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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

First Encounter

fetish zetony5 2018-06-16

"He should be home two days from now, but that can change." Gwen said as she looked at Peter across the table. "Well here is to maybe us." Gwen said giving Peter a knowing look. Gwen had a hand on her leg under the table and was slowly pulling up the hem of her skirt up inch by inch till her knees and the thigh nearest to Peter was partially exposed. That was so relaxing, unreal." Peter said taking Gwen's hand and kissing it. You make me feel wanted, sexy and sensual." Gwen said in a husky voice as she slipped her foot out of her shoe and caressed his leg.

The Cure

fetish mariethetv 2018-06-16

I couldn't reply given the fact I had my tongue in her snatch and her ass on my face when Melissa said "Your cock just twinged there, your fucking liking this!! She gave a push with her pussy muscles and a big dollop dropped into my mouth, instantly the blood rushed to my cock and I felt Melissa lift slightly as she took hold of my now semi erect cock with one hand. I lifted her ass, pulling her legs clear of the bed, still powering away and suddenly must have found a new slightly different angle as I felt my self begin to shoot my spunk deep into her abused pussy.

Handyman Caught

fetish rcd902 2018-06-16

Eyes closed, head back, inhaling deeply with her panties on my face and I'm startled to reality by the crack of a belt across her palm!! So, there I only a tiny pair of silky boy short panties with a lace top....and my raging hard cock poking out of the top. She was taking pictures of me laying on her bedroom floor, wearing panties with my hard on, jutting out of the top and wiping my face clean with her cum soaked panties. As I start getting fairly close to cumming she raises up off my mouth and removes the panties....barely enough time to take a breath before sitting back down.

I Think We Should Talk Ch. 01

fetish ruuddog 2018-06-16

I love you but I want to understand." Sarah sounded frustrated and I knew this was going to escalate into a fight if I didn't start talking. " She was smiling at me now and I knew the wheels of her mind were turning " I know just asking me will be humiliating enough to make you last a day or two but believe me I will make you humiliate yourself even further before I actually let you cum." "I am not sure I like this Sarah what if something happens I can't even break my fall if I were to trip." I know I sounded like a whiner but this was not going at all how I wanted it to.

Emma & Lindsey: Pee & Fuck Buddies

fetish leaky_one 2018-06-16

Emma's large tits had pushed against Lindsey's toned stomach whilst the raven haired beauty's smaller, but wonderfully formed breasts had felt incredibly hot against her own belly. Lindsey had incredibly firm tits and whilst Emma sampled their delight she could feel her friend's fingers exploring her already wet love palace. Emma's golden gush squirted strongly from her hairless pussy lips whilst Lindsey's golden stream rained downwards in a fast flowing arc from her semi shaven muff. She was entranced by the sight of Emma's pee leaving her pussy crack and squirting into the open drawer. She could taste the salty wetness of Lindsey's spent pee upon her pussy hairs as she licked and caressed her friend's inviting love hole.

The Chamber

fetish Mike_Madison 2018-06-16

I had been fucking my bitch sub Mike for quite some time now, sometimes it would be when I wanted to take any frustration out on him by pounding his ass hard, sometimes he would just beg for it like the little faggot whore he is. The other nigga comes with me to the head end of my slave and I suck his huge black prick so my slut can watch upside down, his little dick standing erect cause he loves it. One that knows how to satisfy me?" I moan with each thrust of the big black cock in my ass as they come hard n fast as my whore watches as he continues to be fucked.

The Mirror Ch. 02

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-06-16

Second thoughts, about letting James buy the mirror as a present for her mum's birthday, in about two weeks' time. Turning to Mr Leadbetter, James said, "If me and Debbie stand down below, Mr L, will you pass the mirror down to us, please?" and then it was the receding backs, of the girl or woman's legs and feet that James saw in the mirror, the clack-clack-clacking sound of her high heels, growing fainter and fainter, as she walked further and further away ... James had gotten another good, firm hold on his end of the mirror, and was waiting on Debbie's count to three, when, reflected in the mirror, he saw a from-the-knees-down view of a girl or a woman's legs and feet, walking away.

Cuckolded by a Cougar

fetish IwantwhatIwrite 2018-06-16

While there is so much erotica online, it's nice to have solid books around, even if I don't put them on my bookshelf with the novels and nonfiction that I showcase, wink-wink." I felt like an ass for actually saying wink-wink, but she turned to look me in the eye right afterward and I knew that I had made a good move. In less than a minute I was on my bed with the ass of her panties over my nose, the book in my left hand and my cock in my right. If you accept this then I want you to know that you will have the privilege of having your face in my ass without me having panties on when I come over Monday evening."

Bathroom Mistress

fetish Phoenix Arrow 2018-06-16

I want you to just sit there holding your bladder for me like a good girl, okay?" As my body began to shake, I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold myself in for much longer, even if I wanted to. Tears began to roll down my face as I stupidly sat holding my bladder to the commands of some perverted woman whom I've never met. The pain of my expanded bladder was unbearable, but....but my cunt so needed my fingers......I....I couldn't choose. I sat there pathetically crying, rubbing my drenched cunt like a sick little girl as I emberassly asked her to choose for me. "Hmmm, lets see.......well.....since bad girls who masturbate in public should be punished, why don't you just pee."

Message of a Lifetime

fetish Keixbra 2018-06-16

After he was done with her back he told her to flip over and smiled when she did so without a care in the world, looking up at him and boasting out her petite body, her large breast wiggling softly behind the cloth of bra that barely held it in, only holding a size C in, the breast seemed like they were about to snap the poor material in half. He walks forward and lets his fingers run over the lips of her pussy before he moves his hand and grabs her thighs, slamming the entire length of his dick, hard and deep into the woman's pussy, a loud and deep moan being heard from her throat.

A Day in Office Ch. 02: Fantasy

fetish vantan 2018-06-16

My cock went from limp to fully erect in record time as my eyes feasted on the revealing ways that white dress showed off your body, especially those Fuck-Me pantyhose clad legs and high heels... The patch of stain on your white dress and the enticing way in which the dress wraps around your taut perky ass looks like an invitation to pull up the hemline and feast my eyes on the dark welt part of your gossamer pantyhose before slipping a hand inside giving your ass a squeeze or two.

My Strapon Fantasy

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-06-16

She moves my head and I start sucking her other nipple, whilst she watches me stroke her cock. I was on my hands and knees between her legs and I pushed my ass up as high as I could, looking up at Amy with her cock between my lips. She moaned and slammed her cock into me, moving her hand from my head to play reach into my bra and play with my nipples. "God it feels so good to be on this end of things, keeping pushing that ass back Sissy, you look so cute" She moved both hands on to my ass once I had her strapon all the way inside me and took my nipple in her mouth.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XLI

fetish Victor2K 2018-06-16

Cornell was speechless watching the action enfold in front of his eyes, not that he didn’t knew or saw people on that, but at most of the time, those kind of things were just legends of the VIP society, but that was the real truth, an ‘exclusive meeting’ where people were having sex with no guilt at all. I couldn’t believe I could take part of such delightful time, all dedicated to love and pleasure, having all those guys and girls doing us in manners we never were capable to think it existed, or even think that we had also our ‘bi’ sides…

Rough Reasoning

fetish MarlaynaMorgan 2018-06-16

All too soon they found themselves at their house, and as Lenny sat in the garage waiting for the door to shut on the car, he released the catch on his seat, reclining back until he could hold Mandy's head in place as he thrust his prick into her orifice. "I guess you'll just be happy that you're going to get a hard cock plowing you at all tonight, even if it is mine." He threw the ruined shirt and bra away from the bed and shifted his body up hers, nudging Mandy's mouth again with his ten-inch meat. Mandy did as she was told and, lulled by his rhythmic motions and his rough grasp on her nipples, unconsciously began undulating her hips to Lenny's thrusts.

Luckly Me Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-06-16

The guy in my mouth laughed and said, "Buddy I think this little bitch likes what you are giving him. But how do we keep score?" The one in my asshole said, "How about the first one to cum in this bitch wins." The guy in my mouth says, "Ok. I'll go first." He then slammed his cock back down my throat. The other guy moans and says, "Yeah that was a good one." He then fucks my ass with a good deep ram, sending me forward and deeper onto the cock in my throat.

Hubby Cleans Up Ch. 2

fetish Rebecca 2018-06-16

Manny said he never saw me look the way I did this morning so he decided to stay home from work (he never misses work). It took him an hour to lick me completely clean but my bush was still a mess and the hair on my head had a lot of cum dried in it that I don't recall getting squirted there. He would slide his cock between the arches of my feet and I would let him cum all over my feet and toes, then of course he would lick my feet clean (I enjoy having my toes sucked). I already decided that I would reward Manny for his efforts and for letting me shave him down because for the first time in a long time he looked sexy to me.

My Flatmate is a Panty Pervert Ch. 02

fetish kinkyjill 2018-06-16

About a half hour before I had John kneeling at the foot of the bed wearing his bra, stockings, suspenders and a dental floss like panties that just about covered his cock. John is sucking, and swirling his tongue on Ian's cock and slowly bobbing his head back and forth. I wanted so badly to watch Ian fill John's mouth with his seed. Once his lips are free of sperm, Ian pushes his still erect cock back into John's mouth and tells him to lick it clean. After a short rest I watched as Ian pushed his hard cock into John's ass.

The maid's knickers - part four.

fetish bobsmart 2018-06-16

I knew then, of course, that she wasn't just innocently singing and dancing at the village kara-oke, but probably getting fucked by some horny guy from the village. However much it was going to hurt me, I wanted to see her doing it with that guy and my heart was pounding that night in excitement as I ran up the road to the house where I knew they were. The night before she left I avoided her, already masturbating over the thought of the "interviews" I would carry out to find the new maid, but still with a pair of Chi-chi's knickers on the pillow to assist me.

The message

fetish 2018-06-16

She spreads her legs as wide as she can, I slam into her, she cums hard and doesn’t stop, her hot liquid, the juices escape the tight fit and soak the bed. She opens her mouth wide and eagerly takes my head as I shoot my load of cum down her throat, she swallows most but some escape her lips and runs down to her chin. He slowly enters her, first his head, then his massive shaft starts to disappear, 1 inch, 2 inches, he quickly pulls out, she loudly shrieks, he starts again she moans, whimpers like she’s in heat, 2 inches, 3 inches, 4, he gives her 5 thick inches and pulls it out again, he starts the process over, she finds F-Man’s cock and starts to suck.


fetish Deadwood 2018-06-16

In fact as Amy stuffed her sneakers and sweat suit into her backpack, she felt like the tiny red straps, the only color to her rather meager outfit, drew anyone's attention upward and underneath her hemline towards her sex as if advertising what she was at the hotel to do. Satisfied, but ashamed with the way she looked, Amy staggered with the heavy fire door, but managed to keep herself upright in the high heels as she apprehensively made her way to the mans suite and knocked on the door hoping he would emerge before she was seen by any other guests of the hotel.

Cindy's Slut Ch. 18

fetish Bastinado 2018-06-16

After three days of being cunt fucked, ass raped and forced to orally service three men and four women, Cindy was the worse for the wear and tear. I scooped another spoon full of Dane's cold slimy cum onto Cindy's toast. Cindy took a large bite, getting about ½ of the toast and it's gelatinous cum coating into her tiny mouth. Poor little Cindy shouldn't have to eat alone." I saw the evil grin on Marsha face as she watched her words sink in. Meanwhile, Cindy had strapped a big twelve-inch dildo on and was doing the same ass fucking to Marsha. Marsha was either smart enough, or loose enough, not to scream as Cindy viciously ass fucked her.


fetish 2018-06-16

neck scissor a boy with his chin on my crotch and squeeze his face red between my lower leg underneath and let the back of his neck fall on my inner thigh. sides of his little body with my sexy fishnet covered thighs as my legs his pathetic little body between my strong sexy thighs. humiliation of being scissored in my thighs until I made him submit was like going to squeeze you between my legs until I break your little body..make you his tortured dick and squeezing his ribs between my thighs until they started moaning, I loved the feel of his soft weak body between my thighs in my I like SO tightened my scissors in spurts, squeezing what air he had left in


fetish lycralatex 2018-06-16

The first was a shorter girl, wearing a skin tight black maid dress, shiny stockings which ended in super high stiletto heels and long black gloves. The nurse and the maid grabbed his arms, and the taller girl began to grind on him. Both girls on top of him began to rub their latex covered bodies over his face and cock, moaning softly as they did so. The taller girl begin to rub herself across Dan's crotch, he could feel her soft pussy underneath the leggings. Through the legs of the nurse he could see the maid sitting on the chair, gently rubbing her pussy with her gloves.

Jimmy's Clean Sweep by loyalsock

fetish loyalsock 2018-06-16

Of course I could also taste her sex on her panties as I drew the fabric into my mouth and tried to pull them own. Holding her arse, I knelt on the wet floor alternately licking out her soft cunt and teasing her clitoris until her legs went weak and she pushed down on me as her first orgasm took her. Tasting her cunt juices, and my own cum and piss as well as hers as she emptied herself into my mouth for a second time was heavenly. Having come a third time she handed me a toilet roll and told me to clean the floor while she showered.