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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Karla's Surprise

fetish pondcat 2018-06-12

She grabbed my hand and moved it toward the disembodied cock starting at us at mid erection. She leaned up to it and slowly started licking the head before taking it into her mouth. Karla started stroking the base of the shaft I wasn't reaching, working her motion quicker and quicker. Karla quickly pushed me back and took over, expertly taking what load was left, jerking him into her mouth until he was satisfied. "He was watching," Karla whispered, devilish grin on her face. I stuck my cock through the hole and felt a warm mouth take in my head. When his groans made it clear he was about to explode, Karla pulled him from her mouth and jerked him off all over my face.

Dave and BBW Karen Ch. 2

fetish PunkFan 2018-06-12

He went down on the floor with her and moved towards her but she stopped him and said ‘wait a second’, she went into the other room and Dave figured that she had to pee or something but she returned with a 6 inch soft pink ribbed vibrator and said ‘say hello to my little friend’, he smiled and went over beside her on the bed, she pushed it inside her and let go, he got the idea and fucked her quickly with the vibrator and rubbed her clit, it didn’t take long before she started to moan and came all over his hand and the bed.

Giantess on the Subway Ch. 02

fetish kathryn94 2018-06-12

She started pumping her cock so hard that the camera began to shake. Jake's own cock was hard again and he began jacking himself off as well. Jake watched the throbbing of her cock in shock. She held her cock still and let it continue ejaculating. Jake's cock jumped when she said that. Tokens were apparently a type of currency that were earned by donating money during the stream, 10 for every month he had paid membership, and 5 for every ten minutes he watched her live stream. Over the next few days Jake spent hours on her website, watching her live stream and scrolling through pictures and videos of her. Monday night Jake sat down to watch her stream again.

Mora's Vacation Ch. 03

fetish rmlooker 2018-06-12

Cara said she wanted to see Mora's stumps and Janie agreed that was the first order of business. Cara did and Mora made love to her finally getting her off by using one hand to rub a breast, her mouth to suck and tongue her clit and hand and finger to work her G spot over. Cara finally did the same thing to Mora, hand on breast, mouth on clit and finger on G spot to send her over with the big O. Mora and Sam went into the house to get things and Janie asked Cara if Mora was as good as they thought she would be.

Total Narcissism Ch. 02

fetish analogkid678 2018-06-12

"I bet you'd love to get your hands on my big, sexy feet, wouldn't you?" He let out an audible moan and nodded quickly. "I love you, one is sexier than me...god I want to taste my cum..." Driven wild by my extreme passion, I bent down and took my 9-inch dick between my lips, earning a small gasp from the other guy. As I eagerly sucked my own dick, the still-present inferior shyly chimed in, "Sir, would you like me to suck your cock?" I immediately stopped, took my mouth off my dick, and gave him a look to express my dismissal. After a few minutes of that, I took my sneaker and placed my gigantic cock inside of it...luckily my shoes are just the right size to accommodate it.

A Silent Stimulation

fetish NightHawke 2018-06-12

I -saw- you out my window, you with your piss-colored cotton shirt laying next to you, your black skirt up around your slutting hips, and your pretty fucking pink panties around your fucking ankle!" His face was turning crimson, and his eyes bore into hers like daggers. Slowly, he let his hips fall forward again, the head of his dick slipping out of the hole in his boxers and pressing against the taut panty fabric that stretched a bit between her asscheeks. "She must be awake," he managed to think as he was fucking her, but before he could think of a way to make sure, she pulled her hips off of his dick and turned to face him, eyes open, and that sly grin on her lips.

CFnm Adventure - 2nd Visit

fetish lovelicker99 2018-06-12

Lady M went on to explain that she had told Dominique about my first visit and had stressed the stamina I exhibited when I was tonguing her pussy to so many climaxes. (Although I knew I didn't have any choice if I wanted to remain a slave to Lady M; I would have to service her friends as well, and that was okay by me.) My cock stood straight up as I kneeled before these two large women, rock hard and trembling with anticipation. As I finished thoroughly cleaning Dominique's piss-drenched hairy cunt with my tongue, Lady M came around and scooped up cum from my belly and chest with her hand.

The Diaper Spa Pt. 02

fetish clazzjoud 2018-06-12

Angela loved getting her diaper changed, but she also loved changing other women. Since Maria was from Argentina, she spoke Spanish and liked to call it "caca." Since she had eased Angela into wearing diapers and pooping in them, the two were very close. Employees could only be changed by other employees, but Maria did let Angela peek into her diaper and see her loads. "I'm so sorry to hear about this, Angela," Maria said as she learned about her work troubles. As Angela laid on her changing station and smelled the effects of used diapers, she felt relaxed. "Maria," Angela asked as she climbed off the changing table. "Like employee of the month?" Angela asked. "Could you please change my diaper?' Megan asked.

How Humiliating

fetish balboa_rain 2018-06-12

I want to feel what is like with a cock that can really stretch me out!' She got on her hands and knees facing me once again, telling him 'I want to be fucked like I was in college!' When he asked what she meant, she replied, "Long, hard, and well." She looked out the glass right at me and repeated it loudly, "Long, hard, and well, damn it!" For well over 15 minutes he fucked her like a piston, making her collapse face forward three times, and forcing her to beg him to stop once.

Roadside Assistance...Part 2

fetish Croozer 2018-06-12

She turned and said, "Aha...I know someone who wants to cum on my sexy slip." She got onto the bed and straddled my legs, saying, "You lay there, I know what to do," and began to jerk me with her hand. "We'll have to think about doing this frequently." She looked down at me, smiled, and said, "Now let me watch all of that hot stuff squirt out of you." As I tensed to cum, she held my penis against the slip, and I covered it and her hand with another blast of semen.

A promise is a promise... (part 2)

fetish sheridan56 2018-06-12

Ashley sliced and diced the additions and Frank graciously served the food while Lauren stroked Mark's hard young cock. He rolled Sheri onto her knees and entered her tight pussy from the rear, sliding his hard cock in and out slowly while Ashley licked his balls and enjoyed the view above her head. Frank's slow ass fucking coupled with Sheri's slow exploration of her clit and pussy made Ashley cum so hard that the entire bed shook. After catching their collective breaths, Ashley and Sheri led Frank to the shower where they all took turns soaping and bathing one another, laughing, kissing, fondling and thinking about what was to cum.

The T-Mobile Dress

fetish sissyfemme 2018-06-12

Her hand ended up underneath by tuxedo jacket and as Susan took several pictures "just to make sure", Carly's fingers were first polite, then surprise, then curious as she explored the distinctive feel of my bustier under my tuxedo shirt. Never want to miss an opportunity to smile for my biggest fan," coaxed Carly, still slid up against me, her body feeling wonderful and her hand deftly finding my panties and the garters leading down lower. I had to write a big check, but I drove home that night with Carly's dress in the passenger seat and the feel of her fingers on my cock in my mind.

Golden Shower Virgin

fetish RayneDor 2018-06-12

Now, unfortunately for me, she swiveled somewhat as she squatted down and I wasn't treated to a head on view of her pussy as she peed, but I could see her sexy naked thighs and bottom in profile and was actually able to glimpse the solid stream of her urine when she let go a moment or so later. Before I explain further, let me say that I found Anya instantly, almost desperately, attractive the moment I saw her for the first time. Mostly though, and mainly because Anya loves watching me ejaculate, she uses her hand (sometimes squatting with her pussy or ass pressed squarely on my mouth) and gets me off that way.

Silent Slave Chronicles 02

fetish jimbean485 2018-06-12

I feel more precum shoot out onto our stomachs as I twitch and moan, riding the waves of pleasure, my breath causing his rapidly-swelling balls to squirm in their fleshy sack. As I reach the crest and my eyes roll back in my head with the overwhelming pleasure radiating from my pussy, I raise the dildo high one last time and rain down the hardest blow yet, compressing both nuts against his pelvis deliciously. I playfully smack his bound nuts a few times with the end of the strap-on, and Slave twitches and moans in anticipation. Without hesitation I begin to pull out and drive home the dildo with increasing force and speed, each time impacting his silk-bound nuts delightfully.

One Shot

fetish mooboo2u 2018-06-12

We were getting ready for a Halloween party when Caitlin came out of her room dressed in a pajama onesie. Jenna and Caitlin mobbed him, talking and laughing, for something like five minutes. Caitlin began to laugh and saliva trailed out of her mouth as the pacifier fell away. The "baby" humor had left the room and now things were "weird." He pulled his diaper back a bit and his cock became free. "Caitlin the Lifegiver," I whispered into her ear, "Stare at the photo and think of love. "I finally noticed the wedding ring...this guy doesn't look like a husband..." The look of despondence on Caitlin's face was so profound as Jenna's arms pulled her away.

Lucy's Three Day Physical

fetish Katalanta 2018-06-12

The doctor will be in in just a few minutes." Jake handed her a plain white hospital gown and a paper bag and left, closing the door behind him. Still a little cold, probably from nerves, she got on the exam table and folded her arms and crossed her legs tightly. "I'll examine you from this position first, then have you lie back." Lucy looked straight ahead as his cool fingers began to palpate deep into her breast. "I'm going to need the suction devices, size small," Dr. Stuart said to Jake. "I need to do a very quick internal exam and then a basic nerve response test," Dr. Stuart said.

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 04

fetish EisAlntheia 2018-06-12

I guess that means you will have to stay restrained, though I would like to model for you anyway now that I know you get that turned on so easily. Also, and I should’ve mentioned this before too, the only way we ever model for a guy now is that he has to be naked so that we can see every throb of his cock and every dribble of pre-cum he makes.” I sat there for several minutes waiting for Brandi to come back and tell me how she was just messing and give me my clothes back. Even though I hadn’t been touched in I don’t know how long, my cock continued to bob in the air stiff as a board and leak pre-cum profusely.

Hot Sluts & Dirty Bastards Ch. 02

fetish dirtylover 2018-06-12

"Okay Tom, you just stay there; and Carla, I want you to come and squat over his face, just here," said Leo, taking charge. He reached round and cupped Carla's sensitive buttocks in his hands, and gently tried to ease her ass down onto his face; he really wanted to lick her out and make her come. Leo pushed one hand hard into Carla's abdomen and used the other to slap her across her ass, as Tom managed to stick his tongue right up inside her slithery cunt. Tom slurped up as much of Carla's hot piss and cum as he could; it splashed over his face and overflowed out of his mouth, making him cough and splutter, but still he kept sticking his tongue deep inside her cunt.

Damn Lucky

fetish Kessler 2018-06-12

Pam said, " So talk to me, tell me what you like about my legs." I was breathing hard with excitement saying between gasps, "They are long and beautiful and feel so smooth." Pam recognized the point of orgasm in me as I felt her fingers grip by nuts and pull while at the same time she pressed the head of my cock into the side of her calf. Pam said excitedly, "Very nice." She squeezed and pulled on my tight nuts again and guided the head of my cock along her leg up to her knee. She tapped my tired groin lightly with her fingers and said, "You really had a lot in you." I leaned back and watched her pick up some napkins from the bar top and cleaned off my spent seed from her beautiful leg.

For Her Pleasure Only

fetish YourSlave23 2018-06-12

I lay down the remote and I take a nipple in my mouth and I suck on it as you start your first of many climaxes you will have this evening, you moan so loud that my hearing starts to go out and as I admire your sexy legs flailing about, I decide to decrease the power a bit and I slowly move the dildo in and out of you with gentle force but I leave the anal massager turned on and deep Inside your ass. As the clock strikes twelve I gently slide my hand down from your hair and begin working you up over the edge again but this time I got a different plan, I put the blindfold back on you and I slowly work my way down your body licking nearly every sexy inch as I reach for your clit and I flick it gently with my tongue as I finger you gently.

Man's Guide to Receive Anal Sex

fetish 425olds 2018-06-12

If he has a smaller to medium sized cock, I will allow him to insert it my rectum but if he is extremely large or just has bulk, I like to control the entrance. If he likes to pull out and give you a facial or cum in your mouth, it is a very easy and quick transition because he can pull out and all you have to do is swing one leg over and immediately you are in a setting position at the perfect height to his dick. Quite often, I will have a guy humping and pumping and I will look back at him and say, "Do you want to cum in my mouth?" or "Do you want to pull out and shoot it on my back?" When they hear this, they will usually decide immediately and off they go.

Lipstick Fantasy

fetish JohnDoe1XX 2018-06-12

She wears makeup like that of a Cougar, with pale blue shiny eye shadow and fleshtone metallic flecked lipstick. I tell her that I am extremely aroused by any chance to romance a woman's pussy - with my hands, fingers, lips, mouth, tongue, and face. It smells strongly of that earthy fragrance that she wears - the scent that I am addicted to - like a Pavlov's Dog. She then takes a lipstick tube and reapplies lipstick to her lustrous lips. It is that pale fleshtone lipstick with metallic flecks and it makes her look like the sexiest slut I have ever dreamed about. Then, she takes the lipstick tube and leans over and applies it to her pussy lips.

First time in panties

fetish 2018-06-12

I didnt realize at first what I was doing, but I knew it felt soo good. When I was alone at home, I would get naked at walk around the house just playing with my cock and feeling so excited. It was during one of these times that I started going into my s****rs room and started looking through her things, she was a little yonger than myself. I felt so naughty but also so excited, I looked through her drawers and so all her undies. I started to put on her panties at that time and immediately felt so wonderful that I came! I felt kinda girly but I liked it a lot. I loved seeing myself in the mirror all dressed and soo hard too.

Country Living

fetish MistyMorgan 2018-06-11

He looked toward the house; his eyes grew large as he saw me standing in my window, my hand still on my hungry clit. Colin quickly turned and saw James standing there, his hand still in his jeans, still stroking his dick. James, this is Colin, he came out of the woods this morning while I was masturbating and I thought, ‘Wow, a gift from the gods!” Look at the size of this dick!” I implored him. “Not your fault, but like I said, you could help if you would cum fuck my Mistress on a daily basis!” James smiled. But instead he turned James to face him and plunged his hard cock into James’ partially open mouth.