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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Fantasy Fuck

fetish mercedes7 2018-06-21

Victoria was lying on the bed and her micro skirt had risen up to her waist, revealing a white thong underneath and as she looked back at me, she said "so don't you like the way I dress? I reached forward and parted her legs further which allowed me a complete look up between her soft bum cheeks, with her crack modestly covered by Victoria's dirty white thong string. I held the length of her knicker gusset out and ran it under Victoria's own nose whilst pinning her down lying on top of her, "here you go, smell this you dirty bitch..this is how your pussy & asshole stink!!"

Mommy Whore In The Backyard

fetish 2018-06-21

Mom opened her legs wide and said, "Franky come to mommy and eat my hot pussy while I suck some hard pink cock!" I went down and started licking my moms fragrant wet cunt lips and pointed clit, and as I was giving her oral pleasure while she began sucking the other boys stiff boners! she sceamed so loud that I bet you could hear her from a block away, while mom was cumming hard from fucked in the ass and pissing everywhere, the boy finally started to dump his hot volcanic load deep in my mom horny shit pit!

I Love Women in Panties Ch. 03

fetish lovethosepanties 2018-06-21

"Hey look who's here at last," Sally said to the girls "It's our birthday boy looking like the cat that got the cream, I wonder what sort of present his girlfriend gave him this evening, eh bro?" As I opened my eyes I saw Julie, Diane and Sally standing in front of me each holding out a present for me, they sang a quick Happy Birthday and remained standing in front of me, each of them beaming from ear to ear. "Come on Mikey, for heaven's sake it's only your birthday presents, the least you can do is say thanks and have the good grace to open them" Sally said

Sex Wrestling Couples Pt. 02

fetish Femfightfan 2018-06-21

Dani held her in place as the ref began the count, break the hold Dani, 1...2...3...4..Dani let Laurie fall to the mat gagging and desperately trying to suck in air. Dani reached up, made the tag and Jay jumped into the ring and went after Don. He pulled Don off the mat by his hair and lifted him over his shoulder. Jay made it to his feet and stumbled to his corner as the referee finally moved outside the ring and stopped the two women from double teaming Don. Dani stepped back up onto the apron and tagged Jay making her the legal member of the team. As the referee struggled to break Laurie and Jennifer apart, Dani got Jay back into the ring in her corner.

Man in Uniform

fetish latexcd69 2018-06-21

It occurred to me the other day that instead of trying to date a police officer, why not purposely get pulled over by one. My closet was full of sexy outfits that I considered but I ended up going with the black leather dress with a hole in the center of the chest, showing off cleavage from my 36 d's. The officer slowly made his way towards my car as I touched up my lipstick. As I batted my eyes and ran my fingers along my leather dress I said, "I have to say Officer...Jones, that you look very attractive in your uniform. After several minutes I noticed and started pushing my ass back into him, trying to give them a great show.

Saying Goodbye

fetish twynn2257 2018-06-21

For almost a year, she had been milking the cum out of me with her hands, mouth, pussy, and ass three times a week. A loud "Oh" from Charlotte is all I need to begin pumping my cock up and down inside of her as hard and as fast as my hips will allow. I open my eyes to see a stream of spittle fly at me as Charlotte tries to get the last bit of spit out of her mouth....and onto my face. I feel the stream course its way down my cheek and Charlotte helpfully shovels it into my now-open mouth. Of the hundreds of times Charlotte has made me cum, we've never allowed my orgasm to finish inside of her.


fetish 2018-06-21

She rubbed and fingered her pussy to at least three orgasms as I watched, scooting forward inch by inch closer to my cock, her spread legs now over my thighs and hanging off either edge of the mattress, but never making contact with me. She leaned forward and began to suck my balls, slipping a finger into my ass, licking up and down the underside of the shaft, starting to make me crazy again, but again she pulled away before the end and retreated to the end of the mattress. The room was getting lighter, when without warning after torturing me like a shrew all night long, Joyce pulled off the clamp and pulled her lips back at the same time, then jerking my shaft hard.

Hotel of Humiliation.

fetish klammer 2018-06-21

“Sensible choice, after all if you had decided to escape, Kelly and Rachael wouldn’t have liked it.” she said, pointing out two burly females behind me. “Let’s start with some underwear, shall we ladies?” said Miss Hoover to the audience. “Now.” said Miss Hoover “Time for the outfit.” The audience watched the screen with bated breath for who was going to dress up this strange Barbie doll, which unfortunately was me. The two beauticians were there, Kirsty and Amy. They brought in with them a trolley full with jugs of what Miss Hoover announced to the audience was chocolate sauce, several cans of whipped cream and some syrup.


fetish mrgetmakunut 2018-06-21

NEW fetish i just been doing my thing thinking i knew everthing . im no player. i wwas like damn. thinking it was just a hip ..........wrongshused it hold me still like schoke. . just waitng for the the gril who can break me so hard .i no player im get whip easy but i met so many that wont do it i like those who wrestle . jean sitting i want to no more i like to prY FOR THE NEXT BREATHE . MORE and more i tell chick i just want u to beat my face with ur crotch/ NICES I DONT NO 333 AND LOST i see word heAR UNDER

Abused Counselors Ch. 01

fetish The Needler 2018-06-21

Mike stood up, took the strap and started spanking her hard with the foot long implement, gradually turning her ass light red. Betty Boobs wants the Jeff's soft little pansy hands." His started grabbing more and more flesh; taking a chance and twisting her nipples, making her cry out. These are Betty Boobs, who hates you, who likes to make fun of you, the woman who makes your work day hell." Let Betty Boobs have it." A couple of taps touched her skin, and she began goading him with the harsh voice, changing to a softer voice to direct him: "Dumbass. Take it out on Betty Boobs." Her voice went back into hard mode: "C'mon shitbrain, stupid, dumbass." Several more blows started turning the delicate white flesh pink.

The Millionaire

fetish DanLockered 2018-06-21

With that she gave him a package and said "Open this at home and on our next date if you wear it you will get to eat my pussy." She gave him a big smile. "No dear, I expect commitment from my men that's why I ask them to wear it. You wear that and you get to eat my pussy. She smiled sweetly, "Oh my dear boy, you want me so bad. Only one person at a time can pass, and the other door will open only when this one is closed. "Hello my lovers, I want to introduce you to number 50, he has provided our fund with 100 million dollars in total.

Sex with pregnant friend.

fetish Hottoyboy 2018-06-21

We invited a good friends of us to come over, to bbq. We ate some food and then we d***k something, time past by, and at 00:10 she said, that she anbd her man haven't had sex for the last few weeks, but she was really horny. Me and my girl looked at eachother and started smiling, she asked us what that was about. First my girl and then our friend, she is a great sucker. I came on their faces and after that we had sex, there happend a lot, anal, cock suck, pussy lick, footjob, many hot things. At the i was fucking our friend while my girl was licking her tits and kissing her, after been fucking a while she had a great orgasm..


fetish 2018-06-21

She just smiled and said oh really with a sly grin, she actually grabbed my dick and massaged it a little, i already had a bit of pre cum going on. She went over the rules one i was to call her mistress at all times, two i am her bitch for the night, three if i want to stop just say so. No way was i going to say stop to her though, she sat down and told me to take off her shoes and suck her toes. She smiled and untied me and told me to lick her ass, i sucked and licked until my tongue hurt and my mistress was satisfied.

A Wife's Corset Mistake?

fetish Learningfast 2018-06-21

There is nothing like being close to a corseted or girdled woman, to hold her and to fill her; all the while feeling the extra pressure that comes from her clothing and the way it presses on her body. I can feel the bones of her underwear, the pressure on her skin, her sort-of immobility, her exaggerated shape with reduced waist and bulging hips, the flatness and tautness of her stomach and groin, the round firmness of her bottom, and the strain of the corset or girdle edges into her thighs. I decided to start easily and got for her a long high-waist open girdle, with suspenders and stockings, and a long boned bra.

Sex with a stranger I met in the park

fetish DirkDastardly 2018-06-21

God I wanted her, her breasts were firm and full, her nipples poking into my chest..she pushed away and kissed down my body, the water cascading off of both of us, taking hold of my cock for the first time, she lowered herself, now crouching..looking up at me with water covering her, the. I kissed her telling her we liked to hear a woman ask us, maybe almost beg us to fuck them, or to lick their cunts,....her face was a picture when I used the 'C' word, she said I could never say that, I hate the word..I made her practice.

The World is Her Toilet Ch. 03

fetish nopjans 2018-06-21

Betty wasn't sure how Kelsey would react to her brazenly pissing all over the train. Both girls laughed at how ridiculous Betty sounded, but Kelsey shifted in her seat again and crossed her legs. Kelsey saw relief wash over Betty's face as a silvery beam of liquid traveling from her pussy onto a basket of newspapers meant to be delivered to the building's tenants. Kelsey looked around at the inundated newspapers, the mark spattered across the lower third of the door, and the long river of piss flowing away from the scene. C'mon, lets get out of here." Betty smiled, knowing that her circle of naughty peeing friends had expanded by one.

Me, Myself, and I

fetish Miah_H 2018-06-21

Jim longed for the day that his flexibility training would pay off and he could reach his final goal: to comfortably suck all 6 1/2 inches of himself, and bring himself to orgasm with just his mouth, swallowing every last drop of salty goo. So if you don't mind, I'm gonna go take care of myself here quick." And so the amused looking Jim #2 stood up, walked over to Jim's computer, immediately went to Jim's painstakingly disguised and hidden porno collection, opened up Jim's favorite vid of the shemale, and bent over and started licking his own cock.

Cross Country ( Fantasy )

fetish hornychicken 2018-06-20

Having known the entire f****y for a very long time I knew Kim would be a fun companion along the way, joking, carrying on and such. I go from kinda horny to raging horny, I can feel my hard cock pressing against Kim's leg and it is leaking pre-cum. Kim slid her hand down and touched my throbbing wet cock. Another typical day, we do a bit of sightseeing, stopping a few times at look offs and taking pictures. Kim decides to lay down for a bit as we cruise through one of the boring legs of the trip. As I eat my lunch Kim takes my cock in her mouth and sucks it like a pro.

Office Tension

fetish mercedes7 2018-06-20

What i did notice was that whenever she wore trousers (and my head turned to watch her as she'd walk past) she had a tight looking arse, and her knicker outline was always visible, kinda cutting into her ass cheeks making it easy to imagine her in her panties. After exploring inside her knickers (under her raised dress) around by her rear, i withdrew my hand and as we pulled apart from kissing i moved my finger up to my nose. Im not sure if Julia had ever been fucked up her arse before, because it felt so damned tight inside her, and her moans suggested to me that the experience was new.

Sam's Breast Fetish

fetish Egmont Grigor 2018-06-20

Sam White is your better than average guy – short clipped grey hair washed every third day, clean fingernails, polite to woman, kind to children and is morally sound. He created a curvaceous red-head with big breasts who wears short dresses and very high heels and stuck her on a ranch surrounded by lusty cowboys. Okay, he'd admit his 'favourites' of sites on his web browser consisted mostly of breast sites and he did have an old bra somewhere that he used to wear and he'd once walked into a street pole – well, on several occasions actually - while looking at some woman's really delightful pair bouncing along attempting to escape from captivity.

Dinner and Drinks

fetish lilactwist 2018-06-20

I was going to sit and pee, drink my vodka, frig myself slowly, and lick my wet tasty fingers off before returning to that dull party. Deep penetration and she synchronized her tongue and finger thrusts until I began repeating, "Yes, yes, oh, yes, yes," and spilled my my wetness into her mouth, my orgasm fierce and fiery. I heard Diana's breathing slow down and she whispered, "lovely, so lovely." She was now standing over me, her mouth sensually licking the finger from my behind. I darted my tongue in and out in rapid motion before I raised my hand up and put an index finger in her waiting ass.

Then and Now Pt. 02

fetish Lucien_Al 2018-06-20

I spent a lot of time imagining him with my panties pressed to his nose, stroking his beautiful hard cock. His hand was gently caressing my leg with his fingers moving up my thigh until I could feel him brush my pussy through my jeans. I could see his hard cock swing freely as he knelt down between my legs and his mouth slowly settled onto the lips of my pussy through my panties. I started to ride him hard, his cock slipping in and out my wet pussy in long hard strokes. As walked from the room to the kitchen to get the bottle of Champagne from the fridge, I could feel our combined juices oozing from my pussy adding to the moisture already soaking my panties.

Exploring Luann

fetish Madabouthair 2018-06-20

"Guess I'll take you up on that birthday drink after all Jim," Luann said as she turned back towards me, and that was how the best afternoon I had in a long time began. The long downy hair slipped through my fingers like an angel's breath, and when my hand moved lightly down Luann's forearm the hair stood up straight as goosebumps covered her pale skin. The two of us watched my hand gently slide along her slender forearm a couple of times, and I heard Luann take a ragged intake of air when I moved a little way up her furry bicep. "Did you put something in my drink?" Luann said after she caught her breath, and then quickly added, "Just kidding, but I haven't been like that since - ever!

More than a Little Taste

fetish needsomerelief 2018-06-20

I could feel her nipple going deep into my mouth, and suddenly, I started getting a LOT of milk. I was massaging her breast with my hands to work the milk down, and she was smiling, and kinda laughing at me. I kept suckling and drinking, and she started running her hands down toward my cock. It took me a couple of minutes of us kissing her and massing my prostate through my perineum, before I made it the few inches to her other breast. I made it to the right breast, and it started like the first one did. After we got cleaned up, I told her that I'd never really envisioned that I would actually drink her milk that like.