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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Visiting Sis Ch. 05

fetish Orion2012 2018-06-23

Just below Shannin's note, Stacy had written, "If you feel like cleaning up your mess from last night, the bed sheets are in the dresser." She signed it with a smiley face. I was not sure which dresser the bed sheets were in so I just started to look through the drawers of the one closest to the door. Out of curiosity, I snooped around the lingerie drawer a little bit, finding all kinds of sexy panty and bra sets, teddies and a few long gowns. I opened up the drawer of the bedside table and spotted the small pair of purple panties that she was wearing when we went to bed last evening. I closed the drawer and went back to the bedroom to look for the bed sheets.

Gates of hell at work: true story

fetish submax 2018-06-23

I wore my gates of hell cock rings to work the other day. I was just doing some work, as I said before, but also I started to play with my cock head a little. I pulled them down and the look of joy and happiness on her face when she saw my cock and balls in the gates of hell rings was amazing. “ I love that look,” she said as she got on her knees and started to kiss and lick the head of my cock. She pushed me She pushed me back down into my chair and climbed on my cock even with the gates of hell rings on and slid her tight wet pussy all the way down to my balls.

Warning: Sharp Objects = New Edges

fetish crashedn2you 2018-06-23

Of course then I thought eeeekkkk knowing what that knife could do in his hands. He opened the door and I tried to make small talk as I entered, even said off the cuff, "your thing is in my purse" as I pointed to my bag. As the blade slid across my skin I could feel my body betray me; walking that tight rope between fear and ecstasy. That familiar feeling as he grabbed a handful of my hair, letting me know without a word just how screwed I was. Once again I could feel the sharp edge on my skin, hear him warning me not to move. I could feel the tip of the blade on the edge of my breast.


Discretion is the Better Part... Ch. 02

fetish peachesmelba 2018-06-23

The priest's lean, ascetic face was flushed with his rage, his piercing blue eyes taking in everything, from the carefully styled hair and manicured nails to Curtis' silky smooth hairlessness and still-straining erection, tenting the satin and lace tap pants. Laying face down he was in a good position to stroke himself against the satin of his lingerie, at least until an excess of religious zeal caused the Monsignor to rip the pants down and away, exposing his buttocks and the titanium 'hitch' linking the ball inside him to the coils around his cock. The gray-haired Monsignor collapsed onto the floor, face in his hands, weeping and Curtis clambered to his feet, feeling the man's cum draining from his widely gaping asshole.

Creampie Lover Ch. 02

fetish jealouscuck 2018-06-23

As she moaned, she began talking again by saying things like, "Suck that big cock cum load from my dripping cunt, Stud." "Eat that big man load from my pussy, Slut." "Drain my pussy, Lover." I was amazed at how demanding she became urging me on to better and better oral sex. Cynthia began moaning and begging me to stick "my big cock up her just fucked pussy." As I moved the dildo faster and deeper, she screamed and started cumming and jerking. After she gagged afew times and spit saliva and pre-cum back on his cock, he guided her up onto the bed and kneeled before her and began sucking her gushing pussy.

Picture Perfect - We Meet

fetish sl_dave 2018-06-23

I quickly move and get the massage bar from my bag at the side of the bed and start to rub it to melt its oil into my hands. I work up the front of your legs and then start on your thighs, working them quite deep with flat hands and open thumb pressing hard as I stroke up and back, slowly moving further up to the top of your leg. Your fleshy lips pop into my mouth and I lick them whilst they are captured in the vacuum before slowly letting the air in and probing my tongue deeply between them again, deeper into you as far as I can go into your vagina.

Soft, Smooth and Subtle

fetish anonymous3 2018-06-23

I saw her nod. I checked for any named wireless networks. I set the network name, and let the lady enter a password. I used the OS on the laptop to find the network and connect, making it the default. The noise is really great," I commented again. "I will absolutely see what I can do. I nodded. I'm not going to force you." "Gee, thanks," I replied. "Fuck," I said. "Fuck," she decided. "There was absolutely nothing wrong with that. "Thanks for the weird," I said. My phone chimed about half an hour before I was going to leave the office. I replied that I did. I won't force it, make you scared of me and uncomfortable." "Knock yourself out," I decided.


fetish SuperVC10 2018-06-23

A buff guy behind the front counter wearing a name tag that read Chase looked up at James and asked, "Hi there, need any help?" James wasn't expecting Nadia to look like this. A slight smile broke across her face and she said, "Hmmm, the stud in my fantasy had a great big cock and a pair of balls the size of lemons that he kept bragging about," Nadia said putting her hands on her hips and looking straight into my eyes. James looked around and despite both being in a hidden nook well away from the public eye, doing something like this was something he tried to avoid.


She Washed Bill's Dick

fetish Monica123 2018-06-23

I have always enjoyed exchanging fluids with women, but I always gave more than I received...until I discovered the "Dick Wash." The trick is for her to have a VERY full bladder before you get together. I have three lovers and they all know not to pee for at least an hour before I pick them up. On several ocasions, they were dancing around trying to avoid pissing in their pants. When the flow starts, it is so warm, unless the room is overheated to 98.6 degrees. The warmth flows dosn over my balls and runs over my ass hole. Try it and let me know how it feels.

Milwaukee Cuckolds Wife and the Patient

fetish toothmedic 2018-06-23

About 2 minutes later I heard her have a massive orgasm.” While this was going on I was rubbing my tiny little cock outside of my scrubs, Lisa my receptionist popped her head back in and said, “Is Judy ok?” I stopped quickly, pulled the phone away from my ear and turned to her a little flushed and said, “yeah she’s ok.” Lisa smiled back and said, “good that just means she was probably being fucked.” And she turned and walked out. Pretty soon I hear a hand smacking an ass and someone going, “Come on show your dickless husband how much you like a real cock.” I couldn’t believe Judy was allowing someone to smack her ass and even worse the voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it.

Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 01

fetish Max332 2018-06-23

Both friends, James and Yuna, had spent the day running for charity. Yuna, who always was delighted feeling superior, dominant towards other people, wanted to get James to rub her dirty, smelly feet once they got to his home. James had known for a long time about his friend strange desires, as she managed to make them pretty clear throughout the years, but never really looked into them seriously, and thought most of it to be some kind of long-term joke she wasn't decided to get rid of quite yet. Tonight, she would probably touch herself to orgasm multiples times, helped by this pleasant thought: She made James smell inside her dirty shoe...

Black Wing Angel

fetish topleather 2018-06-23

Billy was speaking, "Angel this big boy is Jack T.....someone I'm sure you have plenty to, ah, talk about with." I'd taken the hand, smooth and firm and she was looking me straight in the eye, her little pink tongue lighltly licking her full, red lips. I'd planned on easing my fat cock in but as soon as the head was in, she pushed back hard and I was balls deep in the sweet ass of my black wing tranny girl. We dressed a bit and then got excited for it again and she sucked me off and I stood behind her, my cock on her ass as she ground against me and I jacked her cock and balls into my hand, my arms down the front of her, her tits pressed hard under my arms.

Kinky Afternoons & Cum-Filled Nights

fetish Anal Slave 2018-06-23

I kept fucking Linda’ with the dildo up my ass and all of a sudden my cock swelled up and I shot a big wad of cum all over Linda’s face my cock come out of her mouth and it was like a fire hose I shot cum all over Linda and then the dildo that was up my ass shot out across the room and sperm that was trapped in my ass went all over the bed. After I got most of the cum cleaned up I was still on my knees getting fucked in the ass when Bill slid up under me and started sucking my cock Linda came over and started jacking Bills cock right in front of my face when she got it good and hard she stuck it in my mouth and started jacking him off in my mouth.

Who Needs a Spa for a Facial?

fetish Stephen7Redo 2018-06-23

But now as wife is kneeling before me with her hands rubbing up and down my thighs and her bright face looking up at me with the unusual sight of that ever gorgeous smile of hers pierced by the thick rod of my manhood I am feeling amazed that this is happening. I love her and am so very satisfied with loving her, but yes, I'll admit as I stand here this morning with my erection slipping in and out of her loving wet mouth I'm flashing back to my computer mistress and doing this to her face as I have in my fantasy world many times before. Still, nothing I have fantasized about all these years compared to the feeling of my wife's, my real lover's lips wrapped around my hard shaft.

Complete Surrender

fetish MsMorrigan 2018-06-23

She smiled at me and spoke: "Come in, my little slave." She had a tendency to use words like 'little' and 'baby' and 'boy' and she knew that those words were both humiliating and arousing for me, words that made clear who the dominant partner was. "I want you to kiss and lick my boots as if they were my beautiful tits." I was already aroused but those words made my cock twitch and stiffen further and I knew that she was aware of exactly the effect her words were having. "Mistress, I want to rub my cock against your boots and look at your cleavage." Hump it now, you little faggot." She revealed more of her cleavage and she began to move her boot against my cock so that I couldn't slow down.

Geri's Night Out Ch. 1

fetish Kip Carson 2018-06-23

Jerry began to stroke his cock, watching in the mirror as his hand slid up and down his thick swollen shaft. Pam slid her hand between Geri's legs, and gasped as she felt his cock. Pam slid her tongue up and down Geri's large swollen cock, and he softly moaned. Geri moaned as he watched his cock slid in and out of Pam's pretty mouth. Geri slid his hand between Pam's legs, and began to rub her swollen clit. He slowly removed his cock from her pussy, and Pam quickly slid to her knees, and began licking the cum from his cockhead. Geri quickly slid downward, and took Tommy's cock into his soft wet mouth.

The Window Seat

fetish LukaWolff 2018-06-23

We were over the ocean the first time I asked Nathan and our seatmate – an older man wearing headphones and reading a book – to stand up so I could make my way out of the cramped seat to what passes for a lavatory on an airplane. I looked at the plane full of passengers in front of me, the flight attendants bustling to put away the drink service, and blushed crimson thinking about what Nathan wanted me to do. Despite myself, despite the fact that any of the other passengers on the flight could turn around and look at me, or that any of the flight attendants could walk by and see my skirt pulled up around my waist and my boyfriend's hand teasing at my crotch, I let go.

Outcast's Revenge

fetish 2018-06-23

I looked in the mirror doors of my closet and saw my reflection standing there staring at me. My body looked back at eyes red as the ones in the mirror. I’m back in my room now standing by my dresser as Sara storms in and my body casually walks in behind her. She lifted her head up and her eyes flew wide open at the sight of my body stroking my cock. Sara obediently got on the on her knees and took the head of my nine inch cock in her mouth. I looked over to the mirror to see my reflection standing there with red eyes giving me the thumbs up as he faded away.

A wonderful day with Master

fetish willd64 2018-06-23

I had planned on this for a few days before and Master always leaves the outer open just in case I feel like seeing him. I know that today we are supposed to go the dungeon but I can’t wait to feel his skin against mine. God this feels so good, He starts to push in slowly and then pull out. He begins with all 5 fingers and then he says he can feel my cervix, GOD, he now has more of his hand in me than ever before. Master orders me to answer him and while typing he is playing with my pussy and ass. He then comes to me and says” Deggles wants to watch and I am going to let him”.

Love is a Death Cradle.....

fetish AnEnglishKlismaphile 2018-06-23

All that would be found would be two bodies embraced and inside each others sexual organs, bound by a black belt around our combined neck. Dirt fell from my shovel and dotted her beauty of a face, now shining like a sparkling pearl, greatly contrasting with the lacy black of her void-like gown. I stroked the hair upon her head for a while, savouring the smell and the look of the dirt that dotted it like black dandruff. The last thing I saw through the physical void before it consumed me, and my life f***e faded, was the whiteness of her skin contrasting to the darkness of her veil and gown.

Anonymous Sex in a Blindfold

fetish Naughty_Penpal 2018-06-23

He pulled the panties to one side, then delicately his tongue danced across her pussy, from the bottom all the way up to her clit, then back and forth like this several times, until she tried to push his face against, tried to force him to lick her harder. This time when he got back on the bed and kissed his way up her body, his bare hard cock pressed against first her thigh, then against her pussy. He did this a few times more, trickling water across her body, and touching her all over, his fingers teasing her pussy, his mouth kissing her, sucking her nipples, gently biting her skin all over.

In Therapy

fetish TheCompanion 2018-06-23

She leaned across and grasped the glass dildo in hand and slowly pushed it inside herself, in and out, in and out. She lowered her pussy on to him and rocked slowly at first, he grew harder and harder again inside her, he had never felt like this in years. I have one more pleasure for you." She took hold of the glass dildo in one hand and slowly caressed his member with the other. She pulled her fingers out, and keeping her eyes firmly fixed on his, pushed the dildo slowly in, little by little.

The Fall of Mistress Diana Ch. 01

fetish worzel 2018-06-23

Diana knew what she was expected to do as Mistress Toni raised her leather pleated mini skirt to reveal an almost perfect shaven pussy, ripe very juicy and ready for stimulation Diana leaned forward and started sucking, licking, teasing, a swift crack with a riding crop put a stop to that! Diana couldn't see but it sounded like Mistress Toni was rummaging through some kitchen draws, until the clamps on her shaven pussy lips were removed and a Chastity belt was fitted! Diana followed unsure of what was going through Mistress Toni's mind, as Diana was shown through the door the room was actually like a sizeable dressing room with a walk in shower and wardrobes of fetish clothing.

A Bull's Point of view on cuckolding a couple

fetish laurelndan 2018-06-23

Moans of lust emit from her trembling lips, sweat being to glisten her youthful but full naked body… The Laurel begins to grab my ass holding on hard as in rhythm with my thrusts we are no longer two but one bouncing convulsing sexual flesh, mating like primitive man and womanthere is no turning back now. As she says that I hear Dan finally crack, he is sobbing and I look over and his dick is limp, shriveled from the humuilation, tears stream down his face in shame…..”Looks like to k**s for you and Laurel Danny Bou…she’s not just my bath now..Laurel is gonna be my baby moma…and I just laugh at her stupid husband…what a dumb shit think he could just have some fun watching another guy fuck his wife.