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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish C 2018-06-09

I think it was in a club, but I cannot for the life of me remember the club, and I don’t...for some odd reason...want to ask Francie. Francie had long legs, longer than most women I knew, but on her it looked good. I think you’ve begun to want to take me to bed and make love to me, haven’t you, Jackie?” “Oh, God, Jackie, you are so-o good looking!” were Francie’s first words. I had two very nice looking breasts, firm, shapely, my nipples sticking out in my heat; below as a slim waist, a flat tummy, and a long, jumpy cock, just waiting for Francie.

Picking Dad Up from the Pub, needing Sex

fetish 2018-06-09

I get into the car and start up the engine, sit and wait for the car engine block to warm up, now I am feeling warm and open up the heavy duffel coat, soon my eyes fall on my strong muscular thighs and shapely calves, jogging is all the rage, and my small ass and tight shorts, make men want to fuck me, I smile at the thought, I'm such a fucking tease, a sex mad teenager thinking about cocks all the time, and my hand goes down to the thin hem of my chiffon chemise, and I move the hemline up an inch, and there she sits, my thin line of girlhood, unprotected and ready.

James' Transformation Ch. 1

fetish Dragonia 2018-06-09

Ling moved towards James and pulled a lever at the back of the chair, this caused the arm, leg and neck restraints to all come loose. The door behind him opened and Ling walked in, she had changed and now wore a very tight leather dress and very high platform heels. "We will have to get you dressed my dear" said Ling taking James' arm and walking him towards the door he cam in through. James stood there watching as Ling opened a box and pulled out some very small white silk panties that were in a G-string. Ling came up behind her, "one last thing", she said as she pulled out a chair for Jenny, "shoes".

The Lamp Ch. 05-06

fetish carvohi 2018-06-09

Mike thought he'd better check in with Genie, before he attempted what he wanted to try next. For the next several minutes Tammy remained n the dark, but she heard Mike open the trunk, and she could hear him make several trips from the car to somewhere. Aba daba hooter, and from this moment on we start our new future." Then he spoke the words she really wanted to hear, "Aba daba prize, restore Tammy to five inches short of her full size. Tammy gave Mike her cheeriest smile, "Any thing you want sweetie." Mike spoke, "Tammy why don't you step over to the dining room mirror and check out your new look."

A Fetish & Bondage New Year's Eve

fetish texashiker2003 2018-06-09

She slipped on the brief, crotchless panties that framed her neatly trimmed blond bush and gave his strong, warm hands easy access to her pussy at any time, the thigh high black hose that accentuated the toned shapeliness of her legs and thighs, and the shelf bra that presented her beautiful breasts and nipples as an inviting delicacy. Mark felt the tightness in his cock that comes only when Cindy has his motor racing, and he got off the bed and held her close while they kissed as only familiar, passionate lovers can. He kissed Cindy and said "Now, my sweet, I shall pleasure you." He pulled a set of restraints from the "fun kit" he brought, and her eyes lit-up as brightly as the Christmas bulbs outside their room.

About Dick Size and Cuckolding

fetish deborahsue 2018-06-09

Since my last essay about How To Have a Successful Cuckold Relationship was such a smashing success, and since most of the men who commented acknowledged that the were 'small' in the dick department, I thought it might be appropriate to talk a little about this subject. That is fine, but still I would love to suck on his small dick while feeling my lovers big cock thrusting deep into me. I love looking at him, watching him masturbating his small dick while I am creaming on a nice, big cock. A very close friend of mine whose husband also has a small dick once asked me about how Mark and I manage the cuckold lifestyle.


fetish mykaltrent 2018-06-09

"So you mean if I do this-" he wiggled his fingers in my face, "-You'll go insane with lust and be totally unable to resist my charms?" I laughed, grabbing his hand and pulling it out of my face. I kissed his palm, closing my eyes and playing with his fingers. Your fingers so beautiful and long and..." My voice faded as I looked down at my own scarred, uneven hands. You're actually starting to turn me on..." he said, staring down at his hand. I smiled, holding his hand up to my cheek and kissing his thumb. He ran his fingers lightly over my lips and I took hold of his hand. You know what I like?" he whispered, pushing his fingers deeper down my throat.

On a Dream Vacation

fetish SadisticSmut 2018-06-09

I didn't particularly like the way he was looking at Carly, but having such a beautiful girlfriend I'd gotten used to that feeling, and Arnie seemed nice enough. I was about to order another drink when Arnie asked, "Is Carly all right tonight?" Once I got in the room I started to realize those frantic screams sounded more like moans than cries for help. Arnie was fucking Carly on the bed she and I had shared last night. The girl I loved, sweating profusely, her body red from head to toe, tears of pleasure staining her face, the cock of another man she'd met only yesterday buried inside her. Arnie got off my girlfriend and grabbed his pants up from the floor right next to Carly's twisted up little panties.


fetish Piotr 2018-06-09

"Harvey is going to get a nice surprise tonight." Katarina smiled, eyes bright, pirouetted and then walked slowly across to the bed, where she lifted the stole and draped it over her naked shoulders. Steven placed the mug on the desk, walked to the double doors and opened them.  Unlike his mother's closet, the left-hand wall was not a row of furs stretching out fifteen feet, nor was the right wall. If I understood Katarina correctly, they are mainly fox stoles and jackets, correct?" Steve nodded, still looking at the reflected image, his mind frantic about what else his mum had said and how detailed it had been.

Cum On Inn Ch. 01

fetish CheriSM 2018-06-09

The guests had booked the exhibition room and had asked for both Steve and Isabel to join them. Isabel was stroking Steve through his pants, his cock hard from thinking about what was to come. When Isabel stood, bent over and began fingering her ass and pussy, Steve thought he had never seen a sexier sight. She rode his cock as fast as she could, repeatedly hitting her g-spot as Steve plunged his fingers into her ass. Steve was afraid he was going to shoot his load as well and still wanted to have her wrap her tight ass around his cock. Steve withdrew his cock, shooting his cum across Isabel's ass.

Sammy's Panties

fetish wordyone 2018-06-09

However she helped me to find my own place to live and within a handful of days I was making my way with my new landlord up the stairs to the shared apartment in which I would reside. I asked the landlord about the large double room that was to be vacated by Elena and Francisco and I was encouraged to discover that it was only a little more money than the small room I was renting. I relocated to the larger room and I had been living there for a month or so when I received an email from the landlord informing me we were to have a new flat mate who would rent the little room that I had vacated.

Milk Sow Ch. 04

fetish InYourDreams 2018-06-09

Perhaps even long afterwards there would still be a blue round ghost image, and perhaps if Ben, or anyone else who knew her secret, should lift her skirt and show her mark to any stranger, then this stranger would learn her secret too; and although she would protest, although she would know nothing about this stranger, yet she would automatically be forced to accept his authority over her and afford him the right to treat her as a sow. It will fade over time very slowly, but even months after leaving this place people will still be able to discern your mark and know you were once a sow temporarily registered at a dairy farm." He grinned at her as he watched the hot flush sweep across her face and knew he had hit home on her thoughts.

Saturday Ride

fetish LaceyEdwards 2018-06-09

With their mingled cum glistening on her lips, Laci reached behind Scott's head and brought his mouth to hers so they could taste, together, their love juices. As the stream slowed and the last few drops fell, Laci realized she had nothing to wipe with, but Scott was already on his knees in front of her and, before she quite realized what he intended, like a thirsty puppy he began to lick her dripping pussy, tasting both salty piss and sweet cum. Bringing his tongue back to her clit, Scott massaged and licked it in alternating circles and strokes while thrusting his fingers into her slippery, tight cunt.

Journal of a Chastity Slave

fetish Sub_Leo 2018-06-09

When I approached her feeling happier than I've felt in ages, she laughed slyly, "I know we agreed that I give you the key today, but I've changed me mind. Without saying a word, she positioned her feet around my locked cock and began flipping it around to tease me some more, flicking her big toe to inflict light pain into my balls and shifting her weight forward onto the cage, as if demonstrating her obvious power over me. Noticing my unwavering attention, Jackie smiled teasingly and brought her foot to my cage, scraping the head of my hardened penis through the peehole of the cage with the nail on her big toe.

I Don’t Want to Know

fetish WFEATHER 2018-06-09

I know it's strange, but I really do want to do this." "I know," he said, finally looking into my eyes, trying to find the answers to his unspoken questions. When I was finished, I leaned forward to set the empty glass upon the coffee table, then leaned back into his strong chest, closing my eyes, waiting... "I'm sure most guys would love to have this chance presented to them," I said softly, reaching up to caress his cheek. I remember being carried to the bedroom, being gently set upon the bed, and a tear of fear trickling from my left eye as he reached for one of the leather cuffs we always kept chained to the bedposts.

Recollections 1 Jo and Brenda

fetish sarahslips 2018-06-09

I instantly noticed that I could see the best part of 2 inches of bright white slip dropping down beneath her dark blue pleated school skirt at the back. Each day of the week Brenda arrived at school showing her slip. This she adjusted before the start of the school day only for the slip to put in an appearance after morning break and disappear in the afternoon. (She arrived without a slip show and by the end of the lesson 2 inches were showing.) At the end of the school lesson the slip was still on display only to disappear during mid morning break. Brenda's slip was still showing when we left the last lesson of the day.

a very hairy girl 2

fetish girlsluver 2018-06-09

I've learnt from earlier experiences with hairy girls that those pussy hairs can capture her smell very good! I started eating her out and my whole mouth was filled with her long pubic hairs, i sucked on her fur and tasted it, those hairs had been wet and against her pussy all day, and she tasted sooo good.... Getting a huge turn on out of this I started my job by licking the cum soaked girlfur above her pussy, wich she seamed to enjoy a lot, since she encouraged me by holding my head and rubbing her fingers through my hair

Linda and Jenna

fetish sensualpen 2018-06-09

I told her, "Jenna the current medical guidelines are to include a proctological examination of your colon in the first physical exam past the age of 35." When Jenna came into the examining room I positioned her on the table for her pelvic exam. It was a picture of a long auburn haired model who had nice round breasts, a very tight ass and a fully shaven pussy. It was well shaped and her ass cheeks separated at the base of her crack enough to leave a nice space in her crotch leaving her pussy lips very visible as they protruded downward between her thighs. Joe added, "Hey Linda, this picture looks a lot like this girl Jenna I just interviewed for a job in my office today.

Melissa's Fantasy Vacation

fetish PhilCanyon 2018-06-09

As soon as Ralph left, Melissa reached down and grasped Henri's half-hard cock in his pants, bringing a gasp from the surprised man. Several minutes later, with his hands on her shoulders, she felt him stiffen his body and his cock twitched hard and she thought for a moment that he was ready to cum so she pulled her mouth away and looked up to see him staring toward the front door. Why thank you, Ralph," she said as he walked past her to deliver the whiskey into the kitchen and as soon as he disappeared around the corner, Melissa pulled Henri's hot cock from her leg and back into his slacks and with a loud "zipppp" he was all covered up.

one of our many regular weekends

fetish we_like_xxx 2018-06-09

oh my god, her tongue flicking over my clit, and Elliots cock in and out of my ass and the building stages aproaching, i grabbed the other girls head in a 'keep doing what your doing way' and then as i peaked i sprayed my hot squirt all over her face and colthes, it was so intence the clenching f***ed Elliots rock like cock from my ass, as the last squirt left my cunt, elliot was back in there, now her was doing the pounding..

Cleaning Sally

fetish loyalsock 2018-06-09

'You need to eat me out' Sally said, 'you need to suck all your sperm out from inside of me to clean me properly, if you only wipe it will gradually dribble out this afternoon at work.' I looked at Sally incredulously as I realized what she wanted me to do. Slowly I moved over towards her hairy pussy and with just the tip of my tongue lapped at a small globule of sperm, which was trapped in the dark, matted pubic hair above her clit. I poked out my tongue and was f***ed to lick the whole length of her slippery pussy, at the same time taking in a mouthful of my salty come diluted with her love juices.

The Hairem Pt. 04: Promotion

fetish HairAddict67 2018-06-09

I ended up deciding with Nicole, remembering how thick her hair looked and loving the idea of it wrapped around my cock. Do you want to fuck my mouth and then cum on Miss Wilson's hair?" I was surprised at Nicole's eagerness, but managed to respond with "Sure!" Instantly I felt her warm mouth around my member and I placed my hand on the back of her head. "And like I said, I'm sure at least one of them would be willing to receive a hair treatment from you." She then got up and turned off the T.V. I opened my eyes to be able to confirm, and sure enough, my mother's head was bobbing up and down, my cock buried in her mouth.

Corrupting Amber Ch. 01

fetish GuyintheTV 2018-06-09

However, as I sat on the bed looking at her, those beautiful brown eyes gazing lovingly into mine, I suddenly felt a wave of guilt sweep over me. Wouldn't you?" She asked, unaware of how silly and frankly insulting it was going to sound to ask my angelic, straight-A girlfriend to pretend to be 'bad' just to satisfy a fantasy that I didn't truly understand myself. I feel bad that you felt like you couldn't talk to me about this," she explained, surprising me with the lack of judgment or shaming and making me feel guilty about not giving her more credit from the beginning. Instead of facing you and telling you the truth I wanted to avoid having to feel that shame.


fetish isuktoes 2018-06-09

Today the rest of the class had undergone their regular checkup, but two girls with severe symptoms had been kept behind.The girls, Alice and Pasha, wore white shirts, grey pleated skirts, blue ties, white socks and black shoes. The student doctor moved over to one side, and Miss Anita was asked to help Alice pull down her panties. Miss Anita, obeying the doctor and nurse blindly, pulled the panties down to Alice's knees. Everybody in the room, Dr. Rajan, Ashok, Pasha and Miss Anita all stared at her small white firm breasts as Alice quivered and tears rolled down her cheeks. Dr. Rajan watched Miss Anita lasciviously as she bent the girl over the bed and raised up her skirt.