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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Dan and Mandy's "Thing."

fetish JulianWinslow 2018-06-18

Mandy was primping in front of the bedroom mirror while Dan sat on the bed, silently admiring his wife's tight slim body, watching her getting dressed. Meanwhile Dan kept up his slowing stroking of Mandy's left leg, and when he saw things were heating up, both of them clearly aroused, he whispered to Mike that his wife was a "terrific cocksucker." He should lay back and she'd work him over. Dan couldn't help touching himself through his crotch feeling the rising heat when he saw Mike's hands come down to clamp Mandy's naked shoulders; he held onto her as he let the delectable experience of having her lapping tongue slithering along his rigid shaft wash over him.

Fantasy Fulfilled

fetish LOAnnie2 2018-06-18

He wasted no time obliging her fantasy, only a few seconds separated her mouth being ready and the feel of cock sliding against the top of her tongue. Much to Jennifer's delight, he wasted no time in getting to fucking her pussy. Jennifer had to use all her might to keep her mouth closed and to not cry out in pain, but once her ass had opened and the cock was sliding in she knew she took it like a champ. Her hand flew down to her pussy and as the cock pumped into her ass it only took a few seconds before she was rocking another, much more powerful orgasm.

Staying With Friends

fetish Lucien_Al 2018-06-18

Geoff looked a little older with wisps of grey hair starting to show, while Linda looked as beautiful as ever. I started to kiss her swollen belly while my hands slipped between her thighs and started to trace a path upwards until I could feel the damp fabric of her panties. I didn’t waste any time, I immediately buried my head between her legs and started to nuzzle her juicy, panty-clad pussy. I awoke in the morning feeling a little disorientated, it didn’t take me long to realize where I was when I looked over and saw that Linda was lying with her back to me, our bodies still pressed tightly together.

Molly the Manager: Part 6 Happy New Year 1983

fetish Yubadude 2018-06-18

I only saw Molly a couple of times that week before New Years Eve, to fix her dinner and give her foot and leg rubs; she was grateful for both as corn dogs at the place in Arden Faire Mall were probably not cutting it. Molly said, "Wow, you finally said it back, even with some prompting." Debbie got into the act and said something like, "You have to give me a kiss for New Years.....bad luck if you don't." I started to give her a peck on the cheek and, of course, since she had five Long Island iced teas on board said, "No, that won't do," she literally grabbed my head on both sides and planted one right on the lips.

Allyson's First Blow Job

fetish 2018-06-18

Towards the end of the night she asked me again if I wanted to suck cock and I said that I'd like to but that I was scared and I know that I'd wimp out. I looked at her and she said, 'well you wanted it to be difficult to get out of and trust me, this isn't the half of it.' I suddenly got scared and said that I wasn't sure if I wanted this and she just looked at me and said, 'when I was 16 I would work all day Saturday and then go out to the park and suck the cocks of my friends for alcohol.

A Change of Heart

fetish d_fantasy 2018-06-18

you can get a vibrating one too." She said, talking directly to me, looking me in the eye and forcefully highlighting the words 'fuck' & 'hard'. I reeled under her gaze, mumbled that I had said what she wanted, had just paid, and started opening the bags to show her, when the girl called out to Emily. "Hey, I lied before." She said, "Your slut came in and asked for a strapon that could fuck him really hard and deep, so you could give him the best fucking of his life. I could help you fit this strapon if you like, we've also got a bathroom if you need to give her an enema first, as you don't want this slut's shit on your nice shiny new cock..." she said, also referring to me as 'her'.

Mother-In-Law's House

fetish burasboy 2018-06-18

With one pair on my nose and another on my cock masturbating, it wasn't long before I exploded my built up load of cum in her panty crotch. She also told me she started fantasizing about rubbing her sticky wet panties on my face while she had them on and would explode with powerful orgasm's. With that said she got up, took her panties and bra off, then put the soaking wet panties on my face, and mounted my still rock hard cock. I noticed the very top pair, a blue silky brief with lace trim with the inside crotch face up with sticky wet, cum soaked pussy cream.

The White Menu Ch. 02

fetish ExtraAqua 2018-06-18

She had been hesitant at first, but after watching their waiter jerk off into her friend's martini, then trying a similar drink herself, the eroticism of the event had turned her on so much that she had orgasmed right at the dinner table. Anne stared at the waiter, her eyes travelling slowly down to his cock as she listened to the sounds of the sex in the next booth reach a crescendo and the woman let out a long orgasmic scream. Then, as the waiter stepped forward and began to massage his giant cock over her food, she reached out and grabbed his dick with her hands and said, "You must be tired from waiting all those tables, why don't you stand there, relax, and let me handle this one."

Chance Encounter Ch. 25

fetish Miguel59 2018-06-18

Miguel answered, "All I know Father is if it matters to Jean it matters to me." Father let Miguel think about what he said, "You do understand Leo is the first, but not the last man Jean will have sexual intercourse with. During the course of their marriage she finds herself sexually unfulfilled and out of curiosity or more often than not his insistence she takes a lover, experiences for the first time real sexual fulfillment, the coital bliss Jean describes, which forever alters her relationship with her husband. He heard Jean say, "Miguel as my cuckold I want you to have an appreciation for my lover's cock. Father pushed his head away reminding him of Jean doing that when she was too sensitive to be licked, "That's enough, Miguel."

First Little Piggy Pt. 02

fetish TurvyTopsy 2018-06-18

"Very good, now follow me little pig I have someone I want you to meet." Lady Wolf headed out the door at a quick pace, and it took all of Milly's attention to try and keep up with her, on her hands and knees. Inside Milly stopped with a start, across the other side of the garden was a large busted woman, naked apart from the same pig accessories Milly had on, but absolutely covered in mud, she appeared to be sun bathing, but as soon as she heard the gate slam shut behind them, she was up like a shot and bounding over to them, snorting and grunting in greeting.

What Did You Do Last Night, Miss? Ch. 04

fetish Arsehole Addict 2018-06-18

I left her in her office, wondering whether my stunt with Shafiq had worked and whether, in a couple of days' time, my sexy girlfriend might be tasting her own arsehole on his huge teenage cock.... Well, play your cards right mate and you'll be tasting her arse for real this week, tonguing her tight little brown hole and getting her nice and wet for that big dick of yours." As I fucked his tight shithole I felt a familiar tightening in my bollocks and almost before I had realised what was happening, I shot my load up his arse, feeling like I was pissing jism there was so much of it flooding his guts.

Chikaning at a premiere

fetish 2018-06-18

My Scottish lass leaned way forward to see what was going on, the crowd pushed forward behind me to see also, which braced me even heavier against her, leaving her stuck against the barrier with her ass a bit higher, in what looked like a doggy style position, with my rigid dick going deeper inside her ass crack. As he walked away, she tried to ease up to jump a little bit with excitement but could not do so easily because of lack of space plus my dick was still f***ed too deep in between her butt cheeks for her to adjust, so she stayed leaning over the barrier, shaking her body while she looked at the picture, still paying no attention to my left hand gently holding her breast.

Messy Melinda Ch. 04

fetish BossySon21a 2018-06-18

Everyone tried to dodge at once, Jean, Steven, and Neil managed it, the balloons aimed at them splashing against the wall instead, but Cathy caught one across her belly and Melinda on her hip, both women gasped in unison once more at the shock of the icy-cold water as it blasted across their bare flesh! "Ready...aim...THROW!" Tina's voice called out, and again a wave of water balloons crossed the space, but motivated by the cold water already on her body, this time Melinda managed to dodge! Jean and Steven also managed it, but this time Cathy and Neil dodged into each other, got tangled up, and were both splashed by a single balloon, thrown by Janet Keller, a 48 year old single mother who was a friend of Melinda from work.

Joanie's Ordeal part 2

fetish basa930 2018-06-18

"I'm just a retired high school teacher, although I made most of my money in the real estate market, buying rundown homes, fixing them up and selling for a profit.” Frank said while he used his dexterous fingers to spread my legs a little and pull aside the front triangle of my bikini, exposing my soaking pussy to the bubbly warm water. I was too embarrassed to tell Heather that she shouldn't let a middle aged man hover behind her like Frank did, so I just said we have to leave because mom and dad were waiting. Frank was very excited to see my s****r eating me out so he pushed my head down between Heathers legs, I spread her smooth pussy lips with my fingers and stuck my tongue inside her.

My Sister's Panties Ch. 02

fetish beenthere2 2018-06-18

A smile came over her face, at which she reached under the blanket covering me and placed her hand on my panty covered cock. Sensing I was about to cum, she pulled off her panties from my waist, and continued sucking my cock with her beautiful lips and mouth. I said I can help you with that and began pulling her panties down her long legs. She said she wanted me to cum inside her now, and I happily, for the second time within an hour, spurted my man sperm into her pussy. Lisa sais she hadn't counted on me wearing her panties, but did think at the least she would get to jerk me off and maybe get me to lick her pussy.

Legends of the Fel Ch. 02

fetish leaky_one 2018-06-18

A hot wet stream of piss squirted out of the woman's cunt lips and sprayed over Sharn"s bare skin, running between into the groove between her buttocks, past her bum hole to her waiting pussy which immediately became drenched in the other woman's pee. Her fiery red headed mane of hair, falling past creamy white skin, intense brown eyes and most of all, the patch of bare flesh at the woman's waist, her beautifully shaved pussy lips with her clit protruding at the top. Felquest also had an exquisite bum with large firm cheeks which she so would love to hold in her hands whilst she buried her head in the blond girl's pussy.

Oh Nurse! (What are you doing to me?)

fetish jw1137 2018-06-18

The door opened and there stood the new thirteen year old student looking like he was at the Spanish Inquisition; behind him stood Dave Renniks with a hand on the boy’s shoulder. Leslie opened the door and thought the teenager looked smaller somehow sitting on the paper covered table in just his dark blue jockeys. The process of removing the jockeys had resulted in his legs getting closer together again, so when the nurse returned to the side of the table she pressed firmly outward on each of the boy’s knees. While she continued to pull back on the boy’s prepuce with her left hand, she used two fingers of her now free right hand to open the cleft in the head of his penis exposing the urethra.

Kitchen Wrap

fetish oggbashan 2018-06-18

"Wrap this up and put it in the fridge, please John," I asked as I was finishing the preparation for the evening meal. After putting the bowl in the fridge John stood there with the roll of plastic wrap in his hands. "This is the interesting part of wrap," John said casually. John worked on my thighs and despite my bikini's bottom the wrap thrust it into my pussy like a hand pushing harder and harder. John ripped the clear tape off my mouth and pulled the damp scarf out. It was a long time before I was aware that John was cutting the wrap and the clear tape from me. As we ate breakfast I started thinking about how I would wrap John tonight.

The Date: Flight of Fantasy

fetish alexis_m 2018-06-18

Almost without willing it to do so, Alexis felt her left hand touching her nipples, each in turn. She sat in the shower for what seemed like an hour enjoying the steamy sensations of water against skin and dreaming of the next time she would be with her new lover. After rinsing, she washed her body spending extra time on her feet, imagining Marty sucking each painted toe into his mouth and feasting. Her body felt almost weak from the long relaxing shower as she pulled herself to a standing position on the crutches. Alexis closed the door and turned her chair into the foyer of her lovely home.

A Little Man's Initiation Ch. 02

fetish dkeats 2018-06-18

This is going into your arse boy!' And from out of nowhere a black tapering dildo with a flat base at one end appeared in front of James Thomas's face. 'Yes mistress.' The woman let them fall back into place with a swing that satisfied James Thomas. James Thomas had felt the woman's finger before and again she gently eased it into his tight arsehole. This time there was little pause, the woman grabbed James's cock with one hand and squeezed hard, ramming the plug hard with the other, seemingly with her whole weight. Do you like to be excited?' The woman was on her haunches before him and let James Thomas and his eyes linger over her full breasts as they spilled over the top of her corset.

yes maam

fetish 2018-06-18

And both the guilt I felt when I realized a part of me had begun to want to betray my vows with Charles, and the elation I'd felt when I'd sensed Lucia returned my desires. The belonging I'd felt that night in Lucia's hands, the impulse to accept her invitation, whatever my previous vows, despite my misgivings. I wondered from what Lucia said, if Charles had also been staying away from the others. "Listen, I know you are shy, this being your first time other than with me of course, but it's something you definitely have to work through." I felt it pressing, her hands on my hips. "Gillian is going to love it with you," she said, and as she talked, she touched, fingered.

Lack of Control

fetish yeahimaperv 2018-06-18

Saturday morning finally arrived and he got up at the first opportunity and showered and went downstairs to the kitchen and made breakfast and a pot of coffee and after wolfing down his own food sat restlessly on the couch waiting for them to finish and get ready so they could leave. Left alone inside with Joan momentarily, John was set to do the standard "hug your sister in law" thing and let her go on her way. While his wife was still outside watching Joan disappear around the corner, John took the opportunity to run upstairs and straight to the bedroom and tore open his underwear drawer.

Punished for Jacking Off

fetish Anal Slave 2018-06-18

She told me how she let him fuck her pussy and ass, how she liked to feel his cock in her asshole while he blowed his cum inside it. How she had stopped at the service station on the way home and was still horny so she took the service station attendant into the ladies room and sucked his cock, while she sat on the toilet and finger fucked her pussy. My wife has fucked my mouth so many times with her huge strap-on dildo that I had no trouble taking his manhood all the way to his balls. My wife knew that he was ready to cum so she came over and wrapped her fingers around the shaft of his cock and started jacking him off in my mouth.

Harmony's Milk

fetish StrongMaster7 2018-06-18

But I need your mouth to suck on my big milk-filled tits." She used words she knew would get my attention. From the big, dark nipple of right tit I had been sucking hung a big drop of pale white milk. My wife had her period and then a cold so I got no relief at home except my daily jerking off to the memory of Harmony's huge, perfect tits squirting their milk into my mouth. As I enclosed it and began sucking and squeezing it, Harmony lowered her pussy down the length of my stiff, aching cock. Maybe after you suck out all the milk you can use your big hard cock to fuck Mommy's tits.