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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Black Satin Stilettos

fetish YoursSINSerely 2018-06-11

She knows it's the black satin stiletto high heel that makes his cock throb and grow and want her so much. He doesn't know that the stiletto high heels make her want to push him over onto the bed and bite the inside of his thigh while her hand is stroking his hard cock. His cock will grow inside his pants, for it is the black satin stiletto high heels that turn him on. That much light in the room will also give him perfect vision to count the wrinkles around her fifty-five year old blue eyes, but he already knows they are there, and he doesn't care, because right at that moment, it will be all about the shoes—those black satin stiletto high heels.

The Trainer

fetish rick_oh 2018-06-11

When he got her panties down to her ankles, she pulled them back up and said, "That was too quick - go slow and pay attention to the girl!" Ted tried again, and Lexie noticed that his hands trembled a bit as he slowly tugged her panties down. A little while later, as she put on her panties, she said, "That wasn't bad, Ted. You should know that the main ingredient of this training was to get you to clean the girl's pussy after you ejaculate. Several hours later, Ted was on Trish's bed, gazing at her delectable pussy, looking in her excited eyes after having given her an intense orgasm with his mouth.


At Shauna's Feet Ch. 3

fetish Bacomicfan 2018-06-11

Shauna laid on her side next to slut, so she could now use both feet, one stockinged and one bare, on his face. When slut's second finger found its way into her orifice, Shauna no longer ground into his face, but began to bounce on it. "Would you like your orgasm now, my little stocking slut?" She lifted herself off his face barely an inch, to allow him to reply. With the soles of her feet on either side of slut's face, and his hands busy rubbing her insteps and the tops of her toes, Shauna drifted back many months. Shauna always loved wearing sexy hose and heels, and wanted her personal foot slave to worship her shoes and hosiery as much as he did her feet.

Rainy Day Ritual

fetish Sex_Junkie 2018-06-11

As the juice from the grape begins to satisfy her mouths craving, she takes a slice of the honeydew from the bowl and gently touches the end to her stomach. Feeling a tightening sensation begin rise at the end of her nipple, she satisfies it’s need to be touched with the tip of the honeydew. There naked bodies now facing each other, she wraps her leg around him and he kisses away the rain from her eye. She places her hands on his head, her arms pressing her breast together, her hips rising in the air as his tongue finds the sweetness that lay between her legs. He feels her hips begin to flex and her legs strain against his hands as he holds them apart.

Cathy's Sick Desire Ch. 05

fetish almostdead 2018-06-11

The sweat covered piece of meat in her mouth was filthy and vile, which sent shudders of sick lust coursing through her gut and ending in her cunt. As she took one tiny piece into her mouth and squished it with her tongue against the man's penis, Cathy savored the disgusting flavor of the cheese like substance she had discovered. With his cock now out, the man before her took her face in his hands and pulled her toward the sweaty piece of hard male meat between his legs. "This fucking whore is ready for some serious action." And another said, "What a nasty cocksucking slut." The epithets went on, as another cock appeared at her mouth and a pair of hands held her head tight, as it slid into her mouth.

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 08

fetish NancyPan 2018-06-11

Nurse Pyre took her phone from her pocket and began to record a video of me, "Crawl around in circles in front of your cage, wittle Tommy, I want Kelli to be able to see this. For one thing it is not good for your body and you will not be released from this punishment until you have filled your diaper sufficient times to please Ms. Panington," she took some baby wipes and cleaned the dried baby food off of my cheeks and chin, "And Tommy," she said gently, "A word of advice if I may, just relax and let it go." Then she kissed me on the cheek, closed and locked the cage door, turned out the light, and left the room.

Weekend i will never forget(Part 1)

fetish wannabesubformt 2018-06-11

She had the evil smile on Her fact that always drove me wild and as I opened my mouth to say how amazing She looked She pointed Her finger at me and said, ‘stop, don’t say a word you sissy.’ That really wasn’t a problem because as soon as She raised Her voice and pointed Her finger at me I was speechless because I never imagined Her being like this. Soon Mistress Cindy came back in and pulled my panties to the side and said that I had done a fairly good job but tomorrow I would need to shave that hair out of my crack tomorrow because no good sissy has a harry pussy.

My Blowjob Lifestyle

fetish 2018-06-11

Tom made friends with three fifteen-year-old boys who Tom was always telling me how sexy the boys Tom started having little beer parties to impress the with the boys and letting them watch me giving blowjobs The boys loved watching me sucking Tom's dick, and of pictures of me giving the boys their blowjob. I started giving Tom at least three blowjobs a day and blowing the boys during the day while Tom was at work. would start giving blow jobs again till I felt like He told Officer Cook to watch the boys and Officer Cook watched the boys coming and going from our Tom taking pictures and the other boys drinking beer and mouth and start sucking on this guys dick.


fetish Spygman 2018-06-11

She slammed her cock into me, two thrusts and it was already "Balls deep", she quickened the pace, thrusting long hard and fast strokes, my moans and squeals became loud, she reached over and grabbed her panties and thrust them into my mouth to shut me up. The thought of cuming in my mouth got me even more excited, what "Slut" wouldn't like that, it was then I began shooting my cum, Marie jerking me hard and fast and messaging my balls as my cum shot all over my face and in my mouth. the taste was fantastic, it was a slightly milder taste of her usual cum but lots of it.She then got up and said I looked like a dirty used up Whore and to go get cleaned up.

Ben's Party Ch. 03

fetish Lion24655 2018-06-11

Still Ben had no picture of what was going to happen, and when they insisted, as they approached the lodge, that he be blindfold so he couldn't find it again, his level of anxiety rose even higher, allayed only slightly when Margaret had told him – it would be a tough weekend, but he would return changed. Ben was lost in the pain of the cramping, oblivious to the couples in the room begin to enjoy each other, in their dark way finding his suffering a turn-on, enhancing their love making. You know, I'm nice, and I like you, and enjoy being with you, but just occasionally I'm as bad as my wife." Ben felt there was a menace in his Tony's voice he had never heard before.

Fucking my SIL....

fetish eatyouout817 2018-06-11

wrapped one around my cock, one over my face to smell her and in a matter of seconds, blew a huge load in the crotch of the same pair of black panties I saw up her dress. I pulled it out, covered in cum and her creamy pussy juice and she quickly pulled up her panties and before i could get zipped up, she dropped to her knees and looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and a smile while she sucked my cock clean. The sound of her ass slapping together was echoing like crazy, she's covering her mouth to keep the moaning from reaching out the door and i grab her hair and yank on it and pull her head up and see her face bright red and loving getting fucked....

My new friend!!

fetish swtfreakxxx 2018-06-11

Then as I kissed her i released her hands and she just melted into the mattress and as i slowly went to the bottom of the bed like I was going to unleash her legs I went in for one more kill and softly rubbed the outside of her pussy acting like i was just playing with her lips and looking at my work and i separated her lips and bent down and sucked on her clit so hard this chic sat up grabbed her leg straps and unfasened them and wrapped her thighs so tight around my head i almost couldn't breath and grabbed my head and kinda pushed my head into her pussy and she began to shake again.

The Secret Formula Ch. 02

fetish Urgh01 2018-06-11

Sheldon took in his wife's glistening naked body one last time and looked at Oak in his boxers. "My God," Daphne moaned in ecstasy as Oak pushed her against the wall, his chest pressed against her perfect soft, perky breasts, his cock lodged deep in her insides, pushing past her belly button. Oak began to cum as soon as Sheldon was back in the kitchen, letting out a mighty roar and spurt after massive spurt of his thick white cum with just his giant cockhead lodged in Daphne's tight, pulsating pussy. Sheldon looked down and noticed his wife wasn't wearing panties and Oak's cream was dripping down her legs and onto the couch.

"TWO GRAVES" -- Horror Story Featuring A

fetish 2018-06-11

Just as before, the time that lead her here, she pulled her panties down to her ankles and lifted up the dress, showing the dark hair of her pussy, bending her knees up and apart, sliding her right foot up and back free of the panties, until she was spread widely, all plainly visible in the candle light; then she parted, wider and still wider at Lovell’s urging, until her feet were almost a yard apart, so wide she could not plant the feet on the freezing slab, totally exposed, her ass now numb from the frigid stone.

How To Be A Boi Bitch Lesson 06

fetish gothicboibitch 2018-06-11

And let me tell you a secret about your wife, your girlfriend, my darling bois. I love how willingly they give up their asses and how eager they are to suck my bitch cock. It's why I wanted you to feel your wife, your girlfriend's cunt tightening around your cock. I wanted you to know, to feel all this, because I love you, my darlings. Slow and drawn out, with your cock staying hard and dripping pre-cum, like a woman's cunt dripping the sweetest juices. With your bottles – and I know you bought yourself more than one, my darlings – of nail varnish laid out like a buffet, from which to drink in the whore.

Make Up Sex

fetish JamesMarie 2018-06-11

My hand brushed over her pubic bone and pubic hair as I slipped my two fingers into her dripping cunt, and she bucked under my touch, opening her legs and pushing down as hard as she could, engulfing my fingers into her cunt. Marie's whole body started convulsing in little spasms as she felt my fingers in her hole and my hand on her pubis. As soon as I touch her FE she sprayed a burning hot jet of pure lust driven FE into my hand, I pushed up into her and pulled my finger tips back over her FE spot eliciting another hard jet of spray, she whispered "kiss me" and so I kissed her and milked her of FE with my fingers feeling her whole body racked in orgasm.

Lost Cell Phone: Thursday

fetish Pearls_Inside 2018-06-11

"Shelly" – I want your nipples banded through the lunch hour. In the bathroom, the plug painfully made its way out of my ass, leaving me feeling gaping and empty. Mr. Starr made sure I was up and down all afternoon, watching me from his office as I rushed past, my tits bouncing for him. For the rest of the afternoon, rushing around for Mr. Starr all I could think about was my own pussy juice stuffed into my asshole with that plug. I could barely stand the feeling of my ass plugged, my tits bouncing obscenely through the office as I smelled of a wet, horny slit.

A BBW & Her Drain Problem

fetish JCBMAN 2018-06-11

We got back into the truck and he started to go on about what a what a bitch she was and I told him about the hard on, that her tits had caused me, which made him laugh and ridicule me. By the time I got back, the sun had risen and the humidity had gone up so I removed my shirt and started to the task at hand. Well, the dampness of her shirt and the cold of the house only made her nipples even harder, I tried to look away, but my eyes were glued to the chest of this little Cherub before me, she just giggled and told me that we could not do anything even if she wanted to, "as it was her time of the month".

Good Girl

fetish SqueezeBabe 2018-06-11

You rub yourself up against me, I can feel your cock through your pants, hard and hot against my bare skin... Your hands tighten around my waist pulling me more firmly against you, your foot against the inside of mine, pushing my legs apart. You slide your hand back between my legs, and pull the flimsy material aside, your fingers rubbing the flesh underneath... You thrust into me a few more times, rubbing your wet finger over the plump lips and back up and over my tight little rosebud... Faster, harder, one hand pulling my hips, the other pushing me down onto the floor. I feel you jerk and spasm inside me as you thrust a few more times...

Spontaneous ejaculation

fetish 2018-06-11

It was many years ago, I think I was about 14 or 15 at the time. My friend Angela and I were just playing around when we decided to have a tickle fight. We both began to tickle each other, trying to make the other one quit. After a few minutes, Angela began asking me to stop, but I just couldn't help myself. Soon she was pleading with me to stop, but still I kept on tickling her. When my dick finally stopped throbbing, I was totally embarrassed at what had happened, and I know Angela was embarrassed as well. I never saw much of Angela after that, but I know I'll never forget that day as long as I live.

StrykeForce 1: Out of Their League

fetish DarkLordPriapus 2018-06-11

"It's got something to do with Quimby's plan for tonight, okay?" Mac assured him in a whisper as they worked to set up another heavy metal plate with multi-wired electronics. Gold Stryke's opera style gloves were also white but included special clasps around her wrists which had been developed by the Mayor's special task force science department for disabling any criminal element they may come in touch with. Mac signaled for two of his comrades to come over to the spot beside the warehouse wall where he had been scanning the area and looking at the roof tops of the surrounding city scape for any sign of the Stryke Force 1.

Ultimate Head

fetish cauchemar80 2018-06-11

She took one last look at her mountainous breasts sliding away from each other on her chest, felt the manic beating of her heart, reveled in the sheer mindless horniness now spreading throughout her without signs of stopping, and dropped her head between her legs. "You going to come inside that naughty, sexy, headless, helpless, horny body," she whispered, grunting with every impact and trying to time her words around it, "or are you going to use my head as a tissue and make it catch your load?" She kept her eyes closed, but they both remained still for a second; her body, chest rising and falling soundlessly as it absently played with its pussy lips, and Derek, head buried in the crook of his arm as he caught his breath.

Sweet Pie

fetish Totzman 2018-06-11

"I love you sweet pie," Adam said, and kissed her on the temple. "Thank you," Becky said, as Adam handed her one of the mugs. "You are truly sweet," Adam said, and kissed Becky right on the tip of her nose. Each pitter-patter of Adam's hand on her posterior made Becky feel warmer, happier, and more loved by him. Becky didn't know whether she wanted to be spanked harder, or perhaps faster, but she desired someway to increase the sensation of Adam's loving smacks. Adam continued with the spanking, and each successive smack left a tingling sensation that excited Becky to no end. The smacking sound of Adam's hand against Becky's buttocks played in harmony with the cracking fire.

Maid's Revenge

fetish MissKateKees 2018-06-11

Flipped over, with his dick now lying limply on his toned chest, Miranda held her hand aloft and looked silently down into John's eyes. Don't you fucking dare consider coming back to MY office." With one final, soul-killing frown at his pathetic appearance, Laura marched off with Michelle and Miranda in tow (not before Michelle had snapped a quick pic on her Blackberry of the fallen office macho, his long-suffering secretary would be aside herself with glee after seeing this). In the weeks after his epiphany with Miranda and Laura, John had secretly tried to get away from employment at Hotel Regina. Laura, Michelle and Miranda, flushed with their undisputed superiority above the dick thick, look at these men, their business meeting, with complete contempt.