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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Cuckold Heaven Ch. 01

fetish CallMePeePee 2018-06-24

On our wedding night I didn't even get that far: she wanted to see what a penis felt like and, when took me between her fingers and thumb, I came just from her touch. I was my usual fumbling self, thrashing about as I struggled to keep my little stick from falling out, but in my mind I saw the lips of her cunt pistoned back and forth by a full-sized man cock. As I watched my slim dick vanish between her full lips, and felt the wet warmth of her mouth, I suddenly saw another man's penis, ridged with veins and engorged with blood, thrust against her eager tongue. She took my face in her hands and brought her lips to mine, then pushed warm goo into my mouth, swirling her tongue as she did so.

A lovely red haired wife invites me around to hers

fetish DirkDastardly 2018-06-24

Off she went, so I took the gamble and removed all my clothes and gave my rock hard cock a couple of tugs. I started to shaft her in and out and reached around to flick her clit - she came with my rock hard cock inside her. She starts to shove fingers Inside her pussy and then the door opens...fuck! His first spurt shoots straight down her throat; my cock can take no more of this and also starts spurting deep inside her arse! My cock is twitching away and has finally stopped spurting and I notice, in all the noise that her pussy has gushed, soaking the bedsheets.

Accounts of an Egg Layer

fetish Rett 2018-06-24

Danny was showing us some of the chicken eggs, probably demonstrating the difference in cost for their size or something like that, I wasn't paying much attention. Hastily, I pulled down my leggings and panties, put my hands under my crotch and began pushing with my insides. I felt my underwear fill up with juice, then stretch away as the egg pushed its way out. On the way out of the classroom, once the lesson had ended, I tried my hardest to pull my skirt as low as possible to hide the wet patch. Then like an explosion waiting to happen, I let out an uncontrollable groan as my liquids streamed out of my crotch.

Three Days with a UTI

fetish songwriter503 2018-06-24

Without removing my cock from your mouth, you said, "mm-mm." No. And sure enough, you pulled your fingers away just before orgasm, enduring the agony of this process again, your body curling, your mouth still for a moment, until you collected yourself and began eating me with great attention to detail once again. Every night, every morning, you ate me, you touched your clit, you whimpered, you brought yourself to the edge of a huge orgasm, only to deny it, again and again, each time seeming to cause more agony than the last. If I had it in me, I probably would have come more often in your eager little mouth, as well, but I only have so much sperm, so the rest of the time you just had to suffice yourself with eating me some more, until I wanted you to stop.

Dominated and Humiliated

fetish Slaveformistress 2018-06-24

She held him there for a few seconds, staring dominantly at the crumpled, whimpering man in front of her, before spitting into his upturned face; throwing him to the cold, hard floor; and turning and striding jubilantly out of the shop without a backward glance Enraptured by a mixture of pain, fear and arousal he submitted unthinkingly and soon the front of his trousers darkened as his erection released the piss that his mistress had demanded. As the attendant disappeared to find a pair, she lowered her shoe, trapping her slave's head beneath the sharp heel. Once the attendant had returned with the boots she released her bitch from under her shoe and stared into his eyes dominantly.

What You Need

fetish notched 2018-06-24

It appeared the door lead into a hallway, which immediately turned to the right, probably leading to the small window I noticed earlier. My eyes travelled up his body until it reached his scarred face, my mouth widening into what I hoped was a genuine looking smile. He then handed the card to me and said, "Everything seems to be in order, sir." He stepped aside, allowing me to pass. The marble flooring continued into this room and expensive looking tapestries hung from the walls. She placed her drink on a hardwood and wrought iron night table and walked across the room to the desk, running her hand across my chin as she passed.

The Family Doll Ch. 01

fetish maxxxwilde 2018-06-24

I'm even allowed to sleep on the job if I feel like it, as long as no one is engaging me at the moment. In minutes I feel the first trembles that anticipate Ms K's orgasm and am soon rewarded with her quiet gasps of pleasure and contractions against my lips. My pussy clenches as rough hands grip my hips and a long hard cock is shoved unceremoniously into my waiting hole. You want your face between my legs?" she twists again, harder, and I feel tears start to form. My contracting vagina pushes Gerard's come out of my body and I feel it running down my inner thigh as I try to catch my breath.

Mother in Law's Strap-on Love

fetish 2018-06-24

She walked up to me and putting her arms around my neck she kissed me deeply, her tongue working its way into my mouth, it was a weird sensation, feeling my 1/2 naked mother in law against my body, she worked her tongue into my mouth and I felt her right hand work its way down to my cock where she slowly started to stroke it, I reached up and rolled one of her nipples thru the bra between my fingers, I felt her shudder as I gently squeezed and played with the bud.

Under Lock And Key Ch. 03

fetish mmurrells 2018-06-24

Before inviting Evey to join our little secret, Gabby had looked at a few stories and read mainly just one chastity website. Thursday nights she usually had a workout class -- these days became a challenge for me, as in the second week she began coming over immediately after she was done, covered in sweat from head to toe. At one point Gabby discovered she could actually make me orgasm just by whispering dirty things in my ear, a trick she proudly displayed to Evey. Gabby let Evey have as much control over me as she wanted, but she saved that one bit of fun for herself only. "Lie your ass down, and you better keep your eyes fucking shut." said Evey.

Bad Landlord

fetish MistressMayaDivine 2018-06-24

I'm tired, I just want to take a bath and get into bed, Good Night Talon.' He steps away from the stairs to let me pass. I hate to eat and run, but I do not want to be late.' I take a bite of the toast and a sip of the coffee and pop the pills, I quickly run out of the house with Talon right behind me. If you want to talk about last night, just let me know, we can go and grab a drink, and you can vent.' She smiles at me and walks out of the lounge. I guess those cries that I heard from your room late at night with Eaton were not all about pleasure?' He looks at me with a questioning stare.

A White husband’s plan

fetish 2018-06-24

I smiled at him, and said, “Tell you what Barry, why don’t you watch this video, and call me later and tell me what you think?” I left him with the video camera, and then I went back to my office to let him have a little privacy so that he could watch the way that I fucked his wife and gave her so many orgasms that she finally passed out. When I got there, I could see that his face was very flushed and he seemed very nervous and from the wrinkled look of the front of his trousers, I was pretty sure that he had wacked his little dick off while he watched me pounding his wife’s married white pussy with my big black cock and filling it with my cum.

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 09

fetish NancyPan 2018-06-24

Ms. Jensen was there and dismissed Nurse Pyre after thanking her for being a nanny to "baby Tommy." Before she left Nurse Pyre gave me a peck on the cheek while she grabbed my balls and gave them a little squeeze, "I hope you learned your lesson, Tom. You must control yourself." Soon you'll be quite familiar with all of these training stations as you'll be spending plenty of time here over the next couple days." She stopped in front of the first cubicle, then continued, "This is a cunninglus training station, Tom, She lifted a rubber replica of a woman's lower torso and legs and spread the legs to show that the device had a very realistic-looking pussy.

Catfight for a Cock

fetish misslegs538 2018-06-24

Around the time Michelle and I had talked about her catfight experience I was seeing a Japanese girl at uni named Fujiko. Even better, Fujiko has the body to match; a stunning set of 34DD breasts and a cracking pair of legs (not as long and toned as Michelle's but still pretty fine). This is where the evening got interesting; I found out that much like Michelle, Fujiko was the type of girl to get into catfights with other women. Fujiko and Michelle stumbled around the living room, their bodies pressed right into each other, their nylon clad legs coiling around each other like red and black serpents fighting to kill.

Samantha N379 Ch. 01

fetish abroadsword 2018-06-24

"Well think it over, I'll leave you in Miss Bryant's capable hands," John suggested, "Let me know what you decide, I'd better be going." and drained his coffee and said "Goodbye." Samantha looked at Miss Bryant, "It's Kate," she insisted, "I'm sort of C or D, depending, but I think we need to do something very different to that," she pointed at the bra with rubber bulbs on the end. "And so I suppose we had better get you settled in," Kate added as she handed Samantha a Lab technicians coat to hide the almost obscene sight of Samantha's huge breasts filling a large white bra with a big orange rubber bulbs on each nipple.

Chastity is Punished

fetish AlinaX 2018-06-24

I had lost count of the number of times I had made myself come while replaying in my mind the moment when the old woman discovered me peeing outside her house, naked apart from stripper heels and a chastity belt. At the last moment, as I wavered uncertainly in the open doorway, I returned the belt key to its place on the mantelpiece, and set off for work with only the shield key, dangling like a charm from a slender silver chain about my neck, only just hidden from view by my silk shirt.

The Perils of Greggie-Poo Ch. 03

fetish scatwoman 2018-06-24

Looking at his cock I could see a long string of cum dangling from the tip and catching it on my tongue in one motion I made a smooth lapping motion from his balls to the tip and slid the still bloated black head into the back of my throat and sucked as hard as I could 10 times, sucking the remnants of his ejaculate into my throat as my tongue lapped the base urging it all out, sucking my wife's shit off his cock. I like to keep count how many mouthfuls I drink, my wife likes me to keep a diary of every single shit I eat, every mouthful of piss I drink, every cock I suck, every time I get fucked up the ass.

A Mother's Love

fetish lofwyrkp 2018-06-24

She was almost looking forward to the device, and found enough nerve to ask Dr Steph was they were actually called, she couldn't help herself colouring just a little at the question, but she thought that now she was going to uni, she ought to splash out on something like these, just in case finding a boy took longer than she thought. Whilst she had been distracted with her almost orgasm, Steph had finished sliding her other hand into her, so that when she told Mary to look, she could only see Stpehs two wrists gripped tight by her well stretched labia. As Steph started to close her hands, forming a pair of fists deep inside her, stretching, snapping, destroying the muscle tone of her cunt walls, she lowered her head again, and started to flick her moist tongue over Mary's exposed clit.

A Pregnant Slave's Morning

fetish ArthurBoon 2018-06-24

Jessica climbed down from the bed and stepped to her designated place a few feet away, protectively holding her seven month pregnant belly. Peter washed up, wrapped a towel around his waist, and waited on the bed till Jessica came with tea. "Come, its time you had your pee," Peter said, accepting the cup of tea from Jessica. Jessica caressed her bulging belly and turned her head slightly towards her Master. "Its high time for a morning fuck, slave" he said. Jessica knelt beside the chair and started sucking his cock, gently taking it in. "This pregnant bitch is one horny, shameless slut," Peter said, spanking her hard. "Thank you Master" Jessica said, with a faint smile.

Birthday Strap-On Surprise

fetish thestorynovice 2018-06-24

I take her cock in my left hand and stroke it smoothly, feeling the texture of the latex shaft. I find her clit and begin to massage it with my middle finger, taking her cock deeper into my throat before bobbing my head faster. "You would make some guy really happy, sucking cock like that," she says. "Its only for you," I say, before taking her cock so deep I can feel her pubic hair against my nose. With both hands now free, she uses them to hold my head, thrusting her hips upwards, fucking my mouth. When she slides behind me I feel the hardness of her cock brush the back of my thighs. I feel the head press hard against my sphincter.

Lucky Me!

fetish Giln 2018-06-24

"I love blowing a big hard dick like yours. She eases back up and grabs my now wet dick As slowly as her lips pull away, she quickly slides them back down, down, down… until I feel her breath, through her nose, teasing my pubic just below my belly button (OK. She starts jacking me off, knowing I am ready to blow she does exactly what I want most. Once more my hips convulse and I know she is taking all my cum down her throat, not stopping, swallowing everything I have. I gave a her kiss and smiled, "After what you just did to me I am getting hard just thinking about that hot wet pussy."

An Edible Journey Ch. 01

fetish NigelOW 2018-06-24

But a little kink is one thing, how'd it come to pass that my lovely wife, a pillar of suburban living, is underneath it all a ravenous cum-slut, who gets off watching filthy, German porn - with its massive dicks spurting copious amounts of "sperma" all over normal looking women who don't look like they're faking enjoyment – who gets turned on by making our own sloppy porn videos and photos, even though she doesn't care to watch them afterwards (I certainly do!), and who loves nothing better than the feel, taste, and sight of creamy cum sprayed across her face, tits, and snatch!

Opening Ch. 03

fetish RedTang 2018-06-24

Looking up at Ava from between her legs, Hank said, "OK, we're ready." Ava bit her lip a little as Hank took his hands and placed them on her knees, then slowly spread them further until they were fully apart. "OK, we're going to start by opening you up for a visual inspection." Hank placed his fingers on Ava's labia and began to pull them to the side. Now let me continue with my inspection." Hank continued to hold open Ava's lips, moving his fingers to different places to pull her open. "Good." Hank took his left hand and pulled back the sheath covering Ava's clit a bit more. I need to finish your exam." Moving his head down so that he could see, Hank turned on his light and played it over the speculum in Ava's pussy.

The Sisters Divine Ch. 02

fetish Anastasia_Veronica 2018-06-24

My hands massaging his thighs, I leaned close, craning my head and pursing my ample, ruby lips, placing a slow, soft kiss on his shaft, the ridge of his head brushing my cheek as it twitched to life. Veronica leaned close, craning her face, her luxurious hair draped down her shoulder as her billowy soft lips parted, placing exaggerated kisses on his shaft, moaning at the taste. Her face was so beautiful with her eyes rolling every which way, cheeks flushed red, those plush lips parted; my sister was in a world where the air was pleasure and her pussy did the thinking.

Marianna Lends A Hand

fetish furryfan 2018-06-24

I had managed to keep myself at half mast, which made me look more impressive than I would have been limp, but when I saw Marianna glance at my cock while taking off the pajamas I had to force myself to think of other things to keep the old boy down. "You can take your blouse off if you'd find that more comfortable," I said to Marianna, and then smiled to let her know that I was kidding, a little. My eyes strayed to Marianna's arms, and I felt my cock surge as I saw that her forearms were covered with fine black hair. Marianna worked her way up my calves, and I couldn't help but notice that my still energized cock wasn't that far from her face.