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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Later Discovery Ch. 02

fetish Learningfast 2018-06-13

In bed, later, she slept through the night in her girdle and stockings, but not before she had brought herself to a long slow orgasm with one of her "toys." This time, thinking of Mark, she allowed herself to wonder what would he be like as a man-with-a-woman. Phyllis held his head gently as he moved his lips over her girdled figure and revelled in the sensation of a man treating her as she's always wanted; in her underwear and enjoying it as much she did. Mark took hold of her contained waist and guided his erection up the tunnel of her girdle, between her thighs, and back inside her hot wet vagina.

Valentine's Cornucopia

fetish JackBeHuge 2018-06-13

During the evening, when they were already in bed, Pete remarked to Connie that he managed to make a reservation to a hip slow food restaurant for dinner next evening, although they would unfortunately have to stop by the store before going out as he has to meet the electricity guy who wanted to check a few things before starting to work the next morning. "I saw in the calendar we keep in the kitchen that he changed his usual five o'clock training in the gym to two o'clock and when I asked him innocently why, he got a bit distracted, then said that he wants to pick me up right after work and take me to a cute café that opened just last week, but he quickly added that he only wanted a quiet night as he knew I worked a lot and would probably be exhausted.

Daddys Girl pt.1

fetish SafeSexting 2018-06-13

“Do it, Do it daddy, take my virginity, I have been saving it for you for a long time daddy.” A tear rolled down her cheek as my cock came in contact with her cherry. I don’t know how long I was out, I felt heather moving on top of me and I opened my eyes to see her bouncing up and down on my hard shaft. “Mmmmm yes, that’s it baby, mmmm your so soft and sweet.” My cock began to grow inside my young girl’s mouth. “OOOHHH YESSSS” SUCK IT ALL DOWN” I screamed as I pumped my throbbing cock deep into her mouth as she started moaning loudly. I was depositing my load directly down her young virgin throat, holding my cock in her mouth as my balls rested on her chin.

Asked to Flash (Cont 3)

fetish ntrain2001 2018-06-13

I told her yeah, but she shouldn't have since she was in no condition to drive either and she said how did I get in the house i told her I came out and carried her in, she sat there a minute not looking at me then eventually asked how she got undressed. She stood there and ask why and said i thought you liked when i got seen, I told her yeah but what if the neighbors see you. After i finished cutting the grass i came back in the house and my wife was sitting on the couch holding a small mirror looking at her pussy and said you know i really like the way this looks and with no hair on it you can see everything.

New Girl at Work Ch. 01

fetish whisky_sour 2018-06-13

Nicole usually sat with one or both her legs crossed under her like a Buddha, leaving her pumps under the desk. All the heads turned back towards the monitors, but from the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of Nicole whose was still staring at me with a small smirk in her face. We were in the final stages of testing a new voice controlled mobile broking application and with the long, hard hours of work people were keen for a good break. We gossiped about work and colleagues like we had done many times before and that helped (along with a second bottle of wine) to put me at ease. Nicole: - "If you fancy a bit of 'fun' come to the disabled toilet on the 7th floor in 5 mins.

Water Works *no hands*

fetish JO_KING 2018-06-13

Chari pulled her tee-shirt over her head along with her bra and saw her nipples so hard and puckered that the air hitting them from the air conditioner was enough to send her clit more pulsing sensations. Immediately, she noticed that when the stream of water hit her clit, a tingling that she had never had before rocked her body. Her body did what felt natural and her hips began to slowly rock while the water splashed on her clit. Seeing it for the first time shot tingles through her body and within seconds her clit began to throb and immediately become hard as her first orgasm raked her body.

Peeing with Suzy Ch. 05

fetish leaky_one 2018-06-13

I half expected Suzy to grab her bedroom bin again for her pee but was shocked when she simply squatted down over the bedroom carpet in the far corner. Meanwhile, the squirting shower of piss leaving Suzy's pussy lips continued unabated. Suzy looked up from watching her pussy squirting her pee down onto the carpet. Her urine shower was almost done now; her pussy lips allowing just the smallest trickle of pee to leak out. Immediately a thick squirting stream of hot piss leapt from my muff lips and proceeded to spray over the back of Suzy's blond cropped hair. As soon as I had relieved my last squirt of hot piss over her wonderful body, then she turned around and buried her head in my muff.

The Prize

fetish StoneAngel 2018-06-13

" I dream of being allowed to suck my own worthless cum back out of your pussy, you dripping it on my face and making me eat it." Now that he had started, he found he couldn't stop telling her. Spreading her cunt wide open she shifted her weight and straddled his face. "Enjoy my cunt!" She pressed hard and pissed out the last tiny bit of urine in her bladder. . .you earned it." She ground her pussy against him as she pressed down and as everything went black, he felt her cum on his face and one hand grabbed his hair and pushed his head harder into her pussy.

Gropes of Wrath

fetish tonysnow 2018-06-13

Later Elise told me that not only did he place his hand on her ass and stroked it, as he waited for drink order, but had rubbed his hard cock against her knee so hard that she could feel the entire length of his shaft against her. It turned out that the young college kid standing next to her facing away from the bar had not only placed his left hand on the inside of her left thigh, but had worked his way to her pussy. Elise said she could feel Patrick's cock convulse as he came, abruptly pulling out of her pussy and exploding his hot cum all over her ass, pussy and skirt.

My Colors are White and Gold

fetish Turbidus 2018-06-13

His other hand presses against the back of my head, forcing my mouth toward his cock. I wait for Joe to remind the newcomer that there is no fucking or sucking until after I've been baptized with his piss. We trade round-robin kisses, all the while Joe is moving around us with the camera, holding it above our heads, squatting to film our cocks, mine, purple and angry inside its cage. I deep throat him and begin to use my mouth, my tongue, and my hand to work his cock. Six uses the head of his cock to wipe 21's cum off my face and put it in my mouth. After he cleans my face off with his cock, he uses one hand to tip my head back.

Anal Play

fetish kinky-guy69 2018-06-13

(I like it at least three times a week.) I had brought it up before but Josh was a typical guy from a semi-religious home and felt that anal sex was going too far. I was licking and sucking his cock and swallowing his meat until I realized I was pounding his ass violently with my hand. I had still not got the dildo in his ass but I was so concerned with his blue/purple dick that I just pushed my plug out of my own ass and without getting very far up I slammed my ass down on his cock. I began licking his cock again and warming up the dildo inside my pussy.

Redheaded Stepchild

fetish sexypony 2018-06-13

One lick is low enough on my ass for his fingers to hit my pussy lips, sending more electric jolts through my body, wetting me thoroughly. Finally sensing that I will not be making any sounds, he applies a series of licks of increasingly firmer pressure to the same place, the final stroke really opening my eyes, making me suck my breathe in and squeezing the arms of the chair until my knuckles are white. When he was finished, he turned and walked away, leaving me there, trying to catch my breath and come back down to reality. Finally, the leather curls around and strikes my pussy, almost sending me into orgasm, forcing me to exert 'my prideful bitch, tough Texas girl' will not to give him the satisfaction.


Rave masturbation

fetish 2018-06-13

I'm not ashamed of my body and I like nudist and flashing adventures so I didn't venture too deep into the woods and made sure people would be able to see me at least a bit as I pulled down my pantyhose and thongs and squat down to pee. I quickly made a decision and removed my pantyhose and thongs and went a bit deeper in the woods - just far away so I could be seen in the dark but still very hard to discern what I was doing. Joy spread through my body and my nipples went hard as I pushed my finger on my clitoris and moved it in small circles.

Goddess Mina: Reunited

fetish ArmondoDeHavana 2018-06-13

Goddess looked down at me and asked me if this is where I wanted to be. I love the feeling of her feet on my face. Goddess moved her feet around my face and pressed them hard into my face several times. I wanted to service her toes like they were her cock. As I have written many times, my goddess has a beautiful breath taking ass. I dream of her asking me to orgasm for her and cleaning her feet of my mess. I want to be under her feet at all times I want to be her property I want to serve her in any way possible.

Wedding Bondage Ch. 03

fetish oggbashan 2018-06-13

What Chloe and Helen were interested in was your ideas about wedding and bridesmaids' dresses." She, Jane, Cecily and Helen would bring their partners bound and dressed in wedding or bridesmaids' dresses for a playful evening. Cecily explained that Chloe would use Angela's bridesmaid dress on Brian. Cecily took a pair of pantyhose and wrapped them around the skirt, trapping Jane inside as she knotted them. Jane's protests were suddenly stopped with a mouthful of Cecily's skirt. "I'll set you free in exchange for an agreement from Ian that he will attend the party bound in a bridesmaid's dress and leashed by Jane. Cecily threw the ball gag back on the table and let her skirt fall away from Jane's face.

My Wife's Lactating Breasts Ch. 02

fetish lovenaturals 2018-06-12

(I'm sure I let him know the timing, or maybe I just made the timing coincide with his visits??) At first we would have coffee and a snack, talk about how I was so very lonely with you being gone most waking hours and how the girls were so much work at their age, two in diapers, nursing the youngest, trying to remain sane while feeling like a prisoner in our own home. Pulling my bra down over my right breast, Hank immediately began nursing at my hardening nipple which actually began gushing into his mouth even before he enveloped it! You know honey, how I like it when you rub my clit slowly, at times just stopping and applying pressure right before I cum?

One Fun Physical

fetish multiplierx 2018-06-12

He cups where my balls should be feeling the emptiness as they hide inside me then after brushing my clitty whilst removing his hand he causes me to buck a little. I see due to how wet I had gotten that his gloved hand is glistening with my juices before he tells me that he needs to feel inside & thanks to me he won't need any lube while laughing a little in such a hot way. Before he leaves he hands me his card & says that anytime I need a checkup he'd be more than happy to oblige before leading me out telling the girl at the counter he was done with me & everything went well but wanted to see me back in a month for something I had discussed with him.

That was a usual day!

fetish princessamyov 2018-06-12

My wife is a long legged American blonde long haired lady, who loved intelligent, good looking men. “It looks boring to me” she said, standing at the door: “What do you think about when you are jacking off like that, fantasies with other women or men, or what?” I don’t think I told you that I got fucked in the ass just when I was sucking off another guy, and, another man was sucking me off at the same time!” I told her that I would continue to love and respect her however many men she fucked. I told her that I would continue to love and respect her however many men she fucked.


fetish Mr James 2018-06-12

Maria moaned softly into his mouth and Steve moved eased his hand from inside her dress, and unbuttoned it further, working his way higher, pushing the material aside to display her breasts, already tender and engorged with her milk. Steve ran his hands slowly and gently over Maria's rounded, swollen belly, caressing her skin with the lightest touch possible. He reached around and stroked the tips of her nipples with his fingers, then moved his hands over her belly in a long, tender caress, until his fingertips were resting on both sides of her swollen clit. Then Steve pulled back, sliding his cock out of her pussy, and slowly thrust three fingers into her dripping slot, wetting them and making them slippery with her juices.

History of CFNM Ch. 01

fetish Zoltar 2018-06-12

Mrs. Nelson continued, 'A women could go through life thinking a 3-inch penis was normal. Jenny came back to reality when Mrs. Nelson said, 'Oooooh my...Look class! Just Wonderful!!', clapping her hands in excitement, she continued, 'Look class, the folds of skin are disappearing as his cock, err um I mean his penis lengthens and thickens. 'Ooh don't be silly Mike.', she crept up and put her arm around him as she cooed, 'Look at how much of your penis you are already showing to us!' Mrs. Nelson tried to keep her composure. Mike had shrinkage from the pool, but his mom's friend's eyes which focused on his penis were like invisble hands stroking his cock.

Control Game

fetish bns3 2018-06-12

John hit the back of her pussy and could feel her cervix squirm around the head of his cock trying to find room for his huge dick. John pushed his cock further into Krista, and over the course of the next few thrusts, her pussy completely took his huge cock balls deep. His cock throbbed harder, and he could feel the heavy, dull, sensation behind his balls build up as his body prepared to fill Krista's pussy with hot, gooey, slippery cum. Finally, he needed to research and learn about a "Hitachi Magic Wand." He then opened the photo, and it was a frontal shot of Krista having sex with an unknown well hung man with a caption that read, "I thought you were incredible until I met this guy.

Fisting Carmen

fetish Ravisher71 2018-06-12

I finished this little activity by having Carmen stand as straight as she could with her chest pushed out and I pulled her tits outwards by the nipples. I spent a long time working my fist into her cunt and finally her hole accepted the invader. It was a long hot kiss, before I removed the clamps from her tits, put the blindfold back on and went and got a new implement from my suitcase. They were to stay like that for a long time as I worked over her thoroughly pumped cunt – I spanked it, I fisted it repeatedly, I stuck toys into it, and I shoved all manner of household items and vegetables into it.

Salty Liquids 1: Rachelle Ch. 03

fetish ChristopherMoon 2018-06-12

Before Rachelle could explain anything, Mark had turned around the book and read the backside: Mark closes the book and looks smiling at Rachelle. Rachelle giggled as she looked at Mark waiting for her to squirt her pee through the room. Mark stood up and let Rachelle piss the remainder of her bladder over his nearly exploding phallus. As soon as Mark felt he had injected enough, he retreated his penis, resulting in a blast of piss out of Rachelle pussy. Rachelle obviously seemed to enjoy the taste of the sticky white as her tongue appears from in between her touted lips to scoop it inside her mouth and Mark helped her rub his own product out over Rachelle's big bosom.

Dominatrix and Public Humiliation

fetish Closetfaggotnyc 2018-06-12

She stood up, walked over to me on the other side of the table, said "open your mouth bitch", and when I did she spit directly into my mouth and then slapped me hard across the face. She stopped at the next cross walk and said "do you like my ass faggot? "Show Marie your panties faggot" Mistress Julia said. My humiliation was constant because everyone around us had heard what I'd said, seen how Mistress Julia was treating me and probably had seen my panties too. Five embarrassing minutes of humiliation without the beautiful Mistress Julia to even look at while everyone around me knew I was a thong wearing faggot.