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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Initiated at Work

fetish Terry19 2018-06-18

I was completely helpless and felt incredibly vulnerable, and to then to add to my humiliation a box was placed on my head blocking my vision. Then someone approached, looking straight down I had a very limited field of vision, because of the box, but I could see my shorts and I could see hands grabbing them and the pulling them down to loud cheers. My humiliation was complete, I felt utterly embarrassed but my cock was betraying me as it throbbed harder than it had ever done before. The women began to shout encouragement as the hand wanking my cock got faster and faster. I looked down and could see numerous spurts of cum ejaculating from my prick, then I felt completely drained and slumped against the shelving.

Ian's Workout

fetish cuckytoher 2018-06-18

There on my ass cheek was a small picture of a cock and balls the cock half limp and the words Debbie and Ian's cucky tattooed above it. Only when you are extremely a good cucky and have gone above and beyond to please Ian and I will we release you and allow you jerk your pathetic little cock and cum. Here I stood in front of my wife and her lover wearing a woman's bikini with a picture of a limp cock and balls on my ass cheek and the words "Debbie and Ian's cucky" tattooed there and a chastity device locked around my cock and balls.


To What Degree

fetish jacksgirl 2018-06-18

"I knew you would like her." She gently patted my pussy, and helped me scoot off the table and sit in a chair as Dean handed me a cup of coffee. Dean was asking his wife if she had any plans today and she did, so he looked at me and said, "Well, Julie, get dressed, you can come to the office with me." This seemed a little strange at first, but I was still rather grateful they took me in. "Yes, I think a leather belt is just what she needs." I wanted to protest, or say something, but Shirley's hand was stroking my hair off of my face, and she was telling me to calm down, it's all going to be better in a little while.


fetish suzyisgagged2 2018-06-18

Hands behind my back, the cuffs metal, cruel and tight. I slowly looked up into her face, those liquid eyes, soft, long blonde hair…I shuddered and licked my lips. Her hand left my breast and rested on the back of my neck, making my tiny fists clench in their cuffs as she said, “I don’t want to…” I pushed back on the hand on my neck, looking away. Her hand slid away from my neck. I closed my eyes and tried to pull away again. My body went limp in her arms. Tears started coming down my cheeks, “I hate you so much.” Gasping, trembling, body limp and useless, I whispered angrily, “Don’t you dare stop…you’ve destroyed me…so don’t you fucking dare stop…”

Pretty Panties

fetish Intercontinental 2018-06-18

To the left some black and white waist slips, in the middle some boring plain white cotton pyjamas, to the right carefully rolled up balls of tights with a spare supply of half a dozen boxed pairs in nude, illusion and barely black. The top drawer slid open to reveal another wonderful array of lingerie, again perfectly arranged, panties thongs and bras, but this time only in black, white and cream. He couldn't wait to see Louise again knowing that as they exchanged polite conversation he would be fantasising about her cum streaked panties, her spunk filled bra cup and the vibrator they both secretly shared to get off.


fetish spice16 2018-06-18

"I know this sounds like a cliché, but I brush it 100 strokes every night," she said, starting to run the brush through her hair. "That's better," Janine said as she reached over and began brushing it back and forth across my face. Janine began trailing kisses down my neck and chest, and her hair began covering my face like a blanket. Janine stopped suddenly, flipping her hair backwards so it hung down her back, then pushed the long front strands behind her ears and looked at me. But sometimes, if I'm good, Janine gets out the scarves, and just for old times sake, fastens me to the bed and makes me beg her to let down her hair.

A fantasy in pantyhose

fetish jonezn4ph 2018-06-17

" I know" he said, mentioning that he too also likes the look of a long legged lady in hose. My heart was racing now as he stood in front of me again and slowly took my face in his hands and guided me to his pantyhose covered cock. His nylon covered cock felt so huge but so good in my hands as I started to gently stroke it. I moved my mouth closer to his waiting cock and started touching the nylon clad tip with my tongue. He was deep and as I put my hand behind me to feel how close his crotch was to my still pantyhose covered ass, I couldn't believe it.

Kayla and Her 10 Perfect Toes

fetish Ebolaone 2018-06-17

Everything sort of fell into place, I did some research and the idea of having my feet licked and toes sucked on, by you, started to really turn me on." "Clear my cute little toes from your mind....I want you to think back to when you arrived here today....Picture Aunt Helen running over to give you a hug, her arms above her head, her 'Bingo Wings' flapping as she threw her arms around you and gave you that big, scratchy old lady mustache kiss on the cheek." I started at her heels, worked her arches for a while before settling in on the balls of her feet and her sexy little toes taking each bright pink digit between my fingers, massaging them thoroughly.

Laura Masturbates 3

fetish _PussyManiac_ 2018-06-17

I watched myself in the mirror, getting turned on by the site of my chubby bod and wet panties. My other hand reached in back and began rubbing my wet ass. I returned to the living room to watch more of my video, did some naughty e-mails, and of course drank a lot all while still wearing my wet panties. Hot piss came shooting out of me, showering my face, hair, tits, everything with wonderful wetness. I'd eaten some breakfast (or more like lunch by this time), puttered around the apartment, and checked some e-mails which got me feeling a bit naughty. I think I'll go relax in my easy chair, where I can spread my legs real wide while watching some hot and nasty fuck films.

Beverly Ch. 03

fetish rmlooker 2018-06-17

He pulled her to him and they kissed more and as Lou worked on her breasts Bev stroked his hard cock and played with his balls. Bev soon came but Lou wanted at least two out of her before he slid his cock in. They got back to Major Barton's office and she asked Bev when she would like to start work. Lou could not cum this time and later during the night he woke up with Bev sucking him. Lou asked if she was sure she wanted to spend her money on him and she said I think you will be worth it and kissed him sticking her tongue in his mouth.

She was not amused...

fetish crochetteDave 2018-06-17

Thats when she walked in, seeing me in my weekest moment, and her sexiest pink lace bra that I had tossed so carelessly on the bedroom floor. It was about 2 sizes to small and it didnt stretch like other bras did so I dropped it when I couldn't get it around me far enough to hook. "Thats a $95 blouse and a $75 bra! Next came a bra, then a slip, then a dress, then ME. My Mom did catch me masturbating while dressed in her lingerie one parents never talked about sex in our house, and my mom wasnt going to tightly tied bag of womens clothes in my room after my moms weekly


fetish urclitmytongue 2018-06-17

My favorite was a girl who had the puffy sexy lips way before they shot them up, she could suck the crome off a bumper no shit. I love eating it nothing is better for mwe than to have the bitch just bein tough man cum and squirt that sweet shit in my face. It is not my fault, my xxxxxxxxxxx taught me to achieve this and how to do it, old school pussy eating 101 man I love getting fuck up and eating some sweet pussy its like I'm a wild dog and I smell a bitch in heat I dont care what the fuck I have to do but I'm hunting it down.

Foot Worship

fetish defiant_1 2018-06-17

Pivoting to face me, her leg still held forward, her shoe was now in the air four inches above my lap and at a point not far below my chin, so close to my mouth that I wanted to lower my head and touch my lips to it. At that moment, she removed her shoe from my face, turned again on the couch and sat demurely, if sensually, leg crossed and again performed her foot show. Spasms subsiding, she withdrew her heel from my mouth and ran the shoe's toe through my sperm, dabbing then presenting it to my mouth with an order to lick and suck.

Cum To The Mud-Wrestling With Me!

fetish Jack Gates 2018-06-17

Any way I put my favourite leg lock on Jenny and then pulled her over so that her back bone was racked on my knees and I held her arms down to my sides, but the mud was that wet and slippery she managed to wriggle out of the hold and she wrapped her thighs around my mouth, same time pulling the crotch of her knickers to one side. The crowd beyed for my pussy to be fucked and Mary came forward and allowed Jenny to step into her strap on which had been fetched from the dressing-room. I was strapped to the dais where Jenny gave me a good fucking, it felt good and she knew how to use it as if it was a real cock!

First Meeting, Chapter 1

fetish KinkyLittleFatGirl 2018-06-17

The look in your eye as you hand me the last shot on the table is so intense that I am unable to hold your gaze, instead choosing to focus on the glass. My right hand flies back instinctively to cover my ass but is instantly twisted up behind my back and I feel someone climb onto the table to sit on it, so not only am I pinned but I can barely breathe as my chest is compressed. One of the hands takes advantage and shoves two fingers straight back to my gag reflex, causing my entire body to tense uncomfortably, while the voice attached orders me to suck like a good whore just as another blow falls across my ass.

Anne of Browndale Ch. 04

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-06-17

Anne Glenson sat at her desk and quietly completed some paperwork whilst Tom Braithwaite, her last remaining student, put the finishing touches to the drawing he was working on. "I know you do, Tom. Remember the time I caught you looking at those rather 'interesting' websites in the college library? I'd be able to offer you a free place, not least of all because I know you're not known for going anywhere near the college toilets and I'm sure you'd be a great example to the other students on the course." Tom could feel his cock stiffening at the thought of his favourite teacher - the one he actually got on with - holding her pee in all day.

Balloon Factory Pt. 04: Melanie

fetish blowhyoooge 2018-06-17

I love you, Tom." She took the balloon out of his hands, put it to her lips, and began to blow. When he first handed her what she would later learn was a Q24, she couldn't believe she had the lungpower to blow something so big, and of course it got way larger than she thought, a giant light-bulb shaped monster filled with the air from her lungs. "Don't you want to see me blow up a really big balloon, Tom?" she would purr in his ear, and the ruse usually worked. "But don't you want me to pop the balloon?" she said, taking another deep breath and blowing.


Making a Whore: Panty Request

fetish black saphire 2018-06-17

Paul grunted as he sniffed again and watched Vivienna slowly crawl along the floor, gathering up the panties that she had tossed out of the bag. Vivienna watched entranced as Paul stuck out his tongue to taste the dried gunk and then started to lick at the gusset. With the panties still pressed on his face, Paul used his free hand to guide Vivienna's head back to his cock. He pulled her skirt up over her hips and then he stopped and stared at the full lace white panties that Vivienna was wearing. As Paul stared at the sexy panties, a thin smile, almost like a look of adoration played on his face. As Paul pulled his cock out of her, she quickly removed the panties from her face.

My real s****r asked me to draw her naked

fetish 2018-06-17

:/" My s****r started to pretend think again, "Ummmm....ill think about it, but you can start by jerking off for me..." I looked at her realizing this was a serious request and started to put the sketchbook down, my s****r stopped me by saying, "Uh have to cum on the sketches of me." I laughed and looked at her in a teasing kind of way, I sat on the chair and started to stroke my cock with one hand and held my sketchbook with the other, all while staring seductively at my s****r who lays naked on her bed giggling at me and slowly rubbing her tits and clit.

Birthday B-day

fetish 2018-06-17

Then I heard his s****r say that's it baby b*o give him your cock, give it to him good, now I was really turned on so I pulled the front of my pants down and started jerking off while I bobbed on his hard thick cock. I pulled his dick from my mouth and asked are you about to cum, he said yea. I was still hard and need to cum, so I started jacking off and he reached down and played with my balls while kissing my neck. He looked at me and my cum in his hand not sure what to do, I moved it up to his lips and he licked it clean.

sexy pregnant sophie

fetish vinney 2018-06-17

For a moment, it seemed like it wouldn't work, the shirt dug into her painfully as it tightened even more, but it quickly gave up, the stitching along the sides burst open and her flesh was fast to fill in the hole, now that it had space, it pushed outwards even more until her top was entirely shredded and she was able to rip the remains off her swollen body, rubbing the sides of her tummy that had seen the worst of the constricting material. She stood there and looked in the mirror, her top half almost completely bare with her breasts overflowing over the cups of her bra and her immense stomach pushing down on her ripped jeans that wouldn't even fasten, the two halves folding down on either side of her belly, revealing a small portion of her panties.

First Thirst Ch. 13

fetish NastyPierre 2018-06-17

I could tell she was screaming, but couldn't hear her over the voice on the cassette and shout reverberating around in my head. The spankings ended, but not the voice and the next thing I felt was Nutte fitting my wrists with leather bands. I was looking down at the floor as Nutte held the ball in one hand and worked it into my mouth. Nutte took my organ, my cock and balls, in one hand and squeezed tight. With her other hand, Nutte turned the volume up on the cassette player and the sexy voice began screeching its orders. Every time my boner tapped the floor I jumped and thought of Nutte, and Colleen.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 03

fetish fursmoke11 2018-06-17

But Ben was long beyond redemption; and disguised by the soft sensual fullness of Rebecca's mouton fur lined tan shearling coat, Fenella had to lean in close for the light, and her soft cold mouton padded shoulder touched Ben on the side of the face, as the end of her cigarette glowed in the tete a tete menage a trois. Rebecca cooed at the sight of the cigarette in such elegant hand, and the awakened hunger of evil in the soul that she glimpsed in the older woman's eyes, and began to groan quietly in ecstasy. "I thought I was in control here?" Rebecca giggled, then nodded furiously looking at Ben's shocked eyes and feeling him shoot hot semen inside her.

Teacher In Heels

fetish JACasper 2018-06-17

One day during class, I was having such a twisted perverted thought while she was going over some dead poet's interpretation of life when she noticed my lack of attention and that my eyes where focused on her feet. Look at that hard cock." She said as she place both her hands on my shoulders forcing me to sit down. "Yes Ma'am" I said as my eyes went down her legs to her feet and looked at her shoes. "Now John, if I don't catch you looking again at my feet during class for the rest of the school year, I will let you lick my shoes, suck my toes, and give you a bare foot job without the panty hose after class the last day of school.