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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Kitty Girl Goes to the Beach - Part III

fetish sprite 2018-11-16

Eager to please, her aroma filling my nose as she began to slide her wet cunt over my face, I pressed my tongue between her pink edged folds, lifting my hands so that I could grasp her hips, the tips of my fingers pressing firmly in as she rode me. There was wetness growing upon my belly as Cindy began grinding her cunt against me, her hips rolling sensuously as she made love to my girlfriend’s mouth, her kisses hungry and fierce. All that mattered was making my owner cum like the good little kitty I so wanted to be, lapping at her soaking wet cunt, my tongue coated with her juices.

The Hijab Hunter: Happiness

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-16

I came into the world a couple of years later, and for some reason my parents felt the need to leave racially diverse, progressive Montreal for the urban wilderness of xenophobic and openly racist Quebec City. Last week you got to fuck my ass so tonight I get yours, I said as I donned the strap-on dildo. I made him suck my plastic cock and when he finished, I pressed a special button on the dildo, spewing hot artificial girly cum all over Toussaint shocked face. Once more the dominant man I know and love, Toussaint smacked my big ass and buried his face between my tits as he slammed his dick into my cunt like there was no tomorrow.


A Haunting Expansion

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-16

"Oh I think she does, my freckled friend," Yvette said to Aya before turning her attention to Kelly. The ghost raised her arm, her hand clipping Aya's bust before coming to rest on Kelly's flat chest. The contact was even more intense, causing Aya to lose her sense of reality for a moment as Yvette made her other nipple grow to match the first. Already mind bendingly large, Yvette's influence was pushing Aya's body to grow even more. Though it was to be expected, the woman gasping and moaning from her growth might have had the same iced latte complexion, the same sparking green eyes but, Aya was not the mind in the body anymore.

Agents of the Cardinal Ep. 02

fetish Ehtaniel 2018-11-16

Wannabe gave a kiss to both girls, then faced Louise and took his blade. Louise parried some attacks by Wannabe but eventually she dodged his blade and lunged to his left shoulder. This time Louise parried the blade and she did a short thrust that hit his right thigh, dropping a little blood again. The girl in nurse outfit had waited silently in the shadows that her friend attacked Louise and focused her attention, then she has sneaked behind her to kill her. Louise saluted the dying girl with her rapier, and while she cleaned the blade Jeanne finally gave her last breath and felt to the ground.

Haitian Femdom with Strapons

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-16

I walk through a mall and I see newspapers talking about AIDs in the Black community, Black women's dating woes and the supposed dearth of available Black men, the struggles Black men in America and Canada face in college and university and of course, the totally mythical more Black guys in prison than in school thing. Carleton University once charged me three times what they would charge Canadian students simply because my Black ass was born and raised in Haiti, though my family and I spent every summer with relatives in the City of Boston, Massachusetts. Yeah, Stephanie Anne Lemieux/Mistress Noire introduced me to a whole new world, ladies and gentlemen.

Teen Diaries 14: The Changing Room

fetish TeenDiaries 2018-11-16

"Work for it," he said with a big grin on his face as he pulled me close to him and started kissing me, tasting my smoothie on my tongue. When the other girls left, Jeff stood me up and took off my shirt and bra, groping my breasts and sucking my soft pink nipples, making them hard. He started to give it to me again with fire in his eyes, his body was so sweaty my arms kept slipping off his shoulders. "Cum on my dick again," he whispered as he slammed me hard against the wall. He pulled out and too weak to stand, I dropped to my knees as he started to moan softly and came, holding his dick an inch from my nose and squirting all over my face.

The Feared '57' Ch. 05

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-16

Dorine had been permitted by both the Principal, Irene Crawford, and a Duty Mistress, Latin teacher Valerie Warren, to participate in the early humiliating disciplinary sessions where Janet had found herself the recipient. When Nick stopped off to tell Dorine the bad news—that her feigned sickness had not allowed her to escape from Janet Saunders' serving as Duty Mistress—the senior Prefect first cried and then muttered, "She's not going to get away with this." She picked up her telephone. "Miss, I think you let them off rather lightly for a cheating offense, which we prefects are told is one of the most serious at school," Elaine said, "but on the other hand, having Dorine wear the nettles in her panties was quite severe.

Emmy's Iron Maiden Glory Hole

fetish hummmph 2018-11-16

I really don’t care what other people think my sexual orientation is, I have a strong desire for the feminine look but it’s just that I want it to come with a cock,” I say finishing my drink and gesturing to Emmy for another. I pull my head back a little to get a closer look at this writhing cock between my hands and I see it start to spurt it’s hot glowing white cum all over my face. I start rubbing its now sopping wet head up and down my ass crack and can’t help myself as I pull my panties aside to place my puckered asshole on to the head of the cum lubed shaft between my hands.

Attention Seeking Whore (I Am An ...) Part 2

fetish CumGirl 2018-11-16

With one last firm caress of your tremulous cock; with a final thrust of three fingers into the deepest depths of my pussy; with one final glance at gorgeously exposed, cock sucking me; three bodies explode, starbursts consuming our minds, waves of pleasure resonating through our twitching bodies, girl and boy cum spurting from our wonderful sexes. Silent screams, lost amongst the too large rubber ball pressed and strapped into my mouth, soaked now with drool that coats my chin, splatters down onto y wildly heaving breasts, splashes onto the mechanical monster that I grip fiercely with every remaining ounce of my strength between my uncontrollably twitching thighs.

HypnoSissy: Cum Cravings

fetish silkstockingslover 2018-11-16

Rose, after allowing him to go down on her a couple of times, gives him a USB with a dozen videos that he is to watch (unknown to him they are hypno-sissy videos) and under their influence he gradually becomes more and more curious about sucking cock and eating cum. Of course, like I always did when watching these kinky manipulation videos I obeyed, each time reciting the words 'Cock suckers are bimbos... (For a third time it had the words REPEAT WITH EACH PICTURE bolded underneath): I'm Thankful For Cock and Cum (Girls getting facials)


Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 03

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-15

Claire did not hesitate to take the younger woman in her arms for a warm hug and she ran her hands then down Karen's sides and cupped them below her bottom cheeks as she helped her up onto the commodious bed. Karen daringly ran her finger over Claire's large protruding labia right down through her legs and the hair there to dab at Claire's puckered little anal rosette. Being treated as a younger person appealed to the soft side of the highly assertive Claire, who giggled like a schoolgirl and said, "I will, yes, if you decide to let me, mommy." When Claire finished enjoying her cum, Karen again probed the dark puckered anal opening with her index finger and again felt the imminent need Claire was having to sit on the toilet soon.

Martian Mores

fetish RedHatter76 2018-11-15

At this point, Stacy started moaning softly in her dozing state, and soon after, Maddie would manage to announce, "Oh, I'm gonna cum! I'm cumming!" Finally, she unleashed a long, throaty cry of bliss, and she opened her eyes only for them to roll almost to the back of her head as her whole body went slack for a moment, her hips twitching a couple of times before she sighed deeply. Maddie smiled in satisfaction, and while a similarly refreshed Stacy stretched and rose from the bed, Maddie set the hairbrush back on the desk and stayed on her knees for the moment to release a torrent of pale yellow pee onto the floor.

My First Hero Party

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-15

The tightness around his chest said bandages were trying to keep his ribs in place and the swordsman could feel neither his right arm nor anything below his waist. She had short, dark hair that hung over one eye, further accentuating the pulsating light as it danced over skin that was a shade darker than the bronze of Guild pennies. How am I ever going to adventure like this?" he asked as he put his hands on his chest as he turned to face the pair of women. "Like what you see there, newbie?" Za'lin's voice pulled focus to her face. When it did not seem like Ta'lyt was growing any larger, her attention turned to the ridge underneath as she tried to fit more of the cock in her mouth.

Hannah G Marketing at Work (part 2)

fetish footlover95 2018-11-15

I’ll make it worth your while,” I said as I kissed her feet. I started to work my way up her leg, kissing it. I could hear her start to moan as I got closer to her juicy pussy. “Fuck work!” she said. I started to kiss and lick her pussy quicker and quicker. I started to work my way back to her delicious feet. I started to kiss her feet and she said in a seductive tone, “So that's why you didn’t want me to go to work.” “Fucking hell B, I’m guessing you enjoyed that?” she said. She had the most beautiful smile on her face and said, “Right. I’ll see you tomorrow at work,” she said with a smile on her face.

Joe's Therapy Ch. 07

fetish Bernie54 2018-11-15

The one where the Amazon lady picks up a runt in his late forties and makes his dream come true after her previous slave had ran away." Lucy said. "Slave put your head on Lucy's chair." Diane ordered. "Here a slave is tied up to a bench for the duration of a party and he is the toilet to a group of ladies, or this one where his mistress smother him until he passes out, or this one his mistress put a face dildo on him and rides him to multiple orgasms, or this one his mistress invite a friend over and they take turn whipping him." Bridget gave as examples.

Rachael's Humiliation Ch. 02

fetish beaked_orchid 2018-11-15

Jubree's cock must have been a whole ten inches long by now and La Tonya had set a good pace working my sister's head back and forth, increasing the rhythm and volume of the slurping sounds. Occasionally, La Tonya would give my sister a brief break from the face fucking and pull Jubree's thick cock out of her mouth. My sister held her pose kneeling, head tilted back, mouth wide open -until La Tonya had ensured that none of Jubree's seed had escaped. The slurping, gurgling, and near choking sounds resumed as the new black alpha male started cock-pumping brutally while at the same time working her head quickly back and forth from his pony tail hold.

Temporary Release

fetish Teezer 2018-11-15

“Mmm, you know it.” Robert looked at her long legs, her black shoe dangling from her toes as she bobbed her foot up and down, and realised with some alarm that he had quite an erection. Alyssa stared at it — it was almost right in front of her face, anyway — then looked up at Robert. Alyssa flicked her tongue rapidly across the tip of his penis and then took the head in her mouth, giving it a good suck, before popping it out and repeating the process. Alyssa stood up and lifted her leg onto the trolley, giving Robert a new angle to play with. Alyssa pulled Robert to her and they rested their faces against each other, breathing heavily.

Wife explains the cum in her panties

fetish woreout 2018-11-15

One night when we had all retired to our own motel rooms as my wife was getting ready for bed she let it slip that Jon made her pussy wet. This gave me an instant hard on and soon I was pumping my little guy in and out of my wife's shaved pussy. She crawled out of the bed butt naked and as she headed toward the shower she looked over her shoulder and said he will get my pussy but I don't know when. Well the morning we where all leaving as we loaded up the guy that rode with Jon said he would like to ride some of the way home in my 33 Chevrolet.

Sexy "Girls Only" Playtime

fetish JASNSTIR 2018-11-15

Thinking about it makes my mind gets all atwitter with ideas of ways to make my own interactions at the gathering exciting and sensually twisted. Thinking about creating something new to bring to a party titillates my mind. Create a safe space for girls (who are probably not lesbians, but are girl curious) to express, watch and maybe even play directly with one another in ways they would like, but perhaps never have. This event is meant to give each lady an opportunity to challenge her own personal boundaries in regards to the sensual aspects of F/F play. Know that this is a safe place for sexy chatter, flirting, game playing, watching or engaging in fantasy.

Pee Where You Sit Ep. 01

fetish RedHatter76 2018-11-15

I plainly saw Darla standing up and pulling her beige shorts down while Erica was already sitting down with her jeans around her shins, peeing shamelessly onto her seat, if the look of relief on her face was any indication. After I finished soaking my seat, it dried just as quickly as Natalie's had, so I pulled my shorts back up and sat back down. As soon as we found our seats and pulled the privacy curtain into place, we promptly lowered our shorts and panties in a single motion each and planted our naked butts on the high-tech cushions. On the way to the exit, we came upon Jasmine and Ginger, both still seated with spread legs peeing freely onto the cushions.

Karla's Final Visit

fetish Goldeniangel 2018-11-15

"I was wondering if I could come home with you today Professor," to his surprise, she actually blushed a little and looked rather shy and hesitant, then, with a bit more confidence, "I can make it worth your while." He raised his eyebrows as she walked up to him, long red hair swaying against her back as she tilted her head up with pink parted lips, eyes wide and innocent. With her legs spread like that her red and abused pussy made too tempting a target and he slapped it hard, Karla shuddered and cried out as the pain spread through her lips and clit, burning pleasure that filled her groin. Breasts high in the air, ass and pussy burning, Karla began to move faster on his hard cock, gritting her teeth as her head fell back and his dick speared her tight back hole.

The Humiliation of Jemma Harris

fetish hairysurfer 2018-11-15

I know that John here has a thing for black women and quite a few of us are curious to compare how Asian women from different countries – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese for example - look like down below. "Yes I mean to look at you...with no clothes on." Lucy's jaw dropped in silence and Mark seized on the moment to blurt out the rest. "I'd really like to run my fingers all the way down your wife's lovely arse crack Paul," continued Jeff. "Ok Paul, thanks for the offer of letting us examine your lovely wife, we accept," said Mark; then turning to Jeff: "do you mind if her bum's not very clean?"

Megan Ch. 12

fetish djubre666 2018-11-15

I feel just like a princess." Megan said excitedly.. There I was standing above the little thing pumping my thighs almost zoned out about to start touching myself thinking of you, when I noticed he was crying. after she apologized she told me that she really wanted to try and touch my breast, and then she got carried away and started sucking my nipple. "I'm learning self control a bit, I still get carried away mostly when thinking of my little Joey. How big is my little monster now anyway...." Megan said affectionately... And that bunny look when I put on my heels to tower even more over your frail little body, and you know I am going to fuck you for hours.

Disciplining Mom Ch. 03

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-15

"But I make them so you—Karen, say, for Marian—can close those slits and then the woman wearing the belt has to ask permission for them to be opened so she can do her business," Maria grinned as she told Emily about the creation. She then told Maria to take the time needed to measure Linda and Leslie for similar belts "just in case I decide they might benefit from wearing them once I see how it works out for Marian." And she had better not complain about it being wet with her pee and she better not ask me to open it until I think she deserves that privilege." With that, Karen slowly drew the wet belt back up Marian's legs and snapped it shut, locking the holes with her little key.