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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Shades of O Ch. 1

fetish Jenna 2018-06-17

Jason got into the car but he didn't start it right away, instead he began to devour me with his eye's. It's somewhere you've always wanted to go and tonight I'm going to make it possible." Jason pulled away from the house while I sat back completely in the dark as to our destination. "Let's see if she liked it," said another as he shoved his finger up my pussy, swishing around in my cum. "Ok bitch you asked for it," he said as he slowly began pulling out till just the tip was still inside of me. I could feel both pain and pleasure rip through my body as he shoved another finger up my ass and began to viscously fuck me with them.

Daughter becomes a Cumslave pt.4

fetish SafeSexting 2018-06-17

Pig-Cunt...uuuhhmm...You must be proud of your little slut of a daughter." Mrs. Hammer said with a wicked laugh. laugh Mrs. Hammer pulled Lucy's sucking mouth from her cunt, and spurted the "Bitch is right, Pig-Cunt!...Damion!...Get her!...Fuck her!" Mrs. Hammer said fucking your little slut-mouth like a dog's cunt... slut...Let Damion fuck your little whore's-mouth....You do want to be a good I'll be a GOOD little fuck-bitch for Mrs. Hammer's dog!...I "See Mistress...My little slut-daughter wants to be your dog's fuck-bitch! my cunt while I watch my dog use your little slut-daughter for his whore!" Mrs. Hammer snickered. piss all over your fucking dog-slut of a daughter's face!" Mrs. Hammer shouted. Mommy will give the slut a nice dog-cock to suck." Lucy's mother said in a

Maya's Story Ch. 02

fetish JustLikeEwe 2018-06-17

"You liked that, didn't you?" I guessed, not expecting an answer, and reached under the bed for the step-stool, which I placed under Maya so she could stand on it and relive the strain on her arms, which were still tied above her head. With fashion and customs the way they are these days, I had assumed that I would never have the pleasure of enjoying another woman like that again, until Maya had walked into the shop. "I want to know what it feels like," I said, raising my arm and moving up to Maya. Maya alternated between this armpit fucking and just rubbing the head up my cock up and down her underarm like she would a roll-on deodorant, while I fought the urge to cum.

Breast Feed Neighbors

fetish retiresoon 2018-06-17

Austin and Jane were openly staring at Kathy breast-feeding Jim, when Kathy looked up and they realized they got caught staring they turned beat red. It didn't take long for the conversation to change from breast-feeding to how much Austin enjoyed sucking Jane's nipples. As I came back into the living room, Kathy had a wet wipe and was cleaning her nipples Austin and Jane never took their eyes off of Kathy's breasts. As soon as I had Jane's pants off she stood up took off her shirt and went to Kathy's pussy and started to eat my wife's pussy like she couldn't get enough. Seeing his wife eating pussy Austin quickly got undressed and moved up so Kathy could suck his cock.

The Visit Ch. 06

fetish stateofdenial 2018-06-17

So turned on by his wife spreading his legs and fucking his ass that he gushes cum from his little cage." She giggled seductively. He's thinking of how good he made you feel every time you came when you fucked him. Besides I've been so busy that I had to come up with a way to maximize my time." His mistress could see the gleam in Tweets eyes as she watched them, even though she knew Tweets would deny it if she asked. When Tweets finally opened her eyes and regained her composure mistress was not with her pets and their hands were locked at their sides.

Sheeba's Cat Therapy

fetish dowd_elwood_p 2018-06-17

Brian's hand dangled over the armrest, and the girl slid underneath it, making his fingers drag over the top of her head. "Yes, I know," Karen responded comfortingly, holding Sheeba's face in her hands and rubbing her jowls, "You're hot, aren't you?" Karen pulled the long train of black hair through the neck opening, and then the cat girl flopped her back down on my vacated seat. Sheeba got up, circled on Karen's lap and lay chest-down facing me. "Well, if you were a male cat," Karen explained, "You'd be having the time of your life tonight." Brian, who I then realized was smirking at me, gave me a wink and turned back to the TV.

Lisa Trains Thomas

fetish oggbashan 2018-06-17

I could shout for help but even if my voice gets out through the skirt no one but Lisa would hear me and she trussed me like this" I opened my mouth to try to shout and panicked. "Sorry, Thomas" Lisa said to me "I hadn't meant to leave you so long but the phone rang just as I was getting ready for you." The room and the bedding had Lisa's scent and there she was leaning over me with her breasts within easy reach but I was too far gone to do more than appreciate their presence. Lisa lifted her long white cotton night-dress revealing her beautiful big breasts which moved towards my face. I thought resting my head against her warm soft breasts while I was still tightly wrapped inside her night-dress.

Cumslut Husband

fetish klammer 2018-06-17

"I'm gonna fuck you, and I'm gonna treat you like the whore you want to be!" Feeling that I was nearing the end, I told her "I'm gonna fill you with cum, and you're gonna have to live with it cause there ain't nobody here to clean you out tonight!" "Mmm, thanks, hon." Smiling at the camera, Vicky told me "I love it when you clean my bl**dy pussy." Patting me on the head, she asked "Did you like it?" Unfortunately, as soon as the final two cocks pulled out of my mouth and ass respectively, Vicky leapt up and asked "Did you like that, Marcie?"

A Stocking Encounter

fetish Nylon_HighHeel_Lover 2018-06-17

As he went into the funny story about their prom and how they both ended up getting kicked out of the dance for their lewd conduct of placing "I'm an Asshole" tags on the backs of the head and assistant principals, he felt something beginning to snake itself between his legs and lightly rub around feeling the dimensions of what he was hiding beneath his pants. A few times, the gentleman's voice cracked while telling the husband one of his stories due to the ongoing pleasure he was receiving from his reintroduced friend from across the way. Quickly she turned to her stallion and tried to tell him that she wanted to finish what had now started up between them again, but she stopped when she felt his hand re-enter under her dress again.

Suburban Cumslut Ch. 02

fetish Gilroygal69 2018-06-17

To my complete and utter dismay, Daddy pulled his cock from my mouth and ordered me back into the ass fucking position. But I couldn't enjoy the lovely sensation of his big cock plowing into my tender little hole, knowing how he would once again defile my mouth when the whim struck him. All I ask in return is that you let me worship your beautiful cock, that you feed me loads of sweet cum, and that you use me like the filthy worthless fuckslut I am." Lying prone, with Daddy's cock buried in my ass, I felt the delicious spasms as it blasted ounce after ounce of cum deep into my bowels.

Dark Nights (Dark story)

fetish Storygal 2018-06-17

Walking to her apartment she got that uneasy feeling again as if she were being watched this time, but when she turned around there was no-one there, just the street light flickering above her. Lisa got into her apartment with a sigh of relief knowing that she didn't have to go out again, the thought of a warm shower welcomed her. Meanwhile outside her apartment the night was growing colder, nobody thought anything about the man walking around rubbing his hands together trying to keep them warm. He leant over her body and gave her one last deep tongue kiss then leaving the thought of entering er again had sprung to mind but he had to be careful, he had only brought the one condom and it wasn't worth the risk.

The Interrogation Ch. 3

fetish casper33 2018-06-17

Sonya looked up at her victim through heavily lidded eyes, licking her lips sensuously with her perfect pink tongue as her fingers now began to slip into her warm pussy. Alternately, she would lean closer, letting her warm breath stimulate him and occasionally swirling her talented pink tongue around his angry purple head before swallowing Agent X's entire throbbing length several times. It took Agent X's overwhelmed brain a few minutes to understand that the teasing stimulation that had tortured his body for the last several hours had ended, not with the explosive orgasm he had begged for, but with a throbbing cock and an aching set of balls like he had never felt before.

Pussy In Boots Ch. 3

fetish Natalya 2018-06-17

After my bedtime shower I got into bed and began kissing Phil and soon felt his growing erection against my leg. After several minutes of this I could hear Phil's breathing deepen and felt his body raising up off the bed to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. As Phil's cock began to soften I licked the whole of it clean before heading back up to kiss him goodnight, safe in the knowledge that I'd sent him to sleep with a smile on his face. Straps then went around Phil's balls and the base of his cock and they too came together and were held in place with a small padlock.


fetish call_me_dana 2018-06-17

Noticing only two plates set on the table, "Are you not joining us, Cameron?" Dave answered for her, saying she already ate and that she was just there to serve us. Cameron then stepped out of her shorts and returned to the couch beside Dave. Dave slipped his cock inside her pussy and began to bury it to his balls. Do you like sucking Rodger's big cock?" She began to lick and caress my shaved balls with her tongue. "Let's go out to the back patio and leave this girl alone for some privacy." Dave gave me a hand off the couch. We walked back inside about twenty minutes later, just in time to see Cameron shaking as her long-wanted orgasm took her body.

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 02

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2018-06-17

I'm going to take the kids to her mother's place to spend the night Friday and Saturday, so she can recuperate all day Saturday in case she goes wild on us, or something." He laughed and then told me that they were both looking forward to it. I spoke to her again saying "When I tell you to, I want you to pull your panties down to your knees, spread your legs a little, and leave them there while I look at you. As you stand naked in front of me, you should know that I am going to be looking at your pussy completely exposed, open and wet tonight.

Harem of Vanity

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-06-17

He was beginning to fill out now, and I took the time to get the rest of his shaft coated in slobber, giving flat-tongued licks up and down the sides, bathing the veins that criss-crossed along the bottom of his cock, nibbling and slurping my way up the tip with sloppy mouth-motions, letting drool spill from my lips, running in rivulets up and down his lengthening shaft, slipping into that foreskin, dripping from those nuts. I have plans for those." I moved the gun aside, hand still on it just in case and proceeded to angle my neck, attacking his balls from the bottoms this time, kissing and sucking at one, then the other, bobbling them like toys on my face, moving and swaying so that they'd drag ruggedly over the whole of my countenance, my features nothing more than a platter to cradle their weight.

Danny's Butt Mom Ch. 14

fetish Bob_Lovecock 2018-06-17

"Yeah Mom. Whatever you wanna do, I love it." He reached around and grabbed a big handful of his mom's healthy ass, then started rubbing her shithole with his finger. Let Mommy poop on your sweet little mouth and cheeks, cutie-pie?" She obscenely licked his face, pressing into him. Dianne looked down at her sweet son's face and squatted her fat butt down above it. Danny watched his mother's beautiful asshole stretch open, a warm trickle of her piss drip on his nose and mouth, and her anus gave way to a dark log of shit making its way out. Dianne spread her ass open above her son and a thick heavy turd 6 inches long rolled out onto his closed mouth and cheek.

snuffing Sindy

fetish master-george 2018-06-17

After her shower, still nude except for her collar and the Dolcett meat tag clipped to her cunt lip, for she hadn't been told to dress, she entered the main room of the suite to find Master already waiting. ඙!" The number was called out, and that girl gasped, looking round in despair as a Girl took her arm and led her to the front of the stage and along, parading the new meat for the audience, leaving her to stand crying at the end. A year later 128, as naked as the day of its arrival at the Palace, was woken from its cage and taken up to meet the Mistress of the House and the Master of Dolcett.


fetish KDG 2018-06-17

‘Well, um,’ Adam began, unable to meet her stare. felt her run a tender hand through his hair as his eyes He tilted his head and strained his eyes until he saw her, long time, looking hesitant, as if she didn’t know where to shook his head and said, “What good would another man ‘Be brave, Adam,’ Evelyn whispered. ‘I like you, Adam,’ she said, slicing the denim from his Her look was infectious, and despite himself, Adam felt With their bodies lighting up the room like pale stars, lips with her hand, whispering quickly ‘Don’t look, Adam. Adam felt a stabbing pain inside his chest, as if his ‘I’m sorry, Adam,’ she said. She moved toward his face, her eyes like open wounds

Back with the Shopping (Fictional)

fetish UsionX 2018-06-17

He grabbed the hilt of the vibrator and slowly began thrusting it inside her, making slow motions, her reaction was instant, lifting her head and extending her arm like a cow being milked. He removed his right hand from her cheek and used it to enter her hole while he focused his attention back onto her clit; he heard another low, drawn out groan followed by her pussy walls contracting on his finger. There she was, dripping in sweat, barely conscious with her wrists tied tightly to the boards at the head of her bed, her long blonde hair caking her face, covering the blindfold and the gag that muffled any noise she tried to make.

The Insurance Salesman Ch. 01

fetish stickyapple1 2018-06-17

As I was leaning forward to get up from the small short couch my pant legs of my suit were pulling up as they tend to do when getting up from a sofa or chair. I asked her if she like my shoes and pushed my foot a little closer to her to get a better look. Jessica got this big grin on her face and looked up at me, "Is that a rabbit in your pants or are you just REALLY happy to see me?" She said smiling greedily at me. Starting to soften a bit she finished cleaning my cock of all signs of abuse, slurping at times getting every last drop of saliva and cum into her mouth.

Dog Kennel Ch. 05

fetish Dylan987 2018-06-17

However, every time Kevin took me up stairs with him at night I got a hard-on watching him undress and expose his huge, ginger haired cock. One day the door bell rang but instead of hiding me in one of the rooms, as they usually did when strangers turned up, Kevin left me lying naked on the floor of the lounge with my collar on. He clipped the collar round Sean's neck and pushed on his shoulders until Sean was on all fours like me, Kevin then pulled at my collar until Sean and I were side to side, completely naked with our little cocks throbbing and our shoulders touching, with fully clothed Kevin, the ginger nerdy little geek, standing commandingly in front of us.

The Ultra Sound Test

fetish Michelle B 2018-06-17

One minute had passed but that was it and I told Sandra that I couldn't wait any longer as a tear rolled down my face and pee started to leak out of my pussy. As I was pushing hard to get out as much as possible I felt a hand on my pussy and lifted my head to see, Sandra trying to aim my pee into the bed pan that she was holding in her other hand. I said to her as I was leaving that maybe she should try to hold in 2 litres of water for an hour and then have someone press a sensor on her bladder.

Dr. Debra Is On the Case

fetish Fred1177 2018-06-17

I started trying to explain that I didn't think it was necessary and the whole time I'm talking, she and Gwen are maneuvering me onto the exam table and putting me in position for her to poke and prod my abdomen. I tried to explain that I'd prefer not to have Gwen present while I got a hernia check. "Just relax, honey, it won't hurt," Dr. Debra said. "Looks like he's got more stiffness than just his neck," Gwen said and stifled a laugh. For a brief moment, the door was open far enough that as Gwen went out, an old lady who was in the hallway got a good look at me.