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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Maria the Witch Ch. 02

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-06-14

I want your mom so bad it's like an itch, babe, I want my face smooshed between those big beautiful tits and I want her licking my asshole and sucking my monster cock and I want every inch of her tan body covered with the woman-jizz that spews from my magic cock. "Great!" Maria said, immediately peeling off her miniskirt to reveal a tiny pink thong, which she shed even quicker, "Now get munching, Titus fucked me an hour ago, but the idea of boning your hot little mom in the near future has got me soaked!"

Nights in White Satin

fetish jjsharshaw 2018-06-14

"You know..." she is lightly rubbing my belly, my head cradled in her arm and her lips pressing lightly to my ear, " feel good right now, right?" "Well..." she gets to her knees on the bed, holding the sheet to her chest like it was the first time I'd seen her, " long as John-Henry can party..." She falls forward, flings herself, actually, and pulls my shorts down. I held Jan tight and we kissed, sucking and nipping at each other's lips and tongues as Chandra, a devoted practitioner of tantric arts, worked his entire *forearm* into her ass. And...she had," another arm movement and Jan arches off the bed, biting her lower lip, "larger udders but I had no desire to suck them like I do yours.

David's French Tutor Ch. 06

fetish Thorilla 2018-06-14

Marie; the family had two 18 year old twins, Anna and Sarah who were also learning French with me, this is part six of my tale) "I may have to inspect Sarah's pose in more detail," I said to Anna so I slid the book onto her lap and replaced my wine on the table. Anna placed her foot on my face supported by Sarah. Anna stood directly above my head and slid her stockinged feet over and over my face paying particular attention to my nose and mouth. She pushed her supporting foot against my neck as my eyes wandered up her legs and petticoats and rested on her pubic hair which from time to time swayed into view.

Underwear Thief Ch. 01

fetish falselove 2018-06-14

Her jeans were pulled skin tight across her ass and I could see black lacy underwear peeking out of the top. I looked around quickly and saw a little chest of drawers by the bed, I walked over and pulled open the top drawer. In under a minute I felt a surge in my cock, I gripped as hard as I could and fucked her knickers for all it was worth. I let out a long grunt as I felt hot cum seeping into her underwear whilst I carried on fucking her now soaking wet knickers. I jumped up and pulled my jeans back up, grabbing her soaking knickers I shoved them in my back pocket, shut the drawer and bounded back down the stairs.

Big Dick Fucks Blonde Girlfriend Pt. 06

fetish EroticDelights 2018-06-14

Jess casually said, "Go get the door." I stood there like a fool, my mouth open. Pete was standing there, of course, a bottle of wine in his hand. "Where is she, little man?" he said, clearly relishing the fact that he stood a good five inches taller than me. I glared at him for a moment, thinking about all the things I should have said. Did you like watching my dick in your girl's mouth? "Let me ask you something, little man," Pete said. Pete smiled back at me with a gleam in his eye, looking for all the world like a wolf making off with its prey.

Me & Ms. Jones Ch. 1

fetish likeembigg 2018-06-14

So one day I am with my sister Janey over at the Jones' we are in the pool with :Laura playing and relaxing. I am sucking on one and playing with the other one, when I feel Catherine put her hand around my dick. Catherine can sense this and tells me to stand up I stand up as she continues pumping, she looks me in the eyes and says "I bet you'll like this." I start shooting my load as she directs it on top of her left tit. With both hands she grabs her cum covered tit and proceeds to bring it to her mouth and starts licking and sucking her own nipple.

My Mornings

fetish VladimirSukMeOff 2018-06-14

I rub your ass slowly licking faster running my fingers over your asshole as I pull my tongue out of your pussy I kiss my way up licking your nipples sucking on them rubbing my dick head against your pussy. I keep thrusting my dick deep inside your pussy while I pull your hair back and kisses your neck then bite it suddenly thrusting harder and faster. You ask for my dick and I smile and pull my fingers you and rub my dick against your wet dripping pussy to lube it up and gently pushes the head in your ass biting your neck.


fetish mstrnick 2018-06-14

Edna wipes her hands, then in one swift motion pushes the nozzle into Patty's filth hole. Open!" Edna wedges one of the apples into Patty's mouth. You look like a little piggy ready for the roasting spit." Edna caresses one of Patty's flabby tits, then pinches the nipple. "Full like a balloon." Patty looks at Edna with woeful pleading eyes. Edna picks the apple up off the floor and puts it into Patty’s mouth. Patty thinks, " The garbage can is right there." But her mouth is filled with its own apple, and she doesn’t think that’s what Edna has in mind. If Patty wants to expel the enema, first she must eat the apple. When all of the apple is gone, Patty looks up at Edna.

Sobriety Ch. 02

fetish Kara J 2018-06-14

Reno and I hadn't really said much to each other about what happened. I knew Kate had sensed that something happened, because whenever the 3 of us were in the same room she would stare at Reno and I with an intense look like she was trying to read us. I was in the back of the ambulance stocking supplies when I overheard Reno talking to Kate. Reno said he wanted to put what happened behind us but I had a feeling something was happening tonight and I wanted to be sure I was prepared. Then I stopped in at the Naughty Store and picked a very sexy outfit with garters, nylon stockings and the whole bit.

Jessie Goes Deeper

fetish SplendidSpunk 2018-06-14

As they continued down the sides of my tits I could feel the pressure building and soon my nipples felt like they were being pounded from the inside. This time the Professor held his own cock and pushed it past my lips, as he was nearing the back of my throat a felt a stab of fire in my nipples and tried to open my mouth to scream. My whole body was reacting, my nipples hurt like hell, my throat was jammed with cock, my pussy was wetter then ever and I was cuming. On top of the pressure from the ropes squeezing my tits into a cone, my Mom and Aunt had placed clamps on my nipples.

First Taste

fetish 425olds 2018-06-14

One night while dropping off a video, Steve asked if I had enjoyed the magazine and if I had ever thought about what it would be like to watch Jessie having sex with someone else. "Suck a big black cock like that," Steve said. He started to work his cock into her pussy a little at a time, pulling it out each time in order to taunt Jessie who by now was bucking wildly for a good fucking. This time Jessie was crouched in a squat over Steve's cock, balancing herself with her hands on his chest and pumping up and down furiously, driving the entire length of his sturdy black cock in and out of her pussy.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 22

fetish Thorilla 2018-06-14

I had unfortunately been detained by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being an alleged 'Peeping Tom' in the grounds of 'Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old' one Friday. Her name was Tina Cullen and I slurped my way between her labia at the same time easing my fingers inside Melissa Britton who sat open legged with her skirt up on my right hand side. I stared up her skirt which stank of urine and fanny-juice and had little time to prepare myself as she straddled my face with her pale tan stocking thighs. Very slowly and with great patience Miss Wiff-Naseford explained to them that I was a 'Peeping Tom', and I liked to look at women's bodies, preferable naked or in sexy lingerie.

Australian Ascendency

fetish harvey333 2018-06-14

Well, you better get used to it, 'cause me and Frank plan on using you as our toilet paper whenever we feel you need a little "humility reminder", heh heh!" I wanted to explain to Abigail I was certainly not offended by the privilege of serving her, but knew removing my tongue from within her ass before the cleaning was complete was not an option. I guess he passes the test, he sure seems to be really into servin' us, y'know?" I felt a kind of perverse pride in hearing my wife's words, but then felt Frank's grip on my head tighten as he replied: "Yeah, well we're gonna find out for sure now, because ol' nerdy here's got his tongue buried pretty deep in my asshole and I've just got the sensation that I ended my dump a little prematurely, y'know what I mean?"

David's First Job

fetish Thorilla 2018-06-14

Feeling semen rising inside me I held back as long as possible delaying the final millisecond of sheer pleasure then jerked out four or five huge strands of semen over the inside of Beryl's petticoats as Shirley continued milking me, holding on firmly, my balls noticeably empty. "So what is it you like exactly you dirty sod?" said Shirley standing up, again rearranging her skirt and petticoats, checking her stockings and suspenders and shaking her clothes out so her dress returned to its bouffant shape. I did not need to wank myself as I was aware of Beryl's tongue licking the tip of my penis and felt her petticoats descend over the lower part of my body as she straddled my feet.

Foot in the Door

fetish k.k. rhine 2018-06-14

Reaching the lacy top of my nylon thigh-highs, his soft fingers lingered a moment on my silky thigh before rolling the nylon down my leg, slowly revealing each curve, until my toes, white with nails painted red, pointed directly at his penis. He now knew I understood, and released the tight grip around my ankle and began to run his hands over my leg and foot, so softly and enticingly that my entire body tingled beneath his touch. He sucked my toes lusciously, with one hand around my ankle and the other in my soft, hot pussy that was as wet as his mouth.


fetish 2018-06-14

He slipped his hand underneath my shirt and starting playing with my swollen nipples. He got up and got really close against me and slipped his hands into my shorts and started playing with my cunt. He then slipped one finger in my wet pussy and it felt so good. He then slipped two fingers in and kept going faster and harder. His dick starting getting really hard and was rather a good size. He stopped fingering me and got on top of me and into position, with his dick in front of my very wet pussy. We started to slide his hard cock into me slowly because it was starting to hurt my tight pussy.

The Ex-Wife Ch. 02

fetish pfanv 2018-06-14

Once back in the room the anticipation for tomorrow running high, my cock painfully hard I got Kitty out of her cage and removed her tail and plug and quickly dumped a load of cum in her tight pert ass replacing her tail when I finished. She had my cock buried in her pussy purring while I sucked her breast dry she dropped the towel and shoved the other one into my mouth speeding up her hips as I finished emptying her second breast letting out loud long meow as she came. She was relatively quick but gave me enough time to let the kinkiness of her walking out of the bathroom painted as an orange tabby, breasts dripping milk already again got my cock to respond.

Chaffernaught 13

fetish MistressColleen 2018-06-14

Before I found my joeie, getting fucked was like getting my fix, simply a need fulfilled and no more, which I often considered a poor reason even for a woman who knows what she wants. While I lay back in my bed, surrounded by the aroma of sperm, my legs spread wide in the air, my joeie spent almost an hour with the front of his face wallowing into my pussy, his tongue sloshing and swabbing around inside me, in a most satisfying show of male agility. Some boys recoil at being taken by the hairs on the backs of their neck, because it signifies a loss of control to a superior, much like a male kitten in the hands of its owner, but not my joeie.


Eating Pussy Full Of Cum

fetish Anal Slave 2018-06-14

I had some cum on my hand and I stuck my tongue out and licked it up, I don’t know if eating my cum made me do it but I really got horny again and had to jack it off one more time. The second thing I did with the frozen cum was to chip me a piece of cum off of the hard piece and let it thaw and when I started feeling like I wanted to eat my cum while I was jacking-off I reached over and poured the cum into my mouth.

Victoria's COCK-tail Party

fetish Terrin2 2018-06-14

He kept depositing his Negro cum in her slut mouth like a man who had not come for a few days, which was indeed the case – knowing she would be servicing his dick, Brandon hadn't cum for two days inventing excuses for his wife. Dressing for the party, Victoria decided to wear the same 12-strap garter belt that had made such an impression on Brandon and a new pair of beige Albert's rh&t stockings, with 6" high red-patent pumps. Once his cock is rock-hard, Victoria pulls down the foreskin off his cockhead and enjoys the sight of his massive purple head popping out of the coal-black skin.

You Gonna Eat That?

fetish frogfur 2018-06-14

I was just staring at the girl, as he unloaded his jism in her, she had a look of sheer passion on her face, when he finally backed off from her, I saw the thick white liquid ooze out of her I looked around to see who was next when the Jock said "Well k**, you're next" I quickly stripped, and was getting on the bed, when the jock stopped me, "Before you can stick your cock in her, you have to clean her pussy up", I looked around for a rag or a towel when he told me "With your MOUTH!" A couple of the guys tittered, I got red in the face, the girl just looked so sweet, and said "You Gonna Eat That?" I stared at her pussy for awhile, and then just closed my eyes, and stuck out my tongue, and WOW, the taste wasn't bad at all, the mixture of the guys cum, and her cum made for a taste treat like I hadn't ever tasted before.

Discovering Masturbation, and Parents were into Po

fetish Fridagirl 2018-06-14

We had been out celebrating my coming of age birthday at my grandparents where my mother was present with her toyboy, and I had had a wonderful day with many presents, but this last one was by far the most significant, it was in recognition between my daddy and I that we both acknowledged sex was happening in our home and that I was a woman and not a little girl. I had been drinking a little wine so I was uninhibited when I confronted daddy with my vibrator buzzing in my hand, "Must have a great battery, if its for life", I laughed, waving it about, that broke the ice and allowed us for the first time to talk openly about sex between a teenage girl's POV and a middle-aged Man's POV, as well as a daughter and a Father.

Vacation impregnation 1/2

fetish billstew 2018-06-14

The hotel we stayed at had was very nice and offered all the amenities including separate bedrooms for the k**s, a large pool, hot-tub,playground and game room. Sara said how nice it would be if we could both go down and enjoy the hot-tub, but since we needed to stay and watch the boys it wasn't possible. As I continued to sip my drink, I looked down at Sara a few minutes later and noticed that Don was in the pool as well and they appeared to be talking while resting against the edge of the pool. A few minutes had passed and I noticed Sara climb from the pool and could see Don watching her ass as she pulled herself out.

The Slave Ch. 04

fetish Zoeeee 2018-06-14

Ross responded by literally rising up off of the table, hips bucking, cock straining trying to push it out, as Darla continued to slide the probe down into him. Darla decided to play some; she let the probe slide out of the slave's cock and began to push her baby finger down into the urethra, telling the women to hold him tight. Darla invited the next lady to straddle the slaves face, he was ordered to lick and suck her to orgasm as the other woman rode his cock hard. Darla's eyes slowly shut as Ross slips the head of his engorged cock up and down her slit, she moans envisioning that huge cock stretching her pussy to its biggest ever.