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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Secret to Cumming in Secret

fetish PureCoffee 2018-06-17

I remember she grabbed my dick and said "This is the only one I let inside without a wrapper," then started kissing me and playing with my cock until I got hard again. I pushed as far as I could into her and started to squirt as I was bottomed out in her pussy, but then instead of pulling out and using the rest to mess up her dark pubic hair, I just pulled back until the head of my dick was only an inch or two inside her vag and kept shooting rope after rope of cum in her. It's a little fucked up, I'll admit, but probably the best story I have about cumming inside a girl when she didn't want me to was with the English major's roommate.

Filius Ch. 04

fetish Hitman7 2018-06-17

"Here you go mu—Mom!" I dropped the beer: Mom was standing with her track pants and panties down to her ankles, while a naked, heavily-muscled black man sporting a thick and erect penis, had his face directly beneath her pussy. "Careful with that beer, dog!" I watched Marcus jam two of his fingers into my mother's opening, and drill them back and forth inside of her. The last thing I witnessed before completely losing consciousness was my Mom French-kissing with Marcus, while giving his dick a hand job. "Oh hello, dear." Mom turned to me and mouthed,, "I'll just be in my room." She still looked upset, but didn't say anything more as she walked away.

Denise and the Banker Ch. 02

fetish Marty Eagan 2018-06-17

She reported in a concerned tone that after Denise had left the previous night the man with the leg-braced date had been asking about her. She looked down at the reason the man in the restaurant wanted to contact her: the five-inches-shorter right leg that flopped uselessly next to its normal and shapely mate. This depth was offset by the fact that her foot dropped as she swung through on her crutches, and the net effect when walking was contact with the floor just at the front edge of the shoe. In these instances Denise simply left her right foot bare inside the pants-leg to look as natural as possible. As usual, Denise's atrophied right leg began to bounce and sway as she released the shoe.

The best surprise

fetish EroticWriter81 2018-06-17

This was when the movie got really good, as the woman with the strap-on finished fucking the sissy's mouth the woman in the satin skirt came into view, rubbing the front of her skirt showcasing her own big hard cock. Stacy told Todd to stop and that going forward he was our toy, having to do whatever we said and whatever we wanted. Stacy guided Todd to his feet and I took his hard cock into my mouth. I told Todd to watch my face as her huge cock filled my pussy. “Go watch that cock fill my up, taste my pussy off of it.” As soon as the words came out of my mouth Todd's eyes grew.

My Girlfriend's Daughter Ch. 02

fetish storyfella 2018-06-17

When I walked in the bedroom there was a little pile of clothes on the floor beside the bed, where Sam sat with the duvet pulled up to her neck, a huge smile on her face. look," said Sam, "there he is, my little friend has popped out to say hello... Letting a ball slip from her mouth, she looked up at me as she raised herself up, still kneeling, her tits now brushed against my shaft, she took hold of it and started rubbing my swollen knob on her nipple, her stiff, little nipple. "Think it's about time I tasted that tight little Hairy, pussy, don't you," I said.

How Lucky Can You Get? Ch. 01

fetish Red8_2Play 2018-06-17

I start with the treadmill, setting a nice pace, I'm feeling great, looks like I made the right choice. While we sip our drinks, I feel a hose foot rubbing lightly on my leg, and find out, that Sara (who i've met at the gym in the morning) sitting on the opposite side, is smiling at me. I put it on the table and start rubbing her foot in a slow, caress like movement, to get a feel of her warm hose covered flesh. After that, to make her relax, I start rubbing more sensually every part under and over her lovely foot, also massaging a bit higher on her leg, feeling the softness of her black hose.

estim elektro

fetish 2018-06-17

i do not feel much at 1 position(pos), but slightly something trembling, not un pleasant. by pos 7 is was so mmmmmmmmm i want to come.i said it to my hubby, the devil turned down the pos. so i relaxed a bit and than he blindfolded me. he pushed a clamp on my left nipple, that was so heavy but at the same time he pushed the pos hihger. i was shaking 10 seconds on my nipple and than it stoppped and go to my cunt. tickling, my muscles are contarcting like hell and than it stopped and go to my breast again. i moaned like hell and when it goes to my cunt i collapsed and i could not stop coming.

Examining my cousins body!!!

fetish aluflex 2018-06-17

Unfortunately it was a short drive so I didn’t cum, and in a way it was lucky coz it would be quiet hard getting into the house in white shorts with a stain on them. Watching it for about 5min we were quiet and all of a sudden she got up and said, ''I bet your cock is hard let me see it''. She told me that she wanted to study my dick and turned the light on. I kissed her belly before I pulled down her panties and as I got to the belly button I could smell her sweet pussy! God in my years I have had amazing sex with partners but never felt as horny as then and probably never will!

Sex confessions

fetish 2018-06-17

I asked if she was pretty and he told me you don't fuck a face. "Tom" asked who I was thinking about and I told him about a girl in the neighborhood I had seen naked once. I wrote that fucking a girl felt like pushing your cock into a warm and juicy pipe made of meat. When I fucked my wife at night I would enter her from behind while lying on our sides so I could sniff Annie's panties and imagine it was her cunt. She asked me if I had ever thought about her (I think she was remembering the cum plastered on the bathroom wall when I was much younger).

Omorashi story about wetting my jeans female despe

fetish zombieg 2018-06-17

About a block & a half away from home, a toilet = safety, my lower bowels started convulsing madly, including pains and I could feel the liquid poop trying to f***e it’s way out any way it can. I felt my shit starting to come out and quickly grabbed both my crotch to stop the piss and pushed my hand against my butt. It felt like forever but finally the door opened & it was Amanda “hey guys, what’s up?” I was trying not to cry as Amanda looked over at me and gave me a strange look; I was still holding my waistband up with one hand behind my butt & a dark wet stain on my crotch.

TAM: My First Sister-In-Law

fetish maxxmann81 2018-06-17

"I want to come down to the pool, but I can not like this," she said as she opened the towel. I started sliding the bikini bottoms further and further from her thighs and exposing more hair to trim. "Yes, I shave your sister," I said, trying to sound like it was no big deal. "I need to wash the hair off, and make sure I got it all," I said like everything was normal. "Wow, I'm so embarrassed," said Katie as she got up and headed into the bathroom. "MMM, yes, do it, Brother-in-law," she replied as she moved her free hand to play with her clit. "Do you want to head back to the pool?" she asked as she picked up the towel and stuff from the floor.

One Tool,Two Jobs

fetish fmac 2018-06-16

He tried the handle the door flew open and he was at the toilet unzipped before he realised that she wasn’t in the bath anymore.She was sitting at the toilet with a dribble of pee making an infuriating noise in the bowl.He was somewhat nonplussed. His cock was subsiding and soon he was able to release a stream of pee down into the bowl between her legs.He always thought that a good pee when you really,really needed it, was almost a sexual experience, and to pee with his love looking interestedly at his cock from two inches away certainly reinf***ed that feeling.

An Effective Sales Technique Ch. 01

fetish jeb22 2018-06-16

John was looking over Megan's statements for the last month quickly adding in his head the inflows and outflows of money while she waited in the chair next to him. She rubbed up and down his cock slowly then faster until his hips began lifting up in the chair," oh not so fast," her hand would stop," take a deep breath John," he complied without even thinking about it. "Good," her hand began to move again a slower pace," do you feel that heavy lethargy mixed in with all that pleasure John?," she continued without waiting for the answer she already knew," that's me taking your power away from you.

Sperm Slave to Any Mistress

fetish KCUM 2018-06-16

Also her other hand now firmly gripped the chain that was attached to the fastening on my chastity cage and with a sharp tug she reminded me of the power that gave her. That is to say, apart from the chastity device which enclosed my cock in its hard shell, fastened at the root of my balls and held in place by the gleaming fat gold ring which penetrated my glans. There was another male there already and the girl who was obviously his minder was unfastening his cock cage as I was led in. The other woman was treating the male in her charge with similar conviction, but the two younger girls who had brought us up from our cages were talking disinterestedly over at the back of the room now.

Ms Coney

fetish realbigsid69 2018-06-16

I mean continue with the touch experiment and let me have a think" Evelyn said to him, smiling as his tongue resumed it's oral toil. "I need to note some of this down so I'll keep you out of sight and out of mind for now" Evelyn said and let her skirt cover his head, hiding in between her thighs. I mean, for example, the next session will be about alternative response then the next one is positional response so I've got my work cut out" Evelyn said in mock resignation. Okay, I have my doubts on the taste test so continue with this one for the time being" she said and let her legs rest on his shoulders again while he ate her pussy.

Blind-folded fun *_^

fetish 2018-06-16

My most recent escapade, number three – a blindfold date – turned out particularly great. She said she wanted to have a threesome – her and me and another guy. She chose a local hotel and told me she’d email me the room number once she was settled in the room on the date. The other guy looked at me and said “This bitch is hot. It only took 2 minutes of that before my cock whispered to me “shoot your load in the slut’s mouth.” My cock whispered “dump a big load in her pussy” and I was getting close to peaking when the other guy shot his cum into her mouth. “Time for a group pick” said the other guy, pulling off the blindfold.

Smoking for Money Pt. 01

fetish Alaisiagae 2018-06-16

I took another drag, gave him a shy smile, and exhaled a series of tiny perfect smoke rings. I inhaled, tossed the lighter in a nearby chair, smiled, and then let a small wisp of smoke escape through my lips, while sucking it up my nostrils. I took another long drag, let the cigarette dangle from my red lips, and exhaled slowly through both my nostrils again. I took several deep drags, letting the smoke seep out of my parted lips, enveloping my face. I took another long drag, and blew a tight cone of smoke that reached Pete's face five feet away. I gave Pete my best come hither smile, enjoying the sight of him munching on my soaked panties, knowing he was tasting my pussy juices.

Cum Whores

fetish call_me_dana 2018-06-16

Jerry began to pound his cock into Nancy's mouth with more urgency. Nancy would gag about every fifth stroke, both from his oozing pre-cum and from the sheer size of the cock in her mouth. Mike took his cock by the base, pressed it to her lips and shot his load of cum into her mouth. Nancy opened her mouth and Ted shoved his cock inside. Nancy started coughing and gagging on his cum and his cock, it buried in her mouth and down her throat. Mike reached up and used his teeth to scrape both sides of her tongue to pull the last of his cum from her mouth. John, then Jerry, then Ted all took a second turn at cumming in and on Nancy's face and tits.

When Desire Boils Over! "SWALLOW"

fetish 7yearsitched 2018-06-16

In the two Ashlyn vids she gave her usual stellar performances and ultimately, not only took in both of these vids those monstrous ropes of cum from Peters cock all over her face but did it pridefully with an open mouth and continued to hungrily suck it after and enjoyed it. And to add a new dimension that truly made it seem possible for me to accomplish was in one of the Fran Le/P North vids, he pulled straight out of her ass (which was one of the most amazingly ass fucking scenes I have ever seen) and she took again with an extended tongue, one if his monster facials and finished him off my sucking him dry.

Dating a Tease

fetish uptownjoe 2018-06-16

Just to make things a tad more interesting, with a devilish glean in her eye, Sue pressed her hips into Jim's clenched ass, she could feel his leg start to tremble as she massaged that one sweet spot, between the base of the head and the tip of the shaft; driving Jim to near eruption. Jim's stunned look didn't go unnoticed by Sue, stopping what she was doing, placed her arm around his shoulders and in the best caring voice she had "Listen Jim, I promised you a blow job, but I never said when or where, and right now is not the time.


The White River

fetish CaractacusIV 2018-06-16

"Uh," said Karen, trying to remember the false reply she sent to the company, "oh, yeah, I'm wanting to produce more breast milk for my, uh, infant daughter." But she lost most of her excitement when she remembered that the instructions said she had to lie down for a few hours after injection; so she put a shirt on (one that was three sizes too big, just in case) and lay down on her bed and began to read a magazine. As she had run out of options, she tried pulling her now pickle jar-sized nipples into her mouth to reduce the flow, but the moment they entered her mouth the milk rush poured down her throat without her control and filled what little space remained in her belly.

Golden Pleasures Pt. 03

fetish betweenthesheets21 2018-06-16

"Are you about ready honey?" Jackson asked, coming out of the bedroom to where she was in the bathroom. Almost an hour into the movie, Reese noticed Jackson wiggling around a bit. She leaned over slightly and put the cup in front of Jackson's crotch and pulled his cock out of his pants. Jackson nodded and grabbed the back of Reese's neck to pull her in for a deep kiss. Jackson followed her and they made their way to the car where Reese explained, "That IS part of my fantasy, but I need to go too. "Mmm, okay, I understand," he reached over and slipped his hand under Reese's skirt. "Yes. Definitely your turn," Reese straightened up her dress as Jackson leaned his seat back.

Changeling Ch. 05

fetish Michael142 2018-06-16

I know that I am giving David and Brenda a lot of time together, but I love them both and really want us to be a threesome ... David comes over and slides his arms around me giving his sweet wife a kiss that taking my breath away, leaving me a little wobbly on my feet. Brenda is starting to become aroused, and looks into Delia' blue eyes and says, When it is time for us to leave, David shakes the hands of the guys and hugs and kisses the girls, while Brenda and I give all of them a warm hug and kiss on the lips—girls and boys.

strangers on a train

fetish 2018-06-16

I sit on the lid of the toilet and stroke my pussy over my panties, not expecting to become too worked up, but within minutes I was frigging away like a woman possessed, and all too soon I was reaching an orgasm so strong I felt my love juices oozing out of my warm throbbing cunt. No one was in the carriage and as my stop was next I simply lifted my bottom and slipped them off, still warm and wet I placed them in his hand, smiled and left the train. I was out with a friend one night when after several drinks I went to the toilet and took my panties off and simply walked up to a guy, told him to smell them and asked him for £20 for them, which he gave me.