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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Auditor Tales Ch. 05

fetish peelover 2018-06-08

Francis took the glass and sighed deeply. "I love you," Francis finally said. I want you to piss over my tits, my fat belly and then over my cunt. Francis moved her hands over her body and licked her piss wet hands. I looked at Francis, who was still asleep, and felt my body to warm up. I zipped my coffee and enjoyed the early morning sun and the singing birds. Francis took my dick in her hand and started to stroke it very gentle. I moved my hand between her legs to feel her piss wet cunt. Francis moved her dress up, so I had again a good look at her pussy. She sighed deeply and I felt her piss against my hand.

Foot Slave Forever

fetish jaffamate 2018-06-08

I know couples divorce so I have taken steps to make sure my husband Paul doesn't leave me. It all happened one day when my friend Joanne came over to book one of our frequent holidays with our lovers. Joanne told her husband that Paul would be going and it was really quite boring. She said "We are going with our lovers and I will make sure that Toni has a man a night. Joanne shoved her heel in Paul's mouth. Joanne, with the drink, was telling Paul that she would bring men back to the house for me and her. Also Paul would have a lot to answer for to Joanne's husband. Joanne stuck her breasts in Paul's face.

Butt Sniffing Ch2

fetish panteeluvr 2018-06-08

Now I never rush things, and Cass lived with me for a better part of a month before I finally started sneaking into her room and grabbing her worn panties to sniff as I rubbed my little dicklette. I went back to find Cass in the same position I'd left her and sat back down beside and opened my robe and again buried my nose in her teen butt crack as I jerked on my little dicklette! I did get to sniff her bum a few more times during the year, before she moved out, and once I even got to lick her teen butt crack as she had worn her skirt, no pantyhose and I just pulled her thongs aside and rimmed her while she slept!

A Life-Changing Experience, Part Two

fetish cdwantsit 2018-06-08

Reaching down to pull up my pants and trying to stammer out an apology, I felt Kerry touch my left hand, the one holding the red satin panties. I locked the door and, in a surreal daze of heady excitement, I picked up the swimsuit, holding it up against my body in front of the mirror. Kerry turned back around, holding a red satiny basque with shoulder and garter straps, along with red fishnet stockings. I struggled a bit to pull the sexy lingerie over my hips, having to gently lift the basque up from one side and then the other about an inch at a time as I shimmied my hips, its tightness pressing against my engorged cock.

Role Reversal

fetish eroticwriter71 2018-06-08

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Amanda said sternly, smacking the riding crop into her hand. "You will address me as Mistress, slave!" Amanda barked, smacking me on the ass with the riding crop. "On your hands and knees, slave," Amanda said, the crop stinging on my inner thigh. The dildo was stroking my G-spot and it felt like I couldn't stop coming. "It's good that you're hard again, slave, because I haven't been properly satisfied yet," she said, grinding those wet lips into my cock. Her pussy was so tight and felt so good on my cock that I knew I was going to get off while she rode me.

The Pee Therapy Nurse

fetish RayneDor 2018-06-08

I stood in silence as Myna began to pinch and prod here and there, squeezing my buttocks, and running her gloved hands up the inside of my thighs as though testing the muscle tone. I did as I was told, nervous but very excited, and then I felt Myna spreading one cheek aside with her left hand and placing the greasy tip of her gloved finger squarely against my asshole. I was ordered to stand upright and Myna snapped of her gloves then inspected my cock again, gripping the shaft just below the glans and raising it so that she could see inside the opening in my foreskin. My cock twitched, pressing hard against the plastic panties, and I had to each out to grab Myna's thigh for support.

The Games We Play

fetish Legmistress 2018-06-08

The night of the party he came home from work late, I was dressed and I had his outfit laid out for him and rushed to get him dressed, and as soon as he pulled up the tights, his cock was as hard as stone, I looked at him and he tried to play it off again and I said "so mister how are you gonna go to the Halloween party with a hard that big, you will not be able to hide it" We continued with the dinner and I stopped several times and slid my hands in his pants and found a rock hard cock everytime, covered by the silky panties and they were getting pretty wet with the precum leaking thru.

Miss You Pt. 01-07

fetish whokilledpanda 2018-06-08

I need to focus hard to think. I grabbed your cock and made you moan, You grabbed my hair and pushed it deep. It felt so good to let it go, Grabbed my breasts to lick and squeeze, I grabbed my breast and pulled my ring. I pulled your hair and grabbed your head, You took my breasts and bit them hard, You moaned and thrust, just tried to reach. Now sweating hard, you need to feel, I grabbed it hard with every measure, It hurt so good to feel the pain, You moaned and looked so fucking hot. To hold me close to moan and sigh. I sucked it hard and rolled your head, Biting hard, you rolled my eyes,

Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 03

fetish Max332 2018-06-07

What she saw first wasn't her websites, or any link about video-games she knew her brother loved, but a huge number of sites with images of men being tortured, forced to serve beautiful women, involving, sometimes, incest! Despite loving her dear brother, Faith felt the need to warn Yuna about Jay's motives, if she found out he really was using her. "I know we haven't talked in a long time, and what I'm about to ask might seem really weird to you, so I apologize already, but did James had any interaction with your feet the day you ran together?" she asked, straight to the point.

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 14

fetish Alfamann 2018-06-07

I started to hyperventilate with panic as even if my Mother in Law gave me my clothes back now there was no possible way I could get dressed as the attendant was only seconds away from reaching our vehicle. Therefore with the jacket pulled around me as best I could I opened my door and jumped out, quickly running around the car to my Mother in Law's window, grabbing my jeans and panties from her and dashed into the toilet, the jacket flapping about around my thighs. I blushed as the air hostess glanced over at me, before trotting off and returning a short time later with a handful of tissues and passing them over to me.

Cars, Haircare, and Kink

fetish anonymous3 2018-06-07

"Hey, I noticed you checked your watch a few times, working on my hair," I said. I don't know their hours, but after work and some weekends would be the only time I could get there, and I want to check them out," she said. "I want to visit the dealership in just a bit, and start getting the new car thing figured out." She held a hand out. My boss, Troy, was at the front desk, and as we entered, I heard one other guy working the computer in his office, down a narrow corridor set well back off the show floor along the right-hand wall. She told me she'd had a nice time, and thanked me for working to connect her to a new vehicle she could likely drive for another ten years.

A Company Man Ch. 2

fetish John41inTX 2018-06-07

She laughed, "Well, Jackie, I guess you want to be led like a dog to our rooms. Karen looked down on me and smiled, "I knew I loved you. And, I also knew you loved me too." Surprised at my reply as I wasn't sure when I had decided I loved her enough to continue in this situation, I said, "Yes, Karen." Karen told me to lick her pussy clean. I told her yes and then leaned forward and started licking her pussy. Long and hard, alternating between her clit and her pussy, I continued to let my tongue pleasure her. Karen finally got up, and with her toes started stroking my cock.

Spilled Milk

fetish SquiresBoy 2018-06-07

I moved my hands up and down her thighs, and finally closed my mouth around her nipple. I pulled my head back, and she applied another coat of milk to herself with the tip of her middle finger, then sucked the excess from the digit. I wrapped my other hand around my cock, stroking it to full erection as I watched her pink tongue swirl around my fingers. She gripped the edge of the table with both hands, looked at me over her shoulder, and I pushed her robe up and out of the way. She licked her lips and looked up at me, and I pushed my hand through her hair. I'll never forget kneeling beside her bed, her hands in my hair as I sucked milk from her tit.

Caught by mom

fetish 2018-06-07

Nancy says "Don't worry mom, I'll take care of it" and holds my cock into the urinal until Nancy says "Plan B" and goes into the bathroom for lotion, letting mom stare at my hard cock. Nancy comes up panting and laughs "You like that as much as I did??" I told her heck yea and she says "I'll do it again in a few minutes. says, "Looks like Joe's cock needs a wash too." Mom say, "Oh need a washcloth?" Nancy replies, "No, not necessary. Nancy laughs and says, "Mom, I know you'll love this!" She bends down and deepthroats my cock and balls. I hear mom say to Nancy, "Girl, you got to show me how to deepthroat a cock and balls like that!" Nancy says, "Sure.

Two Long Stemmed Beauties

fetish Chevalier 2018-06-07

"Hmm, looks like our sales charts aren't the only thing rising." With that she tapped Sam's leg and the blonde removed her foot. Diana nodded to Sam, some prearranged signal, and the blonde brought both her legs together, placing her feet firmly on the floor. At this point Diana motioned me to get up and lean over Sam. As I did so, my cock made contact with her legs at mid-thigh. Then Diana got between us, still on her knees, turned to Sam and started licking my cum spots off her stockings. As Sam moaned loudly on my desk, I reached out and put my hands on Diana's rear.

Tallest Woman I've Ever Fucked

fetish johnnieblue44 2018-06-07

As I stood mesmerized, frozen with incredulous lust, she flipped a pair of keys to me, and as I caught them in mid-air, she climbed into the passenger seat, rolling down the window as she said, "Those pearls were a tasty appetizer, but I think you said something about sucking your cock while we drove to the hotel, so the next thing white in my mouth better be your cum." She patted the driver's seat. She started rolling her tongue under the ridge of the head, then licked all the way down to the base of my shaft, taking my balls into my mouth one at a time, and she sucked on them gently.

Dream and Fantasy

fetish holepuncher69 2018-06-07

I said since you have seen her big tits you might as well help me get her undressed and ready for bed. He held still for a short time letting her get used to the size then started fucking her in long strokes Finally after another half hour and several more orgasms he said I am going to cum and this time he pushed till he had nothing left to go and filled her with a huge load of cum that started to run out around his cock. Beth looked up at me and in a sober voice said" did I make you happy getting fucked by this big young stud?"

Dominated Dave's Demise

fetish OralLee 2018-06-07

If the selected act was fellatio, the agreement was to sustain his orgasm until his time of two hours was nearly up and then either allow it or deny it, at her discretion, either of which was acceptable and satisfying to Dave, but he was never allowed to come in her mouth. On one particularly surprising day, Myra quickly forced him to come with her hands and did not stop, lubing his cock with his own cum and pumping him until he came again. "I'm using my "free choice" option from last week to allow us to do what we want," said Myra, "so you'll just have to grin and bear it today but I don't think you'll be disappointed."

What Got Me Started in MedFet... a True Story....

fetish world1188 2018-06-07

Once in position, she spread my checks, took a look at my anus, ran her hand up and down my spine a few times, and then told me to hold very still. Anyways, I'm sitting there nude and she essentially gives me a summary of the exam and how I'm healthy, explaining how to do monthly testicular exams, but finally said, "well, we're all done here, so you can get dressed and I'll see you next time." Luckily, I didn't require another physical for like 4 years, and ended up seeing a different, much less attractive female that didn't make it nearly as involved.

Reversals Ch. 05

fetish RachelClark 2018-06-07

Eric sat at their small kitchen table unfocused and bleary eyed, lost in his own meandering thoughts and the predicament Julia had put him in, still struggling with the fact that she could cut him off financially, that he was completely dependent on her for money and everything that came with it. Eric returned to his cleaning, the yearning to jump into the game growing while the disorienting feelings of being lost and alone continued to tug on his mind like a heavy weight threatening to drown him. Eric grinned uneasily as Julia reached out and put her hand on his shoulder, tracing one of her long red talons against the side of his neck suggestively while continuing to smile.

First Time CockSucker PT 3 Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-06-07

(Oh god, I can't do this...I can't suck both of them) Mark was still holding the back of my head – now with both hands as he pushed Brad to the side–his dick slowly inched into my mouth as he thrust his hips forward and then back out (you're getting your mouth fucked again) then back in with a lot of f***e (you're going to eat more cum) he grunted as he fucked my mouth and I breathed heavy out of my nose; as I had done sucking cock twice before.

my first cross dressing play time

fetish floyd1985 2018-06-07

he wanted me to dress up just like the pics i sent him so i did, after we got dressed up we were sitting on the couch watching porn and he reached over and slid his hand up my skirt and started stroking my cock so i did the same then he got off the couch on his hands and knees and started to suck my cock for 5 minutes after that he stopped and asked if i wanted to suck his cock i said okay but i told him i didnt want cum in my mouth.


fetish rick_oh 2018-06-07

On her way out, Raven mentioned that Jessica wanted her to see her apartment, and told him to expect her to be late. "Raven," he said in a serious tone, "this looks, feels, and smells like sperm." Jerry had been so engrossed in Raven's narration that he hadn't realized that his cock was hard. He pumped hard, as if to compensate for Jessica taking her pleasure inside Raven's pussy. "I want her to watch me fuck you silly, and then for her to lick my sperm from your pussy. Jerry spurted uncontrollably inside Raven's pussy. A few moments later, Raven said, "Aren't you going to clean your sticky mess from Cleopatra's pussy?"

The Shearing of Alicia

fetish Dreadlocks 2018-06-07

When I turned 18 my mother sat me down for "the talk" which was really a day late and a dollar short, I may have been a virgin but I wasn't completely ignorant. Warren helped me down from the tree and escorted me back to house, the gentleman that he was, asking about ten times if I was OK along the way. My mother pretty much tossed me into the barber chair and held me there while Billy ran his clippers down the middle of my head. As I stood naked in front of the mirror, my eyes didn't go to the staples in my throat, or the numerous other sutured cuts on my face, breasts or arms, but rather went right to my head.