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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mouthing Off - Chapter 2

fetish AlphaBeatHer 2018-12-02

While I was pumping Donna's throat and watching the enchanting opening scenes I told the members of the group that she would be coming round to them each in turn to suck them off and when she had finished that job she would kneel in the corner ready for whenever they needed her for the urinal services that they could now see her providing on the screen. When she had done the drinks and stuff, she went straight to a guy who was gently rubbing a semi hard as he watched a pretty young Japanese bukkake girl have her cum covered face washed off by four fat, hairy, middle aged white men pissing on her.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

fetish HungryGuy 2018-12-02

It felt so good when Meryl put her arms around my neck and pressed her body tightly against mine as we swayed -- I wouldn't really call it dancing -- to the music. I was about to open the door, but Meryl put her hand on my arm and said, "Can we wait until the rain lets up?" A moment later I had pulled her jeans and panties down to my waist since her legs were still wrapped around my hips, and I was staring into a live girl's hairy cunt for the first time in my life. The second-to-last thing I wanted was for Meryl to go outside into the freezing wind and rain.

Revenge of the Soriority Sisters - Ginger's Ale

fetish Orallee69 2018-12-02

“I think I can convince him that he can quit smoking by giving you oral sex,” Della said with a grin. “Frank, what would help reduce your urge to smoke, and what would make you able to have intercourse for a longer period of time and not be tired afterwards is to ingest pheromones from Ginger before you have intercourse,” Della said carefully. “I would suggest that you let her sit on your face and that you satisfy her orally in the morning and at bedtime, and when you have intercourse, you’ll see results regarding your smoking in a month or so,” Della proposed. “Well,” Della said, leaning back in her chair, “There is a quicker way, but you won’t believe it and I know you won’t want to do it.”

Saphira's Dance

fetish StrangeSounds2003 2018-12-02

Laughing and giggling, she took him by the hand as she led him out the door, turning off the lights and closing the door behind her, leading him to her place where he watched her repeat her performance to imagined music, her house dark with moonlight cascading through Venetian blinds, soft deep shadows playing across her sensuous, naked belly as his fingers tickled her skin softly, brushing his lips hungrily over her navel -- worshipping it, loving it, tasting it as he watched her arch her back, lying on her bed, as his pelvis erupted in clawing need for her, to be in her, to be one with her as her navel elongated and deepened, moon shadows drifting erotically across her belly/navel/body as she gave him his birthday present -- as he tasted her from head to her pretty little ruby toes, as naked and lying in each other's arms, he tasted deeply in her navel and worshipped over every single INCH of her soft tummy/belly as he made love to her, filling her very soul, his mouth and tongue, wine in her mouth, possessing every inch of her pretty body as they made love.

I say You say

fetish smiler77 2018-12-02

Inside the cubicle I strip off completely and it feels a little strange to me, You sit on a chair in the corner while I dress myself in a black and red Basque with matching knickers, the Basque is mostly black but has red ribbons on the left at the right sides, crisscrossed and showing my tanned flesh beneath, I carefully put on the black stockings and then add the red shoes I’ve just bought, not until I am completely ready do I look in the mirror beside me, I am amazed at how wild I look. You switch your attention to my left foot, again I am wowed when I feel your teeth scrape across the soft skin on the underside of my big toe, you’re sucking hard, your mouth is so warm and your tongue soft and spongy like the inside of my needy pussy.

Unsuspected Domme

fetish Orallee69 2018-12-02

When Ariel and her mother first moved in next door, they kept a low profile for weeks. They only want a good time and to get off; they don’t care about my feelings or my needs.” When she pulled away her hand touched the crotch of my pants and she smiled. “Yes, I can’t explain it, Ariel, but it made me feel different than I ever have.” “Undress for me, quickly, I want to hold your cock in my hand.” She demanded. “No, not like that; spread my cheeks with your hands and kiss my ass. Come now, Lee!” I watched her fingers jerking frantically between her legs and my cock delivered right on her command.

The Operative FIle 01: An Easy Case

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-12-02

"Good Evening my stud Agent captive." I said into the mic of my little booth. One of my subjects said that hearing it was like having a pair of soaked silken panties wrapped around his dick. "why were you in the compound HQ?" I asked again, this time letting my azure eyes deliberately crawl over him. "What was it you were here to take?" I asked, prancing forward a few steps, black fuck-me pumps causing a massive bounce with each pace. "You sure?" I asked, leaning low and breathing the two words slowly on his dick with a hot sultry cinnamon breath. Who knows how many years of agent training had just crumbled in ten minutes of my face, lips, breath, and JJ cups.

The Making of a Submissive: Part 2

fetish AGreyFoxxx 2018-12-02

I acknowledged her by humming into her breast, my lips firmly attached to her nipple, while my hand explored the other, my fingertips plucking, pulling, rubbing, bringing it to full stiffness. She pulled my hand away, bringing it down to her knee, whispering, “Go for it!” I looked up into her eyes, raised my head and kissed her. “Inside.” She said, “I want you to make me cum.” I was now kissing her neck, feeling her pulse as my fingers slipped slowly inside, feeling her heat as they disappeared. I feasted for several minutes, my lips and tongue working in concert with my fingers to bring her off for the second time tonight.

The Lake

fetish Naxos 2018-12-02

She looked sexy underwater as she swam around the fat wooden dock posts below in the clear water. Pulling with my arms I tried to reach the surface but she held me down by my Speedo in one hand and her fingers wrapped around a metal ring in the other. Taking a deep breath, and still with her hand between her legs, she dove and disappeared beneath the splashing water. I tried to thrust off the bottom and on to the surface but without a lot of air in my lungs for buoyancy, I had a hard time reaching ascending. I accidentally tried to breathe too soon and got a mouthful of pussy juice and lake water.


Megan Ch. 05

fetish djubre666 2018-12-02

Her breasts were right at the level of my face and I was getting turned on just thinking of how hot they looked in that gray shirt, and how I'd love to suck them. "What's the matter Joey, cat got your tongue?" Katey stretched one endlessly long lascivious leg, placed it over my shoulder, and pulled me in closer pressing my face into her hot middle. As she already took in almost all of my penis, she was beyond herself with lust and simply firmly placed both feet on the floor facing me, crouching to reach down to the tiny chair and my body, her large breasts in my face, grasping the back of the chair in her strong hands, firmly pounding away on my erection.

Car Accident Ch. 04

fetish pedic7717 2018-12-02

I bent down and took both her feet in my hands and started kissing them as usual. I began applying the first layer of transparent varnish on her right foot starting from the little toe. -May I ask what color does Madame wish to have her toe nails painted? I think I'll wear open shoes today, just to have my feet looked by everybody. Your humble slave bids you good day Madame! I went upstairs and took Madame's slippers. -Then you may begin slave, she said and lied down lazily on the couch, her right foot hanging on the side. My Madame was actually sleeping, having her feet massaged, by her humble slave!

Exhibition Wife!

fetish tcg 2018-12-02

My fingers slip down between her legs and I know Rose is having a very hard time pretending to be asl**p as I rub her satin covered pussy. After a long 5 -- 10 minutes Rose reaches over and runs her hand along the length of Marty's cock and gives its head a tight squeeze. Rose never moves as Marty bends over, puts his nose to her pussy and inhales deeply while still tugging on his panty covered cock. I know she was still in a very deep sl**p so while Marty is in the bathroom jerking his dick with Rose’s satin panties, I gently spread her legs further, remove a little more of the sheet and very gently rub the clit.

Succulent Desires Chapter 10

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-12-02

Aidan and Missa engaged in some small talk with Missa responding like a little girl, but none of this registered in Alice’s brain. She was busy thinking of what she wanted to do later tonight and tomorrow with Missa and Aidan. She thought about their lips, kissing, and she thought about having a 3some in the shower with a candle or in the dark. Maybe in the morning Alice mused to herself silently. Once she realized Missa had stopped eating and was watching her, Alice turned and smiled. “Did you enjoy your lunch baby?”

Wanted: Part Time Pet

fetish Dmoore7 2018-12-02

I opened the door and stepped into a nice modern, clean room with tile floor painted walls and ceiling except the one wall that was stone like the corridor had been, I figured it must be the outside wall of the basement. Owner came up to cage and opened the door there wasn't even a latch, just some little magnet thing that kept it from swinging on its own. Owner got some kind of cloth strips and fastened one around each ankle they look a bit like bondage cuffs but were soft and only a little thin loop of rope instead of a metal ring. I took a step to the cage door and saw the look on Owner's face as he turned and started to walk away.

Transformation of Mrs. Matthew Pt. 02

fetish Chameleongirl 2018-12-02

She had been facing one of the barber station mirrors all along, observing Gregory's magical touching every time she opened her eyes. A gasp escaped her mouth as Gregory placed a firm hand on the crown of Wanda's head and began shearing her completely, mowing one path at a time, carefully, around each ear, temples and nape, adjusting her head from one side to the other, taking his time. Firm and careful, the blade sheared one path after another around Wanda's head, and where the blade exposed her scalp beneath, Gregory placed his hand there to allow her to feel the sensation.

Ode To Domina Scorpio: Owner

fetish Samuelx 2018-12-02

And Samuel X and Kiah, also known as Domina Scorpio, found ways of 'getting together' to play. With his strong hands, Samuel X pried Kiah's big Black ass cheeks wide open. He slid his cock against the big Black woman's asshole, and eased it inside. Kiah tried to resist but Samuel pushed hard, thrusting his cock into her booty hole. Samuel X licked his lips and gripped Kiah's wide hips tightly as he worked his cock into her asshole. Samuel X grabbed hold of Kiah's hair and tugged on it while slamming his cock into her asshole. Kiah squealed as Samuel X invaded her asshole with his thick cock. Kiah howled the moment the new lubricant coating Samuel X's condom-covered cock made contact with her bowels.


Milking Men

fetish riederfrank 2018-12-01

A few weeks ago, after one of my regular sessions, my dominatrix Anne asked me whether I would be interested in receiving handjobs from women practicing the male milking fetish. Mistress Anne walked up to me and grabbed my cock, harshly pulling me out of the room and locking the door behind her. They were all women talking loudly about how pathetic men were and how they liked milking cocks without mercy making them cum without giving the men any pleasure. The hand on my cock pulled hard, pumping my shaft violently. Mistress Anne led me to a dark damp room, told me to kneel and tied the leash to a metal ring in the wall.

Ode to Domina Scorpio: Queen

fetish Samuelx 2018-12-01

Lying on his back, his legs and arms bound by thick steel chains, the Haitian-American erotica writer and kinky intellectual known to the world as Samuel X howled in pleasure mixed with pain as his sultry African-American mistress, Kiah a.k.a. Domina Scorpio rammed her strap-on dildo up his ass. Stroking Samuel's thick, uncircumcised Black cock and massaging his balls gently, Domina Scorpio thrust the dildo deeper into his ass as he moaned softly. Domina Scorpio pumped her hand up and down on Samuel's average-length yet very thick cock and he scrunched his face like a man about to cum. Domina Scorpio sank the dildo deep inside Samuel and the big Black man actually howled.

One Month

fetish smutwriter 2018-12-01

Naked, he stepped carefully, awkwardly into his and worked it up his thighs. She moved to the dressing table and picked up a dark red lipstick and began colouring her nipples and their surrounds. It felt deliciously sexy too as her nipples were pulled this way and that. He pictured her puffy-lipped pussy outlined by the tight-stretched fabric. The tightness of the thong between her legs and her aroused state made walking a new experience. Above her he waited, running fingers over his tight clad balls and the hard ridge that was his leaking cock. She worked her way slowly upward, one cautious step at a time. She pushed reached the top step and began to move towards his door knowing he’d be watching.

Lactating Nipples

fetish Stoneypoint 2018-12-01

“Hiiiii Summer,” I said rather quietly as she looked up and stared at me. I looked at each of them, making a point of it, to her, I was clearly curious as I stared at them hard while Summer sat quietly and watched me look at her boobs. She made me truly wonder what that looked like when her nipples started to spray breast milk. My parents didn’t know Summer had left so things were cool. For lack of better conversation I said, “Don’t you have a boyfriend?” I don’t know why I asked her but regardless she didn’t answer my question anyway. I mean, I’ve been looking for a guy, like you, that knows and likes me for who I am,” she told me.

A Bunny In The Garden

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-12-01

You’re nothing, little princess.” She nestled with the plug to attach the hose, and the feeling of it wiggling inside me felt much more arousing that I wanted to admit. I could, probably, if I really tried, fold myself forward enough so I could reach my pussy and wiggle the dildo inside me, but I didn’t dare. “Yes, yes, I know,” Mrs. Greenberg told me with a slight sneer, “you’ll get yours soon enough.” She dropped the special panties in the box and headed off once more with a short, snappy, “Stay!” towards me. “Oh my god,” I gasped, but when she didn’t move the slightest bit, a strange feeling, almost like lucid dreaming, gripped me, and I felt my thighs part and lowered my pussy onto the wood.

Kelly's Awakening Pt. 2

fetish mature_nylons 2018-12-01

We carried on chatting like this for a while until the wine was finished and Victoria said, "I have an idea, I'm going to show you just how hot it is to have that much power over a guy." The thong was pretty, I have worn them in the past but never found them particularly comfortable, however after seeing how good Victoria's ass looked earlier I wasn't NOT going to wear it. It wasn't happening fast enough for me, I grabbed the gusset of the pantyhose with both hands and pulled tearing a large hole, Victoria's £20 tights were ruined and I couldn't give a fuck!

Ethiopian Femdom Tales

fetish Samuelx 2018-12-01

Just a pair of conservative, hard-working and church-going Ethiopian-Americans who have no idea that their favorite niece isn't just a dedicated church-goer and honor student at Ryerson University. There are a lot of good-looking, highly educated guys of all shades in the City of Boston, starting with Deval Patrick, the Governor of the State of Massachusetts. My uncle Salim is half Ethiopian and half Lebanese, and I guess that's where my cousin Youssef gets his hazel eyes from. On screen, a sexy Black woman was getting dominated by a hot white woman with reddish hair and blue eyes. I thrust two fingers into my pussy and watched as the sexy white bitch dominated the hell out of the dark-skinned, big-bottomed Black woman.


Diary of Iraqi Call Girl London Ch. 02

fetish Scheherazade88 2018-12-01

Mark: "Okay, I want you to now pull the string, make it look like your aggressively trying to control your sex slave." Flashes go off and then Mark tells me to stick my tongue onto Daniel's manhood and hold it there. Then comes the moment I've been waiting for, Mark orders me to stick Daniel's cock into my mouth and hold it there. Mona: "You're so lucky to be working with Daniel, you know, he asked me if you wanted to have some fun after the shoot? Mark: "Okay, Daniel is tied up and strapped on the chair, Soraya, I want you to stick a strap-on, on top of your see through panties.