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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Bachiko the Grappler Ch. 02

fetish KatieTay 2018-06-08

Kaito followed Bachiko until out of nowhere, a spry old lady in a business suit came around the corner, flanked by two muscly female bodyguards dressed in tank tops and camou pants, and wearing military-style boots. Kaito knew that he was now looking at one of the most powerful executives in all of Japan, if not all of the world, fussing and cooing like a kindly grandmother over his girlfriend (2 days and counting). As she ate while standing, he rubbed the mildly fragrant oil into her muscles, feeling as if he was about to ejaculate into his underwear as he ran his hands over every inch of Bachiko's sleek body. "Is that more or less exactly what it sounds like?" In response, Bachiko quickly and effortlessly scooped Kaito up in her arms.

Shireen's Story Part 2

fetish altaff143 2018-06-08

"Jaan, you need to pay a lot more attention to me," Shireen replied, suggestively rubbing her hands over her breasts and crotch, "I could easily get used to treatments like Hernan every other day!" "Enjoy your treat, my good man, Kerri is a terrific fuck," Hernan remarked, "I imagine Shireen is enjoying her anniversary as well as she can without you; I sure am feeling like a winner." "Since you are close to another anniversary we were hoping that you two would be a big hit at our event," Kerri explained things, "and from what actually happened Shireen did make a big impact as most of the guys have never been with a South Asian female before."

Chloe in Prison Ch. 02

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-06-08

I could feel a very gentle movement between my legs, but I forgot whose hand was touching me: Rose was right: man, woman, what did it matter if it felt good? Rose was getting really worked up now: I let my hand fall over her mound with my middle finger sunk down over her clit and began to rotate, round and round, building her up, bringing her closer and closer – until suddenly she thrust her pelvis up and down, groaning and making the bed tremble, crashing one of her knees against the cell wall over and again as she was seized by a thunderclap of an orgasm.

Son's Ex-Wife

fetish chuckp7860 2018-06-08

Rolling the other one in her fingers and then I felt one of her hands reach down and straight inside my underwear and grab hold of my cock. I thought that was about it and I knew I couldn't last much longer but she seemed to make sure I watched her slip her finger inside her mouth and then I felt it go and rub around my ass hole and I guess I gave some of it a way as I lifted up slightly and moaned in pleasure as her soft finger rubbed against my ass hole. I guess she knew something was fixing to give way since I said, "If you keep this up any longer I was cumming", and she pulled my cock slowly from her mouth and her finger from my ass and smiled at me.

Why I'd love a Masturbatrix (I think)

fetish 2018-06-08

to be honest there are only a handful of sexual experiences that clearly stick in my mind and they all seem to be a long time ago. But I knew it was just her way of trying to get my attention, I played it cool, carried on watching the film, enjoying the feeling of my growing excitement. As soon as I sat down she pounced using every trick she knew, and it wasn't long before I I could feel the almost uncontrollable tingling, the tightening of my balls and then she did the cruelest thing ... Eventually she knew the time was right, she sat back from me and workiong her hand faster and faster she carried on until I exploded.

my barn house

fetish rangerdee 2018-06-08

Im about to cum and I tell you to take all of Daddys dick in you mouth deep down your throat. I slap it again an tell you your Daddy is going to make you cum enough that you want need to play with your pussy . Im trying to sl**p late the next day and You come in and start Jumping on the bed and telling me that you want to go for a walk around our place. I rap my arms under your legs and grab your ass and just start lifting you up fucking you so hard . I tell you to play with your wet pussy an see if you can fist your pussy while Daddy fucks your ass!

A 50s Tryst

fetish necronyms 2018-06-08

She pulled the brocade pin from her tresses and long, neat waves of hair fell like cascading gumballs through a parlour machine. She lay, despondent across his warm, full lap, and felt him lift the silk brocade of her robe to reveal her round, perky bottom peeking beneath her girdle. Though once apathetic toward the idea, she felt the strong, firm shape of his hand cupping the heated, throbbing shape of her backside, and then lift with quickness. She dug her sharp red nails into his brown trousers 'round his calve and bit into her bottom lip so many times that little beads of blood formed beneath her perfectly white teeth.

I was my husband's Boss's, office fuck s

fetish Fridagirl 2018-06-08

That truly is a problem when you fuck a woman, you continue to fuck her, long after you have departed, I knew it then even if my husband did not, I was his bosses slut, his good time girl to fuck whenever he got a hard-on during office hours, and of course his baby making machine, and that folks is why I am divorced, and writing fuck stories for you guys to wank off to.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

fetish yummymess 2018-06-08

She pulled out two pieces of bread, holding one in her hand held out flat, she began spreading on the peanut butter, slowly, almost sensually. Laura ran her hands over her breasts and then placed the peanut butter and jelly pieces about as far apart on the counter as her nipples were. She took a deep breath, and then slowly leaned forward on to the counter, letting her breasts rest on top of her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She spread her legs and slid her right hand under the black lace of her thong to begin caressing her pussy lips covered in slippery grape jelly.

Dearest Phil

fetish bubbles94 2018-06-08

"You're a real whore aren't you?" I bob down on your dick again and you moan again "But you're so damn good." The next time I'm gagging on your dick you grab my by the hair and push me even farther in, dragging my head around a bit so my throat muscles really massage your thick hardness. When you orgasm, when your juices spill, it'll be for me and my enjoyment." I stop sucking you long enough to respond, "Yes master." "Good little slut. This feels sooo good.....omg...fuck I keep cumming...fuck...I can't stop...I just keep cumming...master....I've had enough...I can''t...anymore...I..can't...please..." You pay no attention to my mumbling and keep making me convulse. "Yes, master." "Good, now..." I feel the soft tip of your dick probing the opening to my ass.

Rebecca's summer vacation (By: Jarvis80)

fetish 2018-06-08

"Oh God was good to me today, I came here to do an egg hunt and I think I found the Easter bunny's best gift, a young girl who's about to have her asshole stretched apart hehe." I begin to f***e my way done her ass, I grab her hair and yank her a bit as I enter. Mommy and Daddy won't even know why you think of a****ls different now." I keep pounding her ass like a monster, her face is so wet, her ass is fucking red, I even begin to smack her ass cheeks but not too loudly since I don't want to be in trouble. "Yes just like that be a good girl for daddy now" I begin to enter her ass again but I notice her asshole a bit more stretched out now.

Our First Bi-Foursome

fetish 2018-06-08

Becky, being half d***k, said that Sophie had told her that I liked to eat creampies and that I had a big amount of cream I could put in the pie. I ask Sophie if she is enjoying Gary’s thick cock and she tells me yes and she then told me she wanted me to eat his cum out of her pussy when they were done. I kept looking at Sophie fuck Gary’s thick cock and it drives me over the edge and I tell Becky to get ready for my big load of cum. Becky starts to milk my cock with her pussy, she tells me she can feel my cock head getting bigger and she knows I'm about to cum.

Cave of Filth

fetish Scatella2008 2018-06-08

Her anus was dirtied because Denise had already slid fingers inside, immediately feeling the clay-like fullness of an immense fecal mass filling Megs's rectum. Her fucking was furious now as she rammed her massive dildo into the other woman's filth-packed rectum, her hand moving down, around, all over, soiling Megs's stockings, her blouse, her white bra, her skin, leaving brown streaks and splotches and smudges everywhere, 'marking' Megs excitedly with her own stinking fecal wastes. Denise's rough dyke girl-cock power, the 10 inches of thick dildo pounding furiously into the depths of Megs's bowels left Megs howling and shaking, sweating and panting and, finally, yet another time losing control of her bladder as she pissed uncontrollably once more, splashing urine over herself, on the bed, even on Denise, the spill and acrid aroma of her urine now added to the mess and earthy stench of her shit.

Kim, Danny & Mark

fetish Drakon66 2018-06-08

Kim kept busy gardening all morning so she wouldn't be thinking about Danny coming home, Mark's mammoth cock or even Janet's sexy hosed body. Mark was stroking her right thigh as Danny's hand raised her skirt and moved over her left ass cheek. Before either of them could respond, Kim took Danny's throbbing member into her mouth as deep as it could go while pumping her fist up and down Mark's now fully erect shaft. "You look so hot in those pantyhose baby, now stick that big cock of yours in me," Kim said then went back to sucking Mark off. "Mmmmmmmmmmm," Kim moaned around Mark's throbbing cock as Danny slid into her until his balls touched her clit. Mark and Danny took turns teasing Kim by fingering her pussy or sucking her erect nipples.

Dominated By Ebony Tenant

fetish eatmebeatmeguy 2018-06-08

She was holding my thighs again as she started grinding her ass and pussy in my face. If you can fix this without cumming while I stroke your little cock, then I'll let you cum on my ass. I decided to focus on the repair and not think about her strong black hand rubbing my little white cock. I made the repair pretty quickly without cumming, but I didn't want the hand job to stop, so I continued fiddling with the drain. She started moving her hand faster and harder and when I felt as if I was going to cum, I yelled, "OK, THE SINK IS FIXED". "Ready for your punishment?" she asked as she took her cum covered hand and put it over my mouth and nose.

Sniffing a Teen's Butt

fetish panteeluvr 2018-06-08

With no one around us I stuck my face under her skirt again and sniffed her sweaty ass as I reached through a leg hole and began tugging my hard penis. I had just began to wonder what to do when she reached behind her and grabbed the leg of her panties and pulled, obviously to get rid of the wedge that was obviously up her bum crack making her uncomfortable. I leaned back a little and took in the sight of her cotton covered bum, smelling it on my finger, bringing me close to orgasm. I decided to look at her budding boobies and sniff her sweaty bum as I came, so I leaned forward and stared down her dress and sniffed my finger.

Daddy gave me a Black Man to play with.

fetish 2018-06-08

It was too much, I needed to feel release, 'Make him lick me daddy', I groaned in pent up sexual frustration, my knees drawn back and open, as daddy bent forward and pressed his mouth to mind, and f***ed his tongue inside, where I sucked on it like I did when I was nine, all the time feeling my panties being pulled down as if in slow motion, the the heat of his breath and his pink tongue finally made contact with my cunt, 'Oh daddy', I groaned from my very soul, as I clung around his neck, I was cumming with the black man's tongue in my cunt, I was squirting into his face and mouth, and he was lapping and swallowing, all the time my daddy was watching as his little girl lost control of her bodily functions.

Femdom Blue

fetish smutnut 2018-06-08

"What do you think, Gertrude," the cute little Latina officer asked her. What did I..?" Before I could finish, Gertrude stepped forward almost knocking her little Latina partner over in an attempt to open the driver side door to my car and pull me out by the elbow. Or let me ask you another way, would you like to have a little fun with us or would you rather my partner and I bust you for public indecency so you have to register as a sex offender and explain this whole mess to your girlfriend?" Officers Lopez and Grunt pulled me out of the backseat of the squad car. We don't want to be known as a couple of cock teases." Officer Lopez winked at her partner.

Who Says Marriage is Dull Ch. 05

fetish Mistress Blue 2018-06-08

Brian got one of the strippers to do a lap dance for him and he asked Rachel to help out. “We should try to get that out before it stains.” Brian started unbuttoning Rachel’s dress revealing her generous breasts in her black lace bra. Rachel’s dress was opened to her navel and both Brian and Billy pulled her bra down so that her big tits would spill over. Billy kissed Rachel on the mouth while Brian sucked and bit her tits. Brian was pounding his cock into Rachel’s pussy as Billy fucked her face. Brian grabbed me by the arm and said, “Let’s go buddy.” Billy had his arm around Rachel and they were laughing as he led her across the casino floor to the elevators.

gloryhole adventure

fetish ballin420 2018-06-08

i got on my knees, removed his hand, and started sucking on his big piss covered cock. as he sucked my cock, i turned my head around to notice that his cock was shooting a big stream of piss all over the floor. both headed to the urinals, they noticed the piss all over the floor, and then each man changed direction, going into the 2 stalls to the left and the right of us. the man in my stall was still blowing the gloryhole cock when i told him i was about to cum. after i emptied my cock, the other man went right back into his blowjob, sucking off all my cum from the other dick.

Piano Lesson

fetish Sirnookieofspunkalot 2018-06-08

As I play you begin to stroke my cock and move your head close to my ear........I can feel you breathing on my ear and you tell me to you grip my cock harder and pump the hard shaft up and down. You tell me that my cock is beautiful and hard...............that you have noticed my looking at your tits and legs in previous tell me I am dirty bastard and must learn to concentrate.............. As I turn to look at you, you smile and raise your spunk covered hand to your mouth and snake out your tongue to taste it with the tip of your tongue.

Every Good Boy Deserves A Favor

fetish hardnose 2018-06-08

She removed her left foot from my grasp and, turning in the chair, placed her right foot in front of my mouth. She leaned forward, resting her heel on my upper chest, and with her right hand slapped my cock. Angel pulled her foot away from my mouth and stood straddling me. Now wearing nothing but stockings and garters she walked back to my waist and, reaching out with her toe, gently kicked my cock up. I turned my head and began sucking her toes, as she ground her pussy around my cock. She turned and as she was heading towards the bathroom, I finally knew what to say, "Yes Mistress."

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 11

fetish Sodomite 2018-06-08

As the rocker reaches the remote button I hear a moan and a muffled buzz of the egg inside Mrs. Paulson. Every once in a while I would hear the muffled buzz of the vibrating egg inside Mrs. Paulson's used pussy and she would squirm and moan until it stopped. At this point I noticed that there was a puddle under Mrs. Paulson and she had been dripping her husband's cum out of her sloppy cunt around the egg. "You little easy cunt, you cum so easily I can't even tease you successfully." Mr. Paulson stated as he walked across the room and opened the bag on the counter. Mrs. Paulson started to cum and you could see her cunt dripping down the cord of the egg jammed up her cunt.

Coffee, Tea or Chastity Ch. 02

fetish stateofdenial 2018-06-08

He returned to his seat and in the frantic few minutes he spent looking for it she had found out everything she needed to know about him and how to control him. "OK, Let's find out how ready you are!" She messaged his balls with one foot and then tugged down on them causing his cock to stand straight up. He also thought of the three times over the last year that she ruined his orgasm with her beautiful stocking clad feet. He felt his heart skip a beat as he looked down at the table and seen the tube sitting there right in front of him. He picked up the cup just as mistress returned, followed closely by the waitress who delivered her drink and moved on.