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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

i am a slut

fetish ayla_is_a_whore 2018-06-13

As I listened to Dad brush his teeth, I removed my top and lay face down in the middle of the bed, awaiting my massage. Dad warmed a new handful of oil, then reached in through the loose leg hole and began to apply the warm oil to my engorged labia. When my body finally relaxed and my breathing returned to a semblance of normal, I released my grip and Dad sat up. I returned his kiss passionately, thrusting my tongue into his mouth suggestively and trying to sc**** my tender nipples against his bare chest. Without waiting for me to return to normal, Dad mounted me and rubbed the head of his enormous cock up and down the entrance to my pussy.

Hotwife's Date

fetish DevotedToHer 2018-06-13

"Well, Tyson, you know, picked me up and we went to dinner." she started as her hands continued to slide around caressing with her pads and gently scratching with her nails. "We had a good time talking and laughing; he is so funny." she continued, the back of her hands absently brushing against my balls and cock as she caressed. "I reached out and took the man's cock and started stroking it, leaning forward to suck it into my mouth. After a couple of minutes, I unzipped his pants and pulled his big cock out and started stroking it. He placed his hands on my head and started fucking my face, forcing his hardening cock down my throat.

Nude Day Texas Hold 'Em Ch. 03

fetish alexxxis 2018-06-13

In the final paragraphs of Chapter 2, Alexis brought Jay to a climax that may have made her realize all those famous pretty boys she dated in Hollywood had the wrong equipment after all. I told you in earlier chapters that God must have felt guilty about giving me such small breasts so she stuck some really long and sensitive nipples on me; kinda like that Mr. Potato Head game except with titties and genitalia? I've got to admit I was thinking like a paparazzi (paparazzum?) at the moment I looked down and saw one of the most photographed faces in the world peeking over my bare little pubic mound at me with those gorgeous, green eyes (I wonder if this picture would make it into People Magazine?).

Pam's Adventures Ch. 04

fetish tiedandteased 2018-06-13

With this done Pam was now very exposed and the nurse said that her bottom looked red and sore and she needed to push the stirrups further back so this meant Pam's knees were nearly right up to either side of her chest, Pam's ass and pussy was now fully exposed to the nurse. Right said the nurse we need to see as much as possible so the doctor will be putting an instrument in the opening and then stretching your bottom hole as wide as possible. He walked back down asked the nurse to spread her cheeks as far as possible and inserted the lubricated finger right up Pam's ass hole in one swift push.

Teased by My Neighbor Ch. 02

fetish randomer555 2018-06-13

Beth snuggled real close to me, grabbing my caged cock with one hand. "Just imagine my lips wrapped around your cock," Beth moaned as she pleasured herself with the vibrator. "It feels so good being able to masturbate and not having my genitals under lock and key." Beth teased. I need to be fucked right now." Beth said. Beth started kissing me and hugged me as I fucked with the strap on. "You fucked me so good," Beth said. "I'm going to be busy so I'm not gonna be able to see you for a couple of days." Beth said. "Yep. And think baby, just five more days." Beth said as she grabbed my caged cock and kissed me goodbye.

Please Hold My Titties Ch. 02

fetish LIVINRFANTASIES 2018-06-13

As I saw the young man's head raise up again like a ground squirrel peeking out of his hole, I told Dollie we need to walk up there and ask him to pose with you for a few Polaroid photos. Dollie told him we liked taking photos of her with other naked men. As we stood there looking at the photos Stan continued fondling Dollie's titties with no complaints whatsoever from her. Stan was so into playing with Dollie's tits and rubbing his precum now fully hard cock all over her he no longer worried about who saw him. Our second white lie was we were joining a club and we had to show a dozen photos of naked men fondling Dollie's titties to be admitted.


fetish Mr James 2018-06-13

Jen was almost panting now, as my hands slid back down to caress the lips of her pussy through her panties and she moaned loudly as I closed my mouth around her hard nipple. Gently, I teased the tender lips of her pussy open and stroked the tip of my finger over the hard pearl of her clit. Jen tasted her blood on my lips and moaned into my mouth, arching her back so that the tip of my cock brushed the lips of her pussy. She sighed as she caught sight of the shaft of my cock, streaked with blood and nectar from her pussy, then grunted from deep in her belly as I drove my cock back inside her with a smooth, hard thrust.

Body Swap

fetish drew1207 2018-06-13

After a few minute, I began to feel a sensation that felt as if a ball of energy was building up in the head of my dick. I watched with growing horror as on the screen I could see my own hands pulling open Mr Edmunds' zipper and pulling out- oh God. I wanted to stop watching, but I had to know whether Sam had gone all the way. After a few seconds I pulled out almost entirely, but straight away thrust my dick back into Sam. I began to pound him, just as hard but also picking up speed. The second I was back inside his body he began to cry out with pleasure, bucking against my dick even after I had finished cumming.

Suzanne Meissner, RN

fetish margaret_jenkins 2018-06-13

Having to answer these questions was highly embarrassing, and Sue was sure that Louise must think her to be the most perverted person ever. When Louise entered Sue was standing by on the softly padded exam table, wearing a pastel blue one-piece swimsuit, of stretchy lycra. Sue gradually became more aroused at the attention and close contact and felt the juices build up in her vagina and begin to flow out and dampen the gusset of her swimsuit. Keeping Sue's anus exposed with the fingers of her left hand, she presented the pointed tip to the hole and gently pushed, at the same time twisting it to facilitate penetration.

Fantastic Four-Way Plus Two

fetish DrLit 2018-06-13

Harold simply said, "Thank you Jessie." One of the girls was undressing him right there in the living room. The girls said, "First we get to stretch your ass and pussy with our cocks and then you can have your husband and Jason." They propped Zoey up for double penetration. After their pleasure one of the girls said, "I really want to fuck Jason's ass." Finally, Harold said, "Now it's my turn to cum on Zoey's tits for all of us to lick up. Finally he said, "Anyone want a taste and the entire group started licking cum off of Zoey's tits. The night ended and Zoey said, "Jessie and Jason we owe you big time.

A Short Tease

fetish MaledictdeSanguine 2018-06-13

You pant a little and try to speak, but I remove my hand from your trousers and put a finger against your lips. I run my fingers gently through your hair and slide my hands down your body. Suddenly I quickly and briefly run my hand over your panties, between your legs causing you to gasp before I kiss you again. I slip my hands back up your legs, slowly caressing you. I run my hand over your panties again, causing you to moan gently. You sit slightly, still panting and run your hands over my chest. I stop dead pinning you down with my body for a kiss as you squirm; with me inside.

Doctor's Orders

fetish Poo-Bear 2018-06-13

You begin easing yourself from the examining table, furtively looking around for the privacy of a secluded facilities cubicle, but once again, I stop you with a raised hand, indicating the examining table, where I direct you to remain. I lean forward, just in time to see your anus puckering outwards, accommodating the tip of a seemingly thick, brown mass as it emerges almost cautiously, like the head of a hesitant turtle. Afterwards, you remain hovered over the bedpan for a few seconds, perhaps anticipating the sensation of another overbearing pressure against the threshold of your anus, and I wait with baited breath for another push, the emergence of a second stool, but alas, you allow yourself to fall forward on your knees, indicating that you are spent.

Cucked By Highschool Sweetheart

fetish eatmebeatmeguy 2018-06-13

A few years later after fading apart, we were re-acquainted in college and I decided that I wanted to be with Heather and to be a better boyfriend. The next year consisted of us getting together every month or so and her talking about getting her brains fucked out by her boyfriend who didn't really like being with her very much. I was proposing for her to break up with her boyfriend and to be with me, but instead she found a freshman boy who she found attractive and let him fuck her brains out. After a few drinks she mentioned that she felt badly for cheating on her boyfriend, even though she didn't like him.

Panty Boy

fetish 32B_minus 2018-06-13

I caught them in bras and panties many times, but only briefly before a dress or a sweater cut off my view of their "unmentionables." The best chance was always after a bath when they tended to sit facing the vanity mirror and comb out their hair, clad in just a bra and panties, giving me longer look than I could get during a costume change. Sally just stared at me as I continued to sniff Mom's panties while fingering the cups of Maggie's bra with the other hand. Maggie groaned softly and finally took Sally's hand, standing and giving our sister a quick kiss on the lips before they both walked off into the den after Mom, still holding hands.

Changeling Ch. 03

fetish Michael142 2018-06-13

It takes me about forty to forty-five minutes to make dinner, and as I wait for David, I shower, and put on a pretty dress I know he loves on me with sexy and lacy things underneath. I had that dream again the other night, where David is dressed as Danielle, my French maid, serving me as my lover makes love me with a large thick cock. And, I would love to feel his eight or ten inch cock spreading my pussy wide as David serves us drinks and whatever dressed as my maid, as I let this stranger fuck the shit out of me!

Auditor Tales Ch. 10

fetish peelover 2018-06-13

Francis didn't bother to wipe her cunt knowing I would lick her pussy later and enjoying the smell of her piss on her cuntflaps. I mean, you look fabulous anyway." "I know you do, but I am fat and seeing all those small women, whit small and perky tits, make me a bit uncomfortable." "Francis, I like, I love your fat. Piss over my cunt, my arse, my tits." Francis collapse and breathed heavily. I kissed her tits, sucked her nipples and moved down to her piss wet cunt. "Open your mouth please; I want to feel your tongue over my dick while coming into your mouth." Francis opened her mouth and I shoved my penis into it.

Megan and Mallory's BDay Spankings

fetish Totzman 2018-06-13

"Well, I was hoping, maybe this year, we could do away with the birthday spankings," Megan said. "Oh honey, you know how much I love giving you girls your birthday spankings each year," Bill said. "Can me and Megan pleeeeease have bare bottom birthday spankings this year?" Mallory asked. Dad wants to start the birthday spankings," Mallory said. Megan and Mallory followed their father into the kitchen, while the other party guests gathered around the empty chair. "You just don't want to pull your panties down in front of Eric, don't you?" Mallory said teasingly. Megan set her jeans aside and saw Eric had worked his way to the front of the crowd, and was looking at her bare legs.

Wife Pleases - VIII

fetish 2018-06-13

One week he called and said that he had to be out of town to a medical meeting during the time they would normally be having a "session." She was a little let down by that, but there was cause for optimism as the doctor had a close friend who was being somewhat deprived at home and obviously they had discussed my wife, the delightful arrangement, and that it would be nice to do some "sharing" of the bounty. After a while, he said: "My wife never allowed me such pleasure...thank you a thousand times!" She replied: "You may experience a lot of things here that you don't at home...ENJOY!"

Finding My Hot Wife Who Loves Foot Fetishes By Hap

fetish cali19 2018-06-13

I did not tell my wife about my foot fetish when I first met her, but she had amazing feet. By the way, my personal foot fetish was centered around tickling, massaging, licking soles and toes, and footjobs. One day my wife (who at the time was my girlfriend of about a month) discovered an online profile of mine that had a photo of a girl being tickled on her feet while locked in stocks and asked me what it was about. Just keep looking and with a lot of work and patience I believe you will find your match that enjoys foot fetishes as much as you do (an hopefully completes you in every other way).

The Count's Request

fetish toodamnhung 2018-06-13

As Lucretia swung the other leg over the tree her skirts lifted a bit more and The Count was suddenly struck with the reason for the growing obsessive fascination he felt for the girl. Deep in his olfactory reverie, The Count pressed his nose further into the folds of Lucretia's moistness, totally surrounding his scent organ with her wet pungency. Lost in her own passion, Lucretia placed her hands between her own thighs and pulled The Count's head toward her driving his nose yet deeper into her wetness as she let out a deep moan of pleasure that she had held within herself since birth. Taking one last deep draught of Lucretia's scent, The Count removed his nose, now quite dripping with her, and exited his head form the girl's nightdress.

Panties Galore In Scotland.

fetish RBE1988 2018-06-13

I kept my eyes on him and I scooted myself further down the couch and opened my legs a little more, then I reached my hand down and started rubbing myself through my panties until I was considerably wet. I noticed he had put his hand into his bottoms and pulled his cock out and had started playing with himself, "I said no touching, which meant yourself too!" I scolded him, and he let go, leaving it standing straight, waiting to be touched again. When I was sure I had his attention fully again, I pulled my panties to the side and started to finger myself, occasionally rubbing my thumb against my clit, and moaning rather loudly now.

Kaitlin's Tale Ch. 7

fetish AerinThomas 2018-06-13

As the ever present clock in the corner of the room ticked down to zero, Kaitlin walked through the door and into her final test. Standing in a large room that looked like a high-tech workshop were Andrew and Kelli, both of them grinning evilly at Kaitlin. Kaitlin's wonderment turned to fear as ropes were attached to each of the rings on her clothing, and she was raised into the air, spreadeagled, arms and legs bound with lengths of rope to the corners of the cube. They will be added to our household once you've finished with them." Cynthia handed Kaitlin a case, and walked from the room. Kaitlin closed the case and walked slowly to Andrew and Kelli, and stood between them.

Husband in Panties

fetish A-Heart-On 2018-06-13

I couldn't help smiling as my mind wandered into an image of how cute my guy's tight little buns would look in a pair of lacy girlie panties. "Well, now," I said, pausing dramatically while I had his complete attention, "I want you to go down to the Penney's store and buy five pairs of panties, one for each day of the week." I studied his expression. Opening my eyes I was treated to the blurred sight (I am extremely nearsighted) of my husband in his lovely new Victoria Secret panties and a camisole I had picked it up from the thrift store the day before.

Bukket Ch. 05

fetish PoisonedEve 2018-06-13

The last thing I expected was a perfect crewneck t-shirt and a knee-length skirt. After about five minutes the door opened the same woman walked in. "Time to go," she said, holding the door open. I pulled myself together and said the first thing that came to my mind, "I...I do not have shoes." I felt a shuffling beside me and saw that the woman went out of the hall and closed the door. He turned to me and said, "I am sure you would like to get started. Loads of cum on the eyes or on the face can sometimes cause discomforts and the recipient often tries to remove it with her fingers.