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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

First time wearing pantyhose.

fetish 2018-06-10

I decided to take a pair out of the drawer they were black pantyhose probably about 20 denier.I started to feel them and i instantly got a hard on. Once i had the pantyhose on me i took pictures and my cock was so hard at this point at the age of 14 i only just really starting to know about sex so i got on my mum and dads bed and just start rubbing my cock though the pantyhose and after touching it for a while i cummed a huge load all over the pantyhose. I didnt know what to do so i took the pantyhose of and quickly put them to the back of the drawer still with the cum on them and hoped my mum didnt see them.

Lori Ch. 01

fetish mjmurra 2018-06-10

If they were they would've seen under her black overcoat, light blue jeans with a few tears here and there, and saw her pink lacey bra and tiny cotton bikini cut panties, pink with red bands and two silver hearts on the butt, barely hugging her body where her hips start to turn inward, and underneath that her 34b breasts with light pink nipples, as well as her suddenly dampening pussy, glistening inner lips protruding out slightly from her glass-smooth labia, topped with a brown triangle of hair, slightly darker than the hair on her head.

Another Foot-Perv Strikes

fetish xxkissmytoesxx 2018-06-10

"So, you don't want pictures of my face, just my...hands...and feet?" Janey asked him. Rich had Janey place her hands on her lap in various positions while he snapped a few pictures. Rich loved, loved, loved the female foot, and the truth of the matter was that he was merely using the "research paper" excuse to get nice pictures of women's feet without freaking them out. Janey began teasing Rich's cock with one foot, and held the other one up to his mouth to be licked. Taking the pictures turned them both on even more, and Janey sat the camera down on the coffee table and concentrated on rubbing her lover's stiff dick with her feet and toes.

Walk All Over Me

fetish LorenzoAbajos 2018-06-10

Since I had discovered these books, the closest thing to pornography I had ever seen, I would often sneak one into a restroom located on that floor and go into a stall and whack off as I read about the foot fetishes chronicled in the case studies. I held onto the little foot, continuing to make love to it, but used my other hand to unzip my jeans, drag out my hard cock, and began to jerk right there in the aisle. She kept rubbing my cock with her feet but she said, "I am taking you for a little walk my boy." I held her little feet in my hands and gave her the best foot massage she had ever had, or so she told me later.

Stepdad Plays with My Wife's Foot

fetish philgill11 2018-06-10

As soon as we got into the car after the play for the ride home, my wife reached down and unzipped her boots - freeing her beautiful feet now fully visible encased in a taupe colored nylon with sheer toes. I slid my elbow back until I could actually feel her pretty pink toes touching my arm, and her step dad noticed too and turned his head to look at them. I quit secretly playing with myself and switched hands on the wheel so that I could reach for her beautiful foot with my right hand, and her stepfather respectfully released his grip seemingly enjoying watching me.

Soccer Mom and a Bully

fetish something1234 2018-06-10

Probably small, tight, white lace with some kind of frilly lining and a splash of pink." my eyes widened, she had a pair exactly like Colin had just described, how did he guess? "None of that matters, I heard what you said Jessie and you are getting after school detention." What a day, I sulked on into class and tried not to think about the fact that I was going to miss the bus now and would have to walk home, I wouldn't get in until supper time. My heart begins beating again, faster this time likely to pump the large amount of blood that is filling my small but bulging erection and my hand instinctively starts to move up and down, very slowly.

The Pavilion

fetish blanchismo 2018-06-10

After a while when I thought she may have been coming close to orgasm, she caught my hand and pressed my fingers harder into herself then half turned on to me, finding my member which she caressed, causing the rubber to slip with a soft rustling. Then she lifted up one side of her rubber panties and holding me guided my member into herself and lowered herself on to me slowly, very slowly and gently, looking into my face as she did so , biting her bottom lip as though in concentration, then she gently raised herself until I felt my member almost slip out of her but the tip just stayed in the warmth, and then she settled down on to me my member slipping deeply inside, each movement accompanied with sighs of intense pleasure and the gentle rustling of her rubber panties and her nylon overall.

The Therapist Ch. 03

fetish sm8100 2018-06-10

Julia stared right through me and in a calm voice said, "No James, I'm not asking you to be a slave." How did she know what I was thinking? She briefly moistened her lips with her tongue, an act I found provocative although I'm sure she thought nothing of it, and said, "But, James you have to realize that the combination of my desire for domination in a relationship and your strong need to submit would lead you down a strange and unpredictable path. Julia seemed to read my mind and said, "James, we are really passed the discussion point of all of this so if you want to continue with me as part of your life", and here she paused to smile at me, "you'll come over to my place Saturday night.

Lait Maternal Pt. 04

fetish BaileySparrowtree 2018-06-10

Ashlee could see the look of fear and uncertainty and reached her hand across the table to touch Penny' arm. Penny stood there, knowing she would normally turn away and shun the unexpected touches, but the euphoric mind-state she was in was quite willing to let things happen the way Ashlee intended them to be. "Penny, just like you crave Adeline's milk, Louisa and Scarlett crave yours. Ashlee led Penny to a spot behind Adeline and motioned for her to kneel on a comfy-looking set of cushioned leather knee-pads. Settling into a good rhythm, Penny listened to Adeline's breast pump coercing milk from her nipples, as well as feeling her body movements as she used her tongue to pleasure her.

His Taboo Fantasy

fetish alteredego524 2018-06-10

You feel the warm, bulbous head pressing against your tight pucker, as his other free hand reaches around, and fondles your breast. It holds it firmly, and then, along with the hand at your neck, begins to pull you back a little more firmly, pressing "It" into your ass... As you slowly exhale a long, deep breath, you feel your muscles start to relax, and you begin to stretch, letting him in. As you feel his fingers being shoved into you with a wet squish, his teeth come down hard on your throat, and his hand tightens further. Now as he's mercilessly finger-fucking your dripping wet cunt, and thrusting his long shaft up your tight ass, you can't help but feel an orgasm building...

Ode to The Aquarius King: Dethroned

fetish Kandy5647 2018-06-10

Beside him was a small table adorned with a box of matches, his favorite spiked whip, her favorite 12" strap-on and 10" dildo, a small bottle of lube, a pair of gloves and a condom, a small bottle of chili sauce made from the two hottest peppers on earth the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion chili pepper and the Ghost pepper, a few candles both lit and unlit, and some chocolate milk. To do that task she grabbed the chili sauce, the strap-on, the dildo the gloves and condom, the other unlit candle and the chocolate milk. She soon got annoyed with his voice so to keep him quiet she shoved the dildo in his mouth and told to suck every drop of hot sauce off of it.

Mounded by Monique: Introduction

fetish call_me_dana 2018-06-10

James does have quite the vigor for fucking and you have told me he quite fills your pussy when he does." I was somehow still hard inside Monique even as the two of them spoke of me without speaking to me any longer. She lifted her head and kissed my mouth, pushing her tongue past my lips as Gaylord pressed two fingers against my anus and smeared the warmed gel all over my opening. I cried out perhaps a little higher than usual, his cock fucking my ass as I came inside Monique. Monique finally moved alongside me and slowly stroked my cock, now only semi-hard and covered in drying cum.

Nurse Me Home

fetish meathead96 2018-06-10

Tonight she was going to enjoy her evening with Tom. Her earlier time with Brad had left her fire unquenched, and she focused her mind on the task at hand. Tom looked at her with a slight grin on his face, and placed his hand on her leg and let it fall to the inside of her calve. Tom slid closer to Courtney on the L-shaped seat and her hand continued to rise up to his groin. As Tom pulled the car into the parking lot, Courtney caught sight of Brad standing near the pool area that she would pass as she walked to her front door. Tom dropped Courtney off after a quick kiss and she hurried away from the car before Brad realized whom she had come home with.

"You're Mine, Too."

fetish iuvh0bruise 2018-06-10

Daddy chuckled as his foggy memory became more and more clear, recalling how he'd spanked his little girl's plump ass until it was a bright red, and roughly fucked the back of her throat, making her gag on his cum. Cursing under his breath, Daddy gripped his little girl by her hair, resisting the urge to grind upward and thrust his massive dick roughly into her pretty little throat. When the tip of his cock pressed against the back of her throat, her nose nuzzled against his pelvis, she gagged slightly, pulling him out, almost completely, ceasing at the tip, before thrusting him back into her waiting mouth completely, gagging again, but quickly encouraged by daddy's contented moans, somewhat strangled from the need to increase his pace, but loving it nonetheless.

My Love For a Female Pro Wrestler

fetish fflint100 2018-06-10

Teri was a little nervous because Peggy Lee was very big and strong, and she was a veteran so her matches were not as scripted as those between the less experienced girls. Teri knew that she was supposed to lose, of course, but didn't know all the moves to expect and her job was to just let Peggy Lee "carry her" through the match. Ironically, Peggy Lee wore leather for her in-ring persona, while Teri wore it in her real life because she liked it. Much like Sasha had to done to Shannon with the Soviet flag, Peggy was choking Teri with her cape.

Throne of Panties Ch. 02

fetish scur 2018-06-10

"Oh yes, I am pretty sure he did choose them himself." With the sharp toe of her pumps she kicked Fred in the stomach and looking across at the other woman she said, "I can't believe he had the nerve to expose himself to me like that." "Panties are for women and little girls." Raising her foot Alicia covered his cock with the sole of her shoe and pressed down hard. He tried to parse the question but all he could do was picture himself first as a woman and then as a little girl wearing the same pink panties he was wearing now and lying on the floor of an airplane.

Max Hardman: Porn Star Pt. 01

fetish jamisonroberts 2018-06-10

She moaned as he ground his hips in response, the shaft of his dick rubbing her ass as he kissed on her back and shoulders some more. Before mounting her he'd thought he was going to pound the hell out of her but after feeling how warm and moist she was he found that he instead wanted to go at a nice medium pace and just grind into her really hard. "Ooohh." she moaned one last time and Tony could feel the walls of her cunt spasm in delight all around his hard member. Feeling as if his balls had been completely drained Tony looked down at her chocolate colored body, now glistening with sweat, and smiled at the beautiful contrast of his thick white cum against her dark skin.

Master Barber

fetish cliper2 2018-06-10

The first time she watched him at a local mall, later confessing how thrilled she was when the stylist took a scissors and sheared the sheet of hair covering his ear. As they approached he said stiffly, "Tell her this," and handed her a note then headed for a bench on the walkway nearby to survey the cut through the window that framed her sitting in the chair. From there, she started coming back from haircuts, looking in the mirror, running her hand through the increasingly short black hair and commenting that the stylist just hadn't gone far enough. He played the moment, letting the electricity hang as he worked around her head, his free hand smoothing her hair, stroking her with each pass of the comb.

Rebecca Pt. 01

fetish thepeopleschamp 2018-06-10

Everything about this girl was beautiful, but the combination of how aesthetically breathtaking they were and my closet foot fetish made her feet the best looking part of her for me. I swallowed dryly and my eyes widened in disbelief as Rebecca then slipped her socked big left toe into the heel of her right sock. Rebecca wiggled her toes, as if relieved to have finally freed her feet from the boots, and the wrinkles shifted hypnotically. Several minutes later, after Rebecca pulled her socks and boots back on her feet, I distractedly ended the recording and began to fantasize about the sweet aroma and salty taste of ...and that's why I was completely caught off guard when the bell rang.

Morning Jog

fetish dolamroth 2018-06-10

Suddenly, I felt a muscle deep inside give way, and my piss came out in an angry hiss, but no one took notice. I've had too much iced tea." I felt my knees grow weak, and heard a loud stream come from her midsection. I bent my head a little and could feel the warmth of her pee and thought I could smell lemons. I put my right hand between her thighs and moved it so that her stream filled my cupped hand, watching as it filled with a golden-green light-filled liquid. My tongue pulled and played with her labia and clit, and she brought her knees up to my ears when she finally came.

A Clean Pair of Heels

fetish noisymother 2018-06-10

Standing very close in front of me he starts to rub his cock slowly through the panties, looking deep into my eyes, occasionally glancing down at my breasts, making my nipples hard. 'Would you like to kiss my shoes?' Not waiting for his answer I raise one of my feet up to his mouth and he kisses the long thin heel reverently, before taking it between his lips, as if it were a cock. His eyes close while he greedily sucks on my six inch heel, his hand still stroking his cock ever so gently. He's moaning loudly now; the heel in his ass and mouth push in at the same time and he's taking all six inches in both holes.


fetish Rust1 2018-06-10

The rest of the ball players were silent as the truth hit them like a ton of bricks, Philip stood and started to walk toward the gate and leave the court, he didn’t turn to see but the next thing he heard was a deep voice “I don’t know about you but I aint letting this gay bitch get away with this shit!” after hearing those words Philip turned around and saw that all 8 men were now leering at him, their eyes ripe with anger and hatred after learning his true motive for watching them week after week.

Goddess Within

fetish dr_mabeuse 2018-06-10

An assistant came out, a young man dressed all in black like a dancer—tight trousers, turtleneck, black ballet shoes, He carried more boxes, and Claire watched eagerly as he opened them and she gazed at more lingerie, and soon was caught up in the magic of the fabric and colors, the sensuality and excitement of peering into the layers of tissue and the handsome boxes. It was such a clean and sumptuous place, and Madhuri such an elegant and beguiling hostess that Claire had no trouble relaxing back in her chair and asking for another coffee as David unveiled the panties—mostly thongs—each in their own individual pouch or delicate lace-trimmed box, each like an exquisite piece of jewelry.

More Humiliation of Niece

fetish 2018-06-10

She asked what I was going to do ,I told her I would stimulate and punish at the same time and would have to have some contact with her body intimately, at this she started to breathe a little deeper and nodded her head. I used my pinwheel first down her arms and across the breasts, she enjoyed that sensation and went down her tummy and legs coming up the inside and to my amazement she opened her legs willingly and as I got to her pussy she gasped with pleasure. He had said he wanted her body marked all over so I looked at her and the lash stripes were just showing so I did it all again but a bit harsher this time, still no cries but plenty of moans.