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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Contest Ch. 04

fetish Goldeniangel 2018-11-15

Immediately there was a crowd around each of the carts, Jared joined the one around Danielle of course, watching as one bold patron pushed the banana in and out of her cunt, making it a little sloppy with bits of the fruit and her pussy juices. The girl shivered a little with so many hands all over her, licking the residue of sweet cream from her body, and since most of it was one her massive breasts she was tantalized and teased as their tongues moved all over her heavy globes and nipples. Slowly, her flushed body came down from its orgasmic state, and she blushed deep red as the surrounding audience began clapping, Jared sliding his fingers from her pussy allowed the woman standing next to him to lick her sweet juices from his hand.

Olivia's Encore

fetish Perimedes 2018-11-15

I got a drink of water and eased back into bed trying not to disturb Olivia. I then began to rub the head of the cock nozzle over her hole applying more and more pressure, but very slowly. Look at you, your bowels full of water, your mouth full of cock, trying to get my hot seed down your throat and you’re rubbing your juicy little pussy like a wanton slut. As the water from her ass subsided I concentrated on her clit and began to spank her pussy with my other hand. Kissing the inside of her thighs, I slowly worked my way to her puffy womanhood and ran my tongue up the length of her swollen slit.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 08

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-11-15

Mistress Eva bolted the gag firmly to the trough and back into Claudia's mouth. It pissed first though, like a fire hose, before completing a huge mountain of shit that had been started by the opposing cow. After the second cow above her breasts unloaded, the level of shit and urine around Claudia's head had reached the other edges of her face. It was right at the edge of her mouth and as she felt the patter of another cow shitting over her breasts, she knew that it was about to start spilling over her lips. Cow shit, human shit, semen, urine; anything that had collected at the bottom end of the trough was now flowing into Claudia's mouth.

Rachel pt2

fetish n8xpr 2018-11-15

I had most of my cloths off soon after I entered the room he led me to the bed and I lay on my back with my legs open , Alex dove in face first swirling his tongue over my little pussy like a dying man drinking the last drops of water, it felt wonderful to have a mans face deep in my cunt again. I quickly asked Alex if he thought Ted would be interested in fucking me, he would be crazy not too was his reply , good because I'd like to fuck both of you at the same time and pick any hole nothing off limits.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 13

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-11-15

With pleasing Mistress Eva the primary cause on her conscience, Claudia didn't fight back as the shemales gently pushed her downward, laying her face down. A whirring sound commenced as Master Robert began slowly lowering Claudia's framed body towards the sewerage filled tank. "You must pay the ultimate penalty," said Mistress Eva as Claudia felt the first of the brown sludge touch her nail-polished toes. So deep now was Claudia that she had to look right up to see Mistress Eva, which was hard to do with the gag fastened tightly to the frame. There was no mercy from Mistress Eva as she sent Claudia lower, sewerage rolled in over her bottom lip like an overflowing dam.

Hotel Humiliation Ch. 01

fetish AlexBird22029 2018-11-15

Rachel stalked casually through the archway, into the sitting area where three long sofas sat in a U shape, facing out through the tall windows onto the orange and white starry city far below. "You said that you wanted to try a little humiliation, but I need to know what I'm working with." She said, running a finger along the length of the ruler. I don't know how long I lay there, unable to move with the ferocity of my climax but I barely noticed her return until I felt her massaging my cock. She laughed and ran a finger through my sperm, bringing it to her mouth and sucking slowly, eyes closing as though deeply enjoying the taste.

my wife got a new toy

fetish woreout 2018-11-15

She said my pussy lips are so swollen and fat that I can feel them being pushed side to side as I walk. I did and I tried to see what was going on but I couldnt dick would have been sticking straight out if not for the chastity device she made me wear.It took her a good hour to come back out and when I asked what went on she said she gave a good show to every guy in the store. But she said she had plains to allow Tim to fuck her tomorrow while Im at work and she is going to pump her pussy to a full fatness.

A Fucking good time Chapter 2

fetish gber1 2018-11-15

The blondes friend got to work rather quickly, picking a black colored cock to suckle, letting her lips take in the head, as her hands softly searched for other tools to pleasure. Once she had three covered, she began massaging each member in her hands from tip to bottom, and took more of the black penis into her mouth, saliva coating the length as she worked. So, she softly gripped a white member in her hand, and a black in her other, while taking a odd, creamy colored one in her mouth. The blonde was quite excited, and from such, she moved her hand down to her panties, moving them to the side and slowly sticking her fingers inside of her aching pussy, as her tongue throughly massaged the tip of the member.

Ezmerelda Ch. 01

fetish L O Reins 2018-11-15

One, to leave this house and my employ at the end of this day with the wages you owed plus a severance or, Two, you will submit to my special form of corporal punishments for every task you fail to perform to my satisfaction from now on.” Ezmarelda opened the dryer door and scooped the clothing out and turned to drop them on the table as she had done so many times that day. And so this was how Ezmarelda on that day found herself naked and bent over a pile of hot cuddly linens in the laundry room of the strange man for whom she worked.

Dessert's On Me

fetish Master_Jonathan 2018-11-15

Closing my eyes and giving myself over to the feelings, I imagined you were nestled between my widespread legs, sliding your wonderful tongue all over my clit and my cunt. Always pour the Coke into the Jack," you had instructed me, "so it mixes properly." When I finish making the drink, I return with it coming up in front of you and kneeling, head down and knees apart, holding the glass out to you. Your hands hold my head firmly as I feel the first hot salty shot hit the back of my throat. I feel your hot cum splashing inside my mouth, coating my teeth and tongue on the way down my throat.

Footrub Friday

fetish noname333 2018-11-15

As I continued to massage Simone’s pretty feet, she eventually started moaning softly, while squeezing her legs together and breathing in deeply, and I wondered if she was having a secret orgasm, as the pre-come slowly dripped out of me onto Karen’s foot, making things slicker. I work with a lot of beautiful, sexy women at my job, some of whom are friends with Karen outside of work, and it’s usually difficult concentrating on my work, even without my balls and legs being teased constantly by nylon any time I moved, and having my girlfriend’s pussy juices right under my nose.

Offering Me Claire Ch. 01

fetish komrad1156 2018-11-15

Kate finished her cigarette and said, "Well, as long as you're thinking about me and not some other woman, then no, I guess it doesn't bother me. She wore the sexy sweaters I loved, she'd started smoking when she was 29 because she knew I wanted a wife who smoked, and she loved sex as much as I did (if not more.) Hell, she'd even let me set up a date for her in which she allowed a really good-looking 18-year old, recent high school graduate, fuck her while I watched. When I finally told her how I felt about the Church and how I wanted to marry a woman who enjoyed smoking, she went ballistic.


Driving Mrs. Tandy Chapter 1

fetish Heel 2018-11-15

John was fine with that, but what surprised him was that she avoided talking about Mrs. Tandy. John didn’t know anything about Mrs. Tandy, and he had never even seen her. “Have a seat, and please don’t stare at me like that!” Mrs. Tandy said. “It’s nice to see you Mrs. Tandy,” John said. “You can leave us now, Norma,” Mrs. Tandy said. “You should not worry about such things, Mrs. Tandy.” John said. “My name is John,” he said, staring at her bare left shoulder. “Mrs. Tandy, are you ok?” John said and guided the straw to her lips.

Black on Black Pegging: Married

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-15

Anyhow, while I was in my first year in the MBA program at the University of Ottawa I met this charming Black guy named Kelvin Saint-Guillaume. Apparently, Kelvin was once engaged to this Italian-American gal named Nicole Brigida and her family didn't like him. When Nicole broke off their engagement mere days before they were supposed to get married, Kelvin went nuts. My girlfriends were quite surprised to see me marry a Black guy from America after shunning Black Canadian guys for white men of French Canadian descent all my life. I love going home, getting naked, sucking my man's dick and then have him shove it up my ass while riding him real hard.

Clipped Wings

fetish marietv 2018-11-15

As the attendants come forward to remove the theatrical wings and bind Sierra with a body harness of festive red rope, the guests learn the name of the game. Clamping it tight between her thighs, she opens her mouth and lets out a piercing shriek, coming so hard it hurts. Left bent over to contemplate the puddle of her own sweat and juices on the floor while random sexual activity gathers momentum all around her, Sierra can hardly stand straight when her arms are finally lowered for the next phase of her ordeal. Satisfied that they have her just as they want her, the hard men who move her body around like a rag doll let her up from the chair only to replace ropes with straps and chains.

A Bus that Runs on Pee Ep. 02

fetish Nowthisisunbelievable_123 2018-11-15

control..." Nick assured himself in a low hiss as he quietly fanned his legs and waited at a traffic junction. For those unfortunate many who couldn't control their bladders, the device would alarm the respective manager back at the office. So here was Nick, desperate to pee, fanning his legs to keep in the contents. He badly needed to piss and there was nothing he could do to control the terrible ache in his bladder and penis. He squeezed his legs together, held onto his seat and edged vigorously as he felt the urine at the tip of his cock, pushing hard to get out. Nick clamped his legs shut and clenched his abdomen and bladder, trembling all over in the desperate attempt to lock in the urine.

Work work work... part 2 and 3

fetish LegLover_77 2018-11-15

"Well everything looks like it's connected OK but either way that shouldn't be causing the projector to not turn on." I looked up at the projector on the ceiling and sure enough it had a blinking light. Melissa turned back to the podium and opened her presentation. Though the lighting was subdued I couldn't help but see her index finger creep down into the slit of her skirt and gently rub at her pantyhose. "I could stand on that but I'm not sure I would be able to reach even then." It's probably still another four feet to the projector." As predicted the projector came on again with the blinking light. It's not like I have nothing on under here." She said with a big smile and a thumb in the waste band of her skirt.

Farzana's Ultimate Humiliation

fetish hairysurfer 2018-11-15

"My name is Farzana Nusrat," she heard herself saying, "and I wash my big, black, stinky, hairy cunt just once a week. While Ahmed ran his nose up and down the dirty areas of his teacher's underwear, Romesh gently pushed Farzana back into her chair and lifted her legs high up in the air by her thick ankles. But he had never before seen what a fully mature woman looked like and he found himself staring, in an almost hypnotic state, at the dark hairy area between his science teacher's spread open legs. Me, Ahmed, Rohit and Hrishi; we've already had a good look at your privates Farzi, but young Piyus and Abishek are only first year students.

Milk Makes a Body Grow

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-15

Zynn wasn't sure what to expect, but, sure enough, the level of the milk went down and the phallus began to expand. The extraordinarily busty goblin gripped the milk-slick shaft with plump calves and thighs as she lowered herself towards the tip. Somehow, her body seemed to rearrange to accommodate the intrusion and in what felt like no time at all, her knees were on the floor and the entire three foot dong was inside her as she leaned against her nook. In the time it had taken to take stock of her new body, the pleasing feeling of being full had faded and a considerably smaller toy fell between her feet with a wet splat.

Caught ch.2

fetish heelzanpearls 2018-11-15

Ella whispered, "That feels so nice Harold, are you moving in today?" Ella's face looked so warm and kind when she asked me, "How is it a young guy like you knows about half-moons?" Ella asked with a lot of interest. "That's a good Italian name," Ella said as she handed me her gold half-round glasses with the pearl beaded neck chain. Ella then took her small gold half-glasses with beaded chain and started to drag them under my balls. I put in some good piano time after I made a nice angel cake for Ella. I love that you like dressing as a woman, as that gets me nice and hot and wet, too.

How a kind lady helped my nylon and foot fetish

fetish Peter88 2018-11-15

Today, as I said, I was only wearing my blue dressing gown and I went through the usual routine - Listen for the vacuum to start, all clear - then I knelt down by Jean's soft red boots, slipped the nylon stocking over my head and holding her right boot tightly over my nose and mouth inhaled the scent of her lovely sweaty feet and took and myself in hand for a quick wank. Looking wide-eyed right at me, pumping away, smelling her pretty little size 5 boot, which I dropped, and as she walked towards me I could only focus on her feet, her skinny painted toes and her silky nylon legs and I couldn't hold back - I came in my hand and tried to hold onto the mess of come, but it trickled through my fingers and some dripped onto her boot.

Spanking Karla

fetish Goldeniangel 2018-11-15

"Well, you see I've been a very naughty girl," she fluttered her eyelashes innocently, the husky tone of her voice was anything but, "I keep playing with myself all the time, and I need someone to punish me so that I'll stop being such a bad girl." As she spoke, she undid the knotted shirt between her breasts and slipped it off her shoulders, her light pink nipples quickly hardened in the cool air, "Do you think you could punish me Professor?" Holding her milky breasts tight in his hands, he thrust hard one last time into her red and burning ass, filling the tight hole with a week's frustration.

Ethiopian Women Truly Rock

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-14

I met Raphael Dorvil a few weeks ago, while printing my work inside the Carleton University library. Raphael Dorvil is part of that fun, whether he likes it or not. I had given up hope that I would find a man of my color who could embrace what I am and cherish the world of kink as much as I do, until I met Raphael Dorvil. Raphael had the word 'submissive' written all over him, even though many would have found him intimidating because he's a big and tall, dark-skinned Black guy. The best way for a woman to entice a man is through sex, it's a time-honored tradition between women and men. I lubricated Raphael's ass, then eased the strap-on dildo into him.


Work, Work, Work Part 4 and 5

fetish LegLover_77 2018-11-14

Crossing her right leg over her left she reached down and took her right heel off and placed it on the edge of the table. When her right leg reached somewhere around the middle of my back I realized that her skirt didn't have much left to cover and I wasn't seeing the panty of her hose. Then slowly as if I was making sure I was looking for a good grip I slid my hands up and down her ankles and calf, squeezing as I went. Her right leg came across my front touching the ground in front of my left knee and pulling my head down as she put her weight on my neck.