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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

For Her Eternal Servitude

fetish pedicure_dream 2018-06-20

To quench my spiritual thirst however, I would often lick the foot rest of a bench privileged to be a seat of some divine beauty when I was alone, or put in my mouth a chewing gum that some Godly fairy had spitted on the floor, or sometimes even swallow the trash papers with foot prints embossed by an accidental crush by some heavenly shoe. The very sight of being alone in a small, dark and bolted compartment with and extremely beautiful lady hardened my cock like a stone. She took out two pairs of used socks from her bag and stuffed one of them in my mouth with her hand and then with foot.

Nickname Horse

fetish 425olds 2018-06-20

I was about to announce myself on the line when all of a sudden I heard Shelly ask Horse if he would like to come over on Wednesday for supper. When you really want my cock inside you, then you just give me a call." He started to pull on his underwear as my wife sat dejected on the living room floor with her mouth wide open. "Horse is gonna fuck you good, baby." He was now between her legs with his cock poised at her cunt hole. "Put it in, baby," he told her and I couldn't believe I just watched as my wife reached between her legs and guided his cock head to her opening.


fetish darkmaas 2018-06-20

He pulled a pocket knife from his trousers and snapped open the blade. He pulled the panties until he had dragged a loop of material out from the jeans and then, slipping the knife blade into the loop, cut through the cloth at the side seam. He reached into her jeans with the thumb and forefinger of his free hand and plucked the top of the panties, now loose between her legs and began to pull the remnant from her pants. She returned to her job at the bookstore, but the stiff seam of her jeans rubbed her bare sex at every move and kept her moist and distracted all afternoon.

some rules for sex slaves

fetish Paperjack1 2018-06-20

There is nothing in the world that will make a slave feel less loved than to have a Master/Mistress who ignores her transgressions and does not exert Their Dominance. For transgressions: deny her any D/s at all for a week.....letting her do just as she pleases, not allowing her to serve You in any way, no punishment, no instruction, no play, banning titles of respect, etc. If You choose to play with others, make sure Your slave knows who is first in Your heart.....and that some things are just for her. Keep a list of her transgressions in a little book....let her slip for a while...thinking You are not noticing.....then one day, bring out the book and have a day of atonement.

Self-Inflicted Facial

fetish nftystories 2018-06-20

I couldn't believe that I was soon going to make myself cum like this with my girlfriend watching me. In that moment, I felt a tinge of humiliation, like my manhood being stripped from me as I lay there, pathetically trying with all my might to suck my own cock. Knowing that Erin was laying right next to me, watching me try to blow myself was a turn on unlike any I have ever encountered. "Oh yeah, baby...I want you to cum on your face. "Oh yeah, baby...I want you to cum on your face. Suddenly Erin was running her finger over my face, scooping up all the spunk and directing it towards my greedy mouth.

Slave Ch. 06

fetish slaveheathen 2018-06-20

Mistress Kay noticed the surprised look on my face. I was then led outside, where a low bench, just the right height to kneel and fuck my ass, had been placed under the patio roof. The chain from the nipple clamps got the same treatment as the spreader bar, stretching my nips out painfully for nearly two hours. I fucked many a cunt and ass, and got at least a dozen blow jobs. It was down to Mistress Kay, me, Lori, Tracy and Janine at that point. Tired as I was, having that damn Bam up my ass while driving was having an effect on my cock. Sid grabbed my hair and spent the next ten minutes skull-fucking me as Mistress played with the Bam in my ass.

Eric has his tonsils removed

fetish blackbox7 2018-06-20

Let me show you.” She showed Susan, making sure that Eric could see, the mask to put over Susan's face, the black corrugated snake-like rubber tubing connecting the mask to the machine, the cylinders of nitrous oxide and oxygen, the rubber bag which would inflate and deflate as she breathed and the bottles of special 'sl**py liquid' “to help you to go to sl**p in the middle of the day, Susan. Take some breathes of the special 'air' which, I promise, won't make you go to sl**p!” Susan held the rubber mask to her face as the 'nurse' turned the oxygen on.

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 04

fetish NancyPan 2018-06-20

She opened a drawer and took out a long-leg high-waisted panty girdle that looked to be a couple sizes too small for me. I got out of bed forgetting for a moment that I was wearing a women's high-waisted panty girdle, then startled by Ms. Jensen's laugh, "Oh look at what Nurse Pyre put you in. At first we thought it was possible, but when she showed us some of the videos of your masturbating while wearing women's clothes, the websites you frequented, the images you jerked off to, and when we saw the size of your penis...well, Tom, we told her it was best to embrace that her husband was a sissy and she agreed to have us train you in the service of women." She stopped for a minute.

Dress up fun for TV bride

fetish 2018-06-20

The guy pulled his cock out the was a loud squelch he pushed 2 fingers into and started to pull his spunk out of my hot arsehole and wiping them on my no somewhat torn stockings. The other guy pulled himself up my body, he lifted my head and pushed his wet cock into my mouth for cleaning. Ben knows that usually after I come I need to pee, he got up and said “let’s leave this slut for a bit and don’t you dare make a mess!” and they left. Ben removed the spread bar and seemed to look very happy with me, he gave a light tap on the arse and said “time to go home, but don’t untie your nasty sissy cock and balls until you get there.”


Becoming Her Wife Ch. 10

fetish Scribler 2018-06-20

Josie said if I didn't want to wear the boots, she wouldn't force me, knowing how painful they were. I knew that the first part of the competition was judged on how restrained you sub was and I want to get all the points I could before Josie had to show how much control she had on me. "I only want to please you my Mistress." I told her, Josie kissed me hard on the mouth. When the master stopped in front of the Judges table he told his slave to heel. The master removed his slave from the crossbeam and helped her off the stage as Josie and I was called up.

The Cum Sucker

fetish papadog 2018-06-20

Things like her being allowed to return daily if there was no semen collected during the past six days -- that he was not to ejaculate except to provide her with semen during the six week life of the collection period--this one was pretty much on the honor system but she did mention she could tell by the volume of the specimen; that he was donating semen in exchange for a token honorarium--she paid him a buck each time she stuck that tube up his hard dick and sucked his cum into it. When he asked her how it would be different she smiled and said, 'Well, instead of you calling me when you're ready for collection, this time just get up off the bed and come to me.'

I Enslaved a Black Girl and her b*****r

fetish 2018-06-20

The windows were down as we sped to the outskirts of the town to where Abrihet lived with her parents, my eyes were closed as the warm air swept throw the open window, it felt nice, as did Abrihet's hand, the memories of boarding school came flooding back, it had been 25 years years since another girl had put her hand there, 'Slow down a bit', I said to the driver, not wanting to get there too quick, 'Sorry Madam', he said and the car slowed down, as Abrihet's fingers entered me, my body convulsed and I felt me breaths come in sobs, thankfully drowned out by he radio, the sheer pleasure of being fingered in the back of a limo was indescribable, especially for a woman my age, and as I eased her hand onto my lap, her black fingers were wet with my juices, and I wiped them with my own fingers, until they were dry, part of me was absorbed into her, and her knowing smile spoke volumes.

Gokkun Gobbler Ch. 02

fetish turbocs37 2018-06-20

Not wanting to give up my second skin just yet, I got dressed and stretched and started outside without cleaning up. Immediately another man entered the booth and as I swallowed the last of the cum, he put his own cock through the hole. It can be hard work to suck cock, especially when you were taking one right after another. I got busy right away and began sucking on first one then the other tight little shaved fuck slits. After I brought the brunette to orgasm and moved over to the blonde, the guys started working on them both. When I finally did cum in the blonde, they made me eat it out of her cunt just like at the party.

Swingers Torture

fetish StarCrossed 2018-06-20

I was busy playing a card game when they drove up to a local coffee shop that we hung out at: Ana, Damien, and my sweet Eddie. Ana dropped hints about how her and her husband Damien were cold and wanted to go back to their house and change into something more comfortable and asked if I wanted to go with them since Eddie was joining them… I was, as always, oblivious to their double talk. She told me to call her before I left so that I wouldn't have to walk to her apartment in the cold. "Relax," Eddie told me as he blindfolded me and tied my hands together above my head. I felt hands open my shirt and soft feathers swish over sensitive skin.

Teresa's Shoe Store Ch. 01

fetish fanofpantyhose 2018-06-20

"If you don't mind, I'll just wear them for you right now, so you get an even better impression on how they look on women's feet." First she put her feet ("size 6", she said) into a pair of dark blue flats. Next came a pair of kitten heels with open toes, an elegant turquoise, her feet looked really very sexy in them and her red toenails aroused me a bit, too. Already at this point I knew that my job would be a lot of fun for me, looking at women's feet, toes, arches, heels, and seeing them in all kinds of shoes.

Long Dark Nights - Kai's Story Ch. 02

fetish XXNoraJeanXX 2018-06-20

I wanted to be every bit as beautiful as the doctor's wife had made me feel. I felt good as I left the house and prayed all the way there that the doctor's wife would stay true to her word. "What if I told you that I think you are truly perfect the way you are?" Sophia asked. "I want to watch you do it again." She reached for my hand and wrapped it around my thick long cock. You spread it over the hair you wish to remove then place a cotton strip and then pull away quickly. I want you to be very careful but be sure to remove all the hair on your balls as well."

Sophie Needs An "A" In Calculus

fetish msgrant67 2018-06-20

But most of all it wasn't fair to the male teachers or even the 18 year old guys in the class to have to try to deal with Sophie. As he realized what she was doing, he almost said something, but as he watched her, he observed that she seemed to be intently looking at the calculus book on the desk so he just pulled out some paper and began copying down and working a problem. A quick glance into his crotch let her know that he was finally feeling the effects of having her in this close proximity, but as she studied his face, she realized that he was intently focused on the calculus problem and might not even have noticed that he was becoming turned on yet.

3 AM: She Finally Comes Home

fetish siscuc 2018-06-20

It had been Andrea who had convinced my wife to go, telling her what great lovers Black men are and why she deserves better than me, her wimpy white husband. Your wicked wife out getting Black fucked while little sad and pathetic you stays at home and minces around the house in a little lacy dress, stockings and heels? As we chatted he gently rested his large Black hand on my thigh and when he meet no resistance slowly started stroking further up my leg and past my stocking top. "He then took my hand and led me to the dance floor, slowly we danced and kissed, necking each other as we swayed sexily, he was rubbing that huge manhood against me and i knew i was going to submit to him, knew that tonight he was going to turn me onto Black and turn you into my cuckold.

Claire & Ryan

fetish 2018-06-20

Straight away she kissed Angelo and rubbed her hands all over his torso, he replied kissing her back and groping her soft pert ass. She quickly pushed him against the wall and gradually dropped to her knees, “This is how us English girls do it!” she said as she took the throbbing meat in her mouth, she jumped straight to deep throat very greedily as if she hadn't been serviced in a very long time. By this point Angelo had grabbed her mouth with one hand while he was banging away hard, the other hand was pinching one of her nipples. Claire knew he was seconds away from coming – so she slipped her hand through her legs and cupped his balls “ Come in my fucking ass!” she managed to scream.

A Surprising Morning

fetish 1smokeeater 2018-06-20

Jerry entered the apartment he shared with his girlfriend, Peggy, looking forward to getting some well deserved sleep. When she heard him close the door, Peggy came rushing into the living room completely naked, her hair dripping wet. She got on her hands and knees and turned away from him presenting her very red ass to his gaze. Peggy climaxed a second time and Jerry followed scant seconds later. Peggy started on his shoulders and quickly moved down to his butt. Peggy continued her handjob as he moved his soapy hands around to her small, pubic patch. Peggy just nodded and the two of them quickly rinsed off and helped each other get dry when they got out of the shower.

The Art of the Marinated Pussy

fetish LeggoMyEars 2018-06-20

You see, Dusty loves the taste of his own cum too, so when he cums in Christy's mouth, she kisses him with cum. One day after a session of mutual masturbation, Dusty exploded all over Christy's open pussy when he came. Christy moaned and came hard when Dusty kissed her and pushed his entire load of sperm into her waiting mouth. Dusty often thinks about this during masturbation and often imagines Christy's cum filled pussy in his carnal thoughts. For you guys who are revolted by the thought of eating your own cum from a pussy you just came in, I say, "Don't knock it till you've tried it!" It doesn't just taste like cum.

A Holy, Wet Sunday

fetish bubblebuttdiapers 2018-06-20

As Tim was in the shower, Monica stared at herself in the bathroom mirror as she began to undress and prepare for her turn to get cleaned up. Tim and Monica were a recently married couple, and hadn't yet been comfortable with going to the bathroom in front of one another. Looking closely in the mirror, Monica could identify her diaper lines, in the front and back, but she didn't think it would be that noticeable to anyone else. Almost at the exact same time as he commanded eyes closed, Monica opened the flood gates and warm, yellow pee began to shoot from her pussy. Monica lowered herself back down on the pew slowly, and felt the soaking wet diaper hug her ass cheeks.

Secluded Paradise

fetish insidemyheart2005 2018-06-20

As I play and squeeze the nipples my mind goes to the session and the feelings of Todd's hands doing the same thing and I begin to wish he was with me. I can't resist and now with my hands holding back the pussy lips, I use a finger to stimulate my clit imagining Todd licking and sucking while I continue to play. I hold his head and watch as he continues to eat at my pussy but feeling weak but I cant seem to want him to stop or do this any different. I reach down with one hand holding his head closer to me to feel his tongue go deeper in me and with the other hand begin to massage my clit as he still is licking and sucking.

18 YR Old Cam Whore

fetish panteeluvr 2018-06-20

About 45 minutes later my msn went off with a new message from Carrie! She finally asked me to go on cam and when I told her I had a tiny penis and liked to be humiliated, wanted to see even worse! I seen her on cam a few days later wearing the same panties and got turned on a lot knowing my cum was up against her little pussy and bum! She watches me jerk off everytime we cam now and I wonder what she'd think, knowing it was her mom's younger cousin she was humiliating and flashing her hot bod to!! Anyways, it's hot to go visit my cousin and see Carrie, knowing all the dirty things she does in her room on cam!