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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

She was mad at him, but now I make her wet....

fetish Lateshay 2018-06-09

hey there girl, i gotta tell u this saucy story as i know u like ppl to comment u, i was watchin u strip on 1 of ur videos and was real horny and decided to stroke my bulging piece thinkin i was on my own, how little did i know that my girlfriend had walked in to see me close to cumming whilst watching u. to my utter surprise it turned her on and decided to giv me the best blow job i,ve ever had, then we had the hottest sex ever whilst watchin u on screen shaking ur gorguos tits, she even allowed me to fuck her ass, it was great but the whole time i was burying my cock in her pussy, i was thinkin of u, u one sexy girl, keep them videos goin as it,s dun wonders for my sex life girll, xx

All in the Family Ch. 05

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-06-09

"You've got to see this scene," Holly said picking up the remote with her only hand then crossing her legs leaving an ankle resting over a knee. "Do you mean the prosthetic arm?" Alex watched as she played with the hook with her fingers then looked slowly up at Holly nodding. The short stump occasionally moved back and forth as he held a glass of whiskey in one hand and looked at the others, who were both missing their left legs - Jack more so than Nick. Thelma pulled away and teasingly said, "She's trying to talk me into having the other leg off AND my stump gone too." "Don't you think my old man would look sexy with one leg?" Alex's voice was suggestive and deep.

Gabriella's Glorious Footjob

fetish psychopornauthor 2018-06-09

The guy's eyes searched the darkness of his bedroom walls for images of Gabby's soft, white feet wrapped around his hard, tan cock. Slowly falling asleep, he stroked and jerked his penis with eyes closed, as he imagined the arches of Gabby's feet slick with oil, jerking his cock to orgasm. Gabriella pulled out her phone, and typed for a few seconds, but the guy didn't mind that her attention was slightly elsewhere, especially since her supple white soles, arches, and toes were causing the bulge in his pants to grow to the extent of becoming completely noticeable; the night before, he had hoped Gabby would notice his hard cock bulging in his shorts, which is why he wore such loose boxers.

Tammy's Panties Ch. 4

fetish pantyperv 2018-06-09

"Pete I wouldn't go along with this if it meant hurting you or Tammy," Maria said with a comforting look. First, whenever we play our games I must be dressed in Tammy or Maria's panties. "It looks like someone has gotten started a little early this morning," she said as she rubbed her long slender fingers along the length of my dick. I wanted it to stop, but between Tammy's hand rubbing my dick and the site of Maria stroking Jimmy I just couldn't say anything. I want you to say that you want to watch Maria fuck Jimmy's big cock," Tammy said as she squeezed my dick. He rubbed his cock along the crotch of Maria's panties a couple of times and she came again.

Mandy's Kink

fetish slyc_willie 2018-06-09

Suddenly, Mandy, still on her knees, grabbed my hips, half-turning me to her, and dove for my cock, sucking the head into her mouth just as my urine gushed powerfully from my dick. Urinating was always, essentially, a pleasurable act, but the fact that Mandy was sucking the piss out of my dick, massaging my hissing cock with her lips and tongue, gulping my urine down as quickly as it filled her mouth, made it feel like a long, sweet, incredibly satisfying orgasm. "Oh, shit, I've never been so turned on," I said as my sister slowly worked the head of my cock inside her, easing back and forth a little.

For Her Pleasure

fetish dorisregazo 2018-06-09

She looked good he thought, sexy even; he had not seen her dressed like that before. He thought about it for a minute and then, said "OK" and went to sit in the chair. He kissed some more, moving gradually up and down her leg between her knee and the hem of her skirt. But he could still feel her warm legs around his neck and across his shoulders, the feel of her nylons on his face and the incredible taste of her. She pushed her hands up under his panties and eased them over his cock and down his legs. He could feel the smooth skirt and cool silky nylons and he could feel her strong hands on his cock and balls, which still ached a little.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 11

fetish NastyPierre 2018-06-09

My hands twitched with the rest of my body and my throbbing hard-on drooled like a teething baby, but in a salute this woman had come to expect. When I spotted her left hand moving closer I pushed my pelvis forward, and in her favorite way, she grabbed my left testicle with her thumb and index finger. With my lover holding my testicle so high in the air I felt like a freshly caught fish that continued fighting playfully, uselessly, or was it panic? I felt one of her soft hands land gently on my back, and its long delicate fingers skim the surface of my skin, causing goosebumps over my entire body.

The Milk Maid

fetish eliasrotica3 2018-06-08

I'd tried all the chain hotels and several big conventions in town had booked all the rooms. It wasn't until her lips slipped over my cock that I really pulled myself out of the confusion of the dream to realize that someone was in bed with me. I felt my cum in her mouth as her tongue swept around my cock head. I felt her pull my boxers back over my soft cock before she slipped out of the bed. Mrs. Patty served a big breakfast and I sat down at the dining room table with a few other men and women who were staying at the inn.

Discovering watersports 6 and last

fetish 2018-06-08

Quite how we got to this point in the evening I’m not sure, but there she is in my sitting room, definitely in a taxi-home state and showing no signs of going. Anna’s dad and I tried pissing games in a very small way for a few years before he was killed, I guess you were too young to notice. “Then today I just put two and two together – all that washing on the line when we got back from York, the smell of the dining room when I called this morning brought back memories, Anna’s hair in a right state - you’d never usually let it get like that – and the way you blushed and were on edge this morning.

Spring Break Footjob

fetish toelover1974 2018-06-08

He introduced himself as Mark and told me that he was also heading to the Bahama Islands even though it was not Treasure Cay. We were going to be on a plane for several hours together so we started out making a little small talk about our lives and things like that. I then pulled one foot off Mark's lap, lifted my leg up, pointed my toe which was now about ½ inch away from his lips and offered, "Do you want to kiss em? While Mark was eating my ass out, I pulled off Kelly's slit and directed him, "Use one of your hands to rub my clit...yea, just like that." Once he hit my spot I continued, "Keep it right there.

Roshni Ch. 01

fetish ab_man_nz 2018-06-08

She was a fantastic kisser, her dark lips parting to reveal a pink tongue: she tasted sweet, and we lay naked on her bed kissing for half an hour. When she felt my tongue teasing through the lush, feathery hair of her armpit, Roshni gave a groan of pleasure. Roshni's groan became more urgent, and suddenly, she turned over, her eyes dark with desire, and pulled my face into her tangled bush. I did it doggie-style, my cock disappearing into that dark thatch of hair, my hands caressing that hairy butt, my hands sliding under her cup-cake breasts, through the damp hair of her armpits, along her downy arms. She lay on the bed: her gorgeous body, dark skin against white sheets, naked, watching me as I got dressed.


fetish 2018-06-08

I see her eyes close and feel her pussy getting even tighter and knowing that an orgasm is so close I start to move my cock in and out of her a little faster. Feeling her starting to spasm I continue to fucking her pulling my cock almost completely out of her pussy so just my head is in and the pushing it all the way back in her. I realize I don’t have a condom on, and start to object and pull my cock out to put a condom on, but she puts her legs back around my waist and holds on tight and says place fill me with your cum.

Abased and Humiliated

fetish English Bob 2018-06-08

"Hmm, sounds like a hard week!" said the bar tended as he flipped the top off the beer bottle and placed it in front of Mike together with a small glass of whisky. As he began to force his shaft into the tight passage, Mike could see Wendy now pulling the front of her husband's panties down to expose his small erection. As he reamed her tight nether hole, Mike watched over Wendy's shoulders as she took her husband's small cock into her mouth and began the same deep throat technique that he himself had been treated to earlier. Watching Danny's small, and now limp dick, slide over Wendy's lips and out of her mouth, was too much for Mike to stand.

Mistress Jones Ch. 01

fetish TF2123 2018-06-08

"I was going to let you lick my feet, but I don't think you deserve that yet," she said, teasing me by dangling her right foot centimetres from my face. I am no more than lowlife scum, I don't deserve to massage your beautiful feet with these filthy hands, please!" I begged, kneeling down completely as if worshipping her like a goddess. I took hold of her arch and started to roll her toes in a circular motion, I remember seeing this in a foot massage video, it worked because I noticed Miss Jones give a soft moan and I suddenly felt her foot relax in my hand. Once I was finished massaging her small, cute toes for a fourth time, I placed her oily foot onto my spread out shirt and patted it dry firmly.

Wife's Cocksucker

fetish Her Own Slave 2018-06-08

"Suck it, whore, swallow that cock!" She pushed my head down again, making me deep-throat the ten inch weapon and causing me to gag again, "After he fucks your face, cocksucker, he's going to rape your asshole. "As a matter of fact, while I'm forcing you to suck this hard-on, the other two men will jerk off in front of you so they can cum on your face." She shoved my head forward again, making that huge cockhead penetrate deeply inside so that my throat was bulging around it. Imagine what the people at the photo place will think when the see pictures of you, tied down with a cock in your mouth and loads of sperm dripping off your face." As she said this, I felt hands roughly spread my ass cheeks apart and pull the butt plug out of my tight hole.

Natural Born Ch. 03

fetish a real jrkoff 2018-06-08

I inhaled the stiff toe reinforcement and was rewarded with a vinegary odor that made my skin tingle and form gooseflesh. "Stop it! "Stop it! "Stop it! I felt the toe of her black leather shoe prod my nose as she told me to get up of the floor. Be a man and stop acting so foolish." you thought you would beat it so you wouldn't be a pervert with Ms. Douglas' underwear? I was very aware of the heavy ashtray pulling on my balls and reminding me of yesterday's naughtiness. The morning went well, though and despite a very stiff boner that kept bumping into things and making her giggle, I was a gentleman.

David's Friend Shoshanna's Party

fetish Thorilla 2018-06-08

" You can feel me if you want to," said a voice above me and I watched in wonderment as she lifted her dress above her knees to reveal more of her pure white net petticoat. I couldn't quite get my head around the fact that I was lying on the floor with Mrs Mason's shoes only inches from my face surrounded by six young eighteen year olds wearing very girly flared party dresses. I felt on tenterhooks as her thighs eventually straddled my dick, I just wanted to squirt inside her but instead I had to watch her sliding and bouncing up me even further She eventually straddled my chest with her knees resting on my shoulders and her dress and petticoat hems tickling my chin.

Nurse Karyn

fetish Madabouthair 2018-06-08

I suspected that Karyn would likely have an abundance of body hair, basing that on her bushy eyebrows and the faint swirl of down around the front of her ears, and while I knew that there wasn't any way I was going to ever find out, it was fun to use my imagination as we interacted. Maybe I'm getting senile at 60, or perhaps being lonely was part of it, but the fact was that I had a raging erection from looking at Karyn's shoulder muscles ripple and the jungle of dense black hair that filled the deep pocket of her armpit which was so close to my face.

Three Legged Beach Fun

fetish rrspence2002 2018-06-08

It was summer when Fern and Don first met and both well remember the day at the beach in August when they sensed a strong bond and understanding and knew that they were falling in love. Now, with no left leg, Fern would typically, and this afternoon was no exception, wrap her right leg tight around Don's back and use it as a vice to keep her locked on to Don's cock as tightly as possible. But Fern, lying on her tummy feeling the strength and love ooze from Don's fingers, and Don, gently stroking and adoring his wonderful Mate, feeling his cock growing strong, were both looking forward to the real reason for their visit to Their Beach.

Coed Blowjob Buddies

fetish BuckyDuckman 2018-06-08

They're getting a work-out tonight!" Allison finished reading the question, looked at Bethany and asked, "A or B?" "Wait, you'll let a guy fuck you up the ass, but you've never given a blow-job?" Wendy asked, trying to make sense of the redhead's answer. "I used to give random guys I met at work hand-jobs in the parking lot." Bethany had known Allison since orientation week. Even in here." Looking past Bethany, Allison gave Keith a big smile and waved him over. Bethany couldn't see Allison grabbing the front of his jeans but she saw how Keith's smile dropped when his eyes went wide with surprise. "Are we sure that's okay with Bethany?" Keith asked wide-eyed girl with the curly red hair sitting across from him.

First Blowjob

fetish sgtangel1 2018-06-08

We settled down in the tent for a d***ken slumber when she snuggled up to me. It was her boyfriends name.She was either asl**p or in a d***ken stupor, or even playing me to get at it. She kisses the head much like she did my torso on her way down. Using the same, sweet, partly opened peck with her mouth she kisses the head. This time not stopping but opening her mouth further, letting my dick slide into her mouth. I revel in my own d***kenness and the warm moist haven of her mouth. I spurt again, the rest of my seed rests on my belly. I retrieve my pants and fall into a slumber myself.

15 Advance to the a****l,

fetish alibodge 2018-06-08

She could hear him panting now, Mary telling him to “fuck the bitch Joe” then Brian pushing him forward; “D” pushed backwards attempting to get more cock into her hungry sex, she relaxed at Mary`s instruction and the prick slid in further, deep inside against the walls of her cervix, with a bang each stroke hit the inner wall the thing piston`ed into her, she began to moan loudly, oh so loudly, it felt like nothing that had happened to her ever before. Brian put out the dog to the run, Mary helped “D” up to the shower, the attitude seemed to have changed, she peeled off her collar and the water helped her back to the real world, as she had promised patty all those hours ago she did not wash out her sex, she dressed, her breasts tender in the bra now her body still just seeping cum, into her trousers, she never saw her knickers again.

When no better word than profane language applies

fetish ILoveBigBush 2018-06-08

No matter how hard I fucked her - and, I must admit, I was so into fucking this 18-year-old Amazon, that I was really going to town - her cunt flaps formed an hard-as-iron yet creamy as lotion fuck ring around my cock. That big 'ol clit and hood in grand prominence, Julie spreads her hood with her right index and ring fingers and sweeps my glans two or three times over her clitorus. Long plunges of her gorgeous pussy up and down every inch I have to offer her alternated with grinding back and forth strokes with my cock balls deep inside of her. Knowing my body (and now hers) so well, I knew that it would take no more than 5 slow plunges along that pleasure ridge to bring me to sweet orgasm with this 18-year-old beauty.

Reformatory Girls Ch. 13

fetish escalus 2018-06-08

And having witnessed the letter Karen Frayn was forced to write, Miss McCloud is glad that she allowed things to continue, despite the degradations the girls were obliged to suffer. Inside Miss Lucy's Consulting Room Miss McCloud asks Clare to remove her skirt and knickers and lie on the couch. "Miss McCloud," says Miss Lucy, looking the Warden straight in the eye without blinking: "the girls I shave are often sexually frustrated. Miss McCloud puts the box of itching powder into her own pocket, and Rebecca Lucie, Miss Lucy still to all the girls, slowly and resentfully raises the hem of her Uniform Dress over her shoulders.