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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

BBW in Office

fetish goldcloak 2018-06-22

Her suit jacket was on, and her white blouse was open slightly exposing her cleavage, allowing me to see part of a jet black brassiere. She made no move to stop me and so after a few minutes I pulled her collar away and touched her bare skin and felt the silky lace of her black bra on her shoulder. It didn't take me long to take her up on her invitation as I got behind her hike her skirt up grab onto her hips and began thrusting my cock into her pussy. We had been going at for quite some time, her moaning loudly and me not believing that I was fucking this woman in my office When I felt closer to cumming.

Jenny The Intern Takes Control Ch. 04

fetish writemarksmith 2018-06-22

As I sat down I looked to Jen, expecting a little affirmation, but she had already turned away and was stroking Matt's hair. I couldn't help but look over again and watch as Matt bent in and started to aggressively make out with Jen. I looked down and saw his hand again exploring her bare leg. Looking down at the stain in my pants, I knew I was never going to be allowed even a bit of dignity with Jen, but I hoped I would continue to be the boss who served at the pleasure of the office intern.

The Tea Master Ch. 01

fetish purplehaze8 2018-06-22

"You're life can be surrounded by horniness and pee desperation," she said, her hand landing on my crotch. By drinking that tea, I've made it so that every time you need to pee, you must have sex instead." My body began to piston in and out of her soft, moist cavern, making me feel like I would pee myself in no time. "You don't know how badly I want you, but duty calls," she said, walking toward the door. The tea master picked me up in a bar, gave me some tea, then explained that I would go around casting this pee spell on guys until I found my one true love.

Wet Consequences

fetish lucyjen83 2018-06-22

Remembering the pain and long recovery time she slowed the car down to the speed limit and turned her thoughts back to driving. As Nicole pulled into the two car garage she saw Tyler standing in the doorway that led from the garage to the kitchen. Tyler turned her around quickly, pressing her against the door frame, and pulled her workout pants to her knees. As Tyler pulled into a parking spot and went around opening her door, Nicole hesitated to get out. By the time they were ready to order their dessert Nicole was squirming in her seat with the need to use the restroom. "I remember Sir." She stood there, as before with the garage door open, peeling off her wet clothes.

Anything For You Ch. 3

fetish LR 2018-06-22

April started, "Well miss French Whore Maid, crawl over here and suck on my dick while we figure out what to do with you." I hesitated, after all the camera was still on and Wes was still sitting there. "I really think he looks hot dressed like that," Wes said to April. Wes then tipped my head up to look me in the eyes, "Well Mr. Adams I think we both know I will be passing your class next year don't we?" I nodded yes. "Good." He turned to April, "Jim, you will have a few shots of me fucking Mr. Adams in his maid costume printed up on paper right?

Shower Time

fetish RichardScott 2018-06-22

Coating it with a lubricant, you teased the lips of your shaven pussy with the rubber cock. You removed the cock from your beautiful pussy, the lips parted and looking freshly fucked. I released my spent cock and put a hand on each of your thighs to keep them spread and began licking your beautifully, shaven pussy. The new experience caused you to cum again and again, the showers blending with the nectar of your orgasms, flowing over my tongue. I took my rigid cock from your mouth and moved between your legs sliding into your steaming pussy. I felt the sensation building in my crotch, the cum was pumping toward the head of my cock to coat you insides.

A question

fetish dgoodall1701 2018-06-22

I have come up with a little challenge and would like to see some answers take a minute to read this and answer Use your imagination nothing is to taboo ( keep,in mind it's a male) Please people answer in comments (everyone's view points welcomed I look forward to reading answers) Si je me donne à vous pour un complet 24 hrs que feriez-vous ? Bitte beantworten Sie Leute in den Kommentaren (jedermanns Aussichtspunkte willkommen ich freue mich auf das Lesen der Antworten) Ich fordere jetzt post das gleiche zu sehen, welche Antworten sie zurückbekommen Spaß sein könnte Ahora desafío a personas a postear lo mismo y ver qué respuestas que regresar podrían ser divertido

The Bondage Whore, Chapter 8

fetish thongcutoffs 2018-06-22

Saddam tended to visit on slow nights, when Jimmy and Joe would allow him maximum time with Rachel, which meant he was a Sunday night regular. On his second visit, he had taken his usual anal sex, of course, after placing the tortuous laundry clamps on Rachel's nipples, which was always his first action upon arrival. Saddam had then exited, leaving the nipple clamps on, as usual, and minutes after he left Rachel started to realize what had happened. And as if poor Rachel finally thought that that was the worst thing Saddam could dream up to subject her to, just two Sundays later he managed to top it. For Rachel, Tim was the antithesis of Saddam, a man whose visits she very much looked forward to.

Mother-In-Law Gave Me Lots Of Love

fetish coolguy2020 2018-06-22

Then I told Raji that i wanted to see how good they looked and if she does not mind to please try on the clothes and show. She was looking confused and then I told her you look almost like priya so if yu try on we will get a good idea. I asked her what and she said that the dress was beautiful and Priya will like it a lot. As we were leaving one of my lady colleagues told good bye and complimented Raji saying “Your wife’s looking great. Then she told me that she has spoken to priya on coming back to India even if it means leaving her job as it is not good staying away like this.

Lose Your Inhibitions Ch. 01

fetish baelish85 2018-06-22

Indeed, once we reached the sitting room she pushed me down onto one of the sofas and said, "I haven't pissed all day." Considering it was nearly 5 o'clock in the evening, I was impressed. Mia took it in her hands, a look of wonder on her face. I collected some more but this time Mia grabbed hold of my hand and brought my finger up to her own mouth. With the camera put away, I returned to Mia. She pushed me back onto the sofa and stood before me as she peeled off first her shorts and then her top. Mia lifted herself off me, went to her knees beside the sofa and started to stroke my shaft with her hands.

Thanks to My Friend Gene

fetish janetsue 2018-06-22

A little later Gene came up to me with one of the expensive-looking women on his arm, and said he was going off with her to her place, and gave me his car keys. "Hoo, boy," I thought, "This is just too weird, getting my cock sucked by a woman I met only maybe a half hour ago while she's on the pot taking a piss. "Listen, honey," I said as I leaned over her, "if you don't quit about now I'm not going to be able to hold back." She took her mouth from my dick, but kept stroking me with her hand.

Enjoying Shawn's cock....

fetish vanita 2018-06-22

Their touch was becoming very intimate and I could feel Aunty sucking my nipples and Shawn playing with my stiff hard bud. Let her enjoy your nice stiff cock." So saying I could see Aunty holding Shawn's stiff cock in her hands and placing it at the entrance of my pussy..... Let the hard cock feel the wet soft pussy folds,--- embracing it softly-- while allowing it to advance in..." Aunty was instructing Shawn. It was all shaking vigorously...Aunty was caressing my boobs and sometimes touching Shawn's cock while it was going in and out of my pussy. I let my body totally loose in his strong embrace and could feel the pulsations of the throbbing cock and depositing it's hot essence deep inside me, in squirt after squirt.

Cream Pie Fresh From the Oven

fetish fix8ion 2018-06-22

When I move forward and lightly lick the outside of her pussy lips watch her slowly lean her head backwards, close her eyes and hear that first soft moan of pleasure escape her lips I start to get turned on. I started to rub her pussy lips working her open until I felt the first trace of moisture leak out onto her outer lips. As soon as she settled on my face I started to panic for a moment as I realized that I had just shot a load inside her and was about to taste my cum right from her steamy pussy. I licked like a madman and sucked my cum right out her pussy and in a very short time she started to breath heavily.

Wake Up Call

fetish luv2flirtamswf34 2018-06-22

I can feel your hands coming down on the back of my head, pushing me down as your hips arch up so your dick is sliding down my throat. Gently I bite down on the head and then lick away any pain I may have caused you as you finally slide two fingers deep into my pussy. I love the way my pussy tastes on you and I open my mouth wide to take you back inside as you start rubbing my clit again. My hips rocking up to meet your mouth and fingers as my hands wrap around your ass. I take your cock in my hand and allow my lips to slowly slide over the head as I remove you from my mouth.

Skinny Bitch Ch. 02

fetish sixyjackoffpot 2018-06-22

"Oh fuck, yes," I groaned, raking one hand through her perfectly coiffed hair. One of Tracy's hands gently massaged my balls while she worked my dick with her mouth. She kept sucking and swallowed my load hungrily, giving me a wicked little grin as she tenderly tucked my cock back in to my pants. "Ohhh god yes, Jack, fuck me!" she cried, sliding my dick in to her slick, hot pussy. I reached down and rubbed her clit and she spasmed with ecstasy, taking my dick with her as her hips rocked and the bones pressed in to me. Drifting in a post-coital haze, I kissed her neck and murmured, "I think you're fucking perfect."

Serving Alice

fetish Pastitsios 2018-06-22

"Start licking now Jason, try to massage my foot with your tongue and your lips." she instructed and at the same time she placed her other foot on my chest. I'm sure that the two of us raise questions to the shop assistants especially when they see me humbly kneel in front of her and putting the shoes she wants to try on her feet and when she orders me to fecth her another pair, but I couldn't care less. I always wait for her to fall asleep before I do because a couple of times she wanted me to fetch her some water and I was sleeping, making her angry that her needs weren't satisfied.


fetish luciarochester 2018-06-22

Randy embraced me, unhooking my bra as he kissed me deeply, his fingers feeling the warm wetness that was now spreading over my breasts. Streams of milk sprayed from both sides and Randy eagerly dove his head down to catch the flow from first one nipple and then the other, massaging my engorged flesh as he suckled me while listening to moans coming from deep within my throat. Continuing to feed from the sweet honey pouring from my body, Randy reached under my skirt finding me without panties and he began stroking my already swollen and wet clit. Releasing my breasts he rose up to kiss me deeply, his lips still wet from my milk.

The Basketball Team

fetish Phun4u2 2018-06-22

Before more than a few seconds had passed, she turned to me and told me to crawl over to the nearest and ask him if I could suck him off and would he mind if I swallowed his cum. I was not as happy, I like to suck cock and swallow cum, but, I'm not so excited about having one up my ass. When they had both cum, my wife ordered me to clean her up; I started to get a towel, but, she said that I had to do it with my mouth and tongue. I got down on the floor between her legs and licked her pussy clean of all the sperm deposited there; as I finished, she rolled over and told me that her ass need the same attention.

Filling Santa's Shoes

fetish Merlinslair 2018-06-22

After Eric was gone, I tried to be there to help like I said and one day Julie asked me, "Rand, can I get you to do me a BIG favor, PLEASE?" She looked at me with her big brown eyes and like always I started to melt, "Christmas is coming up and, well, Eric always used to play Santa for Suzie, would you, could you, do it this year. "So, if your done playing house with the little girls, how about slipping that sweet hard cock into my cunt, Santa?" she starts to stroke her clit and motions me closer. "Well then, you must want my cock inside your pussy pretty badly, huh?" Spreading her cheeks and teasing the puckered little hole, "But I want to fuck your ass, deep and hard.

A Mistress, a Sissy, and a Slave Ch. 01

fetish thejm4n 2018-06-22

Giggling naughtily, the seasoned slave began to run her hands up and down Adam's body, teasing each part as she slowly removed his clothing. The silk enchanted his skin and his mind equally--all he could feel or think was the pleasure of having these girly pieces of clothing touching his body. Her pussy pulsed in waves of indescribable pleasure that spread throughout her body and orchestrated her limbs—they clawed and grabbed at the giggling sissy, pushing Hailey down harder on the pussyboy's exploding cock. "Fill me you dirty, giggling slut!" she screamed, pumping his cock with practically inhuman speed, before collapsing onto the ground in a twitching mass of pleasure, lust, and brainwashing.

Grandma and Father Ch. 01

fetish JhMcKn 2018-06-22

All I could see of father was his head in Agnes's crotch with his mouth up around her clitoris area and his erect cock, which curved upward like a scimitar, sticking out over the top of his sheer black bikini panties. With that father moved toward Agnes's face and she took his cock and began sucking it to clean the remaining semen and moisture off of it. As they finished father started to piss himself and aimed his cock at Barbara and let her have it all over her garter belt and hose and then did the same thing to Donna.

Simon's Sprain

fetish TheEnchantress 2018-06-22

It's starting to swell." Nick reached down to touch the swollen ankle gently through Simon's dark dress sock. It took them some time to navigate the parking lot, with Nick checking for fallen debris as he helped Simon hobble along as he placed the least weight possible on his right foot. After moving the passenger seat back as far as it would go, Nick helped Simon to climb in, advising that he elevate his foot on the dashboard. The minute the doorman left, Nick sat down next to the pillow and lifted Simon's foot. After he'd tugged Simon's expensive leather dress shoe off his injured foot, Nick's cock had begun to stir.

Happy Trails

fetish 2018-06-22

We walk down to the cave and I watch you crawl through the little opening a dirty thought runs through my mind the symbolism isn't lost on me in this moment. I lift open your shorts at the leg to have a little better access to your sweet lips, I start to slide a finger between those soft lips. I hear you let out a soft moan as you cum a little down my hand. I rest my hands on your shoulders and go with slow powerful thrusts, pulling it out slowly and pushing it quickly.  It rocks your car a little with each push, I pick up the pace before any hikers start coming down.

Michelle's Arms

fetish furryfan 2018-06-22

What I do remember was that it took me forever to get it out, during which time I was sweating profusely and twitching like I had fleas, and by the end Michelle was even showing a hint of a smile at the corners of her mouth. "Yeah," Michelle said, handing me my change while I tried like hell not to look at her hand to see if her sleeve had slid up. "Okay then, maybe I'll wear a short sleeved blouse tomorrow," Michelle said with a smile. Below her elbows, the fine black hair was just as long and dense as I had imagined, and as I mentioned her blouse and nodded toward those stunning arms of hers, Michelle self-consciously ran her hands up and down the opposite forearms.