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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Juicy Lucy Heads South

fetish The Needler 2018-06-16

He only got dates in High School, when he was on the football team, but second string linemen who don't like the weight room too much and flunk outta soon get nowheres." It was 9:30PM, and a late running trucker with balding, long locks sat at the counter, his feet rocking frantically on his ankles waiting for service. She let him go, jerking his long red cock frantically smiled: "Cum in my mouth, Billy, gimme your big sweet load. "Ya want the donkey dick?" Lucy smiled to herself and took a sip of coffee, licking her lips broadly. It took a moment for his eyes to clear, and she glared at him and said in a low, icy voice" "All right, Billy boy, that was a lesson.

Not Your Average Delivery Boy Story

fetish Nymph_Satyr 2018-06-16

I briefly thought of the delivery person, walking past our bedroom, and up the long walk to the front door. I didn’t want to make it any more obvious that someone was spanking my ass for the pure fun of it. Wave after wave of pleasure surged through my abdomen and down my legs, relaxing my body and drawing my entire being into the sensations of his firm hand on my burning bottom. A great ripple of pleasure rushed through my body, followed by a fit of laughter as I realized I was about to open the door to some poor delivery boy who had no possible idea of the fun that goes on in our house, not even an inkling.

Sarah's Dream

fetish tarred 2018-06-16

Did someone like that?" I cleared my eyes and saw Hilary standing before me, I took in how she looked, skin-tight jodhpurs, long boots the tightest top and clearly no bra. I was gently manhandled backwards sitting down heavily, my jodhpured bottom sunk into a sloppy cake which had been left on the chair, I felt the cool cream spread across the thin fabric and seep through the fabric, what a day to go commando I thought as the cream and frosting started to engulf my burning pussy. "Oh hello sleepy head!" Hilary smiled, Clare and her were sitting on chairs beside her, they had cleaned up and were both wearing brilliant white jodhpurs and blouses again while I was still naked and gooey.

Community Service Ch. 04

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-06-16

Stylish, comfy, and - like you said, Denise - sexy, too." After glancing at Dad, Rose said, "And look at the state of these ratty old things, uncle Dan," as she pushed her chair back, stuck out her bare, olive-skinned legs and, dangling her pair of black, well-worn flats from her toes, worked her toes to execute a rapid-fire half-dozen heel slaps. Pretending not to have taken on-board Rose's thinly veiled hint at a pay rise, and trying to get the conversation back on-topic; or, to be more precise, to get his shoe-mad wife, daughters and niece off the subject of female footwear (because, once they got started, you couldn't prise them off the subject with a 12-foot crowbar) Dad said feelingly, "Well, I'm glad I'm not Theresa Maynard's husband!"


fetish legsnfeet 2018-06-16

Illuminated only by the glow of candles, the radio dial and the street light, Carey is little more than a dark silhouette,...a lovely, sinister sex-monster that holds me captive and remarks softly how wonderful I look beneath her. It has been almost five hours since I first arrived to sit before Mistress Carey's little throne, slip off her sweat-soaked footwear and lick the muck from her lovely soles,....and suck the stinking scum from between her gorgeous toes. The night is young, and as rain falls softly on the fields outside,...spattering on the driveway and the porch,....little Carey leans back, supporting herself with hands on my waist, and rides my tongue that swirls round and round in her deep canal.

The Start

fetish newstylewife 2018-06-16

We agreed what to do and Joan let her mum down gently saying she wanted a different hair style and a friend had told her about this really good hair dressers. When she went down stairs her dad said my god Joan you look like a proper barmaid in that, she did and she could not wait to go to work. Over the next few months Joan seemed to be more excited and animated in sex, she even told me to go to the park on the way home and we fucked outside on a bench. Joan has told him I have a small cock, small balls, that I don't cum a lot and I know she is going out with him.

Jacki Misses Jimmy

fetish jimmy1979 2018-06-16

More than that, I was missing his hard cock slowly move deep inside of me, and his stiff shaft in my mouth. I'd kiss his earlobes and neck, then squeeze his hard nipples and rub his big chest, then slide my body down his, my mouth making its way to his warm, sweet rod. His hands went inside my robe and he stroked my ass, my hips and then went right down to my dripping pussy as we kissed even harder, with his tongue in my mouth. He went back down with his tongue inside of me, swallowing my juices as I rubbed my clit, stretched my legs long and came again. His tongue went inside me as my fingers moved down to my pussy and I started rubbing my clit.

Creampie Eating

fetish newcastle 2018-06-16

My wife is a little overweight, she has smallish pointy tits with tiny nipples that get rock hard, an oversized ass you just want to bury your face in, pussy hair that she rarely trims and a belly that jiggles when we're fucking – although she would never be a swimsuit model, she's sexy and hot and all things sensuous, a real treat. This way, I could eat her out and bring her to another orgasm and, at the same time, be able to lick my cum from deep inside that moist pussy of her.


why i love adult booths

fetish loveer6262 2018-06-16

this one guy, older white, once grabbed my ass and started to jerk off his cock right there in the middle of the place. another guy ,older Mexican, pulled his cock out and started to rub it on my ass. i was hard to suck on them both but i got the hang of it the right guy pulled his cock out first and started cumming on me his cum landed on my cheek then on my shirt. he got hard again in my mouth and i sucked on his cock for about a good few mins before he started cumming in my mouth and as he pulled his cock out his cum kept shooting it landed on my shirt in my hair on my face.

85% cock

Human Doll Ch. 04

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-06-16

Bill noticed she spoke with a feminine, doll like voice. He saw that she was dressed like an exquisite doll, and became worried that the programming had permanently altered her thinking. "Since distributing these dolls a lot of good has been engendered, just look at the crime statistics," he implored. Time is pressing, so I must go," Linda said, rising from the chair. "They are a good way of teaching men how to treat a real woman," he again explained, while fiddling with the control stick. The thought of artificial body parts was bad enough, but sex dolls were completely repulsive to her. Speaking against the use of dolls like this wasn't going to convince anyone, for it sounded too pathetic to be taken seriously.

Scandalous Visit of a Friend

fetish MayItaste 2018-06-16

I was expecting a friend who comes from time to time to take a drink, we are very open and she knows that I like women a bit provocative and dominant but I will remember that visit for a long time. She watches me struggle with my phone and suddenly something incredible happens. I look around to see where it comes from and I notice that she has a weird expression. I didn't know what to say, she continued the conversation all by herself asking me what was wrong with a little amused look. I used nearly all the roll to clean her properly and when she left I sat in the middle of the mess.

Becommming Alanna - Part 4

fetish KristyQuinn 2018-06-16

Reaching down to a tray of tools he took what I now knew to be a speculum and scr****g some phlegm off the back of his throat aimed a wad of spit directly onto my asshole. His other hand moving swiftly he jammed the brown tinged glistening butt sponge in my mouth and shut my lower jaw, slamming a piece of duct tape over my lips. The hot thick juice dribbling down my throat, I had a hard time swallowing it but had no other choice, on my back with my mouth nearly glued shut. I could feel it hit the sweet spot right inside the open gape of the speculum, I heard the familiar sound of liquid filling a container.


fetish MaxwellSpanx 2018-06-16

The fact she comes at five fifteen every Friday evening is not just a sign that I have a great selection of shoes, but also a sign she likes my hands-on approach. Knowing Linda's taste I placed a selection of shoes in front of her. Linda slipped out of her shoes and my eyes lapped up the sight of her perfectly crafted brown feet. "I have a bladder that can hold back more water than the Hoover dam." Linda stared down at her red toe-peep shoes. In no time at all Linda was surrounded with red shoes. In the past I've wanked while holding shoes Linda has briefly worn in my shop. Linda's coffee tits rested like small hillocks on a flat plane.

Dinner Preparations

fetish rrspence2002 2018-06-16

It was to be located where she would be able to swing her short stump up to her crotch and right thigh and have the heart kiss and caress her mons pubis and love gash. I love you." He turned and his smiling wife, who had crutched quietly into the kitchen, was gazing at him from her perch on one of the kitchen counter stools. Don, slightly off balance, placed his right hand on the stool under Fern's tiny stump and kissed her passionately. When Don reached the carport, Fern was already behind the wheel of her Jeep and Don climbed in, leaned over and gave his love a kiss and settled, smiling into his seat.

On The Prowl

fetish RyleighM72 2018-06-16

His hips lurch as he tries to fuck my hand but I hold him down still wanting to feel his cock growing inside my hand. Lying me down on the seat of our booth he pulls my legs up to his shoulders and just folds me in half harder and harder he pounds into my pussy crying out i cum again and want him to do the same I clench my pussy walls around his cock as if I am pulling him in deeper still. Slowly I feel him begin to soften inside of me as we continue moving together not wanting the moment to end.

What Had I Done Ch. 02

fetish JeanCFNM 2018-06-15

They agreed and Sue and Carole said they would do the underwear but Janet and Rachel should take off his shirt and trousers. At this point I didn't realise what this meant but she went ahead with much encouragement from the rest of the women and eventually after much grunting and screwed up faces Allan almost screamed "I'm going to come" and Sarah moved back from his cock and she got the whole lot in her face. She asked him to lie on the floor then remover her knickers and just impaled herself on his cock, riding so hard they moved a lot...Allan having just come was not going to for some time so Carol had to work quite hard.

Andrea and the Secret Admirer

fetish thefootprint 2018-06-15

I told him that I had worked out really hard and how I had stupidly forgot to do laundry and had to wear an already dirty pair of socks to the gym so my feet probably wouldn't be "super fresh" I think I described them. Plus I'm sure that you've got super cute feet." I didn't really know how to take that comment so I sort of laughed nervously and said "thanks" with a hint of question and my voice and a confused look on my face. He started to pull off my running shoes and even though it was obvious that he liked my feet being stinky I couldn't help but feeling incredibly embarrassed.

The Addictions of Mature Swapping Part 2

fetish kcmo2020 2018-06-15

Tom just keep fucking Trisha's ass harder and deeper and she kept screaming to feel his hot cum but he had already filled her pussy three times and the hot cum my slut wife wanted was not possible from Tom. I told him to pull out and Trish was yelling no, no, I want hot cum in my ass. I wanted to feel Shelly's pussy, I knew she would be wild and a sexy fuck, I told Tom to eat Trisha's pussy while I filled is horny wife with thick, hard Italian cock.

Big titties

fetish rogue-1966 2018-06-15

She sits closer, I reach down, cupping her titties as I start pumping my hips, fucking her big tits harder and faster. She sits back telling me her sex voice how much she loves feeling my cock sliding between her titties, so much her pussy is dripping wet. Still holding my face she ask me if I love her big tits, her pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock all I could do was nod my head yes. I reach up, lightly teasing my lady's nipples as I cup her big titties, I love feeling the weight of them in my hands. Slipping out from under me, she rolls over, telling me to pull that condom off, jerk my cock off and cum all over these big titties.

Black Journal Ch. 10

fetish Dhc000333 2018-06-15

My old place I had a week left to clean it up and to give it back to my dickhead of my old landlord. I watched them clean the place up from top to bottom. My neighbor, a buxom chested and assed redhead owns a fat, black-furred cat. Thing is I didn't know she brought Bunches into my apartment. When I was finished I saw Bunches and she looked at me with a peculiar stare. I worked in an office and my boss was actually a Mrs. Bunches. Her fur was very clean and silky black like a starry night sky. She didn't want foreplay because apparently I had already given my mouth to her juice box early that morning before everyone else came in.

Intense Footjob

fetish mugs101 2018-06-15

I was sitting in my chair as she walked up and placed her pump in my lap gently pressing on my hard cock, I slid my hand up her legs and the silky feeling of her hose sent shivers through my body. I think she knew this as she took her other foot and placing her heel at the base of my balls she treated my cock like a gas pedal and slowly pumped it. She stretched her right leg out again resting her heel once again on my chest but this time I could reach her foot and proceeded to kiss and lick the top of her foot and side of her pump.

Goddess Mina: I Begin My Descent

fetish ArmondoDeHavana 2018-06-15

Sleep does not come easy and I go to bed knowing the next day I will be beneath the feet of my goddess and that is where I belong. I hear my goddess re-enter the room she sits on the sofa and puts her feet on my back like I am an ottoman. She moves her feet around my face for some time all the while looking into my eyes. As she completes her email goddess removed herself from my hips, stepped onto my stomach and sits up onto the love seat. I was unable to breath I was embarrassed by my erection and I wanted this moment to last forever all at the same time.


fetish MungoParkIII 2018-06-15

In all that restaurant, there is no better entertainment to watch as the short, frumpy lady powders up her table with flour, flops the tortilla dough onto the counter and rolls it in her powdery fingers and carefully forms the perfect round disc. Often when she is working, kneading the dough, pressing the tortilla, I'll see a droplet of sweat run down the side of her face, leaving a light brown track in the white flout. After watching the droplet my eyes will always slide back to where she kneads the dough, her fingers working through the pliant stuff like I'd imagine she might handle a cock. Feeling those wonderful fingers kneading my cock like her tortillas, I began moving my hips back and forth as the pleasure increased.

Femdom Claire makes me a interacial cuckold

fetish flumpermunch 2018-06-15

I go for the stuff on the wet floor first , instead of licking I just put my mouth over it an suck it up an quickly swallow , getting it done as fast as possible so I don't be sick , next the toilet bowl , possibly the worst an dirtiest iv ever seen, I start licking , I heard Claire moan an I think she is masturbating, I carry on licking up my cum and I'm soon finished, next thing I see more cum drip onto the floor, I look up puzzled , there is a cock sticking through a hole in the cubical and Claire has sucked it off, it's not a big cock , or a black cock , but a small white cock , just big enough to fit through the hole, as he cum some landed on the floor but most had ran down the cubical wall and it went the first load that had ran down the cum stained wall, the cock pulled out of the hole and the man walked out.