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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Magic Panties Ch.04 (sissy story) by noflon

fetish 2018-06-21

I've been wearing skirts and tight pants, sucking cock, being fucked up the ass, and basically been riding out the changes on my two week long vacation from work. I opened it up and read the note inside: "I know you'll look better than this in a Bikini, but you also have work on Monday, here's money to get new clothes and some bras –Michelle." "Well, follow me then," she said and lead me to the changing room, she went with me into a stall and then paused, "I know this may seem crude, but trust me, its strictly professional." She winked and then reached up my shirt and felt around my chest.

Hotel Sissy Panties

fetish cdasspussy5 2018-06-21

Mike's room was just down the hall from mine so I decided to stop for one beer and watch the end of the football game. After 10 minutes of talking, walking around the room in his underwear with a semi-hard on and the beer starting to loosen my morals, I decided that I would suck on his cock for him. As a continued to try and clean up and swallow all the cum, Mike announced that he was going to take a shower and that I better be gone when he's done and then pulled his cock from my mouth and walked away.

Riding Bitch

fetish bareman 2018-06-21

It's not like I can't pay attention to my riding, but there are times I have had to stop to cool down a bit for my own safety. That's the bad thing about a either have to walk, or haul along other transportation, or break camp every time you need to go someplace." Although she had been riding and sweating, it was obvious she had been fucked that morning and whoever had done the deed had deposited a heavy load of cum in her hot cunt. I sat there for a moment, panting from the exertion, then, still looking her in the eyes, I put my hand to my mouth and slurped up my hot sticky spend.

Six Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 02

fetish Alfamann 2018-06-21

You must make sure you pick an evening when Henrik is home, and you are to explain to him you are naked as a punishment for being naughty. At breakfast on Wednesday morning I tried to sound casual as I asked Henrik if he was going to be home this evening and he confirmed he was. "And as a punishment Steven has told me I have to be naked all evening." I tried to make it all sound as casual as possible. After being made to expose myself to Henrik for what seemed an eternity, Steven final took my hand and led me away from a stunned, but very appreciative, young man.

How I Became a Cross Dresser

fetish kbking70 2018-06-21

Paul finally asked, "So is it really true you like dressing like a girl, or was that just a one-time deal?" I don't know why, but I admitted I liked it. I asked him what he wanted me to wear, and without hesitation he said, "Her cheer leader uniform." I fit into it well, and have to admit, I looked pretty good. I had never felt more alive, or sexier, than I did on my knees, dressed like a cheerleader, and getting face fucked by Paul. When he finished Paul said, "Take off those bloomers and let me see what a cheerleader with a cock looks like." I did as directed and lifted up my skirt to show him my rock hard 6" cock.

Jezebel, The Whore of Babylon

fetish sithlord6969 2018-06-21

Taking a small video camera from the bag, she then placed the bag in the second chair and focused the lens towards the hole in the wall. Turning down the volume, Leslie took the second chair a moved it close the glory hole and sat down to wait. “Jezebel’ turned to face the camera again, she smiled for a moment into the lens and bent over and grabbed her ankles with her wet cunt up near the hole. Getting her crotch as close to the camera lens as she could she moved her hands away and let the youth's thick fertile semen flow out of her moist cunt, running down her legs and towards the grimy floor.

The Manipulatrix Ch. 01

fetish PeterOmez 2018-06-21

So then after my girlfriends and I have spent two or three hours in the club and had our fun, and I pay our tab with my boyfriend's credit card, I come back out to the car, and let him drive me home. I know you've had a long day at work." We'd drive to the club, and then, as usual, I'd let him wait in the car so he could just have some relaxing, quiet time with his thoughts. So I said, "Aw, honey, the last bus out from downtown has left, so why don't we call it a night, because it will take you about an hour to walk home, and you need to get a little sleep before work in the morning.

How Did MaryKay get pregnant II

fetish 2018-06-21

Ted seemed surprised as said really and asked if I was busy, I wasn't so we went to lunch I could tell he had something on his mind. Ted asked me if I knew why Jay quit his job, I said it always puzzled me. Ted continued asking Marykay to dance and when she asked Jay each time he said "if you want to". Ted realized the situation was starting to get out of control as Greg made his play for Marykay who was horny from dancing and drinking already. Marykay couldn't say that to Jay, finally Ted said "Jay, Marykay wants to have sex with me what do you say?".

Jessica's Fantasy

fetish LostOnes 2018-06-21

She felt Michaels hand touch her midsection, and run down a leg. He turned her away from him, and felt her hands being pulled towards the small of her back. There was a pause where nothing happened, and then she felt her breast being cupped and then squeezed, her nipple pinched, and the surprise of it all causing her to breath out sharply between pressed lips. She now felt a hand grab her by the back of the neck and a voice in her ear told her to open her mouth. Her skin flushed cold, her mouth suddenly dry, as she heard the sounds of the bedroom door being opened, and felt the pull of her hand guiding her out and into the unknown.

In a Family Way

fetish DustinSteerpike 2018-06-21

"I don't know, they do seem a little bigger," said Cassandra, with what sounded to me like jealous skepticism. Deidre said, "I can't wait until mine are round and full like this," as she suckled up to Samantha's left boob. Look how big she's getting!" We all laughed, but I was really into making love to Samantha, since she was far sexier with her enhanced breasts and rounding belly. When she opened the door, she was wearing pajama shorts that were a little low on her abdomen, and a short top that stopped just beneath her boobs, which had grown from their earlier small size into nicely rounded breasts.

Teased by My Neighbor

fetish randomer555 2018-06-21

"I bet you wish you could get long and hard." Beth said, laughing as she grabbed my caged cock again. "Yes. I'm sure." I said as Beth began licking my cage again. Beg me to keep your cock locked up." Beth said. "Well since you want your cock locked up so badly, I'll keep it locked." Beth said. "Here's how this game is going to work," Beth said as she blindfolded me with the cloth, "I'm going to put each clothespin on you. I managed to get clothespin number six off but then I got another smack to the balls. I simply focused on giving Beth a strong orgasm, in hopes of forgetting about my sore balls and throbbing, trapped cock.

The Best Way to Eat Ice Cream

fetish Rescue325 2018-06-21

The vibrations feel good and you start to relax. You ask what I'm doing and I tell you to trust me and relax with a devilish laugh. I really get into licking the ice cream off and I start rubbing my clit on your thigh as I do so. You slip another vibe into my wet pussy and start thrusting it in and out while I wiggle with pleasure. You start fingering my ass with the lube and I beg you to get it over with. I moan loudly and start to feel myself explode as you slide back in my pussy. You kiss my belly as you remove the vibe from my ass and give my pussy one last good lick.

Finally Got Him

fetish Darkinside 2018-06-21

"So then I hear him start to grunt, you know, like he's getting close, and he starts pushing a little harder into my throat, and I feel him swell and harden a little more, and now I know it's coming, he's gonna shoot his cum into my mouth, but I don't want it in my throat, 'cause then I can't taste it, so I slip my hands to his hips, and just as he starts to blow his load I push him a little and pull my head back, so I can wrap my lips around the head of his big cock." She started moving more quickly now, and her voice betrayed her impending climax, just as I felt mine spurred by her description, knowing how it would end, but wanting to hear her say it.

Pegging Lesson First Date and More

fetish 425olds 2018-06-21

I told her before I show her my tricks, I'd have to "prepare." So, I put on a movie, packed a few bowls of bud, and after I got a good high going and felt more relaxed, I went into my bathroom with my douche, stripped down, and got to cleaning up. "Sure, but first, I want to show you something." I grabbed her hand and placed it on my ass, right on the plug. After a few moments of that, she sat up, lifted my legs, and reinserted just the head of the dildo slowly in and out as my ass grabbed at it wanting more trusting deeper once all 12" were in again, Anna got on top of me. Anna let out a long breath, and finally pulling the 12" dildo from my well satisfied ass.

High and Low Ch. 03

fetish bisexualsmoker 2018-06-21

She wore gold rings and silver bracelets and something about her smoking her cigarettes always seemed so sexy to Simon. "Pleased to meet you, " she said to Brenda seemingly pleased that Simon had a new friend other than that loud obnoxious Karen or whatever her name was. She placed her hand on Simon's thigh and rubbed sensually. Simon got on his knees on the bed and placed his hard prick into her pussy. Brenda threw her legs high in the air, wrapping them around Simon's neck. "Maybe she has a thing for bare feet too, " it entered Simon's mind as his sexual tension increased even more, and he continued to bang this LA beauty.

Louise Bellman's Clinic Ch. 02

fetish margaret_jenkins 2018-06-21

It was not so much that he was worried about her seeing them, but he thought it likely that he would become sexually aroused when she examined and touched him and he was worried that she would be offended at seeing him become erect or, worse, ejaculate. She then took a tube of KY jelly and liberally smeared it onto the third and little fingers of her left hand, which she then carefully inserted into George's arse. The feeling of having the cool substance penetrate him made George shudder, but Louise's hand was pressing down firmly on his buttocks, holding him still. "Of course you are going to pee, but you do not have to go to the bathroom, just relax and let it happen while I am massaging you.

Another Police Line-up

fetish AnonymousPerv 2018-06-21

"Tony continued, "Anyway, the girl's breasts were bouncing all over the place as I watched her run across the room and fight with that guy. Tony was almost speechless, but finally said, "Ma'am, your tits move wonderfully, but I am afraid the bouncing and swinging of this girl was significantly different, as if the weight of her chest wasn't balanced, but still uniquely firm. She displayed ample amounts of cleavage and if Tony had to guess, Erin's tits were more rocket shaped than round, like the shorter of the two detectives, Barbara. It was rather humorous watching the detectives try to help the blinded girls get dressed, but since he wasn't asked to leave the room, he enjoyed the view as they did.

A Study Session Gone Wrong Ch. 01

fetish author522 2018-06-21

Right before the school day ended, one kid named Robert came up to me and said "Hey, you better go to Shelby's prepared." "Because she is known to try and make deals that involve her offering sex in exchange for the ability to do less work on her projects," said Robert. "You actually gave this loser a blowjob?" said Melissa. I was hoping they'd drop their bikinis too, but Courtney told me that little dick men don't get to see them completely naked. "Ok loser, get your two fingers ready to jack your pathetic dick" said Shelby. "Wave goodbye to the loser dick girls," said Shelby. "Now little dick," said Courtney.

'Death' by The Naughty Poet

fetish ticklechambers 2018-06-21

"You're such a naughty girl that I think you need a lesson." Bad, Bad, Bad, my repetitive thought progression; it's not easy without the power, like I'm just one of his possessions. "You're a very naughty girl," his hand ran up my thigh; however this time you might note, it went up really high. His lips to my ears he whispered so sweat, "My dear little child, hand me your feet." My pussy felt wet and nerves broke my will, I'd not do this willingly but with his words I will. I should have known your pleasure of punishment and sin." He laughed at my trembles and giggled at my moans, his hands rushed back down to my toes- oh god- "don't touch those!"

Joe's Driving Lesson Pt. 03

fetish soleful 2018-06-21

Tia looked over at the other side of the tram car and noticed the old man hugging his wife, with his face resting on her still attractive bosom. Tia stood and faced Joe with her white gloved hands on her hips and rocked one of her long white boots on its heel in a flirting gesture. Tia's hands looked so pretty and innocent adorned in her long white fashion gloves as she operated the bondage phone app. Tia rendered Joe helpless as his bound hands were pinned to his chest, by large magnets in his shirt and his boots were stuck together up their whole length, by other magnets, she then took her phone and placed it in her skirt again.

Wake up call

fetish apple8428 2018-06-21

Pinning my arms to my sides as you lower yourself fully over my face, so you can still see my cock, but my nose it inches from you, staring into your beautiful pussy and arse . You taste amazing and my tongue starts to wiggle on its own and I can tell I'm pleasing you by how wet you're making my face. My cock becomes completely engorged with pleasure for you as you still whip it, sometimes grabbing it and squeezing it hard in your vice like grip. You stand above me again but this time facing me, just as suddenly as you had gotten up you squatted down over my cock and quickly slid it into you, leaning back so all I can see is my cock sliding into your beautiful pussy.

xdresser Foxxiroxxi fucked by daddies poker buddie

fetish foxxiroxxi 2018-06-21

OMG im so fucking horny listening to my black bull talk dirty to me as im sucking his huge cock ,its so big im gagging and choking and ive only got half of it in my throat . My bull is now slamming my ass so hard im screaming so loud I look up and john has stopped in front of a group of people and they are all watching me get fucked in the back of the car by this massive black cock WoW that just made me even hornier ,I could not take my eyes off the people watching me as I came and came not stop .Then it was marcus turn I could feel him throbbing as he lifted me off and turned me around to come in my throat and on my face as all the people were watching .

The Colony Party Ch. 11

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2018-06-21

Adi and Ajay dashed towards the community building of The Colony after they had prepped Priya. A woman came up to the bar and yelled, "Adi, One Mojito please." Ajay prepared the drink and gave it to her in place of Adi. She took the glass from him with a smile and said, "You look new here. Ajay and Adi were giggling, Nisha said angrily, "Well don't you have customers to attend to?" and went to the dance floor with her hubby, who was still complaining why he can't have the Mojito. The lady in red took the letter from the kids hand and said, "Thank you Chutki." And the kid went back to the playing pen.

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 06

fetish leaky_one 2018-06-21

Laura's night sensor brightly illuminated the two fast flowing streams of the piss flowing from the pussies of the two women. This was much more fun than simply peeing on the floor and Laura continued her new wee for several long seconds. The hiss of her escaping pee shower began to dwindle as Laura slowed her toilet of hot piss into the filing cabinet. The hot stream of pee was still flowing strongly from her pussy lips when suddenly Laura heard the unmistakable sound of a key turning in the office door. Staring past her large hardened tits at the spectacle of her pissing pussy and the sight of her pee hitting the unconscious guard, Laura decided she would finish the rest of her wee all over him.