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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

How it all began, a prologue to 'She can'

fetish barelylegalfan 2018-06-23

"That's it, tease my pussy, make me come on that big hard dick." Her voice was less of a whisper this time and more horse and shaky. I didn't know what to do, head into the bathroom and interrupt her which might tip her off I was at the door, or wait for her to finish then back away slowly and come shower later, or rush in there with my hard dick in my hand and hope she doesn't scream. "Yeah I don't think Dad would be too happy knowing his Son's hard cock is buried in his wife's wet pussy." I was happily pistoning myself in and out of my Mother and she was at this point enjoying the ride.

Smoking Mistress Ch. 03

fetish fetishstories07 2018-06-23

It makes my pussy wet knowing that anything i want from you, i can get." As she spoke she leaned in closer to me until she was on top of me with my throbbing cock between her legs, her boobs against my chest and her lips viscously kissing mine. Her hot pussy and dirty bum turned me on despite my fear and my cock strained furiously against its restraints, the spikes biting it horribly. The stinky hot pantyhose teased my caged cock cruelly and the smell began to join the smoke and her perfume. I pulled of my trousers and boxers to free up my cock, but that gave her time to fight back and she clawed at my face with her nails and rammed her cigarette into my mouth.

Young girlfriend fucks old geezer, part 1

fetish krazyfork 2018-06-22

He then surprised me by bluntly asking, “Do you think I could catch a live taping, or better yet, have a go at her?” This shocked me, but at the same time thrilled me instantly at the thought of young hot Katie fucking an old coot. “I guess you were right about being sexy enough to be in porn.” She looked at me with a sly smile, “and what makes you think that now?” “Don’t get mad but I showed it to someone for a second opinion.” She sucked in a deep breath and exclaimed, “No you didn’t.” Then before I could reply she asked “who did you show?” “The landlord Bill” I said.

Her Oral In-tent

fetish Johnnytames69 2018-06-22

Cat had warned Nikki that, if things got hot for them, she might sneak out to his tent one night. Jake retrieved his sl**ping bag and gear and brought put them to Nikki's tent. She felt the bulge of his cock against her hip and could feel her pussy juices begin to flow down her inner thighs. She ducked her head inside the sl**ping bag and slid down until she was kneeling over him, her mouth level with his pulsating cock. Her tongue eagerly began to lick his shaft, her hand cradling his balls against the root of his cock. She hugged him and told him that he had better like it, because he was going to have a hard time getting her lips away from his beautiful cock.

Valerie Song: Drama Bomb Part 01

fetish dongstar 2018-06-22

Outside the Editor in Chief's office door, Shelly Hams's petite body bobbed on top of a bloated belly so large that it covered the surface of her circular desk, overflowing the sides so that she looked like the top of a gigantic flesh muffin rising from a pan. "Look, Val, I'm gonna level with you," said Eva. "Look, Val," Eva sighed and intertwined her fingers. It looked like several people were trying to move the hopelessly-stuffed secretary but every time they pushed on her stomach, they only succeeded in unleashing an explosive belch of spunk from one or both of Shelly's ends. "Valerie, meet Tasha Magnum," said Eva, gesturing toward the sullen girl.

I Dream of Revenge on My Bitch Boss

fetish Mr_Tamarind 2018-06-22

For once not caring about your needs, about being a generous and giving lover, working hard to put your pleasure before mine, now I am just using you, taking my pleasure, loving every moment as the queen bitch writhes and squirms underneath me, crying out as I stretch you, hard, rampant, powerful, pinning you down underneath me, roaring with pleasure as every weapon fails you; the lush lips, those heavy beasts, that deep cleavage, the tight waist, the curved hips, that pert rounded arse, those silken clad legs, your long painted nails and those towering high heels, all useless, all failing to control and dominate me, no longer a cold cruel commanding bitch but just a woman to fuck and use.

USL Male Wrestlers: Roster 03

fetish USLMAN 2018-06-22

Even then, he quickly grew in popularity among the female audience, and was promoted to a "high tier" male wrestler. He however, is set on staying with the league, aiming to get a true win in his matches, even hoping to one day rematch is first opponent to see how he's grown. When he saw his little cousin among it, he felt completely surprised that he went in, and seeing him visibly humiliated by one of the many female wrestlers set his older sibling instincts into over drive. History: Eren has been interested in wrestling ever since he was little, finding the complex styles and unique matches to truly be entertaining. Attire: Black and grey wrestler shorts.

The Milk Maid's Gift

fetish AlinaX 2018-06-22

I position the cups and let the pump do its work, suckling, drawing the milk from me, relieving the ache in my too-full breasts and stirring instead a different ache, the need to be touched, and more, to be driven to climax and beyond. At first the amount of milk was tiny, a disappointing few drops that would hardly provide the quantities the doctors needed, but my breasts developed, adjusting to the demand of being constantly emptied, and after a month I was producing about a litre of milk each day. And while the stimulation of my nipples continues, and the machine sucks the seemingly endless stream of milk from my breasts, I suck on the general's formidable cock, moaning with lust as I stare up hungrily into his eyes.

my insatiable cravings for cock part 4

fetish jamestango 2018-06-22

a 14 mm sound was lubed up and roughly inserted into my pee hole. after about 10 minutes she removed the shooter and pulled out a 21mm cathater , lubed it up and started inserting it in me until it passed into my bladder. when it was empty the cathater was removed a a equally thick metal plug was shoved in to block and cum escaping. another table was wheeled over vand on it was a monster dildo that was a replica of a horses cock. after explaining to the audience what it was ,she started to insert it slowly into my cavernous hole. slowly she started to turn the dial and i immediately felt the electric current.

Wet Spot

fetish Decayed Angel 2018-06-22

Carefully placing the hair on the windowsill, he continued examining the panties, immediately noticing the slightly crusty, white line of residue in the crotch. Without moving his gaze, he slipped the stolen panties over his head, arranging it so he could peek out through the leg holes while the residue on the inside came down over his mouth. While Andrew had positioned himself so he could taste and smell the panties while stroking his cock, the woman outside had turned slightly, exposing the wet spot in her panties completely. When he was sure he had sucked the last bit of flavor from the panties, he quickly pulled them off his head and used them on his cock, letting the satiny fabric to slide over him.

The Pack Ch. 04

fetish Quin 2018-06-22

The two guys craned their necks to see more, watching me pull open the door and step to one side to let their boss come in -- and as they most likely knew now -- have his way with me. Jim didn't want to waste time that morning; silently he took me, grunting sometimes, pulling aside my delicate panties, mauling and handling my breasts, roughly treating my nipples with his sandpaper like digits and palms. I was by now taunting them; they would see me slowly licking my lips, half-closing my eyes while a dirty smile came across my face, mouth the word 'yeah!" Wouldn't you like to fuck me too boys, I thought?


fetish MamaK 2018-06-22

Natalie stood in the doorway of the lounge room, watching James tangled up with a beautiful blonde and pink haired pigtailed, creamy skinned, cat-girl. She couldn't conceal the smug look that crept over her dark features as James and Sarah sprung away from each other like two teenagers busted by a parental figure. "Let's try that again." Natalie coaxed amiably "Come here my pretty little Kitten." Much to James' awe and surprise, Sarah or Kitten rather, crawled after Natalie on all fours. Natalie watched her intently with a look on her face that James' couldn't decipher. Natalie snatch the leash of James, yanking it firmly, bringing Kitten to all fours.

Entrapped in Her Panties

fetish sleepless 3 2018-06-22

Whilst in my pocket I felt her take a quick feel of my throbbing cock and she quickly withdrew her hand – but then placed it on my groin not quite touching any part of my genetalia – but tantalising close. I was at the bar getting served when she walked back and quietly whispered "I'm just going to have a quick word with my friends, you drop off the drinks and go to the Gents – stay in there if it is all clear, come back out if it isn't" she moved over to the table where the guys and their Bacardi seemed to be doing the business – each had paired off with one of the girls and much chatter and laughter was to be heard.

She Rules Wife and Husband Ch. 02

fetish Quietoldie 2018-06-22

Paul and Tony are of similar age to David and I can't help smiling when I see that they are both slim and handsome. It was obvious that Paul and Tony were interested in me above everything else but, at the same time, feeling embarrassed and awkward. Paul and David begin a conversation about a computer game so I stand up and ask Tony if he'd like to see the garden. Tony disappears and it only takes a few seconds before Peter enters the room looking a little uncomfortable. It's important that I don't leave David out, so with the help of his mates we position him on his back on the bed and I bounce up and down on his beautiful cock until I have another noisy orgasm.

Panty Passion

fetish SheLeppie 2018-06-22

You finally manage to tuck yourself into them, and you lightly stroke your cock through the fabric, rubbing your finger over the wet patch I have left for you, then licking your finger while our eyes lock. Licking and sucking on the head, tasting our juices, as I gently squeeze up and down your length, loving how you feel beneath the thin fabric. You even take your cock out of your panties and proceed to stroke it lovingly against the silky sheer fabric, pressing it most insistently between my pussy lips. I flick my panties back over, trapping your cock inside them, and pressed against my soft pussy as we lie there blissfully.

Little Ricky

fetish goosebbv 2018-06-22

We both helped John up as some of the guys starting leaving the locker room to head back to class. I just went through with my plan got a piece of paper and wrote the note as neatly as I could to make it look like my mothers. Mike must have got wind of this, since I never told him I needed the room for the night, and none of his girl's friends talked about me much or went on more than a couple dates with me. One day Mike came in the room after going on a date with Bryn. I started to get worried, but Amber kept dancing like nothing was happening.

Pre-natal Classes

fetish rheineck1 2018-06-22

Today was different, as while the women were busy with an exercise, the group leader Jasmine moved myself and the other men into another room and explained that an optional class would be held specifically for us at a separate time and venue. Most of you will not have had sex for a while now, and will be anxious to get back to it once the baby is born, these women are going to teach you what you need to know about that. Not wanting to be stopped mid stroke this time, I entered her gently and then started thrusting directly back and forth, slowly getting faster and harder, but without changing the angle too much.

Fun for Don and Kathy Pt. 02

fetish 938ab 2018-06-22

One of our favorite things to do while fucking in those first few weeks after our meeting with Joan and Dave was for Kathy to start talking about how excited it had made her to see me sucking Dave's cock, or of being spanked while wearing Joan's panties, or of watching me lick the pre-cum from the head of Dave's cock like some wanton slut. She had pleasured me by making me wear her panties, by fucking my mouth with her fake cock, and now she was going to help me again by letting me eat my own cum from her body.

Why I Love Jenny

fetish veryopenmind 2018-06-22

But I couldn't help but wonder why was she so loose?????I did love her and convinced myself it didn't matter. But then something out of the blue took us right back there......Clubbing one night we ran into one of her old boyfriends Bobby. As I went to lick her pussy she said You were right. Suzy laughed and said He may be too big for you too! She loved his dick......As the story went on she got wetter and I got harder! When he kissed her goodbye he handed her a phone number and said Bobby can help you with that big cunt of yours. He said You know I stretched you and now you need big things to get off.

Story of Erin 6

fetish aorion255 2018-06-22

As I started really close, wanted to suck her toes, my cock blew its load in her pussy. When my mouth took her big toe in and the slow sucking begin, I was feeling her pussy allot more then before. It felt as more toe pleasure I gave, the more my cock fucked Erin's pussy. As each toe got sucked, Erin pushed her foot in my mouth. I held my cock in her pussy the good hour of time, making sure none of that cum leaked out. “oh baby, I am so sorry that I have not sucked your dick, I knew you love my sucking”, “ Ill make up for it when she is born, I ll blow you good and long” Erin said with a smile.

wekkends with Anita

fetish here2meet 2018-06-22

She told me she rode in with one of the other dancers her car was in the shop so I would have to give her a ride home, I said glad to baby when ever your ready to leave at that she patted my shoulder spun on her heels and walked back to the changing room she was back in a couple of minutes wearing her favorite light coat carrying her bag smiled at me as she walked up gave me a kiss that would melt the fillings in teeth.

Ultimate Taboo Pt.2 - Hottest Step s****r & mo

fetish asslover85 2018-06-22

She slowed her pace and started lifting her ass higher so that the tip of dildo was almost about to come out of her pussy but just before it did she slowly descended down the whole 9 inches with her pussy lips absolutely wrapping the big black rubber cock. She placed it on the floor underneath her, pulled her undies to the side and started to squat on the big black cock as she continued to jerk my cock but only harder. Again, I didn’t say anything but looked into her big blue eyes and listented to her pussy juices overflow on the black rubber cock. you are making me go fucking insane with that big curved cock..

Piss & Ice Cream

fetish Pearl_Chambers 2018-06-22

I try to distract you, but when your hand comes back near my panties, my stretched insides do a little flip as you press on them. Your hand goes away again, and with my mouth open expectantly, you trail your newly covered fingers down my breasts, over my swollen belly, and just to my thighs. With one hand you grasp my panties, and with the other you're stirring up my fever, pervertedly stretching my lips with an additional finger, letting me gag a little while I moan as they move in and out. I beg for something bigger for my mouth, and while trying to not let me get too far from your nimble fingers, we change positions on the bed.

Toes a la Mode (Ma Cheri)

fetish Bacomicfan 2018-06-22

She stretched and wiggled her toes, spreading them to see what the gossamer nylon looked like with the light of the movie screen peering through it from behind. She stretched her legs as straight and far as they'd go, and fantasized some cute, attentive man holding them by the heels and romantically pleading to kiss her lacquered toes, asking sweetly with puppydog eyes if he could pretty please massage them for her. The imaginary man who'd begged to rub and kiss her feet was now smiling wickedly at her...leaning forward...opening his mouth...sticking out his tongue...slipping it between her toes. Every time a brightly lit scene flashed on the movie screen, the slumped down man would quickly look over at her feet.