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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Lucy's Story, a long kept secret.

fetish cbradiofan 2018-06-11

It was right then that Lucy felt the hot slippery wet Letting Bo fuck his cock through her fingers, Lucy began Lucy's body naturally responded, dripping hot wet, bloated cock so tight in the hot wet glove of his little Squeezing my rigid hard cock in her hand, Lucy asked if hot soft wet little pussy. on her bare legs, his huge cock buried deep in her hot Wanting more, Lucy pulled her skirt up, her bare little Bo's thick hot swollen dog-cock fucking up inside her, slippery hot doggie-cock filling her little hand, her Lucy leaned forward, and licked Bo's cock, tasted him, hot wet tongue curling up inside her, licking her creamy thick hot doggie-cock fuck deep up inside her tight

Pee for Two

fetish Sacanaz 2018-06-11

I moved my finger that had been exploring Amy's nether regions only moments ago toward my nose, inhaling that delicious scent that I was so fond of, and as I lay there an eerie sort of feeling came over me; I felt as if I were not alone. "Actually, not usually, but watching you and your little chippie just got me going, and I've decided to do something about it." came her quick reply, staring right into my eyes with that confident, raised eyebrow look. Her skilled hand manipulated my member through the concealing shorts for a few seconds, then worked it's way lower to cup my full balls, gently massaginng them, all the while moving her lips back and forth on my chest.

The Funeral

fetish His Angel 2018-06-11

Biting my lip and feeling almost disappointed as I turn to head in the opposite direction, as far away from the death as I can manage without leaving the building. Pushing me gently ahead of him through a heavy steel door into a dark room, his body pressing close against mine as the door shuts behind us. My eyes widening in panic, stepping back away from the open casket before me to again bump up against a hard body. His strong hands moving to grip my hips and lift me up, turning to sit me atop the closed bottom of the casket. Feeling the hand lift slowly, his head dipped to rest in the crook of my shoulder.

Baking Day

fetish Kevsta 2018-06-11

All the while, my cock was semi hard, dangling yet sticking out, fuelled by the image of a pair of Pink Polka Dot Knickers, encasing the curvy cheeks of my lovers cute bum. Shaking my head, I reached for the mixing bowl, my hands automatically adding the ingredients, my mind wandering, filled with images of my lover, and the things we had talked about, imagining her soft, lipsticked mouth hovering above my shaft. My legs were shaking, knees trembling, but my cock refused to lie down, still hard, it pressed against the worktop. There wasn't so much this time, but I diligently scraped it into the bowl, mixed it all up with the wooden spoon, and placed it into the cake tin.


Nurse Diva's Standard Party Bitch Script

fetish NickVegas 2018-06-11

You have no memory of your life before today, other than your admiration of, love for and absolute devotion to being Nurse Diva's Party Bitch. During the course of the day Nurse Diva's niece, Aniqua would check up on Party Bitch, dose her again with X3 and make sure the batteries on the mp3 player were still running the program. Aniqua gave herself a tour, grabbing a few clothing items, and helped herself to an ipad, and some other electronics, which like Party Bitch would need their 'hard drive's reformatted.' She found a nice camera, and took shots of the interior and the yard, took a look at the basement, kitchen and attic, and thought it could command a nice rent.

My First Blind Date Ch. 05

fetish rmlooker 2018-06-11

They got the time agreed and Ann asked if we wanted her to wear her arm. I felt, and so did Sue, the head push through the cervix ring sphincter and she just sat still for a while so we could both enjoy the feeling and what was happening. Sue finally started rotating her hips moving my cock head around in her uterus. Sue finally said her legs were starting to cramp so she slowly sat up and then got herself off of me. The girls hugged and kissed while I was getting in and Sue asked if she could look at what Ann had on. Ann soon had her hand on my thigh right next to my balls and then Sue put her hand on the other one.

Lady Boss

fetish 92pornpics 2018-06-11

My dick was so hard and i was so horny as I wanted to fuck her instantly. I was also biting her boobs ahaha ahaha… She was moaning in plasure ahah ahah… ahahah… fuck me… Neha had no control over herself. I put my dick on Neha pussy and stroked hard. Neha was saying – yes dear… fuck me hard. Her other friends were starring me fucking Neha so wild. I asked from two but all fucked started sucking my dick. When i got up in morning, Neha gave me 10000 rupees and said – you are our permanent call boy and we will call u whenever we want. I had been so long to fuck Neha and her friend.

Becoming Alanna - Part 1

fetish KristyQuinn 2018-06-11

It seemed like she was about to tell Samantha that although she was a very nice girl, that a woman’s beauty salon was not where she wanted her 13 year old son spending his time. but then came a shock I was not prepared for, "just one more thing Samantha" my mother said with a funny look on her face, “me and Stephen here are planning to take some trips this summer to our house at the cape, do you think, I mean... I don’t know what came over me but I looked at her and said "Samantha I want to be a girl like you, will you help me" "yeah Alex I will" she said warmly and give me a hug.

Indian Cock Sucker

fetish indian cum slut 2018-06-11

You want to release your climax but are torn between cumming in my mouth, over my face, over my breasts, over my belly, inside my cunt where all men long to be, or deep in my ass. I take your cock out of my mouth and bend down and suck on your balls, my hand is moving up and down your shaft covering my hand with your cum and my saliva again. My eyes are watering and my mouth is stretching and hurting, my throat is hurting and my face is banging into your pubic hair every time when suddenly you CUM. Your tongue reaches forward and I feel it moving amongst my pussy hair and between my lips as you lick and clean my cunt of my juices.

Sex Therapy 1 - The Patient

fetish jw1137 2018-06-11

This time I don’t think Doctor Moore even tried to suppress the surprised look. Doctor Moore looked up from her desk and the expression on her face conveyed the compassion that I had sensed the first time I laid eyes on her in the waiting room. Being naked in the unfamiliar surroundings I was acutely aware that in just a few minutes a woman, a stranger that I’d only seen for the first time less than a half an hour ago, would be looking at my body and touching me in ways very few people ever had. Out from the hard lump that was throbbing at the apex of my crease came little waves of heat that merged and joined with the pleasure sensations that seemed to come not only from my nipples but even from the palms of my hands.

The Rendezvous

fetish jskinny99 2018-06-11

Slowly you walk down the hall headed for the bedroom thinking about what would come next when you stop and notice the bathroom door was cracked open about 8 inches. His hands have now come to rest gently on the back of your head and he helps guide you back down the shaft until now your lips are brushing against the sack of his ball and you feel the deep in the back of you throat. “What….” He winks “I like the taste of myself as well.” Laughing he throws himself on the bed and kisses you deeply while his hand begins to slowly massage his spunk into your skin.

A Much Needed Spa Treatment Ch. 04

fetish ILuvAnal 2018-06-11

Ben, Trish and baby Will arrived at the cabin much later than he would have liked, but he didn't mind. Ben watched her sitting in the rocking chair, a nursing Will at one nipple, a steady stream of milk flowing from the other nipple, a vibrating plug in her ass and a constant shudder of orgasm. I want you to do this me and I want you to cum in my ass." It was the second time in three days Trish had asked Ben to cum in her ass and it nearly sent him over the edge. Ben pulled the plug from Trish's anus and inserted his dick in its place.

Out of Reach

fetish darktwin 2018-06-11

Her hands played up and down her splayed legs, caressing the creamy skin feeling the taught muscles and strong bones just beneath. Jessica's soft blue eyes gazed up at Angela. Angela kneeled down and ran a finger carefully from Jessica's ankle down to her hip. Angela gazed into Jessica's eyes, and then their lips met. Jessica tilted her head up hungrily, taking in Angela's tongue. Then Angela grabbed Jessica's wrists and pulled them back behind the pole. Angela stared kissing Jessica on the neck. Angela's mouth traveled hungrily down Jess's front, sucking her nipples, nibbling her solar plexus, and kissing her pubic bone. Finally, Angela was all the way down on the floor, ravenously working Jess's boiling pussy.

Milk and More

fetish CelticFrog 2018-06-11

She'd pull back just a little bit and start sucking hard on my tits, getting mouthfuls of milk and then turn around to kiss you. Then she'd use her hand to push your cock hard into me, licking your balls as displaced milk from my cunt drips down them, the hot fluid warmed up even more by the friction. She'd lay back on the bed, her cunt positioned just above my shoulder, and pull your face down to lick at her milk covered pussy, knowing she was about to cum and wanting both of us to taste it.

David's Scottish Cousins Ch. 03

fetish Thorilla 2018-06-11

She slowly crossed her exceptionally long legs and I saw something delicately edged with lace peeping out from under the hem below her knee which then disappeared as she smoothed her pleats down again. "Really?" she said smiling down at me, this time leaning heavily against my shoulder and moving her lower leg firmly against my upper arm. Jean above me facing the fire, her pleated tweed skirt and petticoat over my face and upper body, grinding her genital area into my face, my penis on full view, twitching and straining, glistening with pre-cum and my legs bent, bucking up and down. Next to stand over me was Betty; she must have been in her late fifties and had a long pleated plaid skirt over an expensive looking black lace edged petticoat.

He Loves My Feet

fetish Veronica Sweet 2018-06-11

Sue looked shocked that I would go for it but I was willing and I told Jay that if I did it he was to come to our apartment the next day and be our "house boy" from noon until 8 PM and do whatever we asked. I thanked him and told him I loved the boots but they were too expensive ($300) and he held my naked foot and he quietly told me I had the sexiest feet he'd ever seen. I know you said you wanted to love my feet but this is all pretty new to me" I was still a bit nervous but I realized that I was also getting wet and I wasn't sure why.

Master Coach

fetish saxxon19 2018-06-10

Got it slut?" he laughed, "you will not wear a bra or underwear and you will not get wet at all, if I see and pussy juice on your shorts you get punished. She kept thinking of what this session would be like that she went into an alley and began to fantasize as she stuck her hand in her tight little shorts. Now Jackie was in front of his house, no panties or bra, tight clothes, and a soaked crotch and anal beads. Jackie was so excited that she forgot herself and began to let her fingers slip into her pussy and began pulling on the beads again even as she was walking up the steps to his house.

Debauchery Has a Past

fetish AnonMoose007 2018-06-10

With the party only two hours away, and my desire to turn heads (both on the shoulders and between the legs), I decided that I probably needed to start getting ready. I don't know how you do it, but every year you manage to make your costume sexier than the last." I shook my head, feeling as if I'd come out of a daze, and pivoted to face Mr. Armstrong, another guest. I knew that it was crazy to follow a man I didn't know so far away from all of the other guests, but damn my desire to cause trouble; it wouldn't let me pass up an opportunity for a good, adulterous fuck.

Train Ride to Work

fetish arkwrights06 2018-06-10

God forbid that you would ever admit to such a thing, but you know that it goes on a lot more often than the times you hear someone calling out that they are being touched. 'If only I had on my jacket, maybe than I wouldn't be so sensitive with my breasts rubbing up against hers, 'I thought.' that guy that had been behind me, 'do you remember him?' Well he to had been pushed forward onto me, his erection had been lodged firmly between my cheeks, right up against my butt hole, and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. I couldn't even move forward out of his way, I could already feel that woman's upper thigh rubbing against me.

My Public Sex Addiction 3

fetish bioralpleaser 2018-06-10

But I pull mine out anyway, and the hunk reaches for it, and there we are in a three way, taking turns sucking and jacking each other off, and we all shoot our loads into the pond, which looks pretty funny, so I started laughing, while I'm cumming. There was a really tall, big guy about 35 or so (also married, I think), who had one of the biggest fucking white cocks I've ever sucked, or even seen. And then they're just staring at my meat and kinda jacking their own and this fat k** is sucking, and I really wasn't all that turned on by this time, but it was cool that they thought I had a really big cock.

The best pantyhosed sotry my friend has for me. I

fetish nylondguy 2018-06-10

Then finally you come right out and ask me about what I think of men wearing pantyhose. You reach over and tug the band and tell me that you think men in pantyhose are hot. Just as you say it, you unzip your pants and reveal your semi-hard cock that are pressed in the pantyhose you're wearing under your pants. I reach over and begin to feel the silky material on your legs. We can feel the material rub against each others cocks. I reach down and feel your balls and hard shaft through the pantyhose. All the while I can feel you working my hard cock. Our hosed legs tangle together and we can feel the nylon on us.

Her Sudden Transformation

fetish hornet4u 2018-06-10

I ran my hands along her ass, feeling her taut body as my fingers felt every inch. After a few pleasurable minutes, Jan turned to face me, her muscular arms reaching down as her hands wrapped around my cock and balls. Jan's pussy eagerly accepted my cock as I pulled out and slid back in with ease, her body beginning to feel the rhythm as our movements became synchronized. I could feel her muscles bulging under my finger tips as I gripped her shoulders to gain some leverage as I fucked her ever harder, her body moving back to meet mine. I kept sliding in and out of her slowly, enjoying the sensations of her wet pussy on my softening cock, and we collapsed to the floor as I held her close.

First Time

fetish cinnamon_kitten 2018-06-10

I let my hand slide between my legs and start stroking my clit. My fingers start working over my clit and into my pussy faster. You still have the dildo in your ass and the whole time I am sucking you I am slowly working it in. My head moves up and your cock slowly slides out of my mouth. I sit back up and start sliding the strap-on out of your ass and then slowly back in. You moan out and I know that you are starting to enjoy the feeling of me fucking you. You are starting to get really worked up as you feel my hips against your ass. I know that I am close to cumming and start jacking your cock faster.

My First Time With Women's Feet

fetish Horny-Sissy-Gurl 2018-06-10

As I moved my face towards her sexy foot, I inhaled the smell of her gorgeous feet and as soon as it was close enough, I started licking it. Jerking my cock with one hand, touching her sexy feet with the other, I leaned over to have Lara´s feet and toes so close to my face, smell them, kiss them, lick them. Being aware that our time together has almost come to an end, I gave my everything one more time to make this a beautiful and memorable session for Lara as well and massaged her feet really good and eagerly. Yes, I love massaging, smelling, kissing and licking gorgeous women´s feet like Lara´s.