Her Special Wedding Night

fetish rick_oh 2018-06-24

He felt himself cross the point of no return, and exclaimed, "Oh my God!" and again spurted and spurted inside the sexy bride. Jerry had been completely undressed as he observed his bride's intense fucking. Jerry then had her straddle his mouth and he enthusiastically cleaned her pussy while she had several more orgasms. "Oh my God, Mary!" he hoarsely whispered as he spurted and spurted inside her. Mary again straddled his mouth and he eagerly cleaned her pussy of his own sperm, giving her two orgasms. Her excited eyes, her sweet lips, and the incredible feeling of her tight pussy overpowered what little self control he had. Oh God!" Jerry again spurted recklessly inside her.

Sore Boss, Sore Bottom Ch. 01

fetish trevorm 2018-06-24

I knew I'd less than an hour's work for my five page feature to be finished well on time. Her boyfriend, David Kline, our new sub-editor of two months, fancied me something rotten and she knew it. In fact whenever she looked at me, I felt she was liking me a bit too much, if you know what I mean. Somehow that scheming bitch had got him all tucked up nice and cosy in her bed, and I don't just mean work-wise. There were things to take care of, experience and enjoy - like having David's lovely cock inside me.

My Husband, My Slave

fetish SubbyHubby27 2018-06-24

After curling my hair, packing some bags and putting on my lip gloss, we fed the dogs and jumped in my husband's truck with GPS coordinates in hand, ready to meet Amber and Trey at whatever club they had decided on. After whispering something to Ricky, Amber grabbed me by my hand, pulling me towards the back of the room in the direction of the bathroom, leaving my husband behind on the dance floor. For the first time I felt like Amber was sexually interested in my husband, and the crazy thing is, it was turning me on. "Hurry up now, you want to shave off all his pubes, leg hair, and make extra sure to leave his asshole very smooth like a baby butt." She just laughed.

My Day as a Hooker

fetish pillow 2018-06-24

My legs really hurt by that time so I took off the shoes and held them in my hand. Two mid-age police officers came in and when they saw me looking around said they're sorry, but the other rooms are occupied so the had to interrogate me in this old storage room. I got scared at that moment and tried to resist as they took my cuffled hands and lead me to the covered wall. They took off my fake tits and hit me several time on the chest. It wasn't easy at all to lick that all while my hands were cuffed and the police baton still in my man vagina.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 07

fetish Many Feathers 2018-06-24

And then I said...anytime, and then I gave him a little kiss on the cheek, said I'd do her in a New York minute, and told him to make sure he complimented her on her dress, and perhaps after dinner, and after we'd all left, that he might make a point out of showing her just how horny she'd made him looking the way she did." "Come on, this way," Bella said starting to circle off to the left, which would put our approach up behind them, and with Doreen sitting the way she was, they wouldn't see us until we were right up on top of them.