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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

watched my sister become a whore

fetish 2018-06-10

Heard her say in my moms room we can fuck on her bed. No idea who the guy is but he is nice looking and my s****r is sucking his cock. I have sucked my boy friend will NOT let him cum in me. I let me boyfriend cum in me on camera before, his ass cheeks get real tight, he just came in my s****r. Like before she starts sucking him and he looks to be fingering her. I had no idea how much my s****r liked sex and enjoyed sucking mens dicks. She does make sounds like I do some, and he cums inside her. The second guy who has cum in her and neother with a condom.

Getting Dirty

fetish freejack 2018-06-10

Her hair was still a veil across my face, blocking out everything else, but in my head I could picture her beautiful pink pussy. "Then I'm gonna lick it, and suck it, and bury my tongue deep inside it." I remembered her earlier words and added, "I'm gonna eat your dirty, nasty pussy until you cum all over my face." "If you want a shot at my pussy," she said, staring back at me from between her spread legs, "first you're gonna have to clean my ass." First, the slippery, wet lips of her pussy alighted on my jaw, and then she eased the rest of her body back until my face was completely enveloped in the crack of her ass.

What We Suck Besides Blood Ch. 03

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-06-09

Not quit knowing what to do, he rocked my neck around a little, gasping with pleasure as the new angles intensified the pleasure on new parts of his dick, then he pushed my head back, my throat greedily clinging to every centimeter that tried to escape, working hard to recapture him as he pulled out. I sucked too hard and too deep too fast, almost forcing my stomach into reverse as I let the giant ball burst my neck wide in a bulging display of grotesque nutlove, unthroating it with a dozen thick ropes of drool still clinging to it, joining my face to his sack, partners in crime.

In Sickness ... and in Lust

fetish eroticscribe 2018-06-09

This causes your slit to part slightly, and you feel the coolness of the air touching the heat of your inner lips. I lick you for a long time, teasing the inner folds of your wet and needing hole ...then pushing my tongue against the base of your clit, causing it to flick along the tip, then the bottom, of my tongue. You want more attention on your clit, but I continue the slow long licking, now stroking upward and downward through the wet furrow between your lips. I feel your hands reach down to squeeze my arms, still wrapped around your thighs, my fingers still holding your helpless cuntlips open for my oral massage of your most private parts.

Orgy At The End Of The World

fetish TheCompanion 2018-06-09

The women emerged entirely now from the dressing room, and he could see they were looking at him like a piece of meat. He had come here to hole up for a few days, maybe a few weeks, then eventually wither and die, or be eaten by the infected - but he had not expected to be devoured like this. The opening on his face was writhing harder, his nipples were being pulled harder, someone his anus was being passionately fingered and to top it off he was being fucked hard, fast and expertly. He roared in joy as he burst inside the woman astride him, his arse tightened round the finger as he came, the two women on top of him were rapidly being brought to orgasm by his tongue and his dick.

Katie, HJ Expert

fetish katiewhore 2018-06-09

Tossing the sunglasses aside I crawled across the seat like a prowling cat, and with one feel swoop ingested his whole cock down my throat, balls deep. Dale was making sounds from the back of his mouth, his breath coming in short bursts his ass clenching and unclenching, his hips thrusting up and down, trying to fuck the wasn't until I did this that I understood the idea of cum 'boiling' up in a guy's balls. No matter how hard she made me bleed, even if she finally followed through on the threat to take a shit on my face and tits...I needed to feel Dale's cock in my hands, in my mouth, maybe even in my sopping wet cunt, again.

Virgin used by the nurse

fetish flumpermunch 2018-06-09

when i got home i looked at my cock in the mirror my balls full with cum and my cock still oozing out precum in it's cage , i was confused an frightened but also horny as i needed to cum and i couldn't get the feeling of the older nurse with her gloves on touching my cock an the feeling of her licking my ass but all i could think of when i was trying to sl**p was her words "to tight for now but it will soon be ready for what i have in mind" well i might find out tomorrow when i gt to school early for my detention

His Mistress

fetish ImmortaleAmante 2018-06-09

He found himself staring into her cleavage, the tops of her breasts so enticing and she whispered slowly into his ear, her warm breath tickling his face, "I have a new game for you tonight, and I expect, as always, complete submission." As she pulled away he closed his eyes, licked his dry lips "Yes Mistress, I await your command" his voice was barely audible, raspy and full of desire. He imagined what it would be like to have those lips around his cock right now, to feel the hot wetness of her mouth as she began to suck, each time taking more of him into her mouth, her tongue flickering across its head, teasing his hole, her moans as she sucked harder, and harder.

Sorority Girl

fetish himbotobe 2018-06-09

"She strikes the perfect balance between demanding and encouraging." On lighter days the girls would go for about an hour, but most days Alexis wasn't coming home until 6:30 or even 7:00, getting out of work at 5 and spending around two hours at the gym. Kay was a simple, plain dresser, so Alexis didn't feel awkward around her in her now baggy, plain clothing and simple flats, but the two girls they met—Erica, a blonde, and Becky, a redhead—were dressed to the nines: form-fitting black dresses, sky high heels, and perfect makeup and hair. Alexis looked at her new hard-earned body in the mirror and then back at the old picture of her on her phone and couldn't believe how far she had come.

Sister In Law Catches Me

fetish fun4all6969 2018-06-09

Debbie slapped my cock hard with her hand and as I started cumming she pointed it toward my face to make sure the cum splashed in big pools as she kept fucking my ass. She handed me the dildo and snarled, "I am going to video you and I want you to look at the camera and tell me how much you want to suck all the cum off the big black dildo and how you wish it was a real cock."

Photo Finish

fetish kronan 2018-06-09

I am going to mess you up bitch, you just went over the line when you called me tubby again, just like you did when we were growing up, always picking on me, well the train stops at this station now." She reached down and grabbed Jenny's legs pulled her away from the table and rolled her over, standing over the prone woman she pulled up her skirt, she knelt down pinning Jenny's arms under her legs, reached out and grabbed some of the spaghetti from the floor and gave Jenny a complete, two hand face washing.

My Life

fetish jimhaullis 2018-06-09

I looked down as my cock felt different and when I moved that last friction shot me over the edge, and I started to cum. Now, Holly works in sales and has to dress professional and that means she has to wear pantyhose. Holly took a moment to gather her thoughts, "How long have you been wearing my pantyhose?" I couldn't look at Holly, "Okay, since were being honest, have you ever thought about another man?" I just wanted to divert some attention. I walked over to her night stand and grabbed the life like dildo that we purchased last week and then moved up on the bed my wife opened her legs, exposed her bare pussy.

Pantyhose fantasy for a friend.

fetish tonyhose 2018-06-09

You suggest we go to the bedroom and as you open the door, there, tied to the bed with some stockings and blindfolded is your girlfriend wearing just sheer pantyhose with the gusset cut out. As she lowers her head and begins to suck my cock through my pantyhose I carry on licking her now soaking wet pussy while you move behind her and position yourself to fuck her from behind. Pulling your cock out of the gusset of your pantyhose you begin to slide it into her sopping pussy over my tongue which is busy lapping at her clitoris.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 03

fetish NastyPierre 2018-06-09

Then I felt the pretty Indian lady's hand search for and quickly find a pinch of my buttocks. She stood with her hands once more on her hips and her chest thrust forward, daring me to look at it. I felt the string dig into the crevice of my behind and looked down to see the material stretch both into and away from my penis. Next, the secretary pulled from the box what looked like a giant fan, only it was a collar and though darker, matched the color of my new undies. Then again, I felt like a man in a fog so dense I couldn't see my hand in front of my face.

Shave & a Hard Fuck

fetish fiorebrilliante 2018-06-09

You sigh, zip, and open the stall door, still fumbling with your belt. A small, cream-colored hand grabs your half-fastened belt. Another pretty little hand smacks hard, palm-first, into your chest, pushing you back against the stall. You try to reach for me, to tangle your hands in my auburn hair, but I rap them with the belt. "I want you to service me," I explain, nodding "I have certain things with me that you will use, the way I tell you. You start to smile, and the belt cracks, this time on the side of your calf, which is exposed by your shorts. "I need to inspect your work." You hand me a compact mirror and I place between my thighs.

Nylon Temptation Ch. 02

fetish Bacomicfan 2018-06-09

While I know full well that Kelly isn't your typical mall addict, I still kidded her one sunny Saturday last month when she announced plans to zip on over to the local mall and "shop away the day." I used all the usual shopaholic quips and comments, asking her politely not to send us to the poorhouse, telling her that if she shopped too long and with too much conviction we might have to take out a second mortgage to pay for her spree. But as she left, purse in hand, I saw a little twinkle in her eyes, a look of "If only you knew." I wasn't sure if that meant I should worry about our finances or not, but I thought not.

Sex in University Library

fetish BiGuy-1993 2018-06-09

We decided we needed to take this somewhere more private to finish off what I started so I took my finger out of her pussy and made her taste it before we logged off our computers and headed for the toilet. My tongue had a mind of its own after the first taste of her pussy and as she grabbed the back of my head my tongue found it's way inside of her and she moaned loudly; if anyone was outside they definitely knew what we were doing now. I wrapped one hand around her mouth to quieten her moans and another grabbing a handful of hair as I gently pushed my way inside her tight pussy, stretching it slowly, feeling her breath against my hand as she tried to keep quiet.

Deepest Darkest Secret Ch. 03

fetish Jdms 2018-06-09

I stood there looking at Zoe as she began to raise her jumper over her head, my cock straining within my boxers as her gorgeous breasts were revealed. Is it common for them to become so aroused from modelling lingerie?" Zoe asked, whilst at the same time running her hand across my panties and straining cock. "And tell me, is it common for models to fuck their customers?" asked Zoe, looking up at me through the full-length mirror. I could feel the stockings I was still wearing against my jeans as I walked and I was sure that Zoe was beginning to feel my cum dribble out of her naked pussy.

Michelle's First Exam

fetish Dr Wellhung 2018-06-09

"Michelle, I am going to massage your legs now," the Doctor said while undoing the button of her pants. The bedroom was rather dark due to the fact that the only light was from the two candles and what came in from the adjacent room, but Dr. Wellhung also noticed what seemed to be a damp spot beginning there in the crotch of Michelle's panties. The Doctor hands moved further up now, above the elastic waistband of his patient's panties and slightly underneath her sweater, rubbing the warmed lotion into the muscles of her lower back. She was not aware of it but the Doctor did notice that as he was checking for nipple discharge his patient had gradually opened her legs and her hips were moving ever so slightly.

Kara's Seductive Thong

fetish Glacierjack 2018-06-09

I assume that you don't know who I'm talking about, I'm sure you all had one in your high school class: she was a little short, not too skinny, a nice pair of tits and an ass that really made your cock jump. I got her skirt off so she was laying on my bed with her pink bra exposed and laying with her legs slightly apart, her pussy separated from my eyes by a thong which would soon be on the floor. I couldn't believe I had wanted it so bad that morning and now I had her ready to be fucked, and the pussy soaked thong in my hands. I looked back at her pussy and a small drip of my cum was already starting to come out.

Four Little Fetish Blips

fetish RedHairedandFriendly 2018-06-09

Mike dropped to his knees and buried his mouth against the silk covered pussy and breathed deep the scent of his "daughter." The girl was no relation to him, but she was the fuck he wanted and when she turned 18, admitted she wanted to be "Daddy's little girl," he was driving into her. "Ohhh fuck me Dad!" Melanie screamed as her ass lifted from the table and her fingers wrapped around her lover's head. Mike drank her up, pulled and twisted his fingers in and out of her until she was screaming again for her Daddy to fuck her with his massive cock. Melanie gasped when her pussy was stretched to accommodate his dick and as she was fucking her Daddy Mike was swatting his little girl's ass all afternoon.

CFNM: A Love Story

fetish MikeWillMadeIt 2018-06-09

As Tim had recently learned, completion of the physical exam form by the school's appointed deadline was not merely a matter of administrative housekeeping -- in fact, his continued enrolment in law school was contingent upon it. Grasping it in her hands Cindy pulled the sheets tight, lessening the wrinkles and took a look: "Law School Physical Exam (Male)," it read. "Alright, Vern, Tim here needs a physical exam for law school," said Cindy looking mischievously down at her friend. Have a nice day.' There's know way he won't figure it out," quietly protested Veronica as the two nursing students milled about in the hall waiting for Tim to change.


Whoring My Wife Out

fetish Anal Slave 2018-06-09

I love to watch her make men do things; she will make them jack off in their hand. And then if they want to fuck her they have to eat their cum. Right before I cum I always tell Cindy I am going to cum and she places her lips around the head of my cock and sucks all my love nectar down her throat. This is my favorite thing to do with my wife, I love to suck my cum out of her pussy after I have cum in it. I also like to watch Cindy stick her tongue in some young studs asshole and they don't know what to do.

Breastfed by Becky

fetish CorsetCutie69 2018-06-09

A short time passed before they too were worked up and Mike laid Becky on their back deck and fucked her then and there. He just wanted to get his rocks off and when he finished dumping his load into her, he simply pulled out and walked into the house, leaving Becky laying on their back deck, frustrated and crying. Once I finished the lawn and put away the mower, I knocked on the door and waited for Becky to answer it. Every time that Mike left the house I was in her back yard either watching her sunbathe or making out with her. The next time that Mike left on the road, I ran to their house and found Becky crying on the living room floor.