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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mantrap Dress

fetish oggbashan 2018-06-19

I could feel tears close to my eyes, not for losing Sheila, but for her thoughtfulness in sending Anna. Like Anna's dress it had side openings. Anna was insistent that I should not try to put a hand or any part of me inside that dress until she was ready. I felt Anna turn slightly once my head and body were inside the dress. The whole of my body was imprisoned inside Anna's dress yet there was more material ahead of me. You want to propose but not while you're my prisoner, trapped in my Mantrap dress and tied in a petticoat bag. Anna shook the dress, closed both zips and put it on a clothes hanger before hooking it on the top of a wardrobe door.

Fetish Meeting in the Office

fetish Marabunta 2018-06-19

You want to pound into her wet pussy hard and fast, making her cum and then sticking your tongue into her, taking her pussy into your mouth and feeling her quiver as you taste her cum! She slides her fingers in out whilst stroking your cock, you gently rock back and forth, you start imagining fucking her pussy as you feel the warmth of her mouth. You hear her climbing onto the table, then lowering her pussy onto your mouth commanding you "SUCK, I want an orgasm, otherwise you don't get to fuck me" She orders you to remove the blindfold and as you do this, your eyes meet with her sexy arse whilst she's fucking you, riding you backwards working you with her hands and the dildo.

Doug Gets Caught Sniffing Panties

fetish sexy_J 2018-06-18

I imagined I was making love to Amber as I stroked my cock and played smelled her panties. I cummed so hard as I imagined myself inside of Amber. I went back upstairs thinking it was safe and I quickly picked up her panties and smelled them standing in the entrance of the bathroom. I helped her get dressed and cleaned up and wet to bed before Jon got home. She took off her panties and she cleaned are juices off with them and then kissed me and said goodbye as she handed the red panties to me. She pulled on a new pair of panties and went to cut off Jon. I sniffed her panties that she just gave me and I got so hard.'s been a long time...

fetish 2018-06-18

then, finally wanting to bring your thoughts back to me, I run my hand down into your boxers and feel your cock, you groan... I stroke your cock and feel it grow in my hands, your balls pull tight against your body. So ready to blow your load, just by being finger-fucked." With my other hand, I grab your balls.... You are so fucking pathetic!" I keep finger-fucking your asshole and finally grab your cock, hard, in my heavily lubed hand. I begin to stroke you and feel you tremble, trying to keep from cumming, but wanting to, so badly. you watch all the cum drip from the head of your cock and then you swallow it all....

Publicly connected at a milking machine

fetish streetwhore 2018-06-18

Then down my leather double dildo slip (you see it at some pics from me and in my machine-fuck-movies), about a plastic pants (if I'm horny, my pussy-juice begins still running violently, it's embarrassing when you see that and think, I've done pee in the pants.) Over that all my new, very thin and slightly stretchy leggings made of shiny, rubberized fabric. The machine went on and I felt after a short time, surprisingly again the next orgasm.Bob told me that I screamed so that you have probably heard it outside in the parking lot. Outside the car (which stood in the parking lot a little bit away, but the place was brightly lit) took me Bob on the side, my leggings and my plastic panty (was quite wet) pulled to my knees.

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 04

fetish BrentCrude 2018-06-18

There was a slight pause so I said, "So, what did you two talk about?" I had a very good idea what the topic was, but wanted to know the details. Basically, she said that she discovered how turned on she got during the time of her captivity, mainly as a result of being forced to do the kinds of things she's secretly wanted to do for many years, plus a few others. Then she got up on her hands and knees and turned her butt towards me, rested her face on the bed, showed me her dripping, gaping pussy and said if I agreed to talk to you about it, I could fuck her right then.

Summer's Struggle

fetish KFP93 2018-06-18

Each morning began with her slave's tongue deep in her pussy and each night ended with Summer collapsing exhausted on Danni's face after riding it hard. The thought of that alone brought tears to Danni's eyes, she did not want to make mistress Summer angry, or even to disappoint her. Three things happened simultaneously; Danni's mouth latched back onto J's throbbing cock and sucked the head as hard as she could whilst jacking the bottom half of his cock, Summer shoved her finger hard into J's asshole and pressed her breasts up against his back. Finally, J half roared-half screamed with relief as his asshole contracted on Summer's finger and his thick cock began to shoot spurt after spurt of hot thick come into the blonde submissive's mouth.

Smelly Cunt for delicious eater

fetish burkina_pussyeater 2018-06-18

I parted her cunt lips and took the whole swollen clit in my mouth – the moment I did that she let out a load gasp – I started to play with it in my mouth – sucking it biting it and licking it hard – and I could see her breathing get heavier and heavier – I could see only her belly at this point moving up and down – I was like a little dog – licking everything that she spewed on me and I kept going – I knew the time was coming – She started to scream in that half cry half talk moan – “Mommys gonna cum, mommys gonna cum” – just before she came she let out this loud scream and then she actually exploded – she squirt cum right on my face and I just couldn’t stop myself from licking it.

Mary's fantasy

fetish nigel52 2018-06-18

As the lift door closed, John stepped forward and opened Mary’s dress, immediately his mouth went to her lace covered breasts and as I stood watching him bite and nip Mary’s tits in the mirror the lift came to a halt and he walked out leaving Mary still exposed and myself standing dumb. John was now really pounding my whore wife, with a grunt he pushed up on tip toe and buried his prick deep into her cunt, I could see his balls moving as he came into Mary, she slumped forward I almost thought she had passed out until a low moan came from her lips.

Voluptus Ludum

fetish sexgundam666 2018-06-18

Their eyes were the same strange pink, though it was dull, and with the platinum blonde hair, Alexandra's long, while Bell's was cut short, they looked like sisters. She was well fed, with a slightly chubby appearance that worked with her height, making her seem cute despite her size, her breasts reaped the benefit of the extra fat, looking around 33D, and it was obvious she wore no bra, though even then they barely sagged, somehow defying gravity. Claire had black hair, though the tips were dyed a striking blue, and it fell like a curtain around her face, highlighting her pale features and darkening her otherwise bright green eyes.

Paramedic Station

fetish jezebelgrimoire 2018-06-18

I looked like I boy with my hair brushed this way, except for the obvious breasts sitting atop my waif-skinny body. I pulled the door with one fluid motion, and there he waited leaning against the wall. He drove me around, looking for the backup ambulances that are usually parked behind the stations. He got a look in his eye and drove back to the station by the theater. I thought about the dirty sheet left on the bed, and how someone might sit on it in the near future. We said our good-nights, and I pulled away slowly from his house. I watched him walk to the front door, then began to pull away.

Michael's My Love

fetish acceptinghisneeds 2018-06-18

He knows that when I stand beside him and place my head on his shoulder, that I love it when he reaches behind me and pulls my right elbow tightly behind my back, lifting and pointing my breast for display, then finding my nipple with his fingers, he begins to pinch slowly, softly at first, then a little harder, then harder still until all I can think about is how my nipple is stinging between his fingers. I was scared, heart pounding scared, I said "You can't fix this with strength, your heart has to join in, I can't bear to see you this way, it's just too hard, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, maybe we should just let it be and go" Michael, my strength, my protector, my rock, crumbled.

A Dirty Surprise

fetish saladfingers 2018-06-18

You grab my hand, and so begins five minutes of me moving from your soaking hole, sticking my tongue in as far as it will go and tasting you as deeply as possible, and moving up a few inches to your clit and feeling your body tense as the sensation runs through you. After a few moments though I feel something with the tip of my tongue, and realise as the taste hits my mouth that I have just touched your shit; the taste is strong and deep, neither good nor bad, but the knowledge of what's just happened makes my mind explode, and my heart beat quicker.

Ass To Mouth An Amazing Practice

fetish 2018-06-18

Ass to mouth (ATM) is the most beautiful sexual act cock in a woman's ass and sticking it in her mouth food is degraded from mouth to ass, so is the slave is If you pull the cock out of your slave's ass and fecal ATM doesn't necessitate a cock going from ass to Molly's ass because it makes her anus look just like a stick the plug in her ass a few minutes before we begin, I then fuck her ass with the plug in her mouth. and transfer a cock from ass to mouth, and vice versa. slave's ass and then into her mouth. cucumber analog of fucking your slave in the ass with a

Michelle Ch. 01

fetish Dr Wellhung 2018-06-18

Anyhow, now that our kinky mutual interests were revealed it went without saying that she should have a thorough examination and I accumulated the necessary "medical" equipment including large and small speculums, thermometers, forceps, specimen bottles, a breast pump, a bulb-type douche bottle, catheters, various sex toys, enemas, douches, and even a surgical scrub shirt. I turned the pump on and while it was applying suction I gently squeezed her breast down toward her nipple using a regular self-expression technique. By the time they moved and our relationship came to an end, a few minutes of pumping and manual expressing would cause some real actual lactation and her breasts would give at least a tablespoon of milk, perhaps a bit more...

Mom-in-law Penny

fetish Osiris 2018-06-18

I moved around a bit giving her a good look at my swinging cock, until I felt myself hardening. A second later the door which was not closed but ajar pushed open quickly and Penny came in asking if I'd like a cup of coffee. When I emerged from the bedroom things began a bit awkwardly but she quickly said that we should not let it worry us as it was a pure accident. Penny wears the same baggy T-shirts to sleep in and I always get a good look at her legs while we sit up late chatting. She suddenly raised the other foot to my mouth and a bit roughly pushed her toes between my lips.

So Who's the Bitch Now?

fetish Mandy01 2018-06-18

Vivian, her long blonde locks falling in loose curls down around her face, entered and stood obsequiously bowed head in front of Tiffany's desk for a moment, then without saying a word she started to unbuttoning her blouse, pulling the lapels aside to reveal a nice firm pair of C cup breasts, her newly pierced nipples were standing proud and hard, if a little swollen. Vivian went to object until Sabrina slapped her face hard, then folded her arms and giggled, "You know I was just about to hand in my resignation, but now I see this, I think I might just hang around a little longer." She turned to Tiffany, "That is if I'm offered better pay and conditions?"

Safari of Depravity Ch. 02

fetish scatwoman 2018-06-18

After the Chief left, the fat woman had the others help her lower Dylan to the ground on his back, but they still tied him tight so that his arms were pulled out taut and his legs stuck up in the air, wide apart to give the initiate young men easy access to his gaping asshole which was rapidly filling to the brim with their young, hot spunk. She grinned widely and yelled out excitedly to the other women and they all began to laugh raucously, coming over to watch Dylan eat this big, fat black woman's shit straight from her ass.

Tricked and Treated to a Creampie!

fetish cpluver 2018-06-18

When I was sure that Wendy was out of sight, I looked back, to check out Danielle's ass, and got caught by her. "Oh shit yeah, suck that cum from my pussy. I wanted to get this over with, so I sucked her pussy real hard and a big gush came out. I was still thinking of my encounter with Danielle when Wendy reached back and slid her hand beneath the covers. I pushed my face between her thighs and saw that they were hot and sticky and smelled like cum. I thought, "All in good time." I began to lick and suck on her lips. I said, "I felt so bad about coming so soon, that I decided to please you with my tongue.

When Ronnie Met Xena Ch. 02

fetish HappySpaz 2018-06-18

In one animalistic motion, I tore the thick dildo out of my pussy and launched myself off my bed and onto my knees at Ruby's feet, grasping the base of her cock with my right hand and sucking Xena right into my mouth. As I massaged the base of Ruby's cock with my right hand I raised my left and slipped a couple of fingers into her tight pussy, my digits sliding easily into her already wet fuck-canal, causing her to start moaning in turn.

Summer Wine

fetish liz_sinful 2018-06-18

Then she pulled away and watched him suffer with a cunning glow in her cat-like eyes. The metal of the handcuffs around his painfully heated skin felt almost like a brand with hot iron. Her captive closed his eyes and tilted his head back while the hot wax was melting and spreading all over his skin. "You know you want it!" She dug her nails in his thighs as she sucked on him very lightly, so much as to feel the salty taste on her lips. But the fragrance that streamed on his face when he felt her getting so close finally made his head spin and put him under the spell of lust coming from the inside.

Meth and Incest

fetish jmetaphor6 2018-06-18

You dirty fuck, make that little cock spew that big load," coached Eric, in between hits of speed, "That little boy dick of yours would look so good in your moms mouth. I'd have her take my cock and balls in her mouth all at once like the slut she is," I said in between my panting, moaning, and sucking on my moms thong panties, "I'll gag her with my huge fucking cum load and-" I need you to fill me up with your big hard cock" said my mom as she got on all fours facing towards Vicky and me, with her sexy bubble butt up in the air and pointed towards Eric and his hard, red, ten inch dick.

My first massage

fetish stupid12345 2018-06-18

I came across this forum website that show places and bitches that give massages and happy endings and people write reviews and tell about the experience rate from 1 to 5 stars and talk about price and little bit about the girl. I got back to the front and it was 3 minutes to 1 and I walked in and went straight passed the desk and to the elevators I did say good afternoon but she didnt say anything back. I could tell from the first minute it was going to be a great massage this woman has skill just like to other guys wrote in their reviews.

Sissy Boy Secretary Ch. 07

fetish Hotenuf4u 2018-06-18

Elaine and Lisa left the stage and continued to mingle with all of the other guests, leaving Sissy Boy exposed so every one could see his predicament, red ass high in the air, mouth accessible to every one. "I told you he enjoyed it mom, just look at the cum dripping down his thighs," said Lisa to her mom as they watched Sissy Boy taking the cock that was invading his mouth. I'm sure you and your men will find him up to your high standards." With that said Elaine left the stage leaving immobile Sissy Boy at the hands of these big cocked black men. Tyrone was the first to act; he pulled out his massive black cock and started face fucking Sissy Boy. At the same time the other workers took turn slapping his ass.