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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Secrets from the Day Spa Salon

fetish JSipes 2018-06-15

Lucy looks forward to her pedicure because Larry always ends it with a magnificent foot massage and a wonderful massage to her calves. Larry makes the hotel reservations and Lucy spends the next couple of days gathering her wardrobe for the trip. Lucy's breathing is slowly beginning to returns to normal and she thinks back to the times Larry had massaged her feet to a near orgasm. Lucy slams her thighs together trapping Larry's head between them and begins to vigorously grind her pussy into his face. The only difference is that Lucy now experiences mild multiple orgasms everything time Larry massages her feet.


The Life of Riley Ch. 02

fetish OneWhoAdores 2018-06-15

Upon finishing our meal and our time together, and he goes back to work, I also go back to my office for only an hour or so, to tie up loose ends for the day, before traveling to our club for my daily tennis game. While I have come to enjoy playing tennis, as it helps keep me in good condition, it is even more important in the people that I play with, the wives of the movers and shakers that keep my organization financially sound and able to do the things I need and want it to do. Knowing that this is the signal to begin his service for the night, my slave crawls forward, kisses the tops of both of my tennis shoes, then kneels up and back onto his heels, a joyous smile creasing his face.

Pretty Thing Ch. 02

fetish wicked cravings 2018-06-15

He held onto her head by the ears, gripping her in a no-nonsense hold, and talked to her as he pumped into her mouth..."that's it, nasty slut, take everything Daddy gives you, lick it good, that's it, mmmmmmmmmmyeah baby, you got such a sweet tight little mouth, get it used to sucking cock, relax, oh yeah, ung fuck, swallow it, ungh ungh UNGH!" He got more and more carried away with his lesson, skull-fucking her now, his cock raging hard as he taught her to swallow it, her body jerking as she choked and gagged, making him harder, the lust building high as he violated his pretty daughter in the shower, his piss still glistening on her naked body, and he shuddered, cumming hard as she ate it up, gulping and swallowing his cream as it spurted.

Chastity Keyholder Sexting

fetish her_pantyboy 2018-06-15

She told me that She would text me random numbers throughout the evening and i was to add them up and then spank myself that many times of each butt cheek when i got home. My butt cheeks were so red and hot, She told me to finish the last 9 on each side and then i was to spank myself 15 times really hard without alternating back and forth. When i got home i called Her, She wasn't feeling good as She had a headache and sinus issues but i still stripped as we talked on the phone and went down to the basement and got the yardstick and spanked myself.

Wild Night in Edinburgh, 3 cocks, pleasured?

fetish Fridagirl 2018-06-15

'Cheeky blighter', ran through my feverish brow, being caught naked by some black guy, was stirring my juices, perhaps this was all a mental picture being built over the last four years, and being brought to fruition, at an opportune moment, most girls want to be caught, but never admit to wanting to, but that was all in the past, David's eyes were focusing on those bits normally hidden in decency, and those bits, understandably, were showing their appreciation, by standing up, like David's cock should be, otherwise I would be very disappointed.

CumSlut Wife

fetish zimabean 2018-06-15

I pushed my cunt up against the glory hole trying to get as much of the strangers cock into my pussy as possible. A movie started to play and we were having a good time making fun of it and all when all of a sudden a hard cock came thru this hole in the wall. This one seemed smaller than the first but she dropped her shorts and backed up to the hole and bent over giving the stranger a doggy style fuck. After high school the three of us went to different colleges but I just found an adult bookstore with glory holes near my college and continued to get my cock.

Emily Visits the Farm Ch. 05

fetish The Needler 2018-06-14

Since the evening promised to be sedate and her hormones weren't satisfied with watching Graham dribble wax on Lydia most of the evening: she wanted to set up the automatic fucking machine for a ride. Going back into the house, she almost stormed upstairs to wake them and demand satisfaction, but Graham was never in a good mood right after waking up, and Lydia didn't like the machinery. When they got back to the house, Emily treated herself to a long, hot bubble bath; from the bed creaking above her, it sounded like Graham and Lydia were pounding each other again. Lydia turned away from her daughter to make introductions: "Emily, this is my daughter Sandy, her husband Liam, and their kids, Julie, Josie and Jake."

Porn Shop with Gloryholes Ch. 05

fetish Sinful_whispers 2018-06-14

"Door is locked Carl Sir correct?" She asked, while stroking his cock within her hand. Carl nodded his head looking to her eyes, feeling his cock finish hardening. Carl was the opposite of Brent Syn thought, as her lips wrapped around the bulbous head of his thick swollen cock.Her pussy began to pulse as he drew his long hard cock into her mouth. He felt his cock slip from her throat, looking now and then to the screen then back to her face as his fingers curled through her hair gripping it within his hand. Syn snickered as thoughts came to mind, she glanced at Carl as he took his seat in a high back leather chair with no side arms.

Rose's First Fight

fetish kruklanki 2018-06-14

I knew that if I said yes, Rose would have more reason to fight her so I said "yes, she looks sexy standing there in the ring in just that little black thong bikini and boots with her hands on her hips and her head up like that doesn't she?" Oh, and I mean I want her to be topless in a thong too of course." The MC asked Alicja if she agreed to the match at which she nodded and Rose was asked to exit the ring until the next bout was over and then it would be her turn. This was the first time I'd seen my sexy wife in pain and up came by boner again as Alicja pulled back hard thrusting Rose's tits forward while she spread her knees apart on the canvas.

The Shopkeeper

fetish Rabbit108 2018-06-14

Julie led him to the bathroom and turned on the shower, she dropped the robe she was wearing and stood naked ,holding Tony's hand she pulled him into the shower, they made slow passionate love, Julie loved his solid prick as it entered deep into her waiting cunt, she had lived her dream to dominate a man for a short while, but this is what she wanted, a man to take control and treat her like a woman.

Tables Turned Ch. 02

fetish mw0212 2018-06-14

The primary purpose of your position is to assist me by completing tasks & projects that I set you within the scheduled time scales, as well as any other menial jobs that may need attending to.' With that, she sat back in her chair & wryly crossed her legs so that one of her boots became visible out of the corner of Jack's eye & as she placed one of her hands on her knee's -- tenderly yet inadvertently, starting to stroke the top's of the leather with her red nails. Miss Sharp was doing something inside the car, so Jack gingerly lent forward and quickly sniffed the riding boot.

Ex-Nurse is Ex-traordinary!

fetish Mickster 2018-06-14

Well she went down on me and started to lick my cock and every now and then I would feel a finger touch and massage my asshole. I felt my cock becoming more and more sensitive and the tip of my dick had this pleasure of "I needed to cum!" Finally after a few minutes I felt my hips quiver, my legs started to shake and then it happened. She turned around and starting stroking my spent cock and I felt her hand roll off as she went to sleep. As soon as I finished telling my wife about this adventure I felt her finger massaging my asshole.....and that is another story that will have to keep you guessing!

Cum Sweet Cum Ch. 02

fetish thinktankwriter 2018-06-14

After Hajera had most of her clothes on, she stood in front of me in her bra, saw something in my eyes, and asked "what do you wanna ask me?" It took me a second to respond, but I did admit I had something creeping in the back of my mind. One time, after Hajera was done licking every bit of cum up, I looked down at her and asked if she wanted me to go down on her. While I admitted I felt incredibly stupid trying to cum inside a cup of sort, with Hajera's hands on me, I quickly got over it. I began to get weirdly turned on by the sight, and my thoughts about Hajera and me finally hooking up were now fresh in my mind.

Sharing the Load Snowballing

fetish 425olds 2018-06-14

On this particular night, after reaching her first orgasm at the tip of my curious and nimble tongue, my beautiful wife returned the favor by licking, nuzzling, and sucking me with all of the skill she had perfected over many years of marriage and countless previous opportunities. Snowballing, my beautiful wife explained to me while my erection pulsated in her soft hand, was when the man would reach orgasm in the woman's mouth, but then, instead of swallowing it, she would pass the load back to the man via a passionate kiss, and he would swallow it. Needless to say, from that night onward, snowballing has become a regular part of our lovemaking, and my anticipation of the exchange magnifies the intensity of my orgasm in my beautiful wife's mouth exponentially.

Pass the Pussy Ch. 2

fetish MNBSUJO 2018-06-14

Mike was sitting up, his pants were unzipped and he had a hand in them. Other than the obvious fact that it wasn't a dick, there was a slightly different feeling to it than normal. "Stop," Mike said, "I'll get that." Grabbing my jeans just below my waist he started slowly pulling them down. Just when I was getting somewhat close Mike pulled back and got off his knees. I could tell I was pretty tight so I sat on Mike's dick very slowly. Only when I felt Mike's warm balls did I stop and pull up and off his dick. Without knowing it I let my right hand find Mike's balls and squeezed them a little.

Fuck Latin, Anyway

fetish luciusmalloy 2018-06-14

He's resolutely avoided thinking about Clarke like this since he met her, knowing that she's Octavia's friend, but her tongue is in his mouth and her small hands are tugging at the hem of his shirt and she started it, so he figures it's safe to let her divest him of his shirt, to do away with hers as well, to unhook the bra that she's already half hanging out of after her earlier exploits. He figures she probably knows what she's doing, considering the wink and the less mess comment, but he's a big believer in open and honest communication, so he manages to articulate "fuck, Clarke, I'm going to come" or something that sounds roughly similar about seven seconds before he actually does.

A Sexy GILF Masseuse’s Magic Feet

fetish milfleglover 2018-06-14

She pulled her pant legs to the knees and now showed me the firm, folded muscles of her flared calves, thick, wrinkled but powerful looking, tanned waves of flesh pushing around her shiny shin bones as she now wiggled her toes, the tendons and sinew in her feet and calves flexing in a sexy dance of brown flesh. Fuck, Momma just put me over the edge with that one and I groaned and felt my nuts explode, a thick river of cum blasting out of my cock head and landing with a sizzling splat on Riva's pumping calves, coating them thickly with lumps of goo, the second jet splashing and coating her wrinkled soles, the third, fourth and fifth stream splashing onto her insteps and toes, and the remainder drizzling out in a thick strand of cum reaching from my dick to dribble out over all as I moved it side to side.

Librarian Finds Long Overdue Love

fetish RVon 2018-06-14

He'd tried masturbating to other women and even been with a few physically, but always when it came time to ejaculating, the image of Angelina Lione wearing a pair of her sexy boots and seductively bringing a long, white cigarette to her lips appeared in his head and brought him to heights of orgasm that he could never reach with any fictional or real-life partner. Tom took in the view from behind of Angelina's shapely ass pressing tightly as she walked against the fabric of her skirt and fine high-heeled leather boots glistening in the low light of the restaurant until his dinner date turned right to the women's room.

I'm a Sole Man

fetish tonysnow 2018-06-14

The sight of shapely legs in high heels puts me in a trance like state, one in which only the dictates of my cock count. Needless to say, that while I shopped the different erotic clothing websites I stroked my hard cock continuously, at times to the point of cumming. As she opened the box she chuckled at the sight of the shoes and said how cute and sexy they were. The sight of my wife's beautiful curvy legs and sexy ankles in the shoes made my cock thicken. Facing and bracing herself against the wall with her ass against my cock, she asked that I jerk off against her and rub my cum on her. As I stroked the shaft I rubbed my cock head on her ass and thighs.

Her Petite Possession Ch. 01

fetish AndreaJordan 2018-06-14

With Emma throwing doubt on the correct etiquette when caring for your one inch high boyfriend, Kate reached into her pocket and gently pulled Brad out and placed him back into his jar. Brad couldn't hear much through the glass jar but looked on with concern as he saw Kate slip on her black leather jacket. Kate finally unzipped him from his inescapable leather cell and pulled up her dress, "You have a new prison for tonight," she announced, picking him up and sliding him down inside her pantyhose until he was resting against her inner left thigh. Emma pulled open Kate's black panties and, with a slight look of disgust on her face, tucked Brad inside, positioning him carefully against Kate's clit.

The Yoga of the Ruined Orgasm Ch. 02

fetish suppleWriter 2018-06-14

It would probably be useful if you read the earlier account in part 1, but briefly, I now 'cream' Michael by stimulating him, but then letting go just prior to orgasm, so he only dribbles. Earlier, I described my response to Michael's asking to taste his ejaculate, after I creamed him, extracting only the smallest drop. Discussing this afterwards, Michael said he felt freer in the anal area, and that the seat was welcome, as I knew he would. He has been anally awakened, and it is more convenient for both of us if he sits anywhere, on a plain surface.He no longer tastes his ejaculate, and I now cream him at 6 a.m and 6 p.m. Thus, the stimulation is regular and frequent.

Val Gets A New Toy

fetish fancyface1 2018-06-14

I then felt him place a finger in my ass and one in my already wet pussy. After just a few minutes he stopped fucking my ass with his cock and got on the bed. Then I felt his hand on my head and he pushed my head down hard on his cock then he released. Then he started to finger my wet pussy I could feel myself cum. He then inserted something again into my ass and this time I came really hard and he had to remove his hand from my pussy still pouring my cum all down his arm. I had to place my hands on his balls and ass so to lift them up so I can breathe when he fucked my mouth hard.

Choked Up

fetish Christhecat 2018-06-14

She remember when she was a child, at the public swimming pool, when she was drowning, fighting for air as she sunk under, unable to swim, before the lifeguard rescued her -- suddenly entwined with other memories from that pool, with a burgeoning young woman, just over the threshold of adolescence, noticing boys for the first time, not knowing why these stupid creatures, grunting and running and yelling like primates, stirred such strange, so new feelings beneath her Strawberry Shortcake one-piece swimsuit, cartoonish innocence concealing a rapid physical descent into decadence. The sensations suddenly were without name, as cognizance and recognition escaped from Brooke’s suddenly vacuum-like consciousness, but one last thought occurred to her, that she was coming, that unmistakable wave after wave pulsating through her body, claiming her just as powerfully and ruthlessly as did Michael.

Eugene the Nerd Pt. 02: Shaping Up

fetish Absweat 2018-06-14

All the exercise kept him lean, and the baby fat in his "cute little" pot belly melted away in the first month and with the weighted crunches his now well defined six pack abs were forced to bulk themselves up becoming hard knots of muscle, nicely chiseled and defined like in the pictures of Roman gladiators. Eugene found that not just his growing muscles, but also his sweaty dick were pumped up and highly aroused after his run and final sets of chin-ups and push-ups. Like he was being forced to do sit-ups until his tortured abs failed him, seeing his hard throbbing sweaty dick, it's reddish blue mushroom head swollen and drooling his precum goo onto his ripped belly, he was overcome with the pain in his abs combined with the intense pleasure of orgasm.