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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Tracy the Vicar and her lingerie

fetish louthdweller 2018-06-22

I just nodded and she smiled and said " I thought you did as you are often looking up my skirt in the meetings" I was a bit surprised and apologised, but she said " its fine I love you looking and I have noticed you like it from the lump in your trousers" Again I was a little taken back but said that I had enjoyed seeing her stocking tops and yes it had made me feel very horny.

Panty Power Ch. 05

fetish black saphire 2018-06-22

I felt a lump in my throat as I watched her swing her legs into the taxi, catching a glimpse of her white panties. As Asuka walked toward the bed, the sun shone right through her and I could make out the silhouette of her legs through her dress, all the way up to her panties! But Asuka breast too small." She replied, looking down as she said so. "Mind that pletty white rady in loom?" Asuka laughed loudly, then suddenly when quiet. We dressed and I noticed that Asuka re-used her sticky wet panties and I wondered why when she obviously had so many at her disposal. Straight or with scotch?" Asuka asked again, her eyes shining with power, her fingers turning the remote on and off

Tailor Made

fetish robert0000 2018-06-22

You let me zip you up as I tell you how perfectly it fits you. "Do you think you're a high-class escort, with your cute silky dress?" I ask as you breathe in. I let the strap-on rest there, deep to the hilt, and I'm about to begin withdrawing when I feel you bobbing almost imperceptibly back and forth. You're a bimbo." I can tell you're close to a climax and let go of your cock but you compensate by stepping up your rhythm " You let out a cry like an animal as you spill come onto your skirt. I bring out my dildo, turn down your dress and leave you to rest as I clear away your clothes.

Toys, White Satin, and a Story

fetish elausente 2018-06-22

I will tell you that I am going to give you a foot massage with the Nivea cream but that in order for you to properly enjoy it, I have to limit your sensory inputs; so I will pull the satin belt and asked you to not remove it under any circumstances.... I will put a bit of cream on my hands and I'll get a hold of one of your feet and I will start giving you a very competent massage; I'll know when you are enjoy it enormously when I heard your sighting and moaning when I go over a stiff spot...

Bi threesome- NOT mine

fetish oddtastes 2018-06-22

As soon as the car doors slid shut and you pushed the button for the 15th floor, you and David moved towards me and you both exchanged kisses, first with each other and then, to my surprise and delight, with me! As the car continued its uninterrupted climb upward, David drew me into his arms and, running his hands through my hair, pulled me close into another more passionate kiss as you ran her hands between us to stroke the growing bulges in our crotches. You moved quickly from the chair to lay next to David as I removed my tongue from his ass; I immediately moved my mouth to his precum soaked cock and drove deep until it reached the back of my throat.

Sissy Nicky

fetish call_me_dana 2018-06-22

Angie noticed Nick's arousal at watching the male sub being forced to wear panties. Even before his transformation, Nick had told Angie how sexy he thought Sonya was. Sonya found it quite interesting and started asking Angie to let her come over one day and meet Nicky. Although if you embarrass Sonya again, I may let her punish you next time." Nicky could feel his clit throb even more at the prospects. Looking through the sliding glass door, she could see Angie and Sonya standing by the pool. As she bent over to set their glasses on the table, Sonya's left hand slid up Nicky's thigh, her nails running over her smooth, tanned skin.

Housebound Men

fetish spandexman 2018-06-22

"Ginger!" Tina, the 5'2", well-tanned, 40-year-old, Avon lady with shoulder length curly platinum-blonde hair and a very shapey 140 pound frame that her tight yellow spandex mini-dress, nude controltop pantyhose, wide white belt and 6" white stiletto highheels showed off a little too well, it looked like her 34EEs would burst out of the dress, called. "You did just fine Ginger." The blond said as she began to tie her well-manicured hands behind her back with a pair of beige pantyhose, while her partner secured her dainty ankles together with black tights and wrapped a pair of nude pantyhose over her full rd lips to effective gag her.

Hotel Panties

fetish Upskirt_fan 2018-06-22

I said nothing and let my eyes absorb the view of this woman's very nice ass minimally covered by these red cotton panties. I reached out my right hand and slipped it insider her little red cotton panties. There we stood, in the alcove of a hotel hallway, she jerking my fully erect penis and me, with my hand in her panties, stroking her clit. My right hand stayed inside her panties and, as I felt the cum leave my balls and ascend the shaft, I shoved the two fingers all the way up into her wet cunt, as far as I could reach and sensed her warmth and wetness through my fingertips.

Second Time at the Hole

fetish 2018-06-22

Pushing deep and sucking hard as I pulled off, soon I felt a warm sensation in my mouth as he came. I placed my dick through the hole and felt a nice warm wet mouth start bob up and down. He then started to pull back a little and wanting to feel him deeper leaned my head forward to keep him in my mouth. His head had swollen so big it was hard to swallow so I contained as much of the cum in my mouth as possible, but a good portion ran down my chin. I took him up on it and as I put my dick through the hole, I felt this very warm mouth slide over it.

Gentle Fantasy

fetish blackeyedkitsune 2018-06-22

“Quiet or I’ll gag you.” My face went a little red as I slipped down in the swing, most of my weight being put on my lower back as he cuffed both my ankles up away near the ceiling. It’s such a good thing we use safewords or else I’d be worried you didn’t want it.” He returned to me and stopped for a moment to stare, and I felt my face heating as his eyes wandered from the tips of my fingers to my toes. “That’s my good girl… Go ahead, work for it… I’m already close from taking all those pretty pictures of my cute little sub… fuck…!” He shut his eyes tightly, his glasses slipping down a little, and I leaned forward as much as I could, sucking and pumping my mouth over his cock.

The Pre Date Procedure Ch. 04

fetish jane marwood 2018-06-22

She was a stalwart and enthusiastic supporter of women's rights -- and Miss Watts thought, not without some liking for having an entirely unprecedented amount of control over the young men of the college. Mrs. Lawrence, observed Camilla carefully as the demure young tutor watched the scenario unfolding before her. Mrs. Lawrence ignored the young woman's blushing face as she spoke to her, knowing the tasks that she would soon be required to perform. Mrs. Lawrence had a hard job of keeping a straight face as she saw Camilla suddenly blush with embarrassment. "I don't know what this is all about, but I have a feeling that you are going to embarrass me." Camilla could not help smiling ruefully as the girls stood around her.

Between Larissa's Legs Ch. 03

fetish eatoure 2018-06-22

Turner seemed to find an entire erotic world in the pink folds of her vagina, the translucent texture of her elastic labia, the prominent mounds of her outer lips, and, above all, her long, thick, vibrant female member, a clit for the ages, resonant with eroticism, focus of her stimulation and his generosity, all to be finally washed and anointed with her abundant secretions that gushed forth and the sweet, clean, intoxicating odor of desire and satisfaction they brought forth from inside her. Larissa didn't know which she liked better: the hours (literally) that Turner spent staring appreciatively at her exceptionally beautiful and large genitalia and pleasuring her with his mouth and taking his fill of her texture and warmth and wetness, or the final, ecstatic penetration after an excruciatingly long and intense buildup, ending in the gorgeous feeling of being filled by him and his copious seed.

Cece's Cunt Bitch Ep. 01

fetish lesbian2736hottie 2018-06-22

She stands up disconnecting our lips and she moves her plate, sliding the pizza box at the end of the table. "I'm gonna eat your pussy." She moans and lifts my shirt over my head kissing down my neck. Eat my fucking pussy." I push her head down and writhe nakedly on the table. Suck my fucking pussy you cunt hungry bitch!" I scream. "Fuck yes." I get up and she lays on my table spreading her beautiful long legs. "Eat my pussy!" She sits up and grabs my head pulling me down to her pussy. She pulls my head down making me swallow the sweet and salty tasting piss. "You like drinking my cunt juice and piss so you eat it.


fetish Trubbycat 2018-06-22

My attention naturally shifts to the new job at hand and I note with my face and tongue that you have not only just shaved your legs but your pussy as well. Your legs end in the gleaming new black leather Nine West Botamy boots you got for this birthday, elegant classic lines hugging your calves perfectly and ending in a beautiful traditional high heel. I run my hands along your back and rear, feeling the smoothness of your skirt and the firmness of your new running-toned ass underneath. I feel the myriad little goosebumps as your flesh is stroked, the thousands of microscopic hairs standing at sensitized attention beneath my fingers.

Playing with Her Pet

fetish malstroem 2018-06-22

"I've had this urge to abuse you for the longest time; I've spent the last few days fantasizing about turning that sexy ass red with my whips." Wandas voice had been low and sweet, almost childish, as she said it, with an innocent smile on her lips. Once a thin layer of his saliva covered both of her boots and his tongue had twisted its way around the long stiletto heels, she grabbed his hair and pulled his face towards her soaked pussy. Then she kissed, licked and bit her way down his chest and when she reached his aching cock, she once again wrapped her lips around it.

After the Bath

fetish kotori 2018-06-22

Releasing the sponge, I let my fingers slide between the lips of your pussy. I don't want to damage that perfect little pussy." I lean forward a flick a drop of water of your nipple. When I enter the room, you're sitting on the sofa, gently stroking your pussy, happily surprised at the clean-shaven look and feel. "Make yourself come," I say, "really finger yourself." I want nothing more than to sink my tongue between your lips and lap up the nectar you're producing, nothing more than releasing my cock and fucking you hard. I leave my chair and kneel before you, my mouth only inches from your cunt, my eyes glued to your fingers plunging in and out of your pussy.

Cum Sluts Anonymous 2: Bob

fetish Just Plain Bob 2018-06-22

When he pulled his penis out of her mouth a drop of cum fell from the head of his penis and landed on her upper lip and her tongue came out and licked it and I heard her say, "Mmm, that's good" and then the man between her legs said, "Here it comes sweetie" and a minute or so later her moved out from between her legs and my wife reached down and put a finger in herself. When they were gone she looked at me and said, "Come here baby and kiss me" and God help me, but I did, even knowing that both men had cum in her mouth before they left.

Elle Does Laundry

fetish nimble 2018-06-22

I've trained elle to measure the washing liquid and get the temperature of the water just right, mixing it well before adding an item. elle went to work, leaning over the bathroom sink, hips shivering as she worked my intimate garments with her soapy hands. She kept her eyes trained on her task as I re-entered and stood once more behind her, savoring the muscles of her back and thighs, so nicely framed by her apron. I stepped around her to the sink and dipped my black dick in the soapy water, allowing her a good view of its slippery length. I proceeded to fuck her, my pretty little elle, in her apron, with her fingers gripping the sink that was full of my wet underthings.

Making of a Slave

fetish Ghostwriter 2018-06-21

Tara took a pair of scissors from the closest corner table and began to cut away his shirt, letting the blades slide over his skin and sending shivers coursing through his body. Tara moaned with pleasure as he caressed every inch of her pussy with his tongue, flicking over her lips, finding the little depression under the hood of her clit, playing with the entrance to her vagina, never once taking his tongue off her skin for a second. "If you do it to my liking, I'll let you suck on them." Callum pulled on the chain with alternating pressure while Tara gasped and moaned and played with her clit, pinching and flicking the little nub with expertise.

Hotel: Front Desk

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-06-21

I push the form across the marble counter and watch as Leah rests the shiny metal hook of the prosthetic arm to steady it before signing the bottom holding a pen in her real hand. She takes my hand and looks deep into my face. My hands stroll over each leg stump, becoming acquainted with the soft ends. I slide my hips towards her face, leaving mine between her thighs and a hand on each stump. Her hand and arm stump fondle and play between my legs, soon her lips devour my shaft. Her hips continue to slowly move her wet channel along my shaft as her tongue dives deep in my mouth and her arm stump caresses my face.


Party Of Two

fetish meatloaf90 2018-06-21

brow just before I take you in hand- a look that makes your plaid skirt you'd finally decided to wear. something fierce by the time I'd spanked you for about five We continued on to the party in silence, you with your arms Kurt had barely finished greeting us at the door when you made "Excuse me, Kurt," I said, taking the glass from your hand and The intense look on my face and sudden blush coming across yours "End of the hall, second door on the right. You probably noticed my right hand, the one holding skirt, but if I have to take off my belt, you're going to leave you politely declined preferring to go find Rachel and Kurt.

Taking Charge of Him in Public

fetish GMSM 2018-06-21

If you see someone headed this way, tap my shoulder twice, then put your cock away while I pretend to fix the buckle on my Mary-janes, then tap me again when they are gone." You nod obediently. I slide your cock all the way down the first time in my mouth, gagging a little, drool rolling down to your balls. My tongue expertly twirls around the length, and then the head, as I move your cock in and out of my mouth, sliding smoothly, feeling the wetness in my pussy. Your eyes keep flickering down at me, watching as I lick and suck your cock, my hand stroking your balls. You stand, smiling, and I kiss the cum off your face and beard, smiling into your eyes.

My Wife's Sissy Panty-Sniffer Ch. 03

fetish cuck3995 2018-06-21

I told him I had laid there for a while, and eventually lowered my wife's panties a bit and jerked my little cock. His response back came quickly, and he told me to make sure my wife gave me a blowjob later that day. My wife slid her hand down past my balls and started flicking her fingers against my asshole. Having my beautiful, full-figured, wife sucking the cum of a real man off my cock, at the same time she is fucking my sissy asshole with her finger was too much for me to handle. A few seconds later I moaned and told my wife I was going to cum.

Valentine with Younger Hmong s****r in Law

fetish angeal91 2018-06-21

So me and Kia just came out of the closet and start fucking each other again in the living room. She just passed by while Kia and me were fucking hard which the living room was a step away from the hallway. So I think my younger s****r in law must have hear it and came to the living room. She a came step closer and saw me fucking Kia. My hand was grabbing her butt cheeks and slapping. Mai quickly hide behind the door between the living room and hallway.and then stood her head out a little to peek. So I got out of the bathroom and went to find Kia. I went inside her room and she was deep asl**p from us fucking.