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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Another C2C nylon story

fetish 2018-06-14

He told me that he had never been with a guy, but had fantasies about jacking another guys cock, sucking on one, but most of all, rubbing his shaft against another hard shaft. Before I knew it we were both standing there facing each other, me dressed in my bodystocking with my rock hard cock pressed up against the silk, and him....dressed in pantyhose and a lacy black pair of panties with an impressive cock straining to get out. We played for about four hours, taking breaks sucking and stroking each other and looking at kinky, even taboo stuff (private conversations that make us VERY HARD talking about taboo fantasies).....a very hot night, the next morning my cock was sore from all the bumpin'

My First Cock I Sucked Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-06-14

Either get on your knees and start sucking my cock like it is obvious you want to or stop drooling and I will go wake up my girlfriend for a morning quickie." I looked up and saw his smug smile that only made the embarrassment that much greater...yet, I desperately wanted to feel his cock in my mouth. I took it in my hand and slowly moved up and down tentatively it's so warm until this nameless stranger said, "I can stroke my cock myself old man, get sucking like the faggot you are." Eager to taste my first load of cum, I furiously bobbed on his cock like a slutty teenage girl, not the forty-four year old married father of two I was, pulling and rolling his big balls in my hand.

Pedicure Pleasure

fetish Redlilly 2018-06-14

Terri could ask what she liked of Sam, anything but concentrating on her feet. “I would like to be pampered more, give me a pedicure” Off he leaped into the kitchen to bring a bowl of warm soapy water, baby oil, cotton wool, and nail varnish, deep purple of course. Now he placed her feet in the hot soapy water and he carefully washed in between each toe. The warm water was so relaxing and wonderful that Terri closed her eyes and placed her had in between her legs and slipped her fingers up and down her wet lips. “I want you to use your mouth and the vibrators.” She said and his eyes widened with horror and pleasure. She gently placed each of her feet around his swollen cock and began to massage.

Clyde & Bonnie On Vacation

fetish BonnieLass11 2018-06-14

Clyde opened the shower door, turned on the water, and said "At least, let me wash you, my beautiful girl." Delighted, Bonnie, once again, regretted booking the massage, as she felt Clyde's soapy hands moving over her body. Clyde began to tease them, sliding his cock into Bonnie's cunt, then into Mindy's, then back to Bonnie's, striking up a rhythm moving back and forth between the two cunts as the girls play with their tits and nipples. Bonnie moved from the bed leaving Clyde watching Mindy playing with her tits and masturbating her pussy, her fingers deep inside her. Pulling back the red lace panties, she started to lick his ass, her tongue moistening and wetting, and as she began to suck Clyde wanted to explode.

The Team

fetish FemdomFanboy85 2018-06-14

One of the women slowly reached her hand down to his apron, lifted it up, and took a good, long look. "You have to be able to look Christine in the eye and tell her you don't want that big, hard cock of hers." At last, he looked her in the eye and said, "I really want to suck your big, hard cock. "He wasn't kidding about sucking her cock!" He felt like a sideshow attraction, with the group of women gathered around to be entertained and to be pleased. Angela took his head with both hands and slowly thrust into his mouth, telling him to concentrate on breathing through his nose.

The Treatment Nurse

fetish Hullo_nurse 2018-06-14

Once the has the right amount of water in it I shake it up a bit to get the suds started and then let the air out of the tubing. As quickly as the tip leaves your ass I insert an inch wide butt-plug to help you retain the enema for at least fifteen minutes. You reach behind, pull out the plug and are barely able to move your hand fast enough before releasing all he soapy water and shit from your ass. Just then the enema bag empties and I have to let your dick fall out of my mouth to clamp off the tube and inflate the balloon inside your ass.

Just For You

fetish Bad Mischa Bad 2018-06-14

I lean forward a little, and slide my fingers into the panties' slit and then into my pussy. I know you can feel my heat and wetness surrounding you; I had been wet all day thinking of this moment, and even though I put these panties on in the store just a little while ago, they are soaked through. Your hands are rubbing me all over, my breasts, my hips, my ass, and I can't take it anymore; I cum all over your wonderful cock, the orgasm so intense I can't catch my breath for a few minutes. You are so patient, you let me ride it out, but soon I feel you throb deep inside me and I know you are not far off from cumming yourself.

Tanning shock

fetish whatever9946 2018-06-14

She told her friend to raise up a bit and slid under both of us, then positioned her ass on the edge of the couch the brunette pushed me forward and with all my saliva along with precum my dick slid into her hot ass with just a little resistance, she screamed out oh FUCK that feels good! The blonde asked her friend if she came and when she said no she grabbed me from the pile then started sucking my dick, I told her it may take a few minutes but she was determined then started rubbing my asshole then curling her finger in, the pleasure was great my dick was hard in seconds!


fetish mnkind 2018-06-14

We used to spend almost all the 'tuition' time surfing .During this her eyes would be glued to the screen, mesmerised by the sights and sounds of what she saw. Slowly lowering my hand down her lightly hairy neck I reached her thin top to feel a little of her bra. As I ran my hands along the edges of her bra she slowly looked up at me with longing an desire. I put my hands on her hips and slowly began lifting her skirt up over her body. Pushing my hardness against her beautiful cheeks I placed my hands under her armpits and slowly allowed my fingers to move over to cover her fresh buds.

The Exception To All Rules

fetish SexyJennaInk 2018-06-14

"Are you sure you want this?" he exaggerated his caresses, running his hand along his length and placing his thumb over his tip. "I'm going to pierce your flesh with this needle, as I am piercing your body with my cock," he breathed heavily. "You're a doll," he smiled as he again pulled almost completely from my body and thrust inside as he pierced my left nipple. "I'm going to fill you," he grinned and ran the tip of his tongue over the soft space between my breasts. "Do you want to belong to me?" I asked softly as I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him deeper inside of me. He placed his pinkie inside the small hoop on my left nipple and grinned.

need a lift?......

fetish allthatandmore13 2018-06-14

You now want this strangers cock in your mouth, you drop to your knees and unzip my cock, watching it twitch, inches from your lips, pre jizz leaking from the end, you rub your finger around the tip, teasing me, you slowly lick the end tasting me, as you wrap your lips around it you can feel your pussy start to drip with excitement, running down your legs. You pulled my trouser off and grab my cock wanking me before you start to suck me, deeper and deeper into your mouth, you want my black cock as deep in your throat as you can take it, your eyes start to water, as you choke your self, gagging, you slide it from you mouth, taking a breath, you look up at me, mascara running down your cheeks and say "abuse me!

Invasion of the Nylonians Ch. 01

fetish jman_bigdaddy 2018-06-14

"I am sorry," Jenny said almost in tears, "but I have no clue, all I know is that after the sky fire came all the men vanished and the women started wearing pantyhose." I lowered my gun and decided that I would need Jenny's help to retrieve Josh. "This will be your fate outsider, and tell Jenny we haven't forgotten her either." The hosed woman crawled onto the bed and suddenly a liquid looking substance that matched the color of her pantyhose appeared from her legs and landed on the female prisoner. We can use the males of Earth to serve our invasion and sexual needs." Cammie then walked over to the bed and kissed me, she then walked away and the egg next to me opened and a white blast of the nylon liquid came onto my legs.

Suzy's Socks Ch. 01

fetish dougsdadog 2018-06-14

"mmm, yes that's it, faster, FASTER, I want to see how hard and fast you can pump that cock, cum in my stinky sock, mmmmm that's right." Suzy then pulled off one of her pumps and socks, then pulling her wet panties from my mouth she wiggled her toes in front of my face. "Come on Phil, suck my toes, my feet are sweating and my poor toes feel all sticky." She pushed her toes into my open mouth, I felt my balls tighten as I tasted her salty, sticky toes, she wriggled them in my mouth and I ran my tongue between each toe lapping and sucking at them like they were the best thing I had ever tasted.

wife helps me suck my own dick

fetish 2018-06-14

I started masturbating myself and getting my cock hard, then I bent over towards my cock to see how close I could get to the head of my cock, the shower door opened and my wife had been watching me. My wife likes to control things, So she inserts a remote control vibrating bullet up my ass and when she wants to see me cum she cranks up the power on the remote and my prostate starts contracting and cum starts pouring out of my cock straight into my mouth. My wife looked over at me and started laughing, she said that "I would never be able to stick my cock in my ass, it wasn't long enough." She said that if I wanted to feel a cock in my ass that she would see if Bob would fuck me.

Gina's Gym

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-06-14

Brad knew he wasn't a 'big' man below the belt, he always avoided the showers and places of public nudity. I see right through you, I know you're nothing but talk, and I know you got nothing but hot air in those pants." Her remark caused the entire gym to erupt in laughter. If I win, I want you and all your new friends to take a hike and leave my gym once and for all!!" He was clearly worked up, as he practically shouted his terms. "I'm waiting." She said as several girls joined her in the ring. Brad was crying like a little boy, balling his eyes out. This time she actually did look down, "Nice man pussy." She said.

Sissy Cuckold Husband

fetish bisissystephenie 2018-06-14

Like many husbands, I've wanted to see my wife fuck other men. From now on I was to dress as a sissy all the time; bras, panties, garter belt, stockings, high heels, lots of lipstick and make-up, and nighties and dresses. She said five men fucked her pussy and I would be sucking creampies every day from now on. Everything and every sensation made me feel sissy and girly and I wanted to feel the humiliation in front of my wife as she watched me be a faggot and see in my eyes how much I craved it. I never realized how much I loved being a sissy for my wife and her men.

Chris and Mary's Perfect Sexual Experience Ch. 01

fetish lickmylegs 2018-06-14

Mary said, "Hi beautiful" and took Chris in her arms and kissed her deeply. Chris looked into Mary's eyes and said, "Hi lover. Mary took her pull over shirt off revealing a tiny black strapless bra that covered very little tit. Mary then moved to Chris's ass cheeks and kissed and licked each beautiful tanned cheek. Mary continued tonguing Chris's hole and fucking her cunt. Mary pulled her tongue out and her finger and hugged Chris's ass, kissing her cheeks as she hugged. Mary said, "I love rubbing your tits." Chris said, "You know Mary I love you very much." Mary looked at Chris and said, "What is that lover?" Mary said, "Thought you wearing a black bra?"


fetish litpervgrrl 2018-06-13

“Would I like to fuck him in the ass?” I’d love to! He met another girl, one who liked normal sex, one who would touch his penis without needing to wear gloves. Do you have any idea how hard it is to date boys in New York when you aren’t really into the bar and club scene, and when you let the occasional guy who does ask you out know up front that you don’t put out? “Listen” I said “there’s a couple of things I’d like to let you know right away. She slipped it right up her pussy and started fucking herself while her other hand kept busy with her clit, her face half buried in the sheets.

Knicker Sniffing

fetish mingeeter 2018-06-13

You try to hide the fact but you feel that familiar twinge inside your panties and you realise that your tight vagina is actually getting moist at the thought that I have my nose buried inside the crotch of your dirty panties licking and tasting the cunt cream where you masturbated the day before. you're now forcing me to sniff and lick at your wet cunt calling me your dirty panty sniffing pervert finally you orgasm over my face and saturating your panties with your cunny juice, all thick, tangy and sticky girl cum that is the most tastiest naughty treat that I have ever had the pleasure of.

My wife's first time with another man (pt 1)

fetish hergator 2018-06-13

My wife looked at my cock beginning to go limp in her hand and said “I bet Randy would be able to hold out longer than that” with a bit of a chuckle, kind of as if she were teasing but there was a hint of something in her voice that made me wonder for the briefest of moments if this was a good idea. The head was all she could fit though, “It feels like putting a whole plum in my mouth at once!” she laughed as she looked up at Randy, “I don’t know if it’s going to fit in me, you saw what a little prick I’m used to!”

Sarah Ch. 1

fetish Steve256 2018-06-13

Brad just stared at me in amazement, at least partially at the fact that I resembled a fairly attractive woman, albeit with a hard cock under my panties and dress. Sarah said, "Well, my spring break started early, and I hoped to be alone with Brad, if you know what I mean. Sarah said, "Now, Michelle, take off that dress so we can see what kind of undies you like to wear." Sarah giggled as she looked at the head of my cock poking through the top of my panties, oozing pre-cum. I pulled back, and heard him moan as I began to fuck my mouth with his gorgeous cock. "Michelle..." she panted, "I want you come over here ...and tongue my asshole while Brad fucks me."

A Footslave forever

fetish klammer 2018-06-13

I want to see your body while you kiss my feet.” I pleaded with her, “please don’t make me take my clothes off Patty, please!” Janice put her foot on my shoulder and said, “you’d better do what we say or Mistress patty will tell; besides, slaves are supposed to do whatever their owners tell them to do.” Seven girls, Patty, Maureen, Candy, Janice, Brigitte, Becky and Roberta, heard me say I was a slave and had seen me kissing shoes. Patty instructed me to not let Janice and her team score, or I would be “in for it.” Candy emphasized the “in for it” and said she might clean her shoes on my face if I didn’t play “tough.” I swore to do my best, and the girls all went to the center of the field to begin playing.

My Kinky Step-Daughter Ch. 02

fetish csm1967 2018-06-13

She stood up and as she left, she looked over her shoulder and said, "Just so you know, when I have a shower later, I am going to finger my ass and cunt until I cum - all the while thinking of your rock hard cock. I was wary of her cumming as it would be difficult to clean up plus hide the smell, so decided I would need to make sure I stopped in time so started ramming my tongue in and out of her ass. "Clean the dildo for me, I like watching you suck a cock," she said as she rolled over on to her back, legs splayed, her cunt lips pink and swollen, her clear love juice still leaking out.

Prove You Love Me

fetish punkinmonkie 2018-06-13

She was surprised hoping to feel the ball gag but eagerly licked at his penis and took it in her mouth. Trying to please him she begged him to allow her to keep her mouth free for his pleasure. Trying hard not to fall on her face, she began to lean forward but with out the help of her hands fell ungracefully. Then her cuffs fell away and he moved her hands to her thighs while pressing his chest into her back. She felt the cold feel of plastic touch her clit and run down to her cunt. She just lied there trying not to move as she felt her pussy drip down her ass onto the new mattress, she blushed with shame.