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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Blindfolded And Iced.

fetish agunna 2018-06-24

He slowly pulls the zip down and I feel the silky material fall away from my skin. The second the ice reaches my clit I recoil with pleasure again as I feel him insert a couple of ice cubes inside my pussy. I feel his cold hand fall heavy on my chest pushing me down into the bed holding me still. I reach my climax but just as I begin to fall a cold shock of ice hits my clit and I gasp once again choking on my soaked underwear. I moan through my gag I can feel my lost orgasm begin to build again as his cock repeatedly f***es me open and fucks against all the right places.


fetish 2018-06-24

He then pulled the belt from the dressing gown and he made me turn to the open door of the fridge.he pulled the dressing gown down from my shoulders.he didnt do this suddenly he did it in an exact dropped to the ground and my bare tingling back and bottom was now within his sight.he put my hands behind my back and tied them gently together....he ram his fingers from the top of my spine down to the small of my back ,i shuddered.i tried to stand still ,he said nothing.....he stepped away for a few seconds and i felt this cold wet ice being rubbed into my already hard nipples...they dripped with wetness moand became louder i squirmed with pleasure.He took my stocking and then blindfolded me his fingers ushered me to open my mouth a strawberry placed between my lips,he told me to bite the end,which i did,,,,my juices were flowing like the strawberries....he then turned me around and traced the wet juicy strawberry down over my breast...down to my belly ,then his hand reached the ultimate goal be continued

Nameless Breeding Slut Ch. 02

fetish LoveHugeBoobs 2018-06-24

The girl whose name Jason did not know opened the door and left, her round ass bouncing as she walked away. Before Jason had the time to shake away his thoughts and send this girl home, his mind focused on her admission of being eighteen. Not taking her eyes off Jason's manhood, Layla pulled down his pants until he was completely free of them, and she returned to sit next to him. Layla stood up from the couch slowly, allowing Jason to follow the curves of her body, and she stepped in front of him. Jason watched as one of Layla's lovely hands traced the curves of her body until it stopped in front of her clean snatch.

When Daddy's Away

fetish cuminsideplease 2018-06-24

I cried out as he squeezed hard enough that they felt like they were going to pop. Letting go of my chin he grabbed the headboard of my parent's bed and began to thrust into my mouth. “Time to finish our little warm up.” He grinned at me as he pushed my large, soft tits against his cock and began to fuck them. After a minute of intense pressure my pussy gave in and I felt him push inside of me. I clawed at the bed as I felt him push inch after inch of his hard dick into my tight, wet pussy. Can't wait to see your belly full of my babies.” He leaned in close and pressed his lips against my ear as he stopped fucking me for a moment.

Creamy Hotel Dessert

fetish DiggerDave 2018-06-23

What I had not realised though was that the last page viewed still displayed on the screen when the tablet was turned on -- so instead of loading the Internet up to the 'Google' start page Sally was confronted by an image of a sperm filled pussy hovering over a man's open mouth waiting for the pearly white sticky drip of juice to drop onto his tongue. We decided instead on the direct approach, that is if Sally fancied the waiter that was serving our meal I would directly ask him if he wanted to fuck my wife. However as our meal progressed and we were about to order desert I finally plucked up enough courage to directly ask the waiter if he wanted my wife later on that evening -- unfortunately he turned us down and said no as he was happily married.

جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly's Birthday Bukkake

fetish JilnarJardalyLustCum 2018-06-23

All the men in the building from the producers at the top floor right down to the security guard at the front desk have intense lustful desires for this Lebanese sex-kitten which they can barely control so, this year, they decided to make her birthday an extra special one - for them, not her... They gathered around her, tore off her clothes and gangbanged her mercilessly, satisfying every single one of their long-standing lustful urges for this exotic beauty! They finished off by gathering around her all shooting their hot cum all over her gorgeous face. The beautiful, cum-covered Lebanese tease licked her lips, smiled sweetly and said, "Thank you.

Korean Wife's nudist resort visit w/massage..

fetish jasonOleds 2018-06-23

Approaching the hour point I noticed a man getting off of one of the two massage tables, and shaking the hand of the male masseur, I mentioned to the wife that I thought that was her table, and she got up and walked over and introduced herself to the masseur, they shook hands and had a little small talk, and he helped her get onto his table, face up for the first portion of the massage. He finished by moving his hands with more oil over her entire body from head to toes, before asking her to sit up and roll over so he could perform her backside.

A Pee Fantasy

fetish limitpusher 2018-06-23

My piss forcefully surged up my hard cock and splashed onto my belly. To see my piss drain out of my own hard cock, as I lay on my back is extraordinary. I was still pissing all over my chest as Rick, the orderly I had 'assaulted' yesterday, appears and stands over me. His eyes moved back down my body and watched my twitching cock, which still, defiantly, stood hard. "You know who will have to clean this fucking mess up, bitch, don't you?" he continued his rant as he loosened the straps holding my hands over my head. Then, I felt the warm spray travel down my chest and silently urged him to hit my rigid cock with his warm stream.

The Houdini

fetish Runtz3 2018-06-23

"Jesus!" I bleated in my wife's ear while watching her best friend, Melissa, pull her husband's giant cock out of his shorts. That's when I watched with a mix of lust, confusion and a bit of shame as Melissa reached into Tommy's shorts and pulled out his long, thick cock. "Jesus!" I huffed, Angie gripped me tightly in her hand as she watched Tommy's cock. "You know how big I am," I said trying not to answer and watched Melissa's hand slide up and down Tommy's fat dick. I just kept watching Melissa work Tommy's cock waiting for her to turn towards us and see my little dick.

Finding New Interests

fetish miamiboy 2018-06-23

She slowly manages to fit all 7 inches of the dildo into me and switches it on but instead of fucking my ass she just leaves it there and straddles my face and says "suck my cunt and get every drop of your cum out of me." To which I quickly begin to eat out her pussy and taste my salty semen touch my tongue. I hesitate but she says, "listen slut you are mine now and you aren't getting untied until you do exactly what I say." Realizing she has me by the short hairs (literally) I again start to suck on her pussy, she helps me be squeezing her cunt muscles and a big glob of my cum squirts into my mouth, she tells me to swallow it which I do and must say it doesn't taste too bad.

The Therapist Ch. 06

fetish sm8100 2018-06-23

James arrived promptly at 6:00 PM and walked to the front door of Julia's home dressed in his normal business attire in nice slacks, button down shirt, and to make an extra good impression he fitted himself with his best tie. "I'm not sure I know you well enough, Julia, but maybe you'd enjoy a neck massage or something when you've been working hard all day." A safe answer, James thought, yet it brooches a more intimate task than what has been discussed, so far. James bowed his head and replied, "No Julia, I'm feeling okay and this is a reasonable request." He thought he must be crazy to answer that question like that but he was beyond thinking rationally and he was pretty certain Julia knew it, too.

Kinky Jenny Ch. 01

fetish skinnypom 2018-06-23

I arrived home from work and had barely got in the door when she took me hand and said simply "Follow me." She led me through the hallway, past the dining room and down the stairs to our basement. Neither of us were aware of exactly how much time had passed - we could be gunged at any second and without warning - and as I was close to cumming she was starting to tire and needing a breather. As soon as the deluge stopped Jenny took her dress off - where she had nothing on underneath - entered the tank and planted her voluptuous body on my lap. "I want to feel your messy hands on my body."

My Man-Whore

fetish slutfordomme 2018-06-23

Michelle leaned down and took hold of Paul's cock and squeezed it hard. "Well don't worry my slut, you'll be getting plenty of cum in your whore mouth but first you are going to get some of mine!" With that she leaned back and lifted her leg up placing her foot on Paul's shoulder as he got close Michelle could feel his hot breath on her inner thigh and she quivered with desire but she wanted him to beg. A few times Michelle reached back and grabbed Paul by the back of the head and pushed her ass into his face. Michelle's pussy flooded as she said those words and she pinched Paul's nipple and shoved her fingers into him hard which caused Paul to moan loudly.

cousins room

fetish bltsc1 2018-06-23

I started to lick his cock and worked my way down to his balls as he massaged my ass and watched me work on him. He was clean and fresh and there was nothing to stop me, so I just stuck my tongue right into him, making him clearly moan out my name and push up hard into me. As I got out of bed, I realized that the door to my aunt and uncles room had just opened. I heard my aunt ask my uncle "where have you been?" The door shut quickly and the hall was dark as I went out. I heard a muffled noise like my uncles voice and my aunt told him to not stop.

My Best Friend's Mother Ch 02

fetish Dj Booster 2018-06-23

“ I love hot piss in my mouth, James it’s so sweet and salty, almost like you’re cum shot.” “How about you bend over and let me tastes that hot asshole of yours Kate, I’ve been thinking of it all night long,” I said as my cock stiffened fast. I worked around the hairy out skirts of her ass hole then I focused my attention on the dirty grizzle ring that tasted so fucking good, as she cooed and moved her hips up and down. After she swallowed my recycled load she licked her hands clean and wrapped her arms around me, Kissing me, letting me taste the cum in her mouth.

Pierced Ch. 03

fetish JenPB 2018-06-23

Once exposed like this, Rachel used her right hand and started pulling and pinching at my clit. I grabbed a small gold pinky ring that I have and placed it on my clit trying to get a better feel of what my little pussy would look like. While I continued to work my big orange vibe into my pussy, I eventually brought my left hand back up to my clit and started in on it again. As the waves of blissful pleasure rolled through my pussy and lower abdomen, I continued to fuck myself with my big orange vibrator as fast as I could trying hard to extend this wonderful orgasmic state as long as I could.

A Strange Encounter Ch. 02

fetish HunterShambles 2018-06-23

Sarah put her hand to Sue's face and using her fingers scooped up some cum, she brought it to her lips and touched it with the tip of her tongue, then she placed her fingers in her mouth and sucked the cum off. They all found a space and sat, so that Colin lay with his back against the end of the bath, with Sue between his legs lying against his chest and Sarah between her legs resting against her tiny breasts. Colin finishing reached forward and placed his hands on his sisters small breasts and cupped and played with them, Sue repeated the gesture with Sarah.

The Nemesess Ch. 02

fetish ProfessorPlums 2018-06-23

So, when Chris was eventually released from bondage, because of the embarrassing clothes that he was now forced to wear and the fear of public humiliation lest the films found their way on the internet, he was still within the control of his tormentress. Every time she had instructed him to wear his yellow nightdress his Mistress had removed his chastity device and had given him hand relief -- it was the most wonderful sensation he had ever experienced! Quite suddenly she lifted her skirt and said to her slave: - 'Sissy, be a good girl and smooth out my slip -- make it look nice!' Although Chris' body twisted and turned, his balls remained exactly where his mistress wanted them to be.

Soldier's Paradise

fetish GusBus77 2018-06-23

I began to run for my life into the woods, not noticing that the three other men ran in another direction. My right hand went to cover her mouth and held her waist close to mine with my other arm. I decided to get confident and slid my hand beneath the other cup, stroking the left breast's nipple and holding it in my palm, squeezing lightly. She was also excited about my aggression on her breasts as I hungrily ate, and her eyes shifted to my waist, her hand now running across it and then groping my cock. I slowly let go of her breast and then turned over and sent my weight over her, knocking her back from her sitting position, and began to pull her sweats off.

When Dave Met Sally Ch. 09

fetish inkman 2018-06-23

I went in to the bedroom and Carol was already asleep on the bed, I tried to awaked her but she was flat out, I wiped the tattoo with a damp cloth and started to rub cream onto her new face, the cream made the tattooed colours shine even more brightly, slowly I massaged her black hair, then her eyebrows and her cheeks and then started to rub her lips, fuckin’ hell was I turned on, but I knew that a good fucking was the last thing that the new tattoo needed.

A Quite Large Lady

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-06-23

Jack himself wasn't much of a beer drinker, but he thought it would perhaps be amusing to watch a few others make fools of themselves, so he moved over to the area. Jack turned to a woman standing nearby, observing "There's the winner - he's got a head start already!" He reached over to her and held up her hand - the only one of the fourteen to get four pitchers of beer into one stomach! "Didn't I see you win the beer drinking contest?" Jack offered, by way of introducing himself. "Guess you feel like anyone with two gallons of beer in them," Jack offered, sympathetically. I could have driven, but driving home after winning a beer drinking contest isn't a really good idea!" She smiled a bit at her observation.

Buddies Special Service

fetish 69plus1 2018-06-23

She cannot help herself now remembering our hot times and says: "I have often wondered what your back seat would have looked like if it wasn't white vinyl." As I savor the taste, smell and feel of her hot well fucked cunt I want to make her cum better than I or anyone else ever has and now concentrate on her clit. "More, give me another!" She cries and I push another finger into her hot quim and as I let my little finger tip enter her ass hole she cums. As she pulls up her pants I slip into the front seat and picking up a business card hand it to her saying: "Buddies Security Service, at your service good lookin', any time any place."

Stocking Wearing Cocksucker

fetish LuvStockings 2018-06-23

She had picked a cocksucking movie and there was a good looking girl dressed like me on her knees sucking on a cock. He was watching the movie and he glanced over at how I was dressed and then down toward my cock then I saw him unzip his pants and pull his cock out – I didn’t want to look directly at his cock, but I could tell he was starting to stroke it. He was still feeling my hard cock and he said “I loved it also, you are a good cocksucker.” He moved his head up and down and sucked me faster as I exploded into his mouth as my wife was kissing my cum covered lips. I smiled and said, “Yes I had a good time and yes, I liked sucking a cock.”

Revenge is Golden Ch. 02

fetish abashed-dreamer 2018-06-23

Rae was there, looking a little flushed, and "Brother" as we called him, was bound to the table, catheter still there in his cock. Rae picks it up off the table and says, "Open," and places it in his mouth, hole facing outward, visible between his lips. Sis takes the dish, tips it; we're working as a team; with her gloved finger she directs the come into the tube, dripping down into Bro's mouth. "I love you, Rae. Make me come." I feel her mouth more active, taking in my inner lips, stroking them with her tongue; the fingers are entirely in, I feel myself opening wider and wider; I'm moaning without any sense of time.