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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 11

fetish NancyPan 2018-06-10

Madam Christina must have been reading my mind because, as she stopped in front of a row of drawers, she said, "Sissies like you are so easy to control, Tom. You will do anything for women like us, for the chance to be around us, for the opportunity to please us, for the faint hope that someday we would pity you enough to have sex with you...or just for the privilege of sniffing our panties." "Um, ahh, Madam Christina, may I have permission to wear these white nylon panties with the lace and pink ruffles on the back, and the bow and all. I'm sure you tucked it away when you put on Kelli's sexy panties and tried to look like a woman in front of the mirror, didn't you Tom?" she insisted.

I'm not sure why... but here you go....

fetish 2018-06-10

I grad your hips hard and start plowing my cock into your asshole and make you my sissy-bitch, fucking you harder and harder and your moans become begging.... "Slut, once you blow that load of cum all over my clit, you are to start cleaning it up, you lick up your mess and don't you stop until my knees are shaking and my body quakes with an orgasm, got it bitch?!" Again, between grunts and tensing from my cock being shoved entirely into your ass, "Yes, Mistress". Finally I feel myself building, and you grab my cock, holding it tighter and pushing your tongue harder against my clit, allowing it to dance faster, sucking me, rubbing me, engulfing all of me into your mouth as my legs shake and my body tightens.

Slave Story

fetish petecumbria 2018-06-10

Shani bent and pressed her cheek to the pillows before her, her taut nipples rubbing gloriously against the plush fabric, her plump behind uplifted and bare for her master. She felt the muscle expand, whimpered silently in pain as her ass expanded to a thickness much greater than the fingers but this sensation passed quickly as the device slipped deeper into her with the help of the gel and a narrower neck to the device. The soft hand moved to her other breast and Shani held her breath as she knew the needle would pierce her other nipple in a moment. She could imagine the erotic sensation of showering and preparing her body for her master...inserting the plug, connecting the chains to her nipples, and driving to him with the pull and straining of the contraption.

Camilla Ch. 075

fetish MawrGorshin 2018-06-10

On Wednesday afternoon, Camilla, with blonde hair and blue eyes again, was in her class, 'Literature: Forms and Approaches.' Her teacher, Dr. Martin, a handsome, silver-haired Englishman in his late fifties, both attracted and repelled her--he looked and sounded a lot like Richard Dawkins, the advocate of atheism, a man whose lack of religious faith offended her Catholic sensibilities, but whose erudition, suave English accent, and obvious intelligence excited her. She tried to use Nigrovum to make the other students go away, but she felt a barrier stopping her psychic energy from reaching them; obviously, Father Josiah had set up another force field around her to make her 'behave herself'.

Long Dark Nights - Kai's Story

fetish XXNoraJeanXX 2018-06-10

My lashes grew long and framed my eyes in such a way that certainly made me look like a girl. Of course I had not seen any other cocks to compare mine too, but I knew it was large and equine like. My cock had been hard between my legs the entire time. I had large full round breasts and a long thick cock. I loved the feel of the cooling water on my breasts, cock and balls. "Your breasts are so large and beautiful you could surely not hide them no matter how hard you tried. My hand was too small to wrap around my own cock, but touching it felt good.

Cuckolded by Mistress.

fetish jughead99 2018-06-10

I wait on my knees with my head bowed as she showers and as instructed am waiting with a towel when she f inishes and allowed to dry her off beginning with her long graceful neck my small painfully tied cock getting very excited as I work my way past her tasteful tatoos to her beautiful magnificent breasts that feel delightfully heavy through the soft cotton towel I linger a few seconds too long there and Lady Flame announces "You have just earned yourself another six strokes slave" by the time i have dried her incredibly well formed fit bottom and lingered far to long on her tight looking womanly pussy the total is up to eighteen strokes to be administered immediately by a still naked Lady Flame.


fetish Miguel59 2018-06-10

I thought about going upstairs and wishing her happy birthday, but didn't as it sounded like she was minutes from heading downstairs. I felt myself hardening thinking how nice it would be to have my face between her legs making love to her with my mouth, to have her smell on me as I headed to the basement to sleep while she began her day with an orgasm. It had been a long time since I had ran my fingers through her hair or felt it against my face loving its feel and smell as we had intercourse. I said, "You feel like you're cheating on your boyfriend don't you? I know you love your boyfriend but you shouldn't let it limit your freedom.

Needed to share...

fetish 2018-06-10

As I touch her clit she usually will just run out of patience and will want to grab my hard cock and shove inside her craving pussy... she throws her eyes and head back in disbelief and when she least expect it, I grab my cock and push slowly inside her wet cunt. Her pussy lips are now fully extended and glued to my body as my cock sits as deep inside her pussy as it can. so I gently and slowly pull back my cock from what feels like an extreme suction holding me back... she throws her head back again and screams as she feels my tip extend her tight pussy walls on the way out.

Just Happened

fetish dspb08 2018-06-10

He basically ignored our suggestions and when we got home he went up to the master bedroom and took a shower and came back downstairs in his bathrobe, where SD and I were sitting in the living room drinking some wine. At that point SD opened the door and saw me there, smiled at me, and said to her dad “and you can use your cucked son-in-law’s mouth and ass anytime also – isn’t that right (to me)” – I looked at her, she was still dressed in her blue skirt, red stockings and white blouse – no bra, and then at her dad standing next to his bed with his bathrobe open – his cock was soft and thick – covered in his daughter’s lipstick – and he has a huge set of balls – and I said “anything you want dear” and licked my lips as I looked at her dad’s crotch.

After School Lessons Ch. 1

fetish krilencu00 2018-06-10

Licking her lips Miss Slater said, "I suppose I should invite you in," like I said Lee was never one to pass on an opportunity so he readily stepped into the living room and sat down on the couch. So, instead of enveloping Lee's organ in her pussy she backed off and 'stripped' for him, first she slowly removed her top, revealing a little more off her luscious breasts each time under they were completely free and stood to attention at right-angles to her body. "I think you know what to do" Desperate to prove his adoration for her, Lee obediently licked furiously, quickly bringing her to four orgasms before she stood, rearranged her clothes, kissed him full on the lips and left.

My first (AMP) Asian Massage Parlor Happy Ending

fetish StarDude 2018-06-10

I placed my hand over the one she had on my balls and I came as hard as I ever did in my life. I enjoyed the massage earlier, but after cumming it felt twice as good, with my entire body tingling and feeling more sensitive than usual. of footage I recorded only came out showing slight silohouttes of her upper body because of the dim lighting. I could ask to turn on the lights, but at the same time that would more than likely give away the positioning of my hidden cam, and of course they wouldn't agree to being recorded out of fear I might be an undercover cop.

Feet for Sale

fetish Atgod 2018-06-10

I looked at my small feet working the shaft and I had such a strong urge to suck warm cum from my toes. Back at home I pulled my converse off my sweaty feet and went to my room while Jess examined her lost purchases. Rubbing my slightly sweaty feet and toes happily I clipped the new thin chain of the ankle bracelet around my right foot. I smiled as I looked at my feet with his cock between them and my pretty ankle bracelet. Feeling my sweaty toes and soles as I felt him become hard beneath my feet. Without thinking I lifted my feet from his dick rubbing my soles over my toes to cover them in thick sticky cum.

Skirting the Matter

fetish YDB95 2018-06-10

It seemed too good to be true: fifteen years at least since that class trip to Washington, DC, where she'd seen a man in a kilt for the first time and it had turned her insides to a raging inferno of desire, Christine had at long last succeeded where she had failed with all her other boyfriends. "Josh, don't you know how recently women weren't allowed not to wear skirts?" she had reminded him, knowing full well that he did know: his usual lack of respect for rigid gender norms was one of the first things she had fallen in love with about him. When she got home on the Friday before the festival, Christine gave serious thought to giving Josh a sneak preview of the next day.

Spanking at the Medieval Fair

fetish spankingjenny 2018-06-10

My crew, Lorenzo and I made our way to the Town Centre and positioned ourselves right in front of the stage and soon a horse drawn wagon worked its way through the crowd with 2 young bound girls in the back like they were prisoners. The crowd almost went insane when I stepped up onto the stage and when he tied my hands and hoisted them over my head it made my dress ride up and over my hips exposing a very tiny very wet thong panty. He brought my hands down and pinned them to my sides as he started to thrust his manhood into me, full long fast strokes felt like his cock was going right thru me, driving me into the bed, faster and harder until his cock erupted a flood of hot liquid love juice.

Mistress Chronicles Ch. 02

fetish MistressMtoyou 2018-06-10

I flip though the journal for a minute or two then hike up my dress and begin gently rubbing myself through my panties and leggings – his mistake has given me a delightful idea, which I am sure will prove quite entertaining and I am aroused thinking about how he will respond. How pretty you looked at our last session, your sexy black stockings and the heels and I imagined that you had forced me to be your maid and to serve you and I kept thinking of what that would be like and eventually I couldn't control myself and just came in my hand." I know pretty sissies like you get little submissive thoughts in your head and can't control themselves.

Mom the Superheroine 05

fetish KatieTay 2018-06-10

At times like these, she just wanted to run back home into her mother's arms, like a little girl – which, really, she would probably never stop being, where her mom was concerned. Cindy smiled as she observed the way her mom's "arm cleavage" – all that beautiful delineation of muscles – showed when she lifted her arms like that, holding her hair. Tell me, Barb," Valerie said, addressing Barbara with insolent familiarity, "how many years did you live in denial, before you realized that you wanted your daughter's mouth on your pussy... Elena had time for a delighted squeal before her mother's lips clamped down upon hers in a fierce devouring kiss, and they stood groping each other's bodies up and down, moaning like animals in heat.

Beginnings, Foreplay and Fantasy

fetish anonymous3 2018-06-10

Well aware that I undoubtedly found the situation awkward and might well struggle to confide things to her, Carrie broke the ice and steered the entire conversation I had been wanting to have with a woman who might or might not understand or acknowledge my desires. I wrote the letter because I felt like you might be the right kind of person to talk to about it," I said. Carrie said, "Take a dip in the hot tub?" It happened to be uncovered, and operating. Carrie is going to try to give me some of what I want, I thought to myself as I made the return trip.

Brownmailed Ch. 03

fetish Rimcrim 2018-06-10

The greatest domination one animal can have over another is to force it to consume it's waste, straight from the source." As she said this she wiggled her broad buttocks in James' face and let out a deep fart. James began to feel more hot air being emitted from their rear ends, and suddenly realized his penis was growing hard. Suddenly, he felt Nita raise her immense rear end and slowly lower her asshole right onto James's cock. The stink and the humiliation of being forced to orgasm in front of the girls made James cum harder than he ever had, as Juanita moaned as her massive dumper swallowed his cum. James felt the girls begin to pull his legs apart, exposing his tired, sensitive penis and throbbing balls.

Panty Games Ch. 06

fetish SpacegirlLynn 2018-06-10

I even made things more normal looking by making sure to wear plain white cotton Panties, full back and high cut each time with a white bra, either cotton or lace. I let him look for a bit then I uncrossed my legs and leaned forward again to take a pencil and note pad I had left on the desk. He was pushed forward in the desk so I couldn't see where his hand went but by the way he was moving his arm I was certain his cock was out and he was stroking it under the desk. Once I was sure he wasn't looking I used my other hand to pull the lace down on my left boob and my hard nipple popped out.

Sex Doll: No. 7 - Batch 13

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-06-10

Okay then, you penny-pinching shysters, thought Sonja Stollenkrantz sullenly of her diddling employers as she typed in the unique personality behavioural computer code she'd been working on all over the weekend into 'Mitzi', the sex doll on the production line now in front of her. Spooning and pouring the required amounts of coffee, sugar and milk into cups for his dad, Ken and himself, Derek's mind turned once again to what had been preoccupying his thoughts all week: Could he afford to buy one of Sex Doll For U's Intimate Friends? Standing outside Sex Doll For U's High Street boutique, and looking at the Intimate Friend displayed to best effect behind the plate-glass window, Derek knew at once that he had to have 'her'.

The girls at Baker House

fetish jimsapplesrblue 2018-06-10

So one of the girls took off a shoe an started beating his poor nuts with the sole. I just stood back and watched these two little girls pound his sore nuts till they were dark purple and swollen to the size of two tennis balls. The girls left him alone on the couch after beating his nuts about 2 hours and the party ended a few hours after it started. While one pair of hands held this poor bustards nuts the other hands pushed and guided the long needle until it pocked out the side of the other ball. It didn’t look like the girls in that group were in any hurry to remove the shoe lace and I doubt they sterilized the pins before they drove them into his sorry gonads.

Wet Walk

fetish Surrenders2you 2018-06-10

He slid his hand up the very short leg of my shorts to touch my pussy, and his fingers slowly played there, driving me out of my mind, and distracting me from any thought of being able to pee. He looked into my eyes, leaving his hand in place and told me to relax and let it come. After a short time (which almost seemed like forever) he took my hand and pulled me up, walking me to the far corner of the pavilion, furthest away from the others who had also come to the forest preserve, to enjoy the beautiful day. I did not want to know if he could see my wet denim shorts from that distance, or the drops of pee that still clung to my skin - the thought was too humiliating for words.


fetish klammer 2018-06-10

“Ma’am…” I said, “I’m so sorry, I’ll lick at once your royal feet, but last not least I offer you to swallow the ash of your cigarette!”. “I am sorry Ma’am’ and I took my tongue out as far as I could and took a big long lick on the sole of her foot and I was all over her feet like a starving dog. I wanted to lick clean and swallow every bit of lucky dirt that was on her divine feet. I want to learn how to lick your beautiful feet properly. Ma’am I want to be a really good foot licker, your slapping me with your feet would help me become one.