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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Strap-On Enterprises Ch. 03

fetish cby2 2018-06-19

She turned away from me and said to Mistress Alexandra, "Well it seems we have a deal, but wouldn't you like to see how your new strap-on looks with a pair of lips on the other end?" Mistress Alexandra stood at Ms. Gere's face and guided her lips to her newfound cock. She stopped sucking Mistress Alexandra's cock only long enough to command me to lick her ass. Mistress Alexandra grabbed the riding crop from Ms. Gere and pushed her backwards onto the bed. Mistress Alexandra quickly thwacked Ms. Gere's clit with the riding crop. Mistress Alexandra thwacked her on her ass cheeks with the riding crop as she fucked her. Mistress Alexandra forced Ms. Gere's face onto my cock.

I'm A Cuckold. This Is My Story Pt. 07

fetish TyrannosaurusRacks 2018-06-19

Yes, his fucking her in front of me excited the hell out of me and I tell Doug that the sight of his big dark cock sliding in and out of her pussy while his hands were filled with her tits almost made me cum right there. "She's awake, and those 'big-ass tits' are here for the taking!" Alison says, as she walks in on us, Doug's large black hose thrusting in and out of my mouth. As I lick her labia, she wriggles a little and next thing I know, Doug's big black cock pokes out from between her legs and into my mouth. With that, on the next forward thrust of Doug's cock, I push the head of his big pole up into Alison's pussy.

Biker SUCKS dicks on the ROAD

fetish bifun4u 2018-06-19

The other men looked at us and they all knew that someone was about to either get fucked or suck some cock and a couple of them asked if we needed any "help"!..LOL I nodded a yes and and with said, 4 of them followed us to my room. It's nice, having several men fill my mouth like that and even after they had all cum, we sat around and did a few other things like eat ass, fuck some more and one guy was really into letting a few of the guys piss all over him!...LOL I think next time, I'm going to let more guys fuck me in the ass, my jaws hurt right now but I know that my mouth and ass are ready again for anything hard, filthy and cum filled!..LOL

Train Encounter

fetish the_new_guy_234 2018-06-19

As I rubbed from the heel up to the balls of her feet she tipped her head back in order to relax, in doing so she shifted forward in her seat and her left foot moved closer towards me now resting a hairs-breadth away from my crotch. When I had finished with this task I began to rub the gaps between the toes and although sometimes causing Karen to flinch in a ticklish manner I was able to keep this up for some time before moving onto the top of the foot which I was able to massage more gently than the soles as the top of her feet were less sensitive.

Office Cuckold Ch. 02

fetish Cuckjosht 2018-06-19

From my knees in front of his desk, all I could see was Emma's blonde hair bobbing up and down while Marcus had his head thrown back, enjoying the blowjob from his eighteen-year-old assistant. Pulling off him, I saw her look up at Marcus, smiling at her boss before filling her mouth with as much of his ten-inch cock as she could. Marcus laughed as we kissed, and I could even feel Emma smiling as she slid the last glob of Marcus' sticky cum inside my mouth. As I pushed it open, I took in the sight of Emma on her knees in front of Marcus in the middle of his office. Emma looked over at me and moaned again on Marcus' cock, her fingers working her pussy even faster.

Stocking Tops Pt. 03

fetish Egmont Grigor 2018-06-19

Returning home Lee went to his father's study to collect a copy of the last annual report of Peach Group Consolidated Holdings plc where he found Mrs Martha Islington-Scott was listed as managing director of the textiles division comprising clothing, embroidery, knitting, yarn manufacture, woven fabric manufacture, dyeing and finishing. The more Lee studied the report the more he could see it appeared to be an incestuous division, with Martha's daughter being director of operations and a granddaughter Paula being general manager of a company called High Street Fashion. Her grandmother was ordering her -- not asking her -- to take on a distant relative called Lee Peach, very distant as according to Martha, Paula's great-great-grandmother Amelia Scott had married Oliver Peach.

The Cumhunters

fetish Jreforma 2018-06-19

Zane knew that this was the only oak tree around the lake, and that was exactly why he had chosen that spot to camp out, as it was easy to locate. Soon Zane lost all semblance of time as he had boobs pressed against his face, boobs in his hands, and boobs engulfing his cock. He couldn't exactly remember what had happened, just that he felt good. "I hope you wiped his memory properly," Raine commented to Allison as the video showed the girls getting up to leave the boy behind. "He'll remember that a girl came up to him earlier, but not your face or voice.


fetish rmlooker 2018-06-19

Jon parked right in front of her and for the first time they were both able to look at each other with nothing in the way. After it was down Jon turned back to face her and they both kissed this time with more passion and Meg added some tongue. After a couple of minutes Jon broke the kiss and while looking at Meg moved one hand towards her breast and asked may I? They looked at each other, saying nothing, for a couple of minutes and then Jon asked if she would like to take a dip in the pool. Meg started to put her hand on his cock and he broke the kiss and said for her to just relax and enjoy what he did to her for now.

Chelsea's Wet Diaper Fantasy Ch. 01

fetish josecuervo99 2018-06-19

One of the girls let the man's cock drop from her mouth and laid flat on her back, while the other proceeded to straddle her face in a 69 position while still sucking on the throbbing cock in front of her; her body tensed briefly and then relaxed allowing her golden flood to fill her diaper which began to sag. She was grinding her soaking wet diaper covered pussy into the face of the girl below her who then pulled her diaper aside. As he pulled out cum began to ooze out of her gaping hole which trickled down over her puckered ass and finally reached the soaked diaper where it mixed with her piss and cum.

12 Days of Christmas Panties

fetish DrLit 2018-06-19

She said, "Fuck my mouth." As I thrust my hips toward her mouth she placed her hands on my pink panty covered ass and pulled me into her mouth with each stroke. On day 2, I opened my gift to find the new Victoria Secret overall mesh black with white polka dots high waist panties and with detachable garters. As I opened the box Jessie said, "You get to fuck me in the ass and use the dildo on my pussy so I can have a double penetration fantasy tonight." She exploded with orgasm and said, "Keep fucking me I can cum again." I kept my stroke steady in both her ass and pussy. It wasn't long and both Chelsea and Jessie were rubbing my panty covered ass and cock.

Dark Night(work in progress)

fetish jmjmprice77 2018-06-19

Sofia had stood there as the lingering feeling of his touch had coursed through her body like a fire storm setting every inch of her on fire with an unsationanable desire and hungry for him and not for the first time as it had happened even that first day when they had meet back in collage in Earth History 1900-2600 in her second year at the North American EDF collage, was it really 6 years ago, she thought as she watch the corners of the window pane start to crystallize and freeze. Closing her eyes as she could feel the cold radiating from the window Sofia was instantly warmed by the memory of the feel of the steam but more so by her body as it started to react to the memory reminding her of the burning sensation that John's touch had cause to spread through her body as he had suckled, nibbled and caressed her breast with his mouth and teeth.

Gina's Thank You Surprise

fetish 2018-06-19

Gina dropped to her knees sliding a hard 9” cock through the leg opening of Peggy’s black panties. Gina slowly licked and tasted the head of Peggy’s cock before sliding her mouth all the way down the shaft. I sat there with a raging hard on covered in precum and helpless as I heard Peggy moan while watching Gina suck Peggy’s hard cock. I felt Gina slide a condom over my cum soaked cock as Peggy kept fucking my mouth harder and harder. She moved her ass up and down my shaft over and over as Peggy pulled her cock from my mouth.

Back Upstate to the horse.

fetish blsbls123 2018-06-19

So Peggy and my wife started where they did last time, topless and stroking the horses cock with the owner. By this time they had the little bench out and were trying to take his cock into their pussies, each one helping the other with getting it in. She got on the bench on her back, threw her legs behind her ears and took the horse cock into her ass. They were rubbing her pussy and tits while she took a horse cock in her ass. Afew feet away, Peggy was now stroking the horse cock with the owner, my wife was getting pounded by the dog, while sucking my cock.


fetish christy20 2018-06-19

Lin's outfit comprised: a white blouson with short sleeves, which had zipper-it was drawn one inch above her navel, exposing her naked breasts-instead of buttons; a white mini skirt, edged with a thin light blue strap, which barely covered the ends of her buttocks; a tight black g-string, one size smaller than the proper one; and a pair of white stiletto heels, so high that her soles formed a 60 degrees angle with the floor. Lin was treating the right thigh the same way when, suddenly, the lady tossed away the towel, totally exposing her naked milky butt, and spread her legs more. Lin inserted a finger inside lady's pussy and then started tapping the clit using the back of her tongue-a very difficult task, but she had been taught very well during the previous year.

Cum slut training. Hot wife in the making and birt

fetish naughtyelliefan 2018-06-19

Ellie took a moment to admire the growing head before she started to wank it. I took over the wanking , with the camera in one hand and a cock in the other Ellie had little choice but to keep her big luscious breast In hand. The right hand taking the weight and bulk of the breast and the left stretching the nipple the last bit to the lips. I was watching Ellie Lapping at her nipple like a cat lapping up milk, trying to keep the camera pointed in the right direction. This was the cum shot that started the ball rolling, In 15 years time Ellie would mature into a filthy cum eating slut.

Wes and the Watermelon

fetish Totzman 2018-06-19

Wes was tempted to follow them, but knew his phone would be blowing up with calls from his mother asking why it was taking so long to buy two items, so he reluctantly headed to checkout instead. Wes could hear Jennifer and her best friend Ariana in the next room, talking and laughing. "Guess what time it is?" Jennifer said, snipping the shears in Wes' direction. The last time his mother asked Jennifer to give Wes his biweekly penis cut, she used her longest, sharpest shears to do the deed. Once Wes was certain they had gone, he finally emerged from the bathroom and tiptoed to the kitchen, still wearing Jennifer's panties.

Memories of Lust

fetish LBWessex 2018-06-19

You bite your lip a little as the thought brings back that warm feeling in your belly. He turns you around to face him, deep colourful eyes search yours before they close in time with each other, your lips coming together in a sweet longing kiss that you feel you've waited years for. Your lips continue to dance and lock as your hands work to free his manhood, thick and hot between your fingers. You feel him advance, beginning to spread your wanting pussy apart with his cock. You feel the heat spreading and the feeling of your womb getting pumped full by the thick rod spurting bursts of fertile seed directly into your cervix.

The Pull Toy

fetish fetisha_44 2018-06-19

Anne's friend, who like to be called "The Goddess", said that her submissive was to be my attendant for the evening. I was told to be seated and after I sat, her submissive "Toy" slipped my pumps off, and accepted a pair of locking ballet-heeled ankle boots from Anne, and laced and locked them on my feet. I was towed into the spotlight, and Anne got the benefit of my now exhausted tongue, holding my face tightly into her cunt, until finally she came. "Toy" performed her last cleanup of the evening by licking my face and cock clean, and kissing me before I was released, exhausted, and helped to the car by Anne and the driver.

Black Cuckold Couple Ch. 02

fetish Blkkink 2018-06-19

I pulled away with a gasp as Mrs. Mathews said, "Come on Tasa, why don't you have a taste and if your a good little girl maybe you can lay on my desk and spread them legs so I can return the favor." He had turned the camera around to himself and said, "Hey Jerome, your wife's pussy is great and she sucks dick like a real whore, I am going to leave a little present for her to take home to you." Suddenly I felt his hands on the back of my thighs, he was moving in to eat my pussy but I quickly turned to stop him and said, "That is for Jerome and if he didn't get a chance at it, then he really would be mad." a sad look crossed his face like a scolded child.

Slut For Pregnant Women

fetish MrDeviant 2018-06-19

Now I must tell you I have a taste for the exotic, and I do mean in EVERY way, and Felicia is most definitely my type: drop dead gorgeous, a subtle tease even when she doesn't realize she is doing it, mocha chocolate and pregnant with a capital p. Susan, as it said on her name tag, was good to go and again, ever the klutz, dropped to her knees to retrieve some dropped utensils and, while there, felt Felicia's pussy up—even going so far as to put her fingers deep inside it, then letting me taste it when she came up from under the table. Felicia, my sweet chocolate pussy slave, I allowed to feel Susan up under the table while Susan felt my cock getting hard and long in her hands.

Natural Escalation

fetish WatchingAndWaiting 2018-06-19

Her eyes were half closed, but she noticed him looking, and her lips curved into a lascivious smile before the pressure from behind surprised her and she shut her eyes in ecstasy, pushing back and raising her ass a little to meet the massive cock burying itself inside her rectum. Images of nameless men rutting Tim's ass like wild animals, seething with need as their hips bucked and their fat cocks, bulging thickly, disappeared into him, knocking the breath out of him, made her breathing come a little faster, warmth flickering between her legs as she read the dirty confessions. He would log in as her - an anonymous female entering the gay chat room, looking for someone to fuck her man.

Connie & Nate

fetish shoeslayer 2018-06-19

"That was the best ever, damn do I feel like a woman again, I love how you played with my pussy, how you got my sex juices all over my glasses and licked them off." Connie took the beaded chain for her gold half-square glasses and wrapped them round his cock and began to touch him all over with them but had left her heels half buried in his short an curlies. Her beaded chain gently swaying as she touched Nate all over with her sexy glossy black heels and her gold half-square glasses and with his juices reaching a boil, Connie suddenly found her hand, heels and glasses to be smothered in a good amount of man sauce.

I Love Women in Panties Ch. 01

fetish lovethosepanties 2018-06-19

Diane and Julie who had been whispering and giggling in the corner got up and came over to the bed pecked me on the forehead and turned to walk away, then, they both stopped, started to laugh and promptly lifted the back of their skirts giving me a view of two panty covered bums, both white cotton fairly skimpy bikini briefs, a couple of seconds and a quick wiggle later and they were both laughing and skipping out of the room.

Cuckhold in Milwaukee Part 5

fetish toothmedic 2018-06-19

We walked to the bedroom and there was Judy and his girlfriend going at it on the bed. Judy came over and whispered in my ear that tonight was going to be fun at the same time she is pinching my nipple. All of a sudden Judy is begging for him to drive his cock deeper into her soaking wet pussy saying how glad she was finally being fucked by a real man than her husband lady. The next thing I know a huge cock was being shoved in my mouth and I was told to suck it. The next thing I hear is Judy saying wow you really like sucking cock don't you?