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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Emmy's Iron Maiden Glory Hole

fetish hummmph 2018-06-15

I really don't care what other people think my sexual orientation is, I have a strong desire for the feminine look but it's just that I want it to come with a cock," I say finishing my drink and gesturing to Emmy for another. I pull my head back a little to get a closer look at this writhing cock between my hands and I see it start to spurt it's hot glowing white cum all over my face. I start rubbing its now sopping wet head up and down my ass crack and can't help myself as I pull my panties aside to place my puckered asshole on to the head of the cum lubed shaft between my hands.

Dessert for Supper

fetish commax69 2018-06-15

He knelt down and put a dollop of cream on my clit and sucked it away with his lips before slipping his cock inside me to once more tease before taking my hands and leading me to the other couch. He had brought one of the plates of cream over and had placed it on the floor He reached down and scooped a handful and rubbed it all over his cock and I greedily sucked all the sweet cream. I grabbed the two plates in the living room and Jack grabbed another plate of cream and the big silk pie that waited on the kitchen table. Jack said, “You look so cute all covered with cream.

Out With The Girls...Ch. 02

fetish toontessa 2018-06-15

“A man can simply roll out of bed and be ready to start his day,” Heather said as she put foundation on me, “as a woman, you want to take the time to look as beautiful as you can,” she worked expertly on my face, lips and eyes. “Don’t worry,” she laughed, “now you just will not feel fulfilled until you have a real, throbbing cock shooting a load in your asshole.” She looked at me, I looked worried, she took my head in her hands, “Hey honey,” she kissed me gently on the lips, “all three of us are going to enjoy some real cock tonight, it’s going to be fun, just let yourself go.

How To Play Backgammon

fetish kinkspeak 2018-06-15

While his face was turning as red as the crimson lipstick I wore, he gingerly pulled his cock back through the zipper and within seconds, his jeans that he had carefully ironed were now bunched around his ankles. I was so turned on by what he was doing, I could feel the juices of my cunt dripping down, cooling in the air and seeping into my asshole each time his tongue pulled out. I wondered how I looked from this view, with only my ass exposed, my skirt hitched up around my waist, my legs covered with the thigh high pantyhose and high heeled boots that reached up to my knees.

The Belgium Neighbour's Knickers

fetish wordyone 2018-06-15

She carried the straps of an expensive voluminous black leather bag over her shoulder and my first thought was to wonder if it might contain a spare pair of knickers or pantyhose hidden inside. She had bundled her rich shining chestnut locks above her head in a glorious doughnut-shaped ring and as I peered with hyperopic eyes from my window my mouth went dry when I noticed that the item that she had used to fasten it was non-other than a frothy white nylon knee high sock. As I climbed into my bed it was merely my intention to examine the frothy black treasure and then sleep with the satisfaction that at last, I had something intimate belonging to Dorene that would help satisfy my immeasurable craving for her horny body.

Sun Hee Ch. 11

fetish metalimbic 2018-06-15

Sun Hee wore her hair up, and together with the cute little cadet cap her hair was pinned underneath, her tiny neck was left bare except for this black string. The little tassel around her bare neck made her look so delicate, so sexually vulnerable, and my mind drifted back to that moment the other morning when I had lain on top of Sun Hee, pinning her hands, and she seemed to yearn to be taken. If being sent on errands to buy her makeup lowered me in SooYoung's eyes, I could only imagine what she thought about yesterday when Sun Hee banished me to the back of the classroom, and watching SooYoung look away made my cock feel small.

Pissed Off

fetish peebudy 2018-06-15

The band played a slow song next, and John pulled Rose close to him, and sang softly in her ear, as he felt her rock hard nipples drilling into his chest. Rose closed her eyes and started pissing again, this time aiming her spray at his cock and balls. Rose lifted herself up high, grabbing his rigid cock with her right hand, and then dropping her ass straight down on it, burying it deep within her asshole, thanks to the warm lubrication of her piss. She knew she could keep up like this for as long as she wanted, the cock ring keeping him from cumming, but the look in his eyes was telling her that it was time to let him in on this game.

Eva my Dominate Coworker Ch. 02

fetish Lawyerlyzach 2018-06-15

She fingered me for a few minutes while her other hand rubbed my cock, and I felt like I was going to explode at any moment. I felt the plug come out of me, and then more lube, and then with a swift little pop, Eva crammed the head of her strap on into me. Eva fucked me while stroking me cock for five minutes until I couldn't take it any more and told her I had to cum. "Tomorrow, if you can be a good little pussy eater like you were today, I will fuck you instead of the other way around, I like you being powerless beneath me." Eva told me "but, for every ten orgasms I have, I'll let you fuck me, and cum inside of me once.

Reversals Ch. 08

fetish RachelClark 2018-06-15

Getting restless for some attention, Julia peered through the glass partition into the monochrome hallways and common spaces outside the office looking for Samantha. "Maybe that's a lot to see into it, into her, but you asked." Samantha touched the frame, almost lovingly, then locked eyes with Julia. Samantha smiled and added the document to the stack Julia had signed earlier. "Which of you is Julia Grant?" the woman asked curtly, reading from something at the table she sat at. "Pleased to meet you," Julia said, trying to act cheery, hoping Dr. Joyce couldn't read her mood. Dr. Joyce looked forward into the camera, seemingly unaffected by Samantha's eager greeting, her somber expression casting a stifling mood over the consultation.

A Submissive little boy : ch 2

fetish alexkoko 2018-06-15

My boss was this kind of middle-aged guy named Tom. I think he was probably only like forty tops, there wasn't any gray hairs or anything, but when your going to college damn near everyone else looks like a grandpa to you. Cassie worked her way over to me ad noticing the bill in my hand did some extra special moves turning her ass towards me and bending over to look between them she made as if to play with her pussy and then turned back toward me and pushed her crotch right up below my face and pulled out the front of her panty.

Punky's Diary, 02/10/07

fetish Selbryth 2018-06-15

So here I am, watching this cute faced lady gasping and groaning and cumming over the surface of the bubbling water, and I'm loving how marvelous the inside of her twat feels sliding around my toe, and how fortunate I am, and how sexy she is, and how I never want it to end, when she opens her eyes, brushes my foot away from her with her foot, and then stands up. So I'm standing there talking to Morgan and all I can think about is wanting to get down on my knees and stick my face up under her skirt and taste her right then and there, and then I flash on my band-buddy and her lush muffin and her pretty shoulder-blades and ass, and then Morgan's ass and how much I love running my tongue between her cheeks, and then all of a sudden there's silence.

Afternoon Massage

fetish mdp_2004 2018-06-15

Her small sexy butt in white jeans stops and Raney turns to look at me while opening the door and inviting me inside our room. While I lay in the room, my eyes are closed and images of the day pass through my mind as I feel my body relax. I feel my cock grow hard as I realize I want to kiss her big toe first, on the nail and again just below the edge and then to taste the underside of her toes as she moves her whole foot into my mouth. I so want to suck Raney's foot while she stares into my eyes and massages my cock with her other foot, getting me hard and ready to satisfy her hunger.

Pippa's Story Ch. 5

fetish Pippa 2018-06-15

"Look Girls, she seems to have learnt to like what we do to her!" This I heard the voice of my wife calling out tantalisingly. You will call to us to fetch you once you are dressed and made up." My wife's voice contained an edge that I was unused to and, it brokered no argument and so, I complied with my orders as promptly as I could. I'm sure she'll want to get to know the new you so, be a good girl!" "I think that I'd like to begin with a little 'humbling', my little plaything," she was obviously looking forward to turning the tables on me as she continued, "so, lets have you strip to your underwear.

Tina's Tryout

fetish StoneKidman 2018-06-15

I nervously went first and did an awkward one-legged hop out of my jeans, revealing my navy blue speedo which at the time I felt super embarrassed to even be wearing since I looked like a damn twig; not exactly in great shape but I did a funny little hulk hogan flex anyway-it got a few laughs, which I heard help, since everybody is always trying to be king badass or whatever. I grabbed her left boob with my right hand, tweaking her nipple-Tina rewarded me by moaning louder and panting like a cat in heat-as I pulled her long brown hair with my other hand, tilting her head back so she couldn't try to smother me again.

Dead Girls Never Say No

fetish Ravensing 2018-06-15

The dead girls large D-cup breasts press against your chest as you hug her tight waste, letting your hands slide down to her legging-covered butt. "Right this way my little fuck toy" you say as you lead the zombie around the front of the cabin and inside. The girl is held bent over, her ass sticking up in the air towards you as her arms are pulled high over her head forcing her to stay in place. You reach into the shower and slowly turn on the hot water. The shower springs to life and the zombie ignores the water, looking towards you and moaning deeply through her gag. You slowly roll off the condom, pause for a moment, then step forwards again.

Lizzie Is a Big Girl

fetish ofloveandlust 2018-06-15

Her tongue slowly slipped out of her mouth and she ran it along the full shaft, circled my head and then took me completely into her wide open mouth. "Harder..." she whispered at me and I sucked her firmly into my mouth, I pressed her nipple to my teeth with my tongue and she tugged at my hair, pressing my face into her. I fucked her sweet lips, my dick deep in her throat and she moaned, I gripped her headboard and her wet pussy and gave her what I had. My fingers dripped with her wet pussy cum and pulled them from her lips and slipped my long slender middle finger into her ass. She unwrapped it with her mouth and tongue and then ran her hand over my hard cock.

81% bbw

Want I Want to Do to You

fetish SimplyLexi 2018-06-15

Mmm, I stroke you faster now, sucking you harder and deeper, I can feel you tense up, I know your going to cum.. Looking at you, and now stroking you slowly, I open my mouth slightly and let your hot cum run out of my mouth and on to your now throbbing sensitive cock. I run my tongue slowly up your cock and back down, I want to fill my mouth up once again with your sweet cum.. I lick every inch of you, kissing your cock, sucking you, slowly, deep, a tight but not to tight grip on your cock, I move my hand up until all your cum is now sitting at the tip of your cock.

Shorter, Just Shorter

fetish cliper2 2018-06-15

He was sitting at the table and he slowly rose, walked to her and ran his hand through her thick, shoulder-length hair, stopping only when he'd grabbed a fistful at her crown. She felt him lift the thick, blonde hair on her nape and trace the icy rose from there down between her shoulders. Hum. He stepped between the stirrups and held the clippers firmly against the inside of her left thigh, the vibrations coursing up her leg and to her center. He stepped in front of her and swished a horsehair brush over every inch of her body, starting with her face, moving to her shoulders, then her breasts and thighs, swishing away the fluffy dry curls of hair.

Amanda, the Domina that was really a sub - Part 2

fetish 2018-06-15

Desire and lust wanted us to fuck each other hard and fast, to release all that sexual tension floating around us. I threw her on the bed like a sack of sand and started undressing her, unripping carelessly the expensive leather and vinyl stuff she was wearing. The body of the ultimate fuck doll, yet with the face of an angel. She did not hesitate at all and started blowing me hard. She was my fuck doll and she would learn to take it all in and hard; all the way, in all her orifices. I lied on the bed and instructed her to start blowing me again. She took my cock in her mouth me but now I was controlling her head and the blow rate.

Laura the Canvas Pt. 02

fetish Tallguy914 2018-06-15

As the tattoo outlines were being applied, Laura felt multiple sets of hands begin to explore her body. Laura reveled in the pain as the dildo worked its way inside of her until her ass cheeks came to rest on Robyn's tattooed thighs. Laura didn't know what to expect with the cross of barbells running through the head of Tom's cock, but he was able to slip it smoothly into her ass as Samantha got into position with her large plastic protrusion. Laying down in her new bed, Laura the canvas pet immediately fell into a deep sleep with a huge smile on her face, looking forward to the adventures that the next day would bring.


fetish collegecavewriter20 2018-06-15

Alexander went to speak with a girl in the smaller room and after depositing her bag behind a couch Allison led Kyle by the hand into the larger one. He looked at Allison and held her gaze and their eye contact didn't break, not even when Alexander put his penis between them and pushed their faces toward it. If you even try to wipe that off your face before leaving I will beat the shit out of you." Afraid of enraging Alexander (no one is grumpier than a guy who just ejaculated) Kyle and Allison stood up and quickly made their way out of the room and down the stairs and out the door, not even pausing to gather Kyle's clothes.


fetish DieterSchaumer 2018-06-15

She wanted David to take Dominic right now, hell fuck him in the ass- she'd do anal for him, as long as he let her wear the mask. At the end of the night, as Dominic beat David for the second consecutive time at Fuerza Racing, she finally broke character and looked lovingly into his eyes. David gave a wide grin as Denise reached into her unusually large purse, to pull out Dominic. Denise was a beautiful woman to be sure, but it was enough to know that that face was underneath Dominic's. But she took solace in knowing she had next week off, and that David was working tonight, and that meant she could turn into Dominic again.

Cuck's Wife

fetish Anal Slave 2018-06-15

So one night we had fucked about three times and Kim wanted more. My brother got on the bed and Kim started sucking on his cock. Kim makes sure my cock, balls and ass is always shaved. I sat over in the corner and jacked off as my brother fucked Kim. She made him cum three times before she let him go. After he left, I got up and Kim remarked that I must have liked watching her fuck him. I started telling Kim how l loved the way she let my brother fuck her from behind. Now I am a full fledged cum hungry cuck that loves to see my wife have a good time.

Sooner or Later Ch. 02: You're Hired!

fetish TheDougler80 2018-06-15

The next day, just as Monica had projected in their initial interview, Amy came in to see a custodian scraping her name off her office door planning to paint 'Mrs. Monica Stevens' in its place. And just as Monica had predicted Amy's pussy went wet immediately, she could barely stop herself from shoving a hand down her skirt right there at here new secretary desk in the office hall way. It was a day like any other, Amy was eating out Monica under her desk, pussy plate locked in place, punishing her pussy while she pleasured Monica's, an inflatable anal plug in her ass growing with each squeeze of the pump in Monica's hand.