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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Living Doll

fetish PervyStoryteller 2018-11-16

Trixie climbs on top of me, bouncing up and down on my cock while her husband feeds her his, but all three of us are staring at the machine between Doll’s motionless legs, imagining the slow, steady, relentless thrusts of the dildo inside captive Doll. Cindy soon finds herself being spit-roasted by John and Thomas, who always work together, but all three of them stare at the machine between Doll’s latex thighs, imagining the steady, relentless, unceasing thrusts of the dildo in Doll’s cunt. Doll remains completely still and completely silent, eyes covered where she’d otherwise stare straight at the ceiling as the machine whirrs and the dildo keeps up its inexorable, steady, relentless thrusting.

Nudist Retreat Humiliation (NFNM, Femdom, Handjob,

fetish Dracon6217 2018-11-16

As I started to apply the oil to my cock (with Sharon watching me do it, with half-lidded eyes), I heard a female voice yell “Hey Sharon, looks like your friend is putting on a show for you”; Sharon laughed and waved. As I struggled to keep my composure and escape Sharon's warm, oiled hand, I leaned over and whispered: “What are you doing ?” Looking forward, with a sly smile on her lips, Sharon said: “I'm punishing you for spying on me while I was sunbathing; you were a bad, bad, bad boy.” and on each instance of her saying the word bad, her index finger tapped the very tip of my pulsing cock, causing me to shiver in delight.

All Her Secret Smelly Bits

fetish hairysurfer 2018-11-16

"Yes, mostly between your legs but also elsewhere -- such as around your breasts, under your arms, around your heels and on the soles of your feet." John now found himself being carried away with excitement: "I want to smell all these places, feel their texture and roughness, pull on your pubic hairs, search out all your other embarrassing body hair, squeeze the puss out of any angry spots on your ass, stretch open all the creases and folds of skin around your genitals, expose your clitoris, pull out your inner lips, look into your Polish cunt hole and see if you have any warts, examine your tiny little piss hole, open up your smelly, yellow coloured ass crack and sniff all around your anus and slide my fingers around in the slime and sweat and dried on mucus which I know all women accumulate in those gloriously filthy orifices."

Divine Attentions

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-16

Pouring a little more cream over him so that it would run down his shaft with the flow of pre-cum, she got up and went back to the bedroom. That's where we usually end up when rope's involved." She slid along part of his length, coaxing a groan and another gout of pre-cum out of him "Or there's also more physical torture, like this." She continued to rub against him, her anus sliding over his tortured blood vessels. It felt like his pre-cum was flowing constantly now, as if the overwhelming pleasure had made him spring a leak. The contact was like a bolt of lightning and Clive's balls clenched as they pumped a huge gout of pre-cum out of his impossible manhood.

My Descent into Slavery

fetish fucktoy99 2018-11-16

Jackie stood up and I began to stand and follow her but she pushed down on my chest keeping me in place, she then said "It's getting pretty dark so I think we should go back to my place before we do anything else." This statement really excited me, I had no idea what else we were going to do but I definitely wanted to find out; I was so turned on that she could've told me to do anything for her and I would've done it. Jackie tied my leash to her bed and told me I would sleep there on the floor tonight and that her parents would come home late at night and probably leave for work early in the morning, so she didn't want me making any noise.

Andrew's Sister III: The Package

fetish llkop 2018-11-16

I had been kept busy working long hours preparing for the beginning of a new job so the situation with Laura had fallen to the back of my mind. “I have been wearing these for a few days now,” she smiled as she waved the white pair of socks in front of the camera. She held the socks under her nose and inhaled deeply, I felt my cock begin to rise under my dressing gown. Another few minutes of sexy dancing passed by she turned to face away from the camera and slowly removed her panties revealing her ass and then her moist pussy. I pushed one of the white socks inside the other and then stretched it over my hard cock.

Goddess by Choice

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-16

Each time she had tried reset their shared reality, to fix the errors in her suggestions that led to overwhelming climaxes, they ended up pushing the limits of their bodies in totally different ways. Ami could feel herself sinking into the moment, her grasp on the real world slipping as she stripped down and let the transformation cascade over her body. The therapist turned towering intersexed demi-goddess could feel her body expanding, becoming more powerful, as if she somehow was siphoning off more of her pet's reality bending powers. The changes to her own body, alterations to both handle and crave over-sized stimulation, were inextricably linked to the life she had crafted for them and she did not feel like rebuilding all of that.

One for her....Local Hotel

fetish uliveonce 2018-11-16

Teasing you as my finger traces its way downwards, followed closely by my lips planting gentle kisses, right down the backs of your sensitive legs to your ankle. I lick and kiss before gently running my tongue along your wet pussy..exploring you..tasting your juices. Your so close to cumming, as you feel my tongue run from your clit, slowly...downwards...along your pussy....exploring inside...then going lower..lower! You feel my tongue and fingers run gently across the soles of your feet, savouring the silky smooth sensation of the thin nylon stockings stretched tightly around your feet and legs. Your legs either side of my head as you feel my tongue flick against your ass hole, before going up to your wet pussy, licking and tasting and then back to your tight wet anus.

The Party's Ripe for Caning Ch. 04

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-16

Linda Crawford noticed that student behavior in her classes—both the majority, which were all boys, and the one all-girls class—seemed much improved of late with all pupils very careful to avoid being seen chatting with one another during class nor doing anything else to elicit the strict punishment from their teacher for which Hamilton Hall, a prep school for university, was famous. "Oh, I knew they'd have trouble holding it for too long so I let them stand after about three minutes," Joan answered, "but then I had them kneeling on chairs with the backsides facing the class and I inserted cute little tails in their tushees!"

W32.GIBE.B@MM: Feminazi Fucktoy Ch. 03

fetish HungryGuy 2018-11-16

Fully satisfied, Hungry turned around again and lay on top of Fuck Toy placing his legs between hers, rested his head on her shoulder, and fell to blissful sleep. Then, he stood and started walking forward to the kitchen, gently pushing Fuck Toy to crawl backward on her knees with her head strapped to his crotch. Still attached, Hungry slowly positioned Fuck Toy on the bed with her head under the covers and her legs sticking up over the headboard. Having never used a toilet slave before, it took Hungry a while to relax enough to let his piss flow into Fuck Toy's mouth. He returned to the dungeon and took a seat on Fuck Toy's face, this time with his anus over her mouth.

Enticing Him Back

fetish adreannaMarieCoult 2018-11-16

The moment my eyes open, they're gone, the details drifting away. This morning, for the first time in several days, I had the freedom to wake up on my schedule, in my own way. There he was, my boyfriend, always so close but in the past week of upended schedules, long days, and sl**pless nights, I'd missed him. I wished for orgasms and that full, stretched feeling only a cock or few fingers offer. He continued to smack my clit and labia. God fucking damn, it hurt so good. I smiled, stretching like a cat, tangled in the sheets, happy to be petted and loved - in whatever painful way he chose.

Succulent Desires Chapter 3

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-11-16

Taking a sharp breath in, Alice smiled down at Missa, and stroked her hair, running her finger along her jaw so she would look into her face while saying, “That’s my good little girl.” As she leaned down to give her a kiss on the lips, Alice heard a soft moan escape from Missa. “Would you like a tour of the place, a drink maybe, and an introduction to my sweet little girl?”   Alice asked Aidan in a sweet voice as she pressed her upper body into his side, looking up at him from under her lashes and smiling.

Cindy and Mindy Pt. 02 Ch. 02

fetish djubre666 2018-11-16

"Hi honey, we missed you soooooo much." I said sexily emphasizing the point by puling the heavy pre-cum churning cock to my face, and sliding the fingers of my other hand inside my panties, between my drenched pussy lips. It took three long steps to cross the pre-cum puddle and for the princess tip to reach Chris's face. "How about a hug then?" I spoke, taking one long step allowing the full aroused length of the princess to sink in as inches and inches of monstrously thick meat travelled next to his face, slowly growing wider and wider. "You want to do it again Chris, already." I said, the mere though of repeating the experience made the princess grow again bare seconds after the last orgasm.

Dirty old pervert 1

fetish megalanthropus 2018-11-16

Given my status as someone who knew what it took to crack so many different exams, the sisters and their parents paid attention to everything I said about competitive tests as such, and they hung on every syllable I mentioned about the MCAT. I was seeking the approval a twenty year old who had just looked at me with revulsion as she saw me ejaculate while watching a porn video featuring older men and younger women. “All right, Joy,” I said, “whatever I did or didn’t do there, I am really good at coaching students for their MCAT, and your dad really wants you to have that 35!

Strapon Fucked by my Wife

fetish cuntosaurus 2018-11-16

On one occasion when we were doing this my wife mentioned that she liked the though of using a strapon to allow her to take the role of penetrator when we had sex. After some more browsing and decision making I hopped onto the computer, and placed the order for our strapon, lube and a few other bits through the catalogues website. My wife proceeded to gently fuck my arse for a few minutes, as I groaned with the pleasure. It was extremely pleasurable, the hard shaft in my arse with my wife's hands pumping away on my own dick. After a short time I felt her tense as the orgasm started, I kept driving my fingers in and out of her and thumbing her clit while she moaned, and bucked around.

Driving home my son’s eighteen year old friend

fetish ScottandSam 2018-11-16

As we drove off I could start to feel my Focus just gently pulling to the right and I made sure that Brad had a great view of my feet working the pedals. As the tyre got to the stage where it was starting to make the really sexy rumbly noise that is where you can see it outside the car clearly and feel it inside the car, I thought let’s make this spicier, so as we drew up to stop light I took off my flipflop put my foot up on my leg and said to Brad, “can you rub my sole I’m sure I have something stuck on there.”

Why my wife has a wet pussy

fetish woreout 2018-11-16

I asked if she needed me to make love to her and she said no, just eat my pussy. I was in the den when Roger rang the doorbell, my wife let him in and immediately gave him a passionate kiss. My totally naked wife saw him to the door and again passionately kissed him before he left. I slipped my hand into the grass skirt and easily sank two fingers into her already nasty pussy. I pulled my hand from under the skirt and my wife pushed the spearm covered fingers into my mouth. She said he had fucked her in the ass, that her pussy was to loose. The next day as I cleaned up around the pool my wife laid topless and relaxed.

Living with a slut wife

fetish woreout 2018-11-16

The guy in her ass was the first to cum, when he pulled his cock out it had a ring of white foam around the base of it. The guy she had been blowing took his place and pushed his hard dick up her relaxed ass . I sat and watched as each guy one by one dumped their nuts into my wife's hungry holes. They all took a break to recharge their cocks and while they had a drink and watched my wife rode my face as I lay in the door eatting the spearm from her leaky holes. He ribbed his cock head up and down her slit then pushed it into her ass untill his nuts where resting between her pussy lips.

Kitty Girl’s newest peeing adventures

fetish centaur 2018-11-16

They were both submerged in the sea of undisrupted calmness and when Laura occasionally petted Rachel on the head, the kitty girl purred softly. ‘What she might be up to?’ – she asked herself, but as kittens don’t like to think too much, her thoughts wandered away quickly and soon Kitty Girl fell asleep. ‘Oh, what’s wrong’ – Laura asked in a sarcastic voice – ‘Kitty has to use the litter box?’ As an answer, Rachel meowed in a high-pitched voice and looked at her with a begging look. She relaxed her muscles and with a series of quiet, high-pitched meows Kitty Girl started to pee. First weakly then in a stronger jet Laura started peeing all over Kitty Girl’s face.

Megan Ch.13

fetish djubre666 2018-11-16

As he was waving, a leg came out of the train and landed next to him, it wasn't the same size as Megan when she left, but it could only be her, because it was actually bigger. The man turned around facing Megan's hips and started looking up craning his neck all the way back, and all he could see was the bottom of her breasts. "Joeeeeeeyyyyyy......" Megan screamed running towards me, thudding my way with long powerful strides pounding the ground like a pile driver, shaking the entire platform. I've waited so long to have you under my pussy, and I think the moment has come." Megan said taking half a step forward, pressing my face against her crotch.

My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends - 1

fetish tcg 2018-11-16

He said, "well I sat over there and watched as maybe five different men came over and asked you to dance, and you turned them all down, now I may not be an expert in a lot of things, but one thing I do know is when a pretty wife is out with her girlfriends, she must really love her husband is she does not to want to go dance with every Tom, Dick, or Harry, who ask her" She smiled and said "Once he got to his car, I proceeded to follow him, I admit I thought about turning, but at this point, I decided, oh what harm can there be in going to his place, having a glass of wine, maybe kissing him and coming home so wet and ready for you babe!"

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 05

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-11-16

Claudia could see the perfection in Mistress Eva's ass as she positioned it directly above her cum and shit filled mouth. Mistress Eva, pulled her ass cheeks far back, carefully swiveling in circular motions so that Claudia's mouth filled like a soft serve cone full of chocolate ice-cream. The sound and smell of bodily gases pushing more shit out of Mistress Eva's anal passage made Claudia hyperventilate through her nose. "You can relax now, Shitlips, I've finished shitting," assured Mistress Eva, wiping her ass with Claudia's dress. With the exception of the shit on Claudia's eyes, Mistress Eva compressed the rest of the load into Claudia's mouth, bulging out her cheeks and filling in any empty gaps between her lips, teeth, and right up to her gums.

Fuzzy Flight

fetish MarcusWoolf 2018-11-16

I was half asleep, waiting for my flight to start boarding, when she entered the waiting area; a vivacious blonde in a fantastic fuzzy blue turtleneck sweater and high-heeled knee-long musketeer boots. I had some fantasy images of my cock being buried in the soft wool of her sweater and her hands slowly stroking it. The sleeves of her sweater felt so nice stroking my naked skin, but now something equally soft was caressing my straining member. Her hand now stroked my dick hard and quick, and as I heard her panting softly and felt her pussy muscles pulsate and clamp around my exploring fingers, my dam burst and I shot load after load of semen into the woollen sleeve and all over my trousers.

Black on Black Pegging: Maryland

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-16

Shaking my head, I smacked my sub's hairy Black ass as I thrust my strap-on dildo deeper inside of him. Hmm. I love fucking men in the ass with my strap-on dildo. Like a lot of Black Canadian men, he's fascinated by us African-American ladies. My pussy is all wet with excitement as I continue pounding my strap-on dildo into this fine Canadian brother's ass. I don't think a man is gay or bisexual if he's into women with strap-on dildos. Joyfully I smacked Frantz across the face, spat on him and pinched his nipples, cock and balls as I hammered his ass with my strap-on dildo. I smiled, looking at this Black Canadian man as he sucked my dildo.