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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games Ch. 02

fetish ScarredRaven 2018-06-12

What's more, with every little moan, I feel her toes scrunch and relax, pulling in the tight material protecting my hardness from the smooth skin of her right foot. Kelly does not seem to be able to keep me guessing anymore though, either that or she is tired of games, She stops both of her feet moving, I stop my massage as well, I did not even notice until now that we are both breathing kind of loud for people supposed to be hiding, I look over at her face again. I started thinking about the few times I thought I caught you ogling my or Erica's feet when we came over before." She seems almost giddy at finding me out, I am having a hard time thinking she is going to turn me in with each press on my erection with her foot.

A Pregnant Pause

fetish PrincessErin 2018-06-12

Chad's cock was so hard as he stared at her firm, bare, round tummy. Chad took 3 big steps towards Katie and knelt by her feet, massaging her bare feet with her large strong hands. Chad leaned up and kissed Katie hard, his hands groping her breasts. The moment Chad pulled down his pants and boxers Katie smiled. "Oh fuck baby, you're lactating." Chad leaned up and pulled down her flimsy tank top, revealing the melon size breasts. She thrust her hips up hard and pinched her nipples, milk squirting out to land in droplets against her round belly. "I look horrible and gross." Katie slid off her husband and grabbed her pants, leaning against the couch to slid them back on.


Break up with girlfriend and more

fetish thestallion209 2018-06-12

I am french so please my english is not very good, but i will try.Since i came to England to live for some months it has been crazy for me, the women here are different.But different is not a bad thing,my english friends decided to take me out for a night out clubbing, so i went with them.When we got to the club i indulged myself into the music and atmosphere, i met this beautiful blonde girl and it happened to fast but we started to talk to each other like we knew one another for years.But that was not the case, the night was coming to a close so i walked her to a cab so she could get home, at this time she offered to fuck and suck me.I said to her this is moving to fast,and you do not know me long enough to decide on if we should sl**p together or not.

A Conference Legacy Ch. 01

fetish barelegs 2018-06-12

Even though the office was well air-conditioned, from May till the end of October she never wore nylons, and she appeared to positively delight in showing off her very sexy smooth bare legs. We finished our planning session in good time, and I decided to make us both a cup of coffee, using the filter machine which resided on top of the filing cabinet at the head end of the sofa. Louise turned to sit in a more conventional position as I placed a rather uninviting disposable cup of coffee on the table in front of her next to her folder of papers.

A Simple Solution Ch. 01

fetish jlltec 2018-06-12

I think getting a double dose the first day is a good idea, don't you?" She had a big Chashire Cat smile on her face, as if to say, you wanted to taste your cum, well now you're going to get a belly full. With one final hard squeeze she laughed shaking her head, rinsed the glass in the sink, puts it in the dishdrain and continued about her morning getting ready for work. It was a classic case of "watch out what you wish for." On one hand I knew her little experiment wouldn't work and it was just a game, but on the other hand, my cock was starting to stir already knowing I would be eating a lot of cum from now on.

Cyber Sissy Part One

fetish msvicky 2018-06-12

You can't begin to imagine how shocked I was to discover that while I was away, you spent all that time looking at pictures of men in panties and lingerie. I found a bra, a pair of panties, a garter belt and seamed white stockings, all in a size that appeared would fit me. I knew what was coming next, the instruction to put on the lacy panties, the only item left, so I clicked on the next link. She was right, the sensations were incredible as the slippery nylon slid easily over the stockings, caressing every inch of my legs as they made their way up and over my cock and balls.

Spoiled Princess Hates Camping Ch. 01

fetish RetroFan 2018-06-12

That something was a camping trip to the New Jersey Pine Barrens for two weeks with her Aunt Anna, her mother's younger sister; her Uncle Bob and her three cousins, John, Kate and Dylan, while her parents went on a Caribbean cruise. Wearing a pink tee-shirt (her favorite color) that fit well on her slim figure and accentuated her C-cup breasts; denim shorts that looked good with her long legs; white sandals on her pedicured feet with her toenails painted pink like the nails on her fingers; and expensive sunglasses that only marginally covered her sulky expression, Madison accompanied her parents into the car with Henry, one of her Daddy's employees, a middle-aged man with glasses.

What a Boy Wants

fetish RepressedKiNk 2018-06-12

He ran thin white hands through a mass of dark brown hair that was shot threw with deep reds and some gold's that fell in a wacky, rather charming way across his face and bare bony chest. Bastion pulled the pillow from his pale, rather thin face and lifted the sheet to look down at his now hugely erect penis, staring back at him like a one eyed demon sent to destroy him. Bastion reached over without looking, grabbing for the towel he knew was there, since it was there for this purpose only, and pulled it up and half-heartedly cleaned up the now cooling cum from his belly and legs.

His Pet Ch. 02

fetish naughtygirl_62 2018-06-12

Looking around with more than a little fear, I watch as the hooded usher slowly begins moving the arm ratchet back and forth, which slowly but surely tightens the chains attached to my limbs. Quick as a cat, the hooded usher reaches out and clicks the ratchet ahead a notch, causing me to moan even louder as the pain in my shoulders and hips intensifies! "Very good, my dear," he replies softly, while more burning wax drips slowly onto my erect nipples, "you have a lovely body, but I fear that it is a touch too short," and with that, that ratchet moves another notch and my moan is now loud enough to fill the room.

Assignation with a lover

fetish petercee 2018-06-12

Anne was changing her blouse and straightening her skirt as I leaned through the open window to give her a kiss I could smell and taste the guys cum on her, I advised her she'd need a shower before she returned to the office but of course that was no problem if you owned the company, I would have loved to have gone home with her and fucked that soaking pussy but I didn't own my company and I had work to do, so one more kiss and we went our separate ways.

Fourth Visit To The Master (And His Men)

fetish kezza6969 2018-06-12

The guy continued his rhythmic hump, penetrating the helpless woman’s cunt fully on each inwards thrust, pausing when the base of his cock could go no further, resting his sac in the warm wetness of her crevasse then withdrawing until just the plum of his knob remained inside her tunnel. Gloria used the stirrups to raise her body up at the man’s inwards slides, ensuring he had maximum penetration, that her hot twat totally engulfed his cock. Ooooh fuuuuuck!” Her body strained against her bonds, her breasts wobbled, her belly quivered, her legs shook and her cunt clutched. The rhythmic thrust of his prick along the length of her cunt, the slide of his knob over her G-spot, the touch of the thick base of his tool against her clitoris, the slap of his balls on her fat flaps all helped too.

Confession of a Panty Lover

fetish Suzian 2018-06-12

I was completely nude at the time and I started to rub the pantyhose on my semi-hard cock. One day I was at the house of a mutual acquaintance, when I went to the bathroom I saw some white pantyhose sticking out the wash basket so before I sat in the toilet I pulled them out along with them came a pair of red panties. She got under the covers and I put my stuff down, I turned out all the lights so that she couldn't see me climb into bed wearing the panties. I enjoy wearing any colour, silky (not cotton), thongs or hotpanties and the feel is great.

Creme Brulee

fetish DPMaster 2018-06-12

The chef smiled at Avery, rotating and shifting the tube, filling every crevice as he slowly pulled the nozzle from inside her, still squeezing so that the cream oozed. The chef simply paused, needle hovering over her bouncing breast, and looked at Avery. When the chef pinched another fold of dark, crinkled areola, Avery ran his middle finger from her leaking hole up to her clit. Slowly pressing the plunger, the chef moved the needle around inside it, injecting more *flavor* until the clear liquid actually began to bubble out of the nipple's tip. By the time the chef got to her nipple, she had all but stopped stiffening, and seemed to be totally absorbed by Avery's fingers.


fetish Treeangel 2018-06-12

Now that you have reached the eligibility age of twenty-one and are of age to be taken and indentured by the State as a sexual supplicant of the Kingdom I am pleased to inform you that in this spirit of erotic excellence you have been hand-selected by me and summoned to serve the Pleasure of the High King of the Realm, to fulfill his deepest erotic needs and pleasure requirements at court and his personal desire for the mysteries and seductions of the feminine. Her constant availability and vulnerability are key elements of his royal pleasure and thus she will always attire herself in a way that emphasizes her beautiful and shapely young body while presenting absolutely no barrier to the King’s explorations and in a manner that maintains the King’s cock in a desire state of nearly constant engorgement and erection.

Brett Comes to Visit

fetish 2018-06-12

After a few more thrusts I heard Brett begin to groan, and then he thrust all the way in, the tip of his cock placed at my cervix and unleashed a torrent of stud cum into my fertile, unprotected womb.He said he’d been saving up, that he hadn’t cum in a week, well he came more than any other person had ever cum in, or on me. The guy in the SUV, needing a better view now pulled up directly in front of my house, and got a great view of my naked body riding a cock, my 32B’s bouncing up and down, this guy was getting a great show.

The Seduction

fetish CyberBitch 2018-06-12

Leaning in closer, I snake out my tongue and trace the trail Ive left with my hot wet tip, licking your leg, nibbling your flesh , my teeth grazing across your skin as I make my way up along your trembling thighs, your heart begins to pound hard, your breath quickens and your pulse races as you watch me…. My hand reaches for you, and holds you upright as I smile and move closer sticking out my tongue I lick the tip of your cock flicking my hot wet tongue around the rim of your thick hard cock kissing and sucking gently around the perfect roundness of you, my tongue teasing the eye and licking off the pre cum

Fem Dom Rectal Temperature Taking

fetish dominantwomenrule 2018-06-12

When I returned I was just in time to witness him rolling over on his stomach followed by the doctor pulling down the bed sheet, tugging his underpants down to his knees, and after lubricating a thermometer spreading his ass cheeks and inserting the instrument into his waiting rectum. I had him stay in this position with the thermometer up his butt for the entire movie. I spent a good part of the day dreaming up places in the house and positions to take his temperature such as in the garage, in the kitchen bent over the counter, and my all time favorite across my lap while I talked to a friend on the phone.

Adam's Lover(s) Ch. 03

fetish brian_maggie 2018-06-12

Maggie latched on to Adam as soon as we got there and trying to be useful I went to the bar to order drinks. Maggie looked over long enough to take her beer before falling back into conversation with Adam. Because the bar was crowded it wasn't obvious want was going on but I saw Greg take a look and knew that he was seeing what I was seeing. But after touching and being touched by a man as strong and powerful as Adam I realized how hard it would be not to enjoy the pleasures Maggie always spoke of. Like Maggie I now needed to feel a strong hard cock deep inside me.

The Masturbation Club

fetish whistful 2018-06-12

I would image a stream of men coming in that we could wank and suck off as they stood enjoying the girls teasing them and keeping them fully aroused. All that action we could enjoy, both working on one guy, teasing, playing, wanking, sucking, all that cum to enjoy. As you entered you proceed to a locker room, where you strip naked and put on a robe and making your way to the main area and choosing which room to visit this time. Maybe you think I am too perverted, I am certainly a really, dirty old man that enjoys wanking and sucking a lot.

Finally licked my own creampie

fetish 2018-06-12

She then whispered that she was so wet because she was in the toilet playing with her pussy and pushed her fingers into my nose to smell them, I proceeded to lick her fingers as she began grinding faster on my cock. I began to play and tease her clit as I slowly fucked her knowing I couldn't last much longer but She grabbed my ass and pulled me inside her pussy even further. I was about to cum when she slapped me hard in the chest, I could feel my cock letting out two squirts of cum inside her pussy and as i was pulling out a little cum dribbled on the inside of her groin.

son turned into mom's sissy

fetish momandboys 2018-06-12

I was sitting in the wet bed thinking how I was going to sneak everything out when Stepsie (step mum) came in. "Well, who looks like a baby now?" said Stepsie as I layed there in a wet bed and a pacifier in my mouth. Anyhow tonight Stepsie came into our room when we were playing and said, "It's time girls for your bath." Isabella jumped up and ran out to the bathroom. I tried a few times to stand up to Stepsie, but every time I spoke to her that I am a boy, she spanks me and calls me names like diaper Barbie, sissy, girl, baby and once she said I was gay.

Pay Day

fetish Horn-man 2018-06-12

Sean spluttered but couldn't get the words out, "that's exactly what happened" I said "he put his hand on my ass, admired my panties and asked for a blowjob" Stunned Sean looked at me in amazement, "well that's not good enough" my wife told him, "come in here, take advantage, get your dick sucked, your rocks off and then stroll away, no sir your going to give as good as you get". As Zelda withdrew her strap-on Sean and I stood up, I pulled him over and began to clean the cum off his face with my tongue, when I had him clean I leaned into him and gave him a deep kiss pushing the cum from my mouth to his, then I picked up my panties, wiped my cock and balls and gave them him.

Sauna Skirmish

fetish peccavi 2018-06-12

Sure I liked the extra cash that I got debt collecting - a job the bikie gang organised- I never knew how, and I never wanted to know. Sandy turned, smiled at the guy and bent forward placing her bag down on the floor so showing off the contents of her very low cut swim suit and she managed to wiggle her tail right in the face of the boy she had come in with. Sandy and I went to school together." I looked at her and thought "well bitch at least he knows I try to be well mannered, more then you do." I slugged my beer down and turned back to Sandy.

A Week in the Life of a Cumeater Ch. 02

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-06-12

Once finished with my shower I walk into the living room and my wife is laying down on the couch stroking lube up and down her huge strap on. She responds you will, but first you can eat your cum then you can lick my pussy till you are ready and hard again, after that you can plow my ass as hard as you want to. It couldn't have been more than ten or twenty strokes deep in her ass and my cock is tensing up getting ready to cum. I laid back on the floor and let her again squat her wide open hole over my face, as it eases closer to my mouth I notice a huge drop of sperm starting to drip out of her ass.