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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Wedding Day Betrayal

fetish itsallbutts 2018-06-20

Amy, her maid of honor and childhood best friend entered the room, followed closely by Jared. Besides," he put his hands in her shoulders and gently pushed down, "You sucking my cock in that bridesmaid's dress is going to be hot as fuck." Amy paused for breath, taking Jared's cock out. Amy had vigorously went back to sucking Jared's cock. He tangled his long fingers in Amy's silky straight hair, thrusting his hips, fucking her mouth. "It's only because your cunt is so much tighter than Sarah's," Jared said, building a steady pace in his thrusts. Roughly, he grabbed Sarah's hair with his other hand and turned her to face Amy.

Taste And Smell, Just No Looking!

fetish Cookie5 2018-06-20

I raise my head in my plastered obscurity, she shuffles forwards on the seat and I remain kneeling, her hand touches my cock and guides me to her hot wet pulsing entrance! "Fuck me hard" she orders, I bob my head back and forth, I feel the resistance of her tight tunnel against the rubber cock which feels like it's going in about twice as far as it surely is? She cums hard and those hands arrive to push my head in tight against her body, moaning out loudly she's loving the sex; she cums a second time assisting my rubber cock's thrusting motion with a rocking movement of her own.

My Toy Nancy Ch. 04

fetish NiceNastyMann 2018-06-20

Sue's head is swiveling back and forth taking in Nancy's standing behind her wearing only panties, her new nipple rings and my tent poled trousers which are really getting very uncomfortable. "He does have a nice looking cock, and it's been so long -- you sure it's okay?" Nancy gets up and walks over to stand right in front of me. I figure I might as well get into the action and bring my hand up her thigh and lightly brush against Sue's panty covered pussy -- I just bring my fingers against her pussy lips when she convulses and comes, moaning into Nancy's mouth. Sue has her other arm wrapped around my shoulders and I feel my cock start to swell and get hard - with the two sisters hands wrapped around and holding it while I'm pissing into the toilet.


fetish FatWhiteGirl 2018-06-20

My husband was lying on the couch looking like he felt lethargic and nauseous. Danni sat up, cringing with is hand on his abdomen, "I suppose it can wait until mornin," he closed his eyes and inhaled sleepily. I smiled, my eyes going starry, "We'll have plenty of time for that when everything is humming along," I slid into bed next to him. '"Well, at least something's moving finally," I said with a kindhearted smile and chuckled. "Sweetheart, if you feel like you need to let something out, let it out," I kissed his cheek, "The goal here is for you to feel better, and if it means passing gas, then do so," "Ah think ah need the toilet now," Danni said sitting up a bit.

The Mechanics Bill Ch. 02

fetish lets_experiment 2018-06-20

Peter got down on his knees behind her, and I watched as he slowly pushed his dick inside of her pussy. I watched as Robin lowered herself all the way onto Mikes cock and then leaned forward, pressing her body against his. Robin just lay there, bent completely forward resting her body on Mike as they two men worked themselves in and out of her openings. I saw his head lean back and heard him grown as he thrust forward, bottoming out inside her ass and then holding it in place. Peter pulled out of Robins ass with a plopping sound and rolled over to his right, laying there watching as his friend fucked the shit out of my wife.

Water Sport Bi-Convert

fetish Shelby W 2018-06-20

That was it I couldn't have got up even if I wanted to with all the alcohol, seeing the pictures of Steve and Joyce, and not having any sex in 6 months, I just sat back down and let my body take over and enjoy what was going to happening. As my flow subsided Joyce's mouth was back on my pussy sucking the rest of the pee out of my pussy, then all of a sudden I felt her push her little finger into my ass. I furiously licked and sucked on her wet panties while jamming two fingers into my own pussy, the taste was strange & bitter but I liked it then suddenly her release came and filled my mouth with warm golden liquid.


fetish ratlady 2018-06-20

He turned the chair so that I was facing that fucking window, squeezing my tits roughly, bending to suck my nipples with a hard mouth. He stopped long enough to pinch my nipples mercilessly hard and twist and pull them, then let go and gave me an unending volley of full-f***ed slaps. He reached up and snatched the tools off my nipples, producing a flare of unimaginable pain which he added to by giving them another wild fierce slapping, both hands, his breath grunting in his throat with the effort. I could feel the screwdriver in my cunt, and the shaft of the hammer so wrong and yet so right, a long solid rod of wood rammed all the way up inside my arse.

Mourning the use of her clit...... Part 1

fetish 2018-06-20

It wasn't to long after spending many nights hungry and cold she had learned how to use what god gave her. It wasn't long before she learned that even though the men paid for the time they used her pussy, to basically, jack themselves off, she had the best of both worlds because she got paid to get off!. If she didn't cum, because the guys dick was to small, or he came to quick, her clit would ache. Good!, she needed the money and hadn't had a orgasm yet , the last John had shot his load over her tits and got jizz all up in her hair.

Punishment Turns Into Pleasure

fetish the_sultry_vixen 2018-06-20

Sam told her after it was all said and done that the next time that he saw her she would be punished for giving him such a shitty blow job. "Now while I fuck your ass I want you to bear down so that you really coat my cock", demanded Sam Liz went to work licking and sucking the head of Sam's cock. Sam lay down and Liz took her position between his legs so that she had full access to his now fully shit coated cock. The more Sam held onto her head and forced his cock deeper into her throat the more she got the feeling that she was going to gag.

Revenge is Golden Ch. 03

fetish abashed-dreamer 2018-06-20

Lara, with her clothes back on, sort of took charge and said, "My turn, Rae,"--meaning with Bro--and I felt fine leaving him to her. He got even harder as his bladder emptied, and his cock was feeling as if it was going to burst; he wanted to come so bad. He opens his mouth and she slides the fingers inside, "Lick all that fuck off," she says and speeds up her stroking. He had begun to love the taste, as would have said so, if his mouth wasn't attached to her, eating the fuck right out of her, like a hungry infant licking a bowl.

Teasing Tormenting Teens

fetish Phoenix Arrow 2018-06-20

Title: Teasing Tormenting Teens Author: Phoenix Arrow Part: Chapter 1 of 1 Keywords: panties, female legs, desire, humiliation Redistribution: yes, with limitations (see below) Short Summary: A mother goes through an eroticly frustrating van ride to the mall with a bunch of teasing tormenting teenage girls I open my eyes in time to see the giggling, waving friend bouncing out the house moments later, long blonde hair flowing in the wind. Simply stare straight ahead and don't look at my daughters crossed white thighs...or her friends long tanned legs...or the other ones cute little calves...! Whispers and giggles have to mean they caught DeeDee's horny old cow mommy bathing her lips with her tongue watching a pair of fantastic looking white teen knees!

Relax, My Love

fetish thegirlinthecrowd 2018-06-20

"Hm, what will these look like on you?" Hannah asked, placing them up against him. The teller had eyed him with knowing looks and Hannah smiled the whole time. "Yes, he will be pleased when he finds that out" Hannah said smiling at him. We have a long night ahead of us." She said goodbye to the woman, grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the cashier. "Good boy" Hannah said as they turned to walk out. "Tell me to stop and I will" she continued, rubbing her finger back and forth ever so gently. Not what you think you should want, but what your instincts tell you, what your body craves, what your soul desires.

Fun-Run Luck-Fuck

fetish gallowglass 2018-06-20

It wasn't till about the half-mile point that the runners gradually separated-out into their classes - dedicated athletes upfront, then the keen amateurs, and lastly the clowns, just in it for a laugh. Just before the one-mile marker, there was a tight bend in the track, and as she swung left ahead of me, I was able to see her face for the first time. Emerging into the park, I noticed three long queues of women-runners, waiting their turn at the portakabins they had to use - one of those times I thanked God I wasn't a woman. And now, incredibly, she was coming with me, looking uncomfortable, moving a little awkwardly, weak bladder perhaps.

The Glory Hole

fetish spice16 2018-06-20

You can feel their eyes on you, and you know they're looking at your naked body, at your erect cock, at your Mistress as she leads you through the room toward a door. Your own cock throbs powerfully at the sight, at the sheer erotic of the scene, and you glance back at your Mistress's skirt, aching to ram your swollen cock between her legs, thrust it deep into her moist pussy, to fuck her until neither of you can move. But your Mistress has seen it too, and you watch as she leans in front of you and licks the cum off the head of your cock, then presses her body against yours as she kisses you, thrusting her tongue deep inside your mouth so you can taste your cum.

Hockey buddy and his wife - 1

fetish MassMan669 2018-06-20

Kate sensed my faster thrusting and said, “Do it Greg, cum on my tits.” That was all the encouragement I needed and my first shot went right up and hit kate in the mouth. The next spurt hit her in the neck and then I pulled out of her cleavage and came on her nipples in turn as I stroked my dick. Kate was excited and saying “Oh yea” and “Pete, look at his cum all over my tits.” She licked her lips to taste my cum and said, “Delicious” then when I was done she brought her right tit to her mouth and said, “Pete, his cum is awesome.” Pete would suck her nipple then kiss Kate, then lick my cum from her cleavage and kiss her again.

sissy for mum and friends p3

fetish karenhcd 2018-06-20

I had been told to leave the bathroom door open so that I couldn’t "interfere with myself" and left on the side I noticed a pair of my mums white silk panties with a lace trim and a little bow at the top. "Well now you are my little girl I can’t call you Kevin now can I?" said my Mum “Now come and sit down Karen, lets get started". "Right its time for you to go princess" said my Mum "and if you are going to be slutty with the boys at the party don’t get cum on your new dress" added my Aunty and they both laughed.

The Lindy Series Ep. 01: Lindy Grows Up

fetish PTWaters1 2018-06-20

Helen let out a low, guttural moan as she watched the stream and her finger moved to stroke the underside of her clit as it twitched during the orgasm. The people in the porn ads she'd seen looked like they were enjoying themselves, and she knew peeing made her muff feel good; which she associated with that memory of Helen's orgasm. Helen was staring at Lindy's twitching clit, when a thin stream of pee burst forth from beneath Lindy's orgasmic erection. Helen's orgasm subsided nearly thirty seconds before Lindy's stream ended, and all Helen could do was gaze upon the scene before her; holding her hand over her completely soaked muff while panting.

Don't Go Into The Woods

fetish LaurenWestley 2018-06-20

He had also rigged a couple of hoops through two eye hooks in the wall and said with my ankles wrapped in them it would help me stay in position and besides keeping my legs spread a bit they would also make holding my knees over my head an easier task. I was a bit shocked then but I took it in stride and continued my annual event driving deep into the woods and then hiking about fifteen miles to a small-secluded campsite on private land that I rented each year. I started pulling up my shorts and panties but he said, "Wait, turn around and let me see your ass first." "Now watch closely girl," he said and tossed a cylinder like the one fastened to my collar pass the red tape.

Road Trip Ch. 2

fetish Kessler 2018-06-20

Perhaps one of the few times she took her eyes off me I watched as she leaned back and looking between my legs with the finger tips of her left hand she began to probe my nuts. I felt her toes wriggling in my sack as she wrapped the thumb and index finger around the base of my cock where her toe once and been and began to gently squeeze the vein like a tube of toothpaste forcing the cum up. I felt her wriggling her toes against the back of my head as she continued her after action review, "I especially enjoyed feeling your whole body quiver when I was slowly rolling the cum up your dick with my thumbs.


fetish 2018-06-20

Putting my dick back inside your wet panties, I get down on my knees, and push my face up close to your pussy. Suddenly, I push my full face up against your hot sex, my nose brushing against your clit as my tongue slides deep inside you, savouring the musky taste. Pushing my nose into the crevice, I release your buttocks which press against my face as I lick your anus, even drawing it into my mouth to suck it. Drawing my face away, I replace my tongue with a finger, slowly sliding the digit through your bum hole and into your arse. Pussy juice, urine and my cum drips from your hole, making a very wet patch on your floor.

Boy Brides Ch. 3

fetish yano 2018-06-20

"Mandy moved us on and David and I slipped onto the rear seat again and adjusted our petticoats at the same time as Lucy helped with our gowns and long veils. Two lovely faces at the window encouraged Darren to reposition himself so that his clit was only inches from them as he pretended to ask the girls to suck his cock. "I was quite taken aback by her reply after Mandy had taken only a minute or so to decide, but very relieved to hear our car start up again and slapped my cock against the faces of the girls at the window as we began to move again.

Lazy Margaret

fetish Paradiggler 2018-06-19

Margaret's privates were now revealed to me through her panties and I masturbated into the toilet then and there as I smelled her sweaty odour, coming quickly that first time with one last final deep inhale. Probably about the 4th or 5th pair of Margaret's knickers I found were a large blue cotton pair that had a large, coffee-coloured stain on the vagina panel, which I was shocked by yet quietly excited. A few times I came across what were clearly period stains and probably only twice did I come across pairs of Margaret's knickers that had the typical tell-tale "fishy" odour for which women's vaginas are well-known.

Brienne Pt. 02

fetish LetoAtreides 2018-06-19

I had knowingly filled her unbelievably tight 24 year old cunt with my life giving sperm. She responded by moaning into my mouth and giving my a soft gentle kind of sloppy deep kiss. You're so fucking tight, it feels like you'll break it." When we broke our kiss, I looked her deep in the eyes again and grabbed her throat. At the same time I could feel her distended little hard clit against me. With the head of my cock still at her entrance I shot my hips up, forcing my way back in and started pumping her furiously. When she finally started coming down, she fell towards me, but I caught her with both hands by her throat.

how i became an ass sniffer

fetish franknitti 2018-06-19

Jeff suggested we pick someone's dorm room, get a small group of people together for movie night, or something like that. I thought this might end the night as well, but then Lindsay suggested we start playing kissing games, like spin the bottle, two minutes in heaven, etc. I was embarrassed that I was being called Butt Sniffer by people I didn't even know, but secretly, inside, the thought of actually sniffing a girl was really beginning to take a hold of me. I started to make study dates all over the dorms, so that I would have a chance to get into girl's rooms and access to dirty panties in their laundry.