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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

England, before Tanya

fetish Stillherer 2018-06-23

I was actually shocked to find myself standing there in my parents friends cold dim hallway naked from the waist down clad only in a pair of women's coral pink panty briefs straining to contain the most massive erection I had ever had. Kneeling before this large excited man in frilly sheer pink panties filled with my cooling wet cum I had felt I had no will of my own and moaned throatily as he thrust with his hips pushing his hard bulbous tip of his amazingly large thick cock between my lips and into my mouth. My body went limp as I allowed Mr Hull to thrust his cock in and out of my hot moist mouth amazed that my lips sucked instinctively at his slick rigid member.

Smoking for Money Pt. 03

fetish Alaisiagae 2018-06-23

Pete reached around, gently grabbed my wrist, and moved my hand back to my mouth, so that I could take another long drag from the cigarette held between my fingers. Ellen had wanted me to smoke on camera while riding a Sybian, with Pete fucking me in the ass. He got out a large red enema bag, filled it with hot soapy water, hung it from the shower rod, and carefully inserted a rather large ribbed nozzle into my ass. I heard Pete coming back, so I stashed the bottle in the garbage next to the toilet, laid back down, and let the rest of the water and booze fill me. I took a long drag on the 120, and I felt Pete work a finger into my tight ass.

Peep This!

fetish SordidDetails 2018-06-23

The dancers there ranged from cute Latinas with braces, to purple-haired punks who danced for a week to make their rent, to blondes with budget-plan boobs that looked like giant Snack Packs glued to their chest. The first girl I encountered, too young-looking for her tattoos to be so faded, strolled up and asked if I'd like to finger her for a buck. One night I found a spot where the girls all looked like punk rock superheroes: they were gorgeous and built and decorated in tattoos and piercings and crazy haircuts. When I gave Dallas her souvenir token, she asked how I liked the peep show. I told her, "It was so good I'm going to fly to Vegas and marry one of the girls!" Dallas' face bunched up with concern.

Like Judy Said

fetish 2018-06-23

Zaza, Nikki, Francessa and I were still maintaining our fuck positions. Hank glared at Nick for calling me a superstar. Meanwhile Zaza resumed fucking Francessa while Nikki shoved hir lady boner back inside of my ass pussy. Zaza was grunting , Francessa was moaning Nikki was huffing and puffing while I kept going, "Oh yeah! "Sorry Hammer." said Zaza sheepishly. But on the other hand their script just said "Jane blows Hammer." I grabbed Hank the Hammer Man's meat and worked it over good. "Alright Alright!" said Hank waving his hands. Francessa, Zaza, Nikki and I gathered around Hammer Man's penis so he could spray cum on our tongues. I was about to suggest having the asshole arested for assault when Dennis threw Hank to the floor.

The Prostitute

fetish hi1 2018-06-23

"Really?" several young men muttered, without taking their eyes of the stage where the woman was moving her thick but delicate body like a belly dancer. So the woman bent over, requested her young lover to write '$40' on her hips and spread her asshole by the booth. The woman performs on the stage, gets fucked on the stage, taking 8-10 men one after the other, gets double, triple penetrated letting men cum on her face, tits or in her cunt and ass. Then her lover walks over and they hug, letting the cum of all those strangers rub all over their naked bodies and she sucks his asshole and then makes him cum in her mouth of her face."

Vanilla and Curry - just a story

fetish CanoePirate 2018-06-23

When her throat contracted around my engorged head for the third time, I shouted “I’m coming, I’m coming” Julie never lets me cum in her mouth, even if I beg. The bed started to move and her thighs rubbed along my body as she slipped her soaking pussy from my stomach, up my chest and stopping at my mouth. I open my mouth to speak as Julie gives a hard whack across my dick with the makeshift cane. Just as her love hole was starting to quiver Julie scampered down, turned around and in one movement took my dick roughly in one hand and placed the tip in her juicy pussy, forcing herself all the way down in one movement.

Baby, I'm Going to Have a Baby Ch. 02

fetish Kanah 2018-06-23

Donny never thought that he would be into pregnant women, but something about Leslie just turned him on so much, and when she wasn't having morning sickness, she just wanted to have sex all the time. What he wasn't expecting was to find his girlfriend dressed in leather, her little belly poking out underneath the too tight vest, thigh high boots, and a thong. "I'm not ready to come yet sweetheart, why don't you lay down and have a turn?" Leslie just smiled at him and obeyed, lying down innocently on the bed, legs closed tight together. As Donny was kissing his way through her erogenous zones, Leslie could feel herself getting more and more wet, her leather thong getting slippery as she writhed around in a sort of ticklish pleasure.

Rescue Sex Pt. 03

fetish ironicchef 2018-06-23

I was imagining what the back of her hair would look like when she bent over the seat of my car and started sucking my dick. The idea of getting caught like this had set off waves of orgasm, and she began lifting her ass up and down over the floor-mounted dildo. On the other hand, I knew that the longer she thought, the more videos of her bound and slutty played on my phone, the wetter she was getting. A car kind of veered across the parking lot - I couldn't tell if they could tell what we were doing, but Lana sort of panicked and tried to rip my hands from her hole.

Sweaty pleasure with Adam

fetish Patrik35 2018-06-23

I stepped to him, wiped off sweat from his face and gave big bottle of ion drink and said : " Adam, you should be proud of yourself for exercising such hard, I must have you right now " I took all clothes from him and looked at his sexy body, bathed in sweat what arouses me so much. .. I gave Adam a nice kiss and took a bigger towel and wiped little bit sweat and my juice from his body and said : " Adam, your body gave me such strong pleasure, you need to drink lot of fluids now, but you need to feel like in heaven, like you made me feel a minute ago.

Watching Her Go Ch. 04

fetish magiconnecticut 2018-06-23

Resting on my stomach and arms, I lay with my head between her legs and got a close up look at her puss. I moved my head back and looked at the once white cylinder, completely soaked in her blood on one side and slightly expanded from the red fluid. She took my hardness in her hand, aimed it at her pussy lips and slowly sat down on me, enveloping my thick, pulsing penis within her wet, hot, bloody hole. She sat on the toilet, spread her legs and let me watch as she pushed a fresh new tampon inside of her, a clean white cotton string dangling once again from her luscious lower lips.

The Goth Girl Ch. 02

fetish CopyCat13 2018-06-23

The other day I decided to finally confront the Goth girl who assaulted me in the bathroom and made me her about a month ago. I was pulling my shoes on when I realized what I had put on...I was actually wearing the white bra and panties like Rose had told me to. I don't know what I expected but somehow a normal day of classes and talking to friends just felt...odd...when I was so nervous about running into Rose at some point. I gasped and looked up into the mirror and saw 2 cute blonde girls walk in talking. The two other girls left and Rose helped me fix my panties and then pull my pants up.

The Chisato Saito Story Ch. 01

fetish tkl-pen 2018-06-23

"We would be honoured, Kato-san," responded Chisato, then addressing her friend, "come, Kimi, lets have some lemonade, we have lots of time today, it's Saturday after all." As Master Kato returned to the house to get some fresh lemonade, the two girls made themselves at home on the seats by the koi pond, giggling at everything in sight as is typical of young Japanese women. "Kato-san," asked Chisato, "please forgive a poor girl if she is rude, but would you allow us to see your new house." Kimi went ballistic as the rotating brushes touched the soft soles of her feet, and even more so when Master Kato applied his to the delicate little area under her toes.

Bird in an Un-Gilded Cage

fetish fetisha_44 2018-06-23

Well lads, I'm glad to see that all 6 of you were able to show up, and Connor, thanks so much for the loan of the cage, pet has been in it for an hour now, and is being as good as gold. He motions the maid over, and she kisses and licks your face until it is clean, just like a mother cat, then licks and cleans Connor, before returning to the table to serve new rounds of drinks. He finally cums, having had a bit to drink, and as he does, he slips out momentarily and covers your face with his first spurt, before emptying the remainder in your mouth.


Feet at the Dentist

fetish ShowMeSoles 2018-06-23

I approached the counter and caught a glimpse of her feet in those simple sandals as she turned to finish my appointment. She brought her finger to her lips again, to let me know I MUST be quiet, as one foot began roaming my chest to find a nipple. I lamented her pulling both feet away from my hungry mouth, but one foot kept up the teasing torment across my sensitive nipples as the other foot found its way to my painfully erect cock. The nipple teasing foot found a resting place by burying the toes into my desperate mouth. Finally, deciding to apply full pressure, she rested her leg on the ball of her foot, which was pressing directly onto my drooling, eager, desperately hard cock.

A Different Kind of Therapy

fetish Greg Lee Hunt 2018-06-23

Then, a week before we were scheduled to complete therapy, Dr. Dupree said that there was one remaining item that needed some special attention. She said that during the course of therapy sessions she'd become aware of the fact that I seemed to be transferring a significant role in my sexual fantasies to her. Since we had previously arranged to spend the rest of the afternoon together in what Dr. Dupree described as very hard work, she said that it would probably be the right time for both of us to take a short bathroom break before resuming our therapy. Though I know that some psychotherapists occasionally 'hug' their patients - signifying congratulations or empathy - this kind of physical gesture was unprecedented in the time that I'd been seeing Dr. Dupree.


fetish Smother 2018-06-23

The Kukeri on either side of me made sure I didn't fall down too far, and as the Kuker giving me the blowjob continued to masterfully tease my cock, rocking its head in the back of his throat and creating a relentless amount of suction as he moved his mouth, lips, and firm tongue up and down the shaft of my penis in what felt like contrary motions, I was unable to stop by ass from squeezing around the one filling me from behind. The Kukeri started putting their costumes back in order – smoothing out the fur, getting their cowbells organized, closing up flaps – when one of them looked over at me and said "Mislite li , che vse oshte iska da vzeme nashiya kartina?" A few of the men let out a groan while a few laughed and slapped each other on the back.

Our Sub Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 02

fetish DiggerDave 2018-06-23

Patty then pulled her knees up and opening her legs even wider pushed Amy's head down to her bottom and said, "Lick my ass." Amy enthusiastically probed Patty's asshole deeply with her tongue before returning to her pussy to lap up the copious amounts of sticky love juice that my wife was producing. As Amy sucked my cock Patty said, "Stop now bitch, get on the bed slut and open your pussy wide for my husband to fuck you." Patty must have known that if Amy had carried on sucking for much longer I would have come in her mouth and she wanted to watch me spurt my load in Amy's smooth pussy. I pulled my cock out and looked at Amy on the bed before me with her legs still wide open and her tits bright red from the hard slapping my wife had just given them.

Once You Go Jack...

fetish TheObservant 2018-06-23

He imagined sitting up to suck on his sister's tits while thrusting his hips faster desperately trying to make Mellissa cum, but the fantasy was over all too quickly, and Mark used the tissues at his bedside to wipe off the small bit of cum on his penis. He knew plenty of guys at school wanted to fuck Mellissa, but the thought of having his sister's sweet virgin pussy all to himself lifted his spirits. Not only are you that little pussy's sister, you're a tight little virgin aren't you?" Jack said while rubbing his warm, veiny cock all over Mellissa's face. Mellissa opened her mouth and Jack wasted no time in shoving his massive cock down her tiny virgin throat. Jack continued staring at Mark, and then asked Mellissa while rubbing his cock.

Golden Girls

fetish Gina_B_33 2018-06-23

I forced myself to turn my attention to my coffee cup, and she said, "I was hoping to use the hot tub for a few minutes and then catch some sun. When we got back to the house, I went inside to make us some tea, and Glenda headed for the hot tub. I won't mind." And then she let herself fall back into the water and sat on the far side of the large hot tub. And besides, I think we're both going to want another turn on those wonderful jets, and then a nap will be very welcomed." Actually, until you got in the hot tub, I never even thought about it, and then I just wanted to, so I did it.

Double trouble............

fetish LaceTops4U 2018-06-23

His hands explored my legs and his playfully sacked me on the bum, I turned around, my gown fully open and walked over to Frank, As I my tongue explored his mouth I enjoyed the sensation of his moustache rubbing against my lip. I motioned for James to sit next to Frank, Now boys I want you to take it in turns and thank Simone for pleasuring you both, they sat forward and were almost kissing each other in their greed to suck my cock, as I came powerfully they could have been kissing as the sperm entered their mouth and their lips were touching.


fetish dieselboy69 2018-06-23

They were very hard and as I sucked her tits I began to pull her skirt up. She was giggling and moaning as I pulled her knickers to one side and started licking her hot pussy. I pulled her knickers back over her pussy and she sat up on the edge of the table looking very red and dishevelled. She took her clothes off apart from her soiled underwear and stockings and then got on the bed and sat on my face. The taste and smell of her gusset was gorgeous and soon my cock was starting to stir. She lent forward and began to suck my sperm and juice covered dick.

Frat Boy Gang Bang

fetish HerLittlePiggy 2018-06-23

"You like watching him suck that dick don't you piggy," Jenny said as she walked over to her night stand. You want to swallow some guy's load from my pussy don't you piggy?" Jenny asked excitedly. "Yes mistress," I panted, "I want to lick another man's cum from your delicious pussy." I was hot, hard and I needed to cum. Jenny went on to tell me that she told the guy who fucked her (she thought his name was John but she wasn't sure) that her fantasy was to be gangbanged by a bunch of hot young frat boys while her husband watched. Jenny rolled onto her belly carefully so the cum stayed inside her pussy, Malcolm fucked her furiously from behind until my wife came hard around his thick black cock.

Panty Pleasure

fetish DrLit 2018-06-23

As my wife and I were getting dressed she said, "I can't believe how excited Zoey is about you wearing panties. As I changed from the Loepard panties to the new pink pair, Zoey said, "Are your balls and cock shaved? I started to walk to my clothes and Jessie said, "Jason, I don't think it's right that we are going to fuck tonight and Zoey doesn't have a partner. Jessie said, "OK fuck me from behind with us wearing our new panties." She got on all fours and I mounted her. Your husband is going to beg for multiple dry orgasms after that first time." Jessie handed me her cum covered panties and asked me to take them to the laundry room.

The Panty War

fetish Selena_Kitt 2018-06-23

My penchant for panties began in 1944, the year my father went off to war and left me alone with my mother. There were men off fighting a war in conditions I couldn't even begin to imagine, my own father among them, and yet I was here, in my mother's boudoir, getting a glimpse into a world that would hold much more power over me, then and for the rest of my life, than any other battle could. These days continued for the year and a half that my father was gone, and when the war ended and he came home, there were no more baths or invitations to join her in the bedroom.